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  1. author

    Tanya Wikens4 hours ago

    Do you know Dan from the spy ninja has a crush on Vanessa He said it in a video

  2. author

    Marley Disney4 hours ago

    Love your videos you inspire me

  3. author

    Elizabeth Alvarez4 hours ago

    VIP very important potatoes 🥔

  4. author

    mridula4 hours ago


  5. author

    kyla rummel4 hours ago

    I voted nessa

  6. author

    Sherry Giffin4 hours ago

    Please don't

  7. author

    Asha Eidarusasha74 hours ago

    You guys sing very nice😃😃😃

  8. author

    Tempest Haley4 hours ago

    I love your channel 😍😏😘🤔

  9. author

    Asha Eidarusasha74 hours ago

    2020 anyone

  10. author

    Sireen Fatima4 hours ago

    'pica' u have a ring in ur hand at 15:39

  11. author

    Fatima Alturkumani4 hours ago

    You guys should do a clay cracking video

  12. author

    Zoie Ochoa4 hours ago

    Veronica: my feet look ugly with the one toe

  13. author

    Zoie Ochoa4 hours ago

    Vanessa pulled out the necklace and it caught onto the shirt! Veronica :nooooooo

  14. author

    Lee Taeyong Marry Me4 hours ago

    Alex looks like he could be from a kpop group

  15. author

    Saima Sarwar4 hours ago

    WOW! I mean just WOW.They are so good at singing!

  16. author

    Zoie Ochoa4 hours ago

    Nessa looked like Kim Kardashian before the wig

  17. author

    Idk Idk4 hours ago

    Since I've never seen this video, I thought it was new lol

  18. author

    Lilyann Murrill5 hours ago

    My friends- The nice and pretty one: The center of attention: The popular funny one: The ugly loud one (me): The cat girl one: The one that has more common sense than any of us:

  19. author

    Katy Peñaloza5 hours ago

    Vanessa Daniel has a CRUSH on you

  20. author

    Emma Playz ROBLOX5 hours ago


  21. author

    Rifa Kafil5 hours ago

    Who drinks Pepsi when they are sick idk but I don't I drink healthy when I am sick

  22. author

    Tamara Hameed5 hours ago

    That is so disgusting like I cringe that all of your Challenges that is disgusting

  23. author

    Samreen Bal5 hours ago

    Why is this giving me a vibe of KUWTK 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  24. author

    Lily Mae5 hours ago

    Aww lqst one

  25. author

    Janeth Gomez5 hours ago

    im that funny friend 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. author

    SAVANNAH GINDER5 hours ago

    I have a friend who just wants to be on her computer all the time.

  27. author

    Lily Mae5 hours ago

    YES another episode!

  28. author

    Beckyplaysgacha5 hours ago

    Ik this was ages ago but you guys should thy British sweets(candy)

  29. author

    Lily Mae5 hours ago

    I really love these

  30. author

    RaidoJH Games5 hours ago

    1:08 when Vanessa realizes what she is getting in to lol

  31. author

    FlexinF_elix1155 hours ago

    if ur in a relationship and you have a third wheel, be nice and treat everyone as a homie and no lovey dovey stuff to make the other awkward

  32. author

    Lily Mae5 hours ago

    I love these pleSe keep doing

  33. author

    Maropeng Modiba5 hours ago

    I lost And I cringed when you liked your cat ewww😂😂😂

  34. author

    victor ntau5 hours ago

    Vennesa Daniel from cwc u

  35. author

    xeck69 agdrsln5 hours ago

    very cute vanessa.i saw you before...

  36. author

    Ayrenne Turner5 hours ago

    The second the rower fell I had a heart attack (not really)

  37. author

    Ayrenne Turner5 hours ago


  38. author

    Zach A5 hours ago

    The first video I saw by the Merrell twins was they’re Senõrita parody.

  39. author

    Nando Hamilton6 hours ago

    Funny eny one watching in 20202

  40. author

    Its Rea Rea6 hours ago

    Ok is it just me but I am also a lot of these friends

  41. author

    orwen sithole6 hours ago

    I can relate to 10 of them

  42. author

    Charlene Leung6 hours ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else be obsessed with nessa’s glasses with her outfit on the second day.

  43. author

    barbara Panagis6 hours ago

    Can you do more of the The haunted house contract please

  44. author

    Brenda Gonzalez6 hours ago

    You guys are awesome happy Valentine’s Day

  45. author

    Elmo Chicago6 hours ago

    I am not like that video

  46. author

    NM - 05MN - Silverthorn PS (1160)6 hours ago

    Nessa is a lot better

  47. author

    LifeAsEm6 hours ago

    15:50 lol 😂

  48. author

    DM - 04GR - Garthwood Park PS (1310)6 hours ago

    I laughed so hard when Roni dressed up like Sebastian and started singing the funniest song I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!😂😁😆😆🤓

  49. author

    Reagan Mays6 hours ago

    omg Vanessa ,Daniel from chad wild clay likes you

  50. author

    Kenya Morris6 hours ago

    Me sees “wig” .............also me WiLdLy ImPoRTaNT GoAl

  51. author

    Angie Vargas6 hours ago

    did anyone realize the line in the back???

  52. author

    ARMY 2008nadiya6 hours ago

    My fav song

  53. author

    brooklynn pope7 hours ago

    Please do another one of these!! These are halarious!!

  54. author

    Elkin Giwa7 hours ago

    Do the 4th date

  55. author

    Christie Hendrix7 hours ago


  56. author

    Alexander Norman7 hours ago

    Poor nessa.

  57. author

    Abul Kashem7 hours ago

    Hi my name is Moriam💎

  58. author

    Maya Lawson7 hours ago

    At 6:32 I started laughing 😀.

  59. author

    LifeAsEm7 hours ago

    I want to be a Very important potato but...... I can’t pay $5 a month. no offence but to watch a vid every Tuesday (which are good vids)....... I wish but I have parents 😐

  60. author

    Natalie Watson Watson7 hours ago

    Do you want some chocolate yes even though it'll get me chocolate🍫

  61. author

    Wazira Khan7 hours ago

    If you love roni and nessa hit like

  62. author

    Wazira Khan7 hours ago

    If your watching in 2020 hit like

  63. author

    Hannah Chloe Bustos7 hours ago

    I'm a K-POP Fan and a MERRELL TWINS Fan

  64. author

    Jordanjosef Moreno7 hours ago

    All of them

  65. author

    LifeWithAUkulele7 hours ago

    Wich one do you like better? Like if Dove Chocolate Dislike if Dove Soap Reply if you like none

  66. author

    Robert Saavedra7 hours ago

    I think you guys are in creative mode

  67. author

    Hamid Ali7 hours ago

    Veronica- the smart twin Vanessa- the one who thinks she is smart but really isnt and anything she makes she gets called out that it is isnt right It true

  68. author

    consolata nwagwu7 hours ago

    Vanessa if you know Dainel he likes you

  69. author

    Robert Saavedra7 hours ago


  70. author

    LifeWithAUkulele7 hours ago

    This is how may times Roni laughed while playing Carol | | | V

  71. author

    V N7 hours ago


  72. author

    p0tAt07 hours ago

    My fights start with slapping hands and end with carrying a knife and a sandwich around the house