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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

  1. author

    keith houin2 hours ago

    Hmmmmmmm. I'll defend you against all the comments about this being a Gambit cook... tried, can't do it. Wolverine cooking video should be Poutine. Skewers are not claws no matter how you hold them. Dead crawfish fits Wolverine, but not crawfish cooking. So many mistakes here.

  2. author

    Paulo Battis2 hours ago

    Saudades <3

  3. author

    Shidiq Aerith3 hours ago

    She can defeat Mr. Negative easily

  4. author

    Rap Bot3 hours ago

    I still feel emotional from the trailer themselves

  5. author

    James Wellington3 hours ago

    Why is the series Teen Titans...?

  6. author

    ALFAYTORI GAMER3 hours ago

    The real question Is: Will dex be alive??

  7. author

    Mara Jade3 hours ago

    Hickman is the worst thing that has ever happened to the X-Men. He has contempt for both super heroes and the genre in general and X-Men and Marvel's legacy deserve far, far, better.

  8. author

    Aaron Le Fever3 hours ago

    Killed cap wtf

  9. author

    Rigz Movie Diaries3 hours ago

    This is the most stylish teaser I've ever seen

  10. author

    Mr Pingas Man3 hours ago

    Guys it looks fine, this game is still in development just be patient.

  11. author

    RiotontheRadio3 hours ago

    Marvel social media is so trash. Clearly this is a Gambit thing. Also only a psychopath squeezes a lemon like that. 5:46

  12. author

    JCD3 hours ago

    this trailer gets me so tense and excited i start sweating and get goose bumps

  13. author

    Gateway into Comics3 hours ago

    Nothing matters, I hate everything now

  14. author

    Nathan C3 hours ago

    Wolverine is from Canada. Gambit is from Louisiana. This depresses me.

  15. author

    Doom2exe3 hours ago

    Super 70s powers activate

  16. author

    Dune Arksmith3 hours ago

    I really hope we get lots of cool crossovers with other teams and characters in the upcoming books (the FF Cameo was awesome) interactions that are both hostile and friendly, I really hope that Hickman builds upon the Habitats especially the ones on The Moon (Doesn't the watcher have all sorts of crazy and powerful weapons/artifacts on the moon?) and the habitat on Mars hopefully ties into the Ex Nihilo stuff. I am beyond excited and everything we have seen so far from House of X and powers of 10 has been great.

  17. author

    AleoBV0_YT3 hours ago

    See my profile photo not renember from anytihng?

  18. author

    Daiymian3 hours ago

    This Is Such A Great Idea !

  19. author

    Tom Lohre4 hours ago

    Wow, I am really hooked. This is science fiction.

  20. author

    Prince Leo4 hours ago

    Man what’s it take to get on here?

  21. author

    Wesley Whiteside4 hours ago

    What's that great smell?

  22. author

    Ariel Alvarez4 hours ago


  23. author

    Digital Fanboy4 hours ago

    deadpool's chimichanga please

  24. author

    Roaring Thunder1154 hours ago

    1:40 HA

  25. author

    Roaring Thunder1154 hours ago

    “You’re Darn Right, Skippy.”

  26. author

    Prajvin Saxena4 hours ago

    Imagine if Marvel and the producers of this film had included cosmic beings like Adam Warlock, Living Tribunal, Nova, Celestials, Pip the Troll, Moondragon, how INCREDIBLY FASCINATING the movie would turn out to be.

  27. author

    The Hunter4 hours ago

    Who is the black guy?

  28. author

    Prajvin Saxena4 hours ago

    I would hv loved this movie even more than what I did if the film makers had stuck to the actual storyline of the original comic from which this is loosely based nd inspired by.

  29. author

    George Trapp4 hours ago

    Brad Pitt always acts with his mouth full, or at least prepares food while speaking.

  30. author

    Jake Freeman4 hours ago

    I still come back and watch this all the time. One of the greatest promos ever.

