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  1. author

    Arthur G. MenezesDay ago

    I love how you explain you liking Frozen by comparing it to superheroes. It makes me wonder how you reacted to the scene of Anna and Olaf in the cave that they have been comparing to an iconic scene of one of the Avengers films (being vague in case you haven't watched Frozen 2 yet).

  2. author

    مَرتّوِضّيِّ ګشٍخَهِDay ago

    You logen but you are not saveg

  3. author

    jay V2 days ago

    This looks awesome yes people are saying daredevil red color etc we havent seen the ears which are short to meduim and the cg aint there and the white eyes might be there. But this looks awesome just hope its grey and black. The collar literally looks like shawn murphys batman check that out cause the collar looks good. Overall im hyped

  4. author

    Hasiyna Fall2 days ago

    It's obviously gonna be him and Alfred working on the suite then hopefully towards the end hell upgrade...I love it

  5. author

    Quiet Demon2 days ago

    It’s called test footage for a reason because it isn’t what Robert ‘will’ look like it’s what he ‘may’ look like under specific lighting conditions with a prototype suit

  6. author

    Ace Hardy3 days ago


  7. author

    Scott Flood3 days ago

    The collar from the back reminds me of the batman from Gotham by gaslight.

  8. author

    john3 days ago

    Yes it's true the bat symbol is made from the gun that killed Bruce's parents and can be used to take down bad guys it has alot of different uses for it there is and isn't going to be a belt the gadgets are kind of built-in into the suit the eyes are going to be white it's like lenses that come down from the cowl what is going to be a lot of lenses for different things like evidence collecting seeing through walls body heat think of predator

  9. author

    Rich consparart bro3 days ago

    The green knight will destroy slender

  10. author

    hahatoldyouso3 days ago

    Ohhh excited

  11. author

    Enceladus3 days ago

    Im a little woried looking at that symbol that he will not have the iconic horns

  12. author

    PJ3 days ago

    That music is beyond badass...it gave off a detective noir kind of vibe. With all the red surrounding this film like the title of the movie teased a few weeks ago and now this teaser trailer...I'm convinced the gotham night sky will be red like in the animated series. That would be beyond badass!!

  13. author

    Otto Von Bismarck boi3 days ago

    Weiiiiiird maaaaan

  14. author

    William Vo3 days ago

    Omg... I'm feeling so hyped for BatPatt!

  15. author

    Mosuda3 days ago

    It’s Arthurian legend. Arthur’s nephew’s adventures as he goes to battle the green knight

  16. author

    ATinyAsian Productions3 days ago

    look up the black and white version of the reveal. It shows more details

  17. author

    Simple X.3 days ago

    Batsuit looks badass! He is only in his second year as Batman.

  18. author

    Mitchel Azevedo3 days ago

    This is a work in progress batsuit so we’ll see a more finished product by the end

  19. author

    FlickTalk3 days ago

    This suit is looking good but I was really into the Batfleck suit... so does that mean this isn't in the Batfleck universe? Cause Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad are in that same universe, so is this Batman movie in a new universe?....

  20. author

    Don3 days ago

    Loving it, that Peter Weller jawline! 🔥🔥🔥

  21. author

    Red Dragon3 days ago

    It’s very arkham knight

  22. author

    King EB3 days ago

    If you didn't like this.. kick rocks!

  23. author

    B₩illiams3 days ago

    I found a better photo it does look like leather so maybe they're doing a year one batman

  24. author

    Miguel Garcia3 days ago

    So now people can stop make fake Batman images of Robert Pattinson

  25. author

    tt TT3 days ago

    More want to look forward on his body transformation

  26. author

    tt TT3 days ago

    Hmmm..not really that nice actually

  27. author

    michael williams3 days ago

    This is super dope asf and been a fan of you man for a while keep striving for greatness young king 👑

  28. author

    Tiger Macc3 days ago


  29. author

    Bobs Vegene3 days ago

    The red filter the way his jawline fills the cowl...the diy styled suit reminds me of Charlie Cox's daredevil

  30. author

    Sho Sho3 days ago

    Batsuit looks garbage. 👎

  31. author

    Ross Deason3 days ago

    Rob jaw stands out for sure

  32. author

    Giannis MP963 days ago


  33. author

    Kamster Rook3 days ago

    It looks like the bat symbol will be able to be taken out and used as a batarang.

  34. author

    Peter Davies3 days ago

    its not suit reveal its tease

  35. author

    avonbarksdale913 days ago

    Arkham mixed with a Adam West/Gotham by Gaslight type of Cowl. And the music..... IM IN!

  36. author

    DB choobie3 days ago

    It looks like the Arkham origins version. I kinda just want them to smooth it out since it looks hella pointy but it looks aight.

  37. author

    Ahoyhoy3 days ago

    The logo seems like it's made up of 2 knives. Can even see the belt clips on them. Kinda like it, acts as a statement and it's practical.

  38. author

    Oussama amrani3 days ago

    This movie gonna be as awesome and mature as the joker that's my feeling

  39. author

    Tone Desh3 days ago

    Matt Reeves with the sneak attack!

  40. author

    Bruce Wayne3 days ago

    Give me my white eyes damnit

  41. author

    J Doodle3 days ago

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that this is not the only suit we’ll see in this movie. I bet we’ll get an upgraded version by the end of the movie.👀

  42. author

    Ice Cold Lemonade3 days ago

    I said years ago he would make a good Batman after I saw a fan casting of him. Batman has never been massive because he isn’t a bodybuilder. I’m sure Robert is gaining some weight for the movie but i know he won’t be huge. He has the potential to be my favorite Batman.

