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    jwoolman52 hours ago

    In physics, the blackness of a black body just is a measure of how much incident light is absorbed rather than being reflected. The ideal black body absorbs 100% of the light incident on it. Thermal radiation emitted by an ideal black body (blackbody radiation) is important in theoretical calculations for real objects. I imagine that's why MIT is interested in making the blackest black possible, would be useful in models and not just for making cars or in art. Skin color in humans is called black often when it is just dark brown. Sorry, Roy, no matter what the cops think, you are just a very nice shade of brown... Count your blessings and enjoy the sun. But some ethnic groups do have skin that strikes the eye as black. The blackest skin I ever saw was on a person in the Caucasian category from India. But I've seen a few Africans that came fairly close to that color. 🎵The more you know ... 🎵

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    Ivy2 hours ago

    Being shot, no problem...... but adult content...... it must stop now. We have t0 protect the poor kids from they can get shot.🤦🏾‍♀️

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    Oyinkansola Arogundade2 hours ago

    What does Trevor have against Spirit Airlines lmaoo

  4. author

    Mr. Jay2 hours ago

    I like Snowden but I think he is somebody who is too intelligent for his own good.

  5. author

    Robert Heredia2 hours ago

    “Everything we do now last forever”. Not true - everyone can careless what happens to them. If they did, they would throw away there computers, TVs and cell phones. But nobody is doing that. People still want to watch there favorite shows. Cause that’s more important. At this point I don’t even care if any reads my messages or watches me wipe ass for that matter. Let them. I can give them a show that will make them wish they had a different job.

  6. author

    mybluebelly2 hours ago

    At 16, she needs to get laid in the back of a 5L pickup truck. This climate trip of hers is just retarded.

  7. author

    Infinite vids2 hours ago

    Stop exploiting this child

  8. author

    Infinite vids2 hours ago

    People are so gullible. This is all about controlling us. Wake up

  9. author

    Solcitse2 hours ago

    You obviously thought of everything, when people dig under it a hot wall is going to stop them in their tracks ... oh wait

  10. author

    Carol Morris2 hours ago

    As a non American, I have always been curious about Edward Snowdon and his reasons for exile. Nobody else in South Africa seems to share my need for enlightment, bar you Trevor. I do follow Australia 60min and they had a personal interview with him in his apartment in Moscow. I will definitely be buying his book.

  11. author

    Argon2 hours ago

    Right, a guy with large amount US secret wanted to go from Hong Kong to Latin America and somehow thought making a quick stop in Russia was a good idea. You guys really buying this?

  12. author

    Solcitse2 hours ago

    You obviously thought of everything, when drug cartels bring drugs through legal ports of entry, a hot wall is going to stop them right in their tracks ... oh wait

  13. author

    Richard2 hours ago

    Not only is Greta a great spokesperson for climate change, but also an amazing rolemodel when it comes to understanding Asperger, which she is diagnosed with. I remember my brother who is diagnosed with the same had a hard time doing anything in life, until he first learned about Greta and figured out how to use Asperger to his strengths, as it seems Greta does so evidently and amazingly as well, that within two years now have completely changed his life around. He have a job, a small apartment on his own (With helper at daytime) and is everything but the introverted "problem" that many saw him as being before he found his focus. All because he saw Greta and show she handled her situation.

  14. author

    Matt Lower2 hours ago

    I've been drinking plane coffee my whole life, I'm stronger because of it

  15. author

    Baba Booie2 hours ago

    Omg Trump is funny af😂

  16. author

    Red5Wormy2 hours ago

    I didn't mean to be racist but since you guys say I'm racist I guess I'm racist lmaof!!

  17. author

    Izere Lynda2 hours ago

    I knew Trevor wasnt going to let Spirit airline go. O Trevor! Show mercy!

  18. author

    1Pangaea Republic2 hours ago

    Nothing has changed. Fake news.

  19. author

    Jupit3r2 hours ago

    A brave hero, now everyone knows what US government is all about. Democracy, ? lmao!

  20. author

    alex jones a real hittah2 hours ago

    I've never seen a more disconnected group or politicians, Tulsi and Yang are the only two who have any grasp of public interest and they're never given a significant platform. It's like they're just deciding who gets the privilege of handing Trump back the keys to the oval office.

  21. author

    MeB 7772 hours ago

    His secret desires. When you go full body! I still like him.

  22. author

    ihazpowrz2 hours ago

    Blacks are not allowed to dress up as white characters than. Sorry, it's only fair.

