Ella Mai
  1. author

    trinnn rYear ago

    Change was my favorite EP!!

  2. author

    Ryan MyrvangYear ago

    a thousand times - I love the harp in the hook. It feels like a butterfly in the corner of your vision, right out of your grasp, beautiful.. You jump for it and just miss. I love music <3

  3. author

    Ka'Moryah HowellYear ago

    you never make any songz

  4. author

    Latario ButlerYear ago

    hey ella can you plz do a cover of How you gonna" - (Tyrese Remake) verson

  5. author

    J _Trip2 years ago

    Stay strong and cool and keep making great music

  6. author

    sol kahila2 years ago

    hey ella i think u are an amazing singer and i really hope you will do the song ayo remix chris brown thnx

  7. author

    KJ Russ2 years ago

    Dope! Waiting for an album to drop ;)

  8. author

    SwornDominance2 years ago

    Did your Instagram get hacked?

  9. author

    Makho Mya3 years ago

    keep posting and we'll support you

  10. author

    Dee Brown3 years ago

    you are killing it! absolutely killing it!! I do poetry and hip hop on my page and I just love your voice. I subbed so quick lol

  11. author

    Tyneisha Oliver3 years ago

    You have a song called Just In Time??????

  12. author

    kidcaper0073 years ago

    You have a great voice, and would love to hear those covers (Fetty Wap, Drake) in HD. Keep doing your thing!