"Living life on the goon side"

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    Gunenion Nicolas22 minutes ago

    You guys should put a light bar on the truck

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    steven sparkz22 minutes ago

    gt3 body kit is hands down the worst and ugliest body kit that you can slap on a 458.... there's other stock body non wide body kits that look a million times better

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    LT4 POWERED24 minutes ago

    Almost OEM repair on those flip flops

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    Gus Campos26 minutes ago

    The reaper

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    tryptychUK29 minutes ago

    Has worked on four Italian supercars and still doesn't know the difference between metric and imperial. * sigh *

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    JMACK Southern Style32 minutes ago

    hows the building coming?

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    bobbycone232 minutes ago

    Did Billy lay down one of the bikes? Got some road rash going on....and someone tell me the other guys name. Been watching this forever and I have no idea. Lol

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    dubz91234 minutes ago

    Any update video or anything for the new shop??

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    George Dreikha Jamale36 minutes ago

    Guys you need change the windshield

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    rpt 59844 minutes ago

    Those race seats alone are 15k! 😍

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    Showe Kid49 minutes ago

    just wrap the whole car..

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    Sai lee49 minutes ago

    can you guys show more of what your doing, like slow down some footage so we can learn some pointers. Much appreciated.

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    Bubble Gum Dumb50 minutes ago

    Forget the paint, Wrap the car!

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    Antonio Reid51 minute ago

    I have the same crocs Same color

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    BADDAZZ GARAGE52 minutes ago

    Dont tell everyone were your alarm is set up thats not very wise!!

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    Joseph GEIS53 minutes ago

    Paint it Candy apple red, By Enron. That would be sweet

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    calvin znz54 minutes ago

    Could u make it red?

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    Wide Open Throttle55 minutes ago

    Hey guys help a little guy out with a subscribe! I’ve been following your channel for several builds now. Love your filming style.

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    Joe FilipiakHour ago

    Love the channel but I did cringe a little when you put your bang on the rear of the Ferrari as well you heard the bag of hardware kinda fall on the Ferrari Besides that awesome video as always I'm sure if it was damaged y'all would fix it #almostOEM

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    Rukshan De SilvaHour ago

    how is the car in the background at 11.50 change color!

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    Merced EstalaHour ago

    @goonzquad, how about a bloopers video for your fans?

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    Michael Parry JrHour ago

    chrome delete on the DMAX!!!

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    N TeslaHour ago


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    Chased29Hour ago

    Goonzquad you guys should make a shirt with "Dang Son" on it !

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    Sunday FundayHour ago

    Where did you buy the kit car from ??

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    Elijah DumanovskyHour ago

    If you ever wanna fix a car i can wreck one for you in 2 minutes

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    NJC_ 2005Hour ago

    Ferrari=best supercar

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    SirWhiteCrayonHour ago

    "RIPPIN, GRIPPIN AND BANG SIPPIN" Next tshirt for sure!!!!

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    Dave BHour ago

    Adult responsibilities!!!!😂🤣

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    Sapphire O'ConnellHour ago

    All of those people driving past would have thought you got properly pulled over and in big trouble 😂

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    Jack JonasHour ago

    22:24 Instagram GOONSQAUD misspelled fellas.

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    goerge washingtonHour ago

    going on road with no seat belt its a stupid idea but socks with flops too so ..... but the most important nice build

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    John PriceHour ago

    How sad. That new dash panel is just so. Well. Just so dam ordinary. I would still luv to take one for a paddle. White water rapid style. Look at you two cutie pies Red Bull 'n Hollywood hills. Faster you got less suspension is working anyways. 🔫 👊. When are the wiiiiiiddddde wheels coming.

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    Glenn FordHour ago

    What about the fuel filler cap?

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    Echo GamingHour ago

    Goonzquad can you switch the paint color on the 458

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    A KHour ago

    Why the other guy don’t ever drive

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    Robert JoinerHour ago

    Get rid of the Sign, you can defeat the simply safe SHIT EASY, LOCK PICKING LAWYER. Hope younare not using that silly crap.

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    its sonnydHour ago

    Can I get a shout out cuz I'm been subscribing you since you where building the mustang

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    Chris HamiltonHour ago

    Good job fellas!!

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    Five Minute GeniusHour ago

    What's going on at the property?

  41. author

    Robert GibsonHour ago

    Angus is from a baby cow....So don't you 2 be crying ,because it's good eatin!!!

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    Crab BurgerHour ago

    Thomas thank @#@# for that.....😁😁😁😊

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    NopieHour ago

    Actually with the two straight gaps on the rear bumper of the wide body 458 I think there’s gonna be a frame mounted wing. 🤔

  44. author

    Олена ГалайHour ago

    My guess is DDE. I don’t know that many youtubers that abuse there cars.

  45. author

    AMGPilotHour ago

    That bumper will not hold with that much force on it, the composite will crack and eventually break when the car flexes. You NEVER install composites under a load like that.

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    Evan carlsonHour ago


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    Jeffrey W.Hour ago


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    muhammad wasifHour ago

    wow wow careful there bro @ 4:25

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    Daniel DiazHour ago

    Goonzquad town police department know them therefore they let goonzquad test their toys without license plate

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    Tony Black2 hours ago

    I don't know why I be feeling like I want to beat y'all ass sometimes guess because I ain't seen Max in this video or thomas

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    Niloc 92 hours ago

    DONOT RESPRAY😪 looks lit just the way it is😫

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    BigHead8052 hours ago

    @ 19:40 shout out to the Homie Frank aka DownStar

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    sean oleary2 hours ago

    Drink a beer everytime they say “absolutely amazing”

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    benjamin2 hours ago

    Didn’t you have a semi truck? Just use the semi truck to move the trailers?

