Liza Koshy
Liza Koshy
Liza Koshy

Just a little brown girl with big dreams. New videos every Wednezzzday with Lizzza!

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    Angelic Felon3 months ago

    Hey now !! 👋 I love when you upload Your videos are amazing. ❤️ Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts

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    Tarek Fadl9 months ago


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    Flight Of Spice BlogYear ago

    Cool! Keep posting :)

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    YaBoi M.O.EYear ago

    great channe dope content ill sub if you sub

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    Sweet channel boss

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    The FabsistersYear ago

    enjoyed the channel

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    Ralph GarrettYear ago

    Keep up the great work in The Lord!!

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    Smoove Move Productions LLCYear ago

    Get your workout on to some of these HOT instrumentals! FREE DOWNLOADS!!! Browse through Leasing and buying options without the tags are available!!

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    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

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    VoltridZYear ago

    love your channel I liked and subbed do you think you might be able to sub to my channel?

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    ConflictedYear ago

    the only way out is up

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    dinahdomi2 years ago

    Queen 👑 Liza 👯🏽

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    dinahdomi2 years ago

    Queen 👑 Liza 👯🏽

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    dinahdomi2 years ago

    Queen 👑 Liza 👯🏽

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    Dylan Caddick2 years ago

    i love you liza <3

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    Jannah Rahman2 years ago


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    Grace O'Flynn2 years ago

    what time does she usually post at ?

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    Jim Raynor2 years ago

    SUper Woman can I be Your complete slave? And suck your toes?

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    GameTechツ2 years ago

    you are just like llsuperwomanll

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    Kayla Bedsole2 years ago


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    Damo Coaster!2 years ago

    Whats the song she does when she enters target. Its like sirens but i recognize it as a a old song but can't remember the name and artist.

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    12345a2 years ago

    I saw your vids , in which you say how you are "from the world" *I think you keep on saying that because you dont like to admit that you are Indian.* Which is weird , cause having Indian origin is a thing of pride.

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    Rachel Bailey2 years ago

    Quick question, how often does she hurt herself making these awesome videos?

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    Lena Shrewsberry2 years ago

    I am proud Liza made it on MReporter Rewind 2016 I am srying

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    icediamonds5532 years ago

    Make more Jet videos I love the "He snuck into my house" video David had XD

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    natalie pantoja2 years ago

    lizzzzaaa can you do a reaction vid on kpop pleeaazzzeeee

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    Ayah Young2 years ago

    Liza is littarly me .... but older

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    Shelby Benzie2 years ago

    How do I recommend Liza on my channel ?

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    Andreea Schinteie2 years ago


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    Becca Layne2 years ago

    Thank you for uploading all these videos for us! You are such an AMAZING person! You spoil us will all these funny puns! Thank you for always brightening up my day when I see these! I'm so blessed to have found a MReporterr as AWESOME as you are! Have a FANTABULOUS day! :)

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    Lani Schooler2 years ago

    refreshs page* nope no vid yet.

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    Liza 4EVA!!!!!2 years ago

    r u going to post today

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    Julianne Rosa2 years ago

    LIZZZAI saw you in #youtuberwind!!!!! It was AWESOME

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    macy jayne2 years ago

    can you please post more funny videos

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    Luv Unicorns MSP2 years ago

    Wait.. Is she secretly Donald Trump.. No nvm

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    KingDudeBro2 years ago

    Liza, how was it on MReporter Rewind?

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    Hannah Edgar2 years ago

    what time does she post her new video on Wednesday?

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    irdk y i couldn't just put my name here2 years ago

    you really do a Draw My Life video!! <3 <3 xoxoxo

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    Cris Simpson2 years ago

    Hey, today is IT'S WEDNEZZZDAY WITH LIZA! New vid, looking 4wrd to it.

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    xXRainbowGamerGurlXx RGG2 years ago

    I hate youtube red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    xXRainbowGamerGurlXx RGG2 years ago

    Why youtube red!? WHY!?

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    daringdolls&gymnastics1012 years ago

    LIZA PLEASE LOOK AT THIS COMMENT YOU AND I ARE BDAY TWINS! ONLY YOU WERE 8 WHEN I WAS BORN! (don't think that's creepy that I know your birthday, people make biography videos on famous people) I JUST FOUND OUT!

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    Judith Sackey2 years ago

    hmfg yfmhy juef nvnfgucv ndwagygbhdegvvn thats what happens when you use your laptop keyboard as a piano... thumbs up if you know what imean.

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    Tiger fighter2 years ago


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    i quit this channel2 years ago

    liza has a life Recording and, stuff to do let her do what she wants to do just go to david dobriks vlogs

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    Matice2 years ago

    You look so much like Moana! Not the XXX star, the disney one.

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    Roxie Dean2 years ago

    hey liza i was wondering if you could make a shout out to me cause my bday is wenzzzzzzzzday

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    Mia Crossing2 years ago

    Liza your so cool i wish you were my sister

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    palearies2 years ago

    Liza you need to collab with superwoman! Who agrees?

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    Just Another Songwriter2 years ago


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    Lauren Rayford2 years ago

    What happened to your profile picture? All I see is a purple L.

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    A D2 years ago

    Liza is in Madea's new hallween movie

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    Millie Fisher2 years ago

    Liza Koshy is a HUGE inspiration and dang she is GORGEOUS with her new hair cute. I LOVE IT LIZA!!!!

