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Liza Koshy
Liza Koshy

Just a little brown girl with big dreams. New videos every Wednezzzday with Lizzza!



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Jingle Ballin'Jingle Ballin'

Jingle Ballin'

3 years ago

  1. author

    Alex A15 hours ago

    I probably shouldn’t lick random packaging made in China I might get a disease. 2020 CARONAVIRIS

  2. author

    CuteOreo YT15 hours ago

    Liza cussd lol

  3. author

    fiadh duffy15 hours ago

    oh and we are your friends

  4. author

    El Hopper15 hours ago


  5. author

    El Hopper15 hours ago

    When my sis flicks her nails

  6. author

    Gacha_Kermit 10115 hours ago

    I know what u said couse I’m Spanish UwU

  7. author

    Alisha Tinsley15 hours ago

    Okay but can I just say she met Madeleine petsch and camilla Mendes

  8. author

    alissa baily15 hours ago

    20 diveded by 5 is actully 4 she was close im mean i dont even know how to spell

  9. author

    Chanelle Andersson16 hours ago

    Will is that you?

  10. author

    Sara Sandoval16 hours ago

    Somebody else thought that Celine Dion was drunk?

  11. author

    Marcos Nascimento16 hours ago

    Como vimos parar aqui? Adorei o canal

  12. author

    Sara Sandoval16 hours ago

    Ok so Harry Styles wore a blouse????

  13. author

    Jocelyn Montesinos-zavala16 hours ago

    I'm laughing so hard I can't breat from laughing

  14. author

    Brawler Stars16 hours ago


  15. author

    Fyllo Deas16 hours ago

    Sorry for you

  16. author

    Abigail Hill16 hours ago

    4:42 cha welcome

  17. author

    gadgeroonie16 hours ago

    Im the vanessa

  18. author

    Gacha Lover16 hours ago

    "I knOw YoU HaVE a MeTh ProBlEm bUt I HaVE a MeTh ProBlEm"

  19. author

    Jessica Magalski16 hours ago

    she says kobe and im like rip kobe.

  20. author

    Lui Galli17 hours ago

    "I look like an advertising for the lion king on broadway" I CAN'T

  21. author

    Smiley J17 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure I just heard putana and I can’t stop laughing

  22. author

    Absolut inte Wille17 hours ago

    2:34 I’m sorry that’s a bong

  23. author

    Woosy woo17 hours ago

    I'm mixed

  24. author

    • c l o v e r •17 hours ago

    Why did I get an ad with Liza in it- 😂😂

  25. author

    Evita Alidromiti17 hours ago

    I'm dying with Kanye just being Kanye

  26. author

    Jennifer Hayden18 hours ago


  27. author

    The Real Narwhal18 hours ago

    Harry Styles 2010: "Erm, I work in a bakrey" Harry Styles 2019: "It's GuCci"

  28. author

    Semmý spivák18 hours ago

    Lizzza why u not making these videos no more ?

  29. author

    Itztoxicmaker2000 YT18 hours ago

    I hate all the people who don’t like Liza I love her 😍

  30. author

    Jake Mekker18 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice at 2:50 the lady next to Liza had gloves but then didn’t but did again???

  31. author

    Karin Cattoir18 hours ago


  32. author

    Hannah Catherine18 hours ago

    aww Liza you look like an egg❤️

  33. author

    l e a h18 hours ago

    Who misses the old days where Liza would make these vids ;(

  34. author

    ALIVIA LARSEN18 hours ago

    She out smarts every comment I love her people who hate aren’t ok

  35. author

    Ashley Campbell19 hours ago

    You're cracking me up 😂😂😂😂

  36. author

    Gabbers Dabers19 hours ago

    Why do I feel like this was made in 2019/2020?? I miss these old videos :( ❤️

  37. author

    AurorraxxLlia19 hours ago

    Miss these :(

  38. author

    Sofia’s Art life19 hours ago

    Oliver: I won’t be 30 in 15 years. Me: wait doesn’t this mean he’s 15!!!!!

  39. author

    • c l o v e r •19 hours ago

    Random dude: Do you work here? Liza: No, but I should, I’m really passionate about it. 😂😂

  40. author

    Gabbers Dabers19 hours ago

    Who else feels like that these videos are made like in 2019/2020? | | V

  41. author

    syd’s vids19 hours ago

    no one: liza with shawn mendes: calm and normal: liza with everyone else: Kabehduehue

  42. author

    -boop opp a doop -19 hours ago

    Liza has grown into a beautiful and stunning women, but I do miss this Liza... is that bad???