  31. author

    MisterT 4655 hours ago

    They should make a Man-Thing disney plus series

  32. author

    Cameron Varner5 hours ago

    Reminds me of that Frog girl from My Hero Academia.

  33. author

    Tracor3k995 hours ago

    No campaign coop? No me or my friends. Next! This game is perfect for coop but much like the best avenger would say, "that's just lazy writing". But! I will give them this, at least they didnt wash out black widow and her gingerness

  34. author

    Rewind Animations5 hours ago

    He’s back!!!!

  35. author

    McLovin5 hours ago

    I know a lot of people are saying Gambit but honestly shouldn’t this actually be Gambit or Rogue 🤷‍♂️

  36. author

    ¡KEESELYTV!5 hours ago

    Every hero is a girl now...

  37. author

    wolfguy235 hours ago

    Interesting, but is this show is actually CANON with the MCU anymore, if it ever was? Because I've gotta be honest, I think they should've just concluded this series after Season 5 ended. Season 6 was entertaining, but its final two episodes threw me off, especially with MARVEL's time travel crap *AGAIN.*

  38. author

    Brian Brown5 hours ago

    Very cool

  39. author

    Amir Ramlal5 hours ago

    I hope they don't plan on sticking with these voices

  40. author

    Mc-Laine_AC5 hours ago

    WOOOW! I love when More Middle-eastern or Arab Superheros are intoduced

  41. author

    AlexVE.VO5 hours ago

    Looks like Korra

  42. author

    Noobsaibot215 hours ago

    Oh man, Zoe in that jumpsuit is just glorious!

  43. author

    Mc-Laine_AC6 hours ago

    So Magical mixed with Tech? WOW! Would read!

  44. author

    Daniel Mattes6 hours ago

    It's back.

  45. author

    Fusion ANTONIO706 hours ago

    Does anyone see the swear jar

  46. author

    Irfan Qurashi6 hours ago

    I don't know who's in charge of editing, but the random laugh bit at 7:05 was awkward af.

  47. author

    Vidyut Krishnasrinivas6 hours ago

    You couldn’t stand the Endgame, look where that brought you... back to the trailers

  48. author

    Mc-Laine_AC6 hours ago

    Man! There so many people their heroes I wanna see make in the Book for real for real

  49. author

    Nick Giunta6 hours ago

    this trailer is so bad compared to the movie now. 😂 but at the time it was so cool 😎

  50. author

    D Harrison6 hours ago

    Freakin loved the lost trail

  51. author

    Dylan Oconner6 hours ago

    This is something Gambit would eat TF?

  52. author

    eon0016 hours ago

    Wow this concept is similar to an idea I had. I can access different powers depending on what mood I'm in though. Happy = healing, Anger = energy blasts etc. It teaches me to control my emotions and even speak to a therapist to channel my powers.

  53. author

    Justo Bolsa6 hours ago

    Aguja dinamica v: Hola nena quieres una fruta v:

  54. author

    Andrew Kearns6 hours ago

    It’s been said already, but really Gambit not Wolverine. You’re comic book cred is going down...

  55. author

    Juan i Padilla6 hours ago

    I won’t stop spamming this comment until Marvel Studios makes Ant-Man 3

  56. author

    Wonder OnetapTV6 hours ago

    Some people stop watching this trailer but not us Not us.

  57. author

    A.G.P Gamester6 hours ago

    So , Ironman is coming back??

  58. author

    DC Debates7 hours ago

    How in the actual phuck are you going to have something cajun and not link it to Gambit? WTF does a Canadian who just drinks beer and eat stake have to do cajun food?

  59. author

    Avalanche 6167 hours ago

    If this was wolverine's anything, it should've been Tim Horton's leftovers and beer.