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    Michelle Putri2 years ago

    seriously, you should do a collab with superwoman!

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    Sofia Victoria2 years ago

    hi im Kasey Hall and I'm a really small channel- I'm going to start posting singing videos at the end of the year but i need over ten subscribers to post my first video- so please hop over to my channel and subscribe! i will be posting other kinds of videos like Liza's when i have over 50 subscribers. in 2017 I will be posting every Tuesday. THANK YOU!!! P.S- I LOVE YOU LIZA!!!

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    Leah Kostic2 years ago

    OMG liza you are my fav you tuber and I know this will sound cheesy but I'm so proud of you and how you've made it so far into your career and I hope everyone who watches feels the same way!!

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    Ella Brown2 years ago

    I think the reason she doesn't post exactly when the clock strikes 12 on Wednesday morning is because she still has to edit and load it through stuff so it posts. Don't go crazy when its her time to post and she doesn't post, she isn't sick and nothing is wrong with her, you won't need to send her a get well card. And if your really worried look at davids vlogs she is always in them.

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    Franks2 years ago

    Where is Wednezzzdays with Lizzza?!?!?!?

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    Nora Bergström2 years ago

    lizzzzzzaaaaaaaaa yooouuuuuuuu aaarrrrreeeee tttttthhhheeeee bbbbbbeeeeessstttt yyyoooouuuutttuuuuuuubbbbbbeeeer in the wourld love you

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    Kee-Vonne Hunda2 years ago

    postttt woman

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    Marie Hurst2 years ago

    Hi Liza! Recently discovered you and think you are soooo great :) I would love to see you in your own Netflix show, just like Miranda Sings. I could totally see you doing something like in Target or something, some kind of story line that fits with you would be great!! You certainly have the personality for it!

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    Simfia Halim2 years ago

    My life long wish is for Lizzza, Lilly and Lele to collaborate

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    sam lam2 years ago

    you are so funny and original thank for being on you tube never leave

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    Mary Mackenzie Miles2 years ago


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    B A B Y G I R L2 years ago

    what youtube red series is liza in????

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    Rosa A2 years ago

    hey ya'll

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    ItzWillow xoxo2 years ago

    TELL MEH PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bunny2 years ago

    Liza reacts to teens react to Liza Koshy!!

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    Miabeevlogs2 years ago

    me but she may not have time I aam getting what you are saying thow # I Love lizza

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    Amanda Rivera2 years ago

    Wej wants mores Helga~

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    Zay Zay Playz2 years ago

    how did you get in the the madea Halloween movie

  72. author

    ItzWillow xoxo2 years ago

    LIZA WHEN IS THE NEXT EP OF FREAKISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Natasha Hayes2 years ago


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    war zedgruthug2 years ago

    tumbs up for ches

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    war zedgruthug2 years ago

    I LOVE CHEEZZEEE PUFFS :P :P :P :P you should prank some body oh you should make a vine with thomas sanders

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    Noa2 years ago

    Anyone can tell me Liza's editing program?? i'm in help of editing videos for my friends and I's channel. one of my friends don't edit videos very well. ((that was me lying. i'm the one who edits the videos shmurr))

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    Erin H2 years ago

    liza i love you. do a Q&A video again

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    Mariah Wynes2 years ago

    When do you upload your videos on Wednesdays?

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    ebony tuiaki2 years ago

    liza react to teens reacting to liza

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    Kee-Vonne Hunda2 years ago

    who randomely just chills here and waits for a video..

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    Guava king2 years ago

    please liza make more vids

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    Kittycup010 WAZZZUP2 years ago


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    Inactive Account2 years ago

    I just realised that she has about 2 times as many subscribers as the entire SoFlo brand

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    Jhia & Jaa’Ziya Show2 years ago

    Liza is the most funiesr humoring person on earth.You are so beutyful (PUN BABBYYYYYU) LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVe yOu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Boshra BlueB2 years ago

    Love You From Iran Liza :D Your big fan :D

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    Sara Ryan Vlogs2 years ago

    liza did you know joshuadtv a really big youtuber subscribed to you?

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    Abbie Togstead2 years ago

    ahhh I love you so much Lizzza you make my day I wish I could make videos like you that would be awesome lysm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Lovey Chandi2 years ago

    love Liza, but is it just me or is she only doing videos with david now?

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    kimmi82832 years ago

    OMG PLEASE PLEASE PURLLEEEZSE du A draw mai laif (I nowe mai speelzse is rongzs)

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    Victoria Joseph2 years ago


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    Cc OoFeR gAnG2 years ago


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    Oat Meal2 years ago

    Can you do another q & a? If you can my question is : What was jets reaction to Donald trump winning the election?

  93. author

    Onewingedangel10002 years ago

    Wowowow I cant believe you have 5 million already in just a year!

  94. author

    Nuno Filipe2 years ago

    React to the finebros video!!!! Teens reacted to you!

  95. author

    Aphspenna2 years ago

    HAPPY 5,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just Another Songwriter2 years ago

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make a shower thoughts with Lizza

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    Ayano Aishi2 years ago


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    My Op!n!on Music2 years ago

    congrats for 5m

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    somood abu salhia2 years ago

    tbh if i ever saw u doing a collab with joe sugg i'd be happy for the rest of my life i don't know why !

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    Emily Mason2 years ago

    imagine getting all the youtubers to do the mannequin challenge 😂