  23. author

    Richard Fitswel2 hours ago

    Fuck trump and the wall am I the only one that paid attention to the end of this video? The military admits that they encountered ufos in 2017! What???!!!! 🤯

  24. author

    Jean Sweeny2 hours ago

    Please little girl. Please go home and never come back.

  25. author

    Jeremy Elliot2 hours ago

    The two biggest problems humanity faces are blackface and climate change.

  26. author

    Fate Riddle2 hours ago

    I'd say I come to enjoy Trevor more than Colbert because how he treated his guests with conflict opinions, you can see he's really trying to communicate opinions and deliver truth, while for other hosts it feels more like a fight and is all about who outwits who.

  27. author

    Eugene Berkovich2 hours ago

    How can sane people listen to this Orange dirt bag and say "I support him"? I mean he has no clue what he says!

  28. author

    Nakia Williams2 hours ago

    Finally my people being recognized #Shinnecock ✊🏽

  29. author

    Thabo Metsing2 hours ago

    That dope moment when you know Trevor gon make a spirit airline ad. I aint never ever going on spirit airlines. Shout out to Trevor, from your boy in SA!

  30. author

    Tamarr Artis2 hours ago

    Three words for that wall: Bazooka.

  31. author

    Omo Irumundomon2 hours ago

    "And they still" lmaoooo I looked into my laptop camera and smiled.

  32. author

    Marie Blade2 hours ago

    😂 Don't give them anymore ideas, they'll spend more money on useless things like creating the whitest white instead of spending funding on actual things that could help our species

  33. author

    Gabe Myers2 hours ago

    Jesus! He looked like something out of Insidious... scary and racist at the same time.

  34. author

    Julie Thompson2 hours ago

    This was such a great piece! It was wonderful!

  35. author

    Vanessa Mayorga2 hours ago

    "And so begins season one of Mexican Ninja Warrior." 🤣🧗🏽‍♂️🥋 I love Trevor Noah! He made my day😂

  36. author

    Dorcas Powell2 hours ago

    Last year I allowed my son to eat free lunch son gain 9 lbs..this year I began making his son has lost 6.5 pounds. Everything free ain't good.

  37. author

    810 land2 hours ago

    That hilliary bird joke was on point

  38. author

    VILJL2 hours ago

    Hacking of the old voting machines with no paper trail have probably occurred, at least in Florida for years. A study showed how easily the machines could be tampered with by even high school students.

  39. author

    Aslan2 hours ago

    I wish Snowden could live free of oppression. I also wish he would have an educational MReporter channel. I could listen to him talk for hours.

  40. author

    Gabe Stewart-Guido2 hours ago

    “There could be some merit in not discussing that.” Wtf

  41. author

    Ruben Gomez2 hours ago

    Whites go home. Wtf. You have all the land and crying for the shit. Fuck off

  42. author

    Peter Parker2 hours ago

    UFO is unidentified flying object, which can be weather

  43. author

    ExodusCore2 hours ago

    Lying unfunny Noah is at it again. Just listen to the clip he used. Trump was INVITED to sign the wall... and if you look at the video you will see that they even ASK Trump to sign the wall. I.E it wasn't Trump himself that came up with the idea. And you know that if Trump had said no and refused to sign the wall, then Noah or some other "funny" people would have made some "joke" about how even Trump doesn't believe in the wall since he refused to sign it. You know this is the way they would have angled it. In short; Noah is disgusting.

  44. author

    Ethio Addis Neger2 hours ago

    Why doing blackface is racist? I don't get it can anyone explain this to me

  45. author

    Wasteland nomad2 hours ago

    The lack of self-awareness from trevorbis hilarious

  46. author

    Caroline2 hours ago

    i'm right around the corner from the hamptons. i deal with these prissy tourists every summer and it's so frustrating.

  47. author

    Efreno2 hours ago

    That was the same sharpie he used on that map to expand where the hurricane was gonna hit

  48. author

    Nichlas Hansen2 hours ago

    Fuck that guy Allahn: Yadribuhunna, hashashins, mag-sabel, ishtishhad, parang-sabil, dhimmis, halal, mag-sabel, jihadi, jizyah, taqqiyyah/taqwa, satanē-al.. quran (quriran) is horrendous. ܬܐܠܕ ܕܝܢ ܒܪܐ ܘܬܩܪܐ ܫܡܗ ܝܫܘܥ ܗܘ ܓܝܪ ܢܚܝܘܗܝ ܠܥܡܗ ܡܢ ܚܛܗܝܗܘܢ (Gud velsigne Yeshua).