  60. author

    Martin Szorad7 hours ago

    This movie is racist. Not enough white people

  61. author

    CaYlYa7 hours ago

    You could’ve started with 5

  62. author

    TheLetterU7 hours ago


  63. author

    Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs7 hours ago

    id date wanda,shuri,infinity for dating wanda:has to be a sorcerer supreme to survive if u have a fight for shuri:normal person nothing special for eternity:she is good who would date a force??😂😂.id date some of the people it possessed.WHO WOULD DATE A VAMPIRE COW 😂😂😂

  64. author

    cahaps7 hours ago

    A woman that's not going to do good

  65. author

    Lol im Thanos7 hours ago

    EAH THANIS Ahem ew thanos

  66. author

    Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs7 hours ago

    im single 😭😭😭😭 single and bisexual.

  67. author

    Videogame Music & Art7 hours ago

    I don't see a situation where her powers could be epically used

  68. author

    Ken7 hours ago

    Looks like a simple beat up/batman arkham style clone, not that interesting to be honest. Captain america does look the most interesting but it just looks like the game will become repetitive and boring really fast. Hard past for me.

  69. author

    V. T.7 hours ago

    No Captain Marvel for phase 4 until 2022? Shocking!!!! Must have been something to do with not being able to piggyback off of Spiderman since he's out of the MCU!

  70. author

    ITzMrProvoke7 hours ago

    I am still here

  71. author

    Mr ostorah7 hours ago

    Plz bring spider man back to the mcu 😢😢😢 Whatever it takes

  72. author

    Corey Levine7 hours ago

    I hope she get her own movie

  73. author

    천연효모식빵7 hours ago

    where is 우마

  74. author

    Death watch7 hours ago

    I like how Vibez is emulating Captain America's pose in the Winter Soldier promotional materials minus her putting the shield over her head. Cool callbacks.

  75. author

    David Smith7 hours ago

    All of humanity saved by the actions of a rat and a Mary Sue feminist. Disney admitted Captain Marvel could have stopped Thanos in Infinity War. At least we won't get to see Captain Marvel put Tony in a coma like she did in the Civil War II comic.

  76. author

    David Smith7 hours ago

    The best part of this rubbish overhyped film was seeing Captain Feminist get punched with the power stone.

  77. author

    Sunrise Alex8 hours ago

    Wolverine's what?

  78. author

    #PushFinnBalor8 hours ago

    Why am i coming back everyday here to watch this ?

  79. author

    bcaracter8 hours ago

    Marvel, can you make me a hero?

  80. author

    MXC 2508 hours ago

    Wow he look like Jameson and Dr strange fuse together.

  81. author

    Agent 478 hours ago

    It was expecting something different but its just a copy of Spidergirl with minor differences.

  82. author

    zolongOne8 hours ago

    Tony's vision in Age of Ulton was the opposite in Endgame

  83. author

    Click Bait8 hours ago

    That was awesome!! The way she defined her character and the artist! The artist portrayed her very very well! Kudos man!

  84. author

    six step8 hours ago

    Can someone tell my why season 5 isn't on Amazon prime?

  85. author

    zolongOne8 hours ago

    This trailer made me go bananas the day it came out.

  86. author

    Jj W8 hours ago

    In the distant future, giant crawfish are skewering humans alive, boiling them and making a video.

  87. author

    dc m8 hours ago

    For me the hype will never get any bigger than if was for this film.

  88. author

    Elaine Vasconcelos8 hours ago


  89. author

    MCPhatman8 hours ago

    Gambit: 😥😥😥

  90. author

    nomnom8 hours ago

    Finally , yes i have waited a millenium for this......

  91. author

    Monkey Killer8 hours ago

    Some shut up in the cinemas, but not kids.

  92. author

    Jakob Patch8 hours ago

    Some kid: Where is wolverine ?!!

  93. author

    burntyper8 hours ago

    Wolverine's Bayou Billy

  94. author


    Un Juego???

  95. author

    serenityq268 hours ago

    gambit's from the bayou but you name this after loserine? lol ok...........

  96. author

    poison pen8 hours ago

    I think you misspelled gambit.

  97. author

    lod12008 hours ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't know why I cried whenever the music (1:57) start

  98. author

    Nicolas Andrade8 hours ago

    More of a Gambithing

  99. author

    Gayan Basnayake8 hours ago

    One of the best movie trailer ❤️