  43. author

    Autumn Caro19 hours ago

    When Liza started singing tho🥺

  44. author

    FluffyCloudz19 hours ago

    Yes you finally went to my country

  45. author

    Rumeysanur Dede19 hours ago

    mattia is proud

  46. author

    Samantha Skully19 hours ago

    Corona Virus!!!¡

  47. author

    Bruh Moment20 hours ago

    Bruh wtff

  48. author

    Jessika_ ASMR20 hours ago

    Have you ever ate Hungarian paprika

  49. author

    Janine Matabhik20 hours ago

    Liza aren’t you suppose to be afraid of balloons? 🙈

  50. author

    JAH Ali20 hours ago

    Priyanka looked like an actual clown

  51. author

    Asher Flarelight21 hour ago

    Who is still watching this in 2020? (me watching this 16 times)

  52. author

    Ibrahim official21 hour ago

    im small vloger please sport me please 😭😭

  53. author

    Ibrahim official21 hour ago

    hay guys plz spot me

  54. author

    Alisa Furry21 hour ago

    Who saw David in the background?

  55. author

    DrawGuy21 hour ago

    Do crabs think that fish fly?

  56. author

    Ava Echezarreta21 hour ago

    "ima bout to get wEt for LeSs" LMAOOO

  57. author

    Soraya Michel21 hour ago

    Do you have a twin ???

  58. author

    Aesthetic subs21 hour ago

    You know your cheap if you date a guy with a Tesla instead of buying one. Liza be acting like those cars are damn will affordable 😂

  59. author

    shalin srivastava21 hour ago

    1:29 though😂

  60. author

    Gala Lizardi tello21 hour ago

    Wtf happened to the hotel song ??

  61. author

    Lučka perc22 hours ago

    OMG you where realy close to my country Slovenia❤️❤️❤️ ILYSM

  62. author

    Yung Mun22 hours ago

    I wonder if 4 years ago this was somehow funny

  63. author

    lise phạm22 hours ago

    Ad pop up: turn off Liza sponser: click

  64. author

    Rachel Shaw22 hours ago


  65. author

    Briana Is Bright22 hours ago

    Do more please

  66. author

    Nikita Vashishth22 hours ago

    You know she's shorts and hella cute when she fits in the washing machine 😍😍😂😂😂😂

  67. author

    Briana Is Bright22 hours ago

    Do more please

  68. author

    Nikita Vashishth22 hours ago

    She got the like at 0. 32 seconds 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  69. author

    Valerie Greene23 hours ago

    I love you Liza!! You make me laugh so much 😋

  70. author

    Akeelah Thompson23 hours ago

    Love that she makes every thing funny and positive and she does not let people get her down with hate comments

  71. author

    usalways408 davila23 hours ago

    I love you more than dollar store

  72. author

    Gacha_ LogicDay ago


  73. author

    CharaStoleUrZooperDoopersDay ago

    I honestly don’t know why I stab rubbers

  74. author

    Millennium ByDay ago

    China store stay away from her

  75. author

    Madison KronenbergDay ago

    my friend taught me how to be a stripper in 4th grade by 5th i was a pro

  76. author

    jubes1999Day ago

    Is that child abuse? 😂😂😂

  77. author

    DanMKM GamingDay ago

    2:30 brendon is inpresed

  78. author

    Cløudy Beãn ツDay ago

    I love your intro so much

  79. author

    Eva Pearl HarrisDay ago

    Did u find the... mayonnaise pls say u did

  80. author

    Rena LorenDay ago

    Missing these days... Hoping that youre mentally better now tho!! We love you

  81. author

    -adcreDay ago


  82. author

    George van aschDay ago

    Kanye just wanted to go home

  83. author

    Roblox girl Ar you CuteDay ago

    I love your vid and you, your so funny you make me happy

  84. author

    Kinoko_ anDay ago

    I like liza koshy))!

  85. author

    HyPeD bItChDay ago

    Kanye west: in the year 2020 I’m president. I’m sorry liza we let u down😂😘

  86. author

    Unique 711Day ago

    when liza and beth huged i just wanted to cry lol

  87. author

    Dncr FDay ago

    If u think white parents don't beat kids up and aren't overprotective come to the balcanic side of Europe. U'll think it again :)

  88. author

    sienna leDay ago

    Liza just said, “KOBE” when playing with the basketball

  89. author

    This guy in my pic Is my saviorDay ago

    Stupid copyrights.

  90. author

    This guy in my pic Is my saviorDay ago

    2:40 its not even properly 😹😹😂😂😂

  91. author

    RSN HunchoDay ago

    Liza has the perfect body shape🖤

  92. author

    Rival AnnaDay ago

    When abnormal people be like:

  93. author

    Maheeka B.Day ago

    i've seen her dad for the first time

  94. author

    DanMKM GamingDay ago


  95. author

    Elliot FisherDay ago

    i have been singing that all day no time for losers

  96. author

    natedabgDay ago


  97. author

    Norin RaineDay ago

    My spelling again My now spelling again

  98. author

    Norin RaineDay ago


  99. author

    Shannon PriorDay ago

    Yo is that the beat boxer from the fresh beats!!??

  100. author

    Dette DolsDay ago

    She is always funny lol