  49. author

    Jolanda Raimann2 hours ago

    Looks like Mona Lisa

  50. author

    Eno2 hours ago

    So make-up segregation. Wow.

  51. author

    brandofhero2 hours ago

    Ronnie delivered

  52. author

    Coffee Cats Kimchi2 hours ago

    Trevor is cute but Roy Wood Jr. Is by far my favorite part of the Daily Show. 💕

  53. author

    ShiinaRingo132 hours ago

    Trump: “It gets very hot so you can’t touch it.” Also Trump: *signs the wall with a sharpie*

  54. author

    ThemFuzzyMonsters2 hours ago

    It’s not of immigrants that people need to be worried about, those low wages jobs will be gone in 5 to 10 years, it’s robots coming for your job. From robot bartender to IA writers, pilots, drivers, warehouse handling, construction, etc.

  55. author

    Mirabelle Galian2 hours ago

    Thank you! Now do a show about the health risks of 5G!

  56. author

    Geo Dez3 hours ago


  57. author

    rawrbro693 hours ago

    His thighs tho

  58. author

    Yosh Enzo3 hours ago

    I wonder if the burning of The Amazon has changed the timeline she is talking about. Maybe we have less time now?

  59. author

    PermieWriter3 hours ago

    Did Douglas Adams manage to copyright "ultrablack"?

  60. author

    Chuck Adams3 hours ago

    War in space? Star Wars ???🤣🤣🤣Damn they’re all dipshits

  61. author

    Jonah Nana Edisi3 hours ago

    Latinos for trump?🤣🤣🤣 i think those Latinos or Hispanic are tired living in America.

  62. author

    Noro Dom3 hours ago

    Andrew Yang

  63. author

    Lynda Schroeder3 hours ago

    Great talk. Men focus on building things. We need the multitasking talents of women who can discern whether those things are good for us now and into the future...and those talents need to be well paid. Men alone are in a destructive race to innovate ahead of the next matter the damage to the planet or its people's. One forgets that the smarts and happiness of mothers actually determine the quality of our leaders. Therefore when women are appreciated/elevated ..finally there may be a chance of not destroying ourselves..if there is time.

  64. author

    Andrea Fox3 hours ago

    Mexican K2, 2020. #PresidentPAB

  65. author

    Robin Bonds3 hours ago

    This sucks, cuz I had to break up with the love of my life, she wore too much eyeliner, lil bit of racism is still too much racism

  66. author

    lelorenzo3 hours ago

    He is not racist, this is nothing

  67. author

    ak Mc3 hours ago

    Creepy Mike pence horses ass

  68. author

    Marie Blade3 hours ago

    People need to learn the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation 😑😔

  69. author

    Raymond J3 hours ago

    They planned that shit so they know there wired for vibration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. author

    Evan Barnes3 hours ago

    I think it's important to remember that UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, not aliens. Sounds like a secret test plane or something, or maybe a new UAV that's being tested by another country.

  71. author

    Jorge Natal3 hours ago

    President Joe Biden 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌😎✌👍👍😇😇😇

  72. author

    DesertFalcon 57913 hours ago

    Linda McMahon, Vince McMahon, Donald Trump and Saudi money. Trumps and McMahons trying to protect that money. Someone should look deeper into this.....WWE? TRUMP?

  73. author

    1nvd3 hours ago

    Crazy how he went to the local schools that I went to.

  74. author

    Raffaella Parlangeli3 hours ago

    I can’t get enough of Between the Scene... first and last videos of my day...🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  75. author

    Mattis Norén3 hours ago

    Tbh, most "blackface" incidents I hear about nowadays concern white people who're trying to dress up as a character from a movie or game. Someone is gonna have to explain the problem with that to me. Not denying that it was done in bad taste in many older cases, but the intentions behind the action have to matter, no?

  76. author

    puertoricangio13 hours ago

    Can we one day get a compilation of all the Spirit Airline cutaways?? 😂🤣😂 ~Gio~~

  77. author

    Grass Musa3 hours ago

    Africa owes Europe for confiscating their belongings which would otherwise end up in the wrong hands. Thank us instead.

  78. author

    DPowered Smith3 hours ago

    So black it gives white a heart attacc

  79. author

    Tady M3 hours ago

    You know what those all Airlines with water problem have in common? OLD AIRCRAFTS people need to known aircraft water tank has been in place most of the aircraft life unless damaged/ require replacement so you do the math

  80. author

    Dean Ultra3 hours ago


  81. author

    Amiir Ahmed mohamed3 hours ago

    Trump understands only 2+2=4 , bt no 2-2=0 What he thinks is more money no matter what will happen.