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    8484general2 hours ago

    So your not cutting the arches out on the car for more tyre room when you put bigger wheels on your gonna need more room also how are you going to open the filler cap

  56. author

    Coleton Eckroth2 hours ago

    Respray the whole car do it right

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    poop miller2 hours ago

    you should enter your cars in some car shows

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    Seth McMinn2 hours ago

    What happened to Billy’s arm?

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    Brittany Thompson2 hours ago

    Love you guys, my whole family does. But is it just me or does Billy have food on his shirt? Lol

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    Whatwillhappen2 hours ago


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    kidwave12 hours ago

    I know they do it this way because they have to , but I i wish music licensing wasnt such a stupid fiasco. It would be nice to hear some music/bands that these guys actually enjoy listening to as backing music.

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    Josue Salomon2 hours ago

    Truck need some LED LIGHTS under it

  63. author

    jjforeal22 hours ago

    Metric and imperial or (Sae)

  64. author

    Robert Perks2 hours ago

    Spider interior is sweet 🤙🏻

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    Landon Jones2 hours ago

    I could smell the michelobe through my phone when y’all was grilling 😂😂🤙

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    soyoutubableyoucanthandleme2 hours ago

    I honestly think it looks good with the red bumpers and hood with the white body. If I saw that going down the road I would think it was on purpose. Chosen by the buyer. But that may just be me. I think it makes the red interior pop a little more also

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    Zi Tan2 hours ago

    Umm I wonder what happened to the 350z

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    Giv'n_It_A-GO2 hours ago

    11:50 anyone see the colour shifting car in the background 😂

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    skulledmonte842 hours ago

    That America Flag deserves to be hung up in a better spot then were it's at

  70. author

    pjhaction2 hours ago

    Tape before drilling

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    James B2 hours ago

    Hey @Goonzquad, can you guys explain this "Ferrsure Warranty Services" Ferrari a bit more? You mentioned it was from/for them, but without any details. Are you building it for them, or was it from them and you are giving it away, or building it for someone etc? I don't know anything about Ferrsure Warranty Services so unsure what the deal is and what you are doing with the car exactly and why you have it. Obviously, you are wide bodying it but the details of why I have not seen. Can you explain that in the next video some more? Thanks

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    mammoth3212 hours ago

    Everyone need to watch LockPickingLawyer's Simplesafe security system video it's reveal a big vulnerability to their system

  73. author

    Matt Blanks2 hours ago

    Leg days would help alot with this build.

  74. author

    NC_FR3AK2 hours ago

    why not clean dash @5:20 before install piece

  75. author

    Andrew Bangalan2 hours ago

    i guess that's why Ferrari workers aren't allowed Ferraris cause they know too much.

  76. author

    wrxsubaru022 hours ago

    How do you guys afford all this if you never sell the vehicles? Do you make that much off merch and your YT channel or do you have a full time job outside of this?

  77. author

    Andrew Bangalan2 hours ago

    the widebody wheel cover...leave room for the bolts the rest you cut away to save weight..less weight..faster is car. i suspect the wheel bolts for seat might be titanium bolts to save weight

  78. author

    f0rumrr2 hours ago

    9mm my simply safe.

  79. author

    The Secret of Self2 hours ago

    Ya'll be careful with no seatbelts!

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    pineapple the Dutch angel dragon3 hours ago

    Are you selling it

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    Ontario Flips3 hours ago

    try bison burgers next time boyz

  82. author

    pineapple the Dutch angel dragon3 hours ago

    Lamborghini is my favorite brand

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    Miki Tanackovic3 hours ago

    Subwoofer not Soundbar and PS is not paddle shifters its performance start

  84. author

    Mike Smith3 hours ago

    Love you guys! The dad show humor was epic!!

  85. author

    putitherepls3 hours ago

    Does anyone know why they didn't show the end of the sticking of the stick sign to the ground? It didn't stick into the ground when he stabbed it in 😂🤣

  86. author

    Daniel Balazs3 hours ago

    Why is it always drive the same ? Insurance ?

  87. author

    Dakota piatt3 hours ago

    new windshield?

  88. author

    artur time L3 hours ago

    Nice videos ! Excellent job

  89. author

    Jonathan Gibson3 hours ago

    Be better than Hunts !!!!!!

  90. author

    Pablohenrik Santos3 hours ago

    In memory Thomaz

  91. author

    AJ Mullin3 hours ago

    Just so you know auto turns it into manual and ps stands for performance sport mode. And if you hold the small red lever in the final position on the steering wheel you can do burn outs. I’ve owned enough Ferrari’s to learn this stuff.

  92. author

    Jeff MacLean3 hours ago

    Billy,?? Doing a Wheely and it bit back atcha..noticed the elbow and knee. Ouch.

  93. author

    Dan Beers3 hours ago

    There’s multiple shade of Ferrari white... Bianco Avus, Bianco Fuji, Bianco Italia etc

  94. author

    HaCKeDLioN3 hours ago


  95. author

    Chilli Dude 9113 hours ago

    Food shopping?....Really?

  96. author

    USMC MSgt3 hours ago

    12:57 Now I know why it’s called a “Spider" 458, that’s because it cast shadows on the dash of a spider-web. Hahahaha 🤪😜🤪

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    G F3 hours ago

    Enjoy your videos, but please guys wear seatbelts, you never know what might happen and they could save your lives.

  98. author

    mrdopeman153 hours ago

    U would never know at first glance the these two have noney out the wazzooh

  99. author

    Sajil Sajeev3 hours ago

    Suggestion: How about a LIBERTY WALK Wide body kit for the Ferrari ?

  100. author

    USMC MSgt3 hours ago

    I don’t have simply safe but I do have the yard sign that states I do. I guess that works because I have not been robbed....