Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth

I make music and videos. Sometimes I make both! I can also whip up a wicked grilled cheese.
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  1. author

    Grizzly Beatz: Type Beats & InstrumentalsMonth ago

    Good stuff

  2. author

    Stray Vicious2 months ago

    You got some dope content, check me out if you got a minute. Maybe we can collab.

  3. author

    Angelic Felon3 months ago

    Hi 👋 Im Frea Robinson. I just want to say Thank you for your videos ❤️ Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts

  4. author

    OfficialLenzelot3 months ago

    awesome, wanna look on my video?

  5. author

    TheNewVocal5 months ago

    Greetings from The City - Island - Country : Singapore :) =) Wishing you a wonderful day!

  6. author

    Jeremy Ferguson5 months ago


  7. author

    Michael Blum6 months ago

    Hi! I just discovered your channel. Great stuff!