  82. author

    GamingEnterprise3 hours ago

    zeg makker ik snap de melding maar dit is gewoon een kut progamma t is nie grappig

  83. author

    Sk0lzkiy3 hours ago

    Disgusting... I thought alt-right, white supremacy and hardcore ethnonationalism weren't given platform in the mainstream! And yet dude: 1.Equivalises Africa and a small nation with crystalised culture; 2.Claims you can't be a member of some culture if you're not genetically similar enough to its majority and/or have an impure lineage; 3.Pokes fun at what is essentialy a poor, coastal Nigerian's accent (unfortunately French don't speak like that. They rarely even speak english, even if they know it lol), an accent of people who starve in large part because of oil companies he depends on every day (probably more than many people) while being a rich, famous, privileged American (oh wait, according to 2. he can't be an American, if we traced the lineage far enough... well, if we did, we're essentially all from Africa!); 4.Implies "Africans" are so stupid they would waste as much money on a dumb sport as the richest countries in the world, instead of investing it into infrastructure, enterpreneurial support and combating corruption, so people can grow out of poverty and dependence on ex-colonisers, by attributing the success to "Africa" and not France... As people say - bad guys often don't know they are the bad ones and sometimes they manage to fool others as well!

  84. author

    Alex M3 hours ago

    jj bittenbinder’s worst nemesis

  85. author

    AntwonDaBusiness3 hours ago

    Statistics don’t lie. A black man is more likely to be struck my lightning than be shot by a white person. How likely is black on black crime?

  86. author

    alexanderthekev3 hours ago

    He's a certified badass

  87. author

    LordKhabal3 hours ago

    The walls are wired? And the security guy is like “there may be merit in not discussing that?” Not to sound too much like a conspiracy theorist, but I’m betting the “wired” part of the wall is related to domestic surveillance, hence why they can “track who comes and goes” as Trump blurted out like an idiot. It’s not physical wires; it’s surveillance tech so they can monitor the border... both sides of it. But yeah, sure, build that wall... scream all the anti-government Trump supporters. Sigh... You’d think we’d have learned something from Edward Snowden... <<shrugs>> Guess not. Enjoy the NSA’s new surveillance toy.

  88. author

    Ammy Cruise3 hours ago

    she looks like the other little good girl that died in hunger games!!// is she the one?

  89. author

    Marie Blade3 hours ago

    Marry a Kardashian, damn, talk about a harsh sentencing

  90. author

    Holywood073 hours ago

    That's an excellent proposal, but if the incident happened 15+ years ago, I also think one has to get over it. Withing already 5 years, a single person can change completely, so why blame ppl for things they've done/not been aware of by those passed days? Things and thinking advanced a lot, which is good and was necessary, but things were different 15+ years ago. So let it slide and check whether that particular person has learned something in the meantime. And judge by that.

  91. author

    lendial3 hours ago

    ok that comercial was high production value

  92. author

    Chelsea Pascale3 hours ago

    it seems like he just wants to be black

  93. author

    Husam Esam3 hours ago

    that was stupid because they know now illegal personal can dig a tunnels below that wall and cross without detection, yes it is going to take some time but they will utilise every inch of it like drugs smuggling, stolen merchandise, cars, and people of course, a 100 tunnels 2 mile long will literally comprises the US security. but that is my opinion

  94. author

    Galen Richter3 hours ago

    I mean, UFO could be anything. All they admitted is "we saw a thing in the air and we don't know what it was"..... Could be just some other nation's aircraft

  95. author

    Carol Morris3 hours ago

    I would love to hear a debate between moron Trump and corrupt Cyril Ramaphosa. For those that don't know or don't care he is "our" South African president. Rock/Paper/Scissors.

  96. author

    Be Yourself Respect Everyone3 hours ago

    Honest and know what he talks about Privacy is in Critical condition Major protection changes a must

  97. author

    Tibi Kibe-Mohapi3 hours ago

    tres bien Trevor o bua hamonate

  98. author

    Reptilian alien3 hours ago

    Trevot Noah sucks Conan O' Brien is much funnier.

  99. author

    Bilal Afridi3 hours ago

    To Be Honest I Like The End Music Of His Video ❤️ Do You ????

  100. author

    Jessica Scheer3 hours ago

    thank you for having Greta on! She's an amazing woman and is leading the way!