  43. author

    Drew Cade3 days ago

    I'm erect.

  44. author

    Zorba3 days ago

    When you realize the Bat Symbol is made from the Gun that killed his parents 😱

  45. author

    Marley Mal3 days ago

    Dude I’m crying, he looks so fucking badass lol

  46. author

    Ahmed Alhosani3 days ago

    Love the Arkham Knight inspiration

  47. author

    Iftee Talukder3 days ago

    Good thing this suit is nothing like the Joel Schumacher’s suit which is Matt Reeves grace

  48. author

    Nikola Hutinec3 days ago

    I love it!

  49. author

    M M3 days ago

    Not sure if that's batman or daredevil

  50. author

    Casologic3 days ago

    ...looks just... hmmm...

  51. author

    Iftee Talukder3 days ago

    Robert’s suit is already so badass

  52. author

    Sonic The Hedgehog3 days ago

    Don’t worry, they haven’t added the special effects for the eyes

  53. author

    Stuff and things3 days ago

    Iv heard the bat symbol is made out of the gun that killed his parents

  54. author

    Cesar Porras3 days ago

    The costume is meh also he looks skinny as hell it looks like someone took Bruce Wayne’s costume and wore it for Halloween

  55. author

    Raun Kunkel3 days ago

    That was the movie theme music

  56. author

    Bernard3 days ago

    I dig it! Giving me arkham knight vibes! 👍🏽

  57. author

    Pierce Farrell4 days ago

    But what about the really bad use of humour: mreporter.net/v/video-CuuDTnMPMgc.html The lack of originality in trying to dismiss the old without properly building the new: mreporter.net/v/video-yBEdgPFoBjY.html The plot holes and poorly thoughtout treatment of Luke and Leia: mreporter.net/v/video-GAh7gK3o5Sk.html The attempt to be new and clever and then rolling back everything attempted: mreporter.net/v/video-dLYUc5t6wag.html

  58. author

    Abe Lincoln4 days ago

    You are soooo cuteeee

  59. author

    TheFoxFan7 days ago

    He uploaded that one Trump’s birthday too lmao.

  60. author

    MAD Girlz10 days ago

    Is it just me or does he look a little like grant gusten From the flash lmao XD

  61. author

    Butkenp10 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like you wanna cry!

  62. author

    EJ Simas11 days ago

    I love that he did Aladdin again from Aladdin's perspective. Also that "screw Trump" at the end was so perfect

  63. author

    tierneybeckett12 days ago

    That shot at 5:55 is totally Roseanne. She looks a little too 'trashy' to be Reba.

  64. author

    Shawndell Rivers12 days ago

    Wandavision is that one i' more excited about i don't think it's weird at all to me i think it looks epic i'm all for it that's what stands out for me i really think it's a great idea

  65. author

    FamilyValues13 days ago

    Wanda Vision looks so camp. I am LIVING.

  66. author

    C-MC Official14 days ago

    Loki started shooting last week

  67. author

    TGlooknohands14 days ago

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the Time Variance Authority [marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Time_Variance_Authority_(Multiverse)] prison jumpsuit Loki is wearing near the end of the spot might be the key to figuring out Phases 4 & 5. They connect in the comics to so many of the otherwise seemingly random and disconnected properties/characters/themes that have been chosen since Endgame for the MCU. I wonder if Clockwise and the Time Twisters will end up either being big villains for the phase or will be smaller villains to set up some new big villain like Mister Jip, Mephisto, Korvac, Kang, or Galactus (all of which are HUGE time travel related villains that are strongly associated with the stuff Feige has announced for the future). Hell, the TVA and Clockwise even tie into She Hulk's comic book history. For Korvac, we've already got Sylvester Stallone's Starhawk introduced. America Chavez rumors, Brother Voodoo rumors, S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 7's themes, the Jip teases from Cloak & Digger, Jimmy Woo in Wandavision (maybe he and the Mask of Eternity will be part of Shang-Chi), and the last episode of Runaways Season 3 would all suspiciously relevant. Hell, it could even help explain Venom/Morbius/New Mutants/Deadpool being in the MCU. :P

  68. author

    ISingand DoOtherThings14 days ago

    I hope marvel studios reboots the MCU Inhumans characters in the movies

  69. author

    ISingand DoOtherThings14 days ago

    Oscar Isaac is my choice for Kang the conqueror in the MCU movies it'll be cool to see him interact with the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men

  70. author

    ISingand DoOtherThings14 days ago

    Wandavision is going to set up the future MCU House of M movie or a event in the future featuring the X-men

  71. author

    ISingand DoOtherThings14 days ago

    Loki's shirt has a reference to the time variance authority possibly a setup for Kang the conqueror

  72. author

    Raj Kunwar14 days ago

    People worth watching this movie are already excited, so marvel doesn't need to "prove" to some people if its worth watching or not.

  73. author

    Tyler Morris14 days ago

    I watched the teaser a couple of times as well. I even got so interested, that I stopped at every little clip they gave us just to take it all in. But I love how the Falcon and The Winter Soldier really looks and feels like I’m about to watch MCU movie like Captain America Winter Soldier/ Civil War. For WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen said that this show was going to get weird, go deep, and have lots of surprises. I feel like I completely underestimated her statement, in a good way though. I’m excited to see how this is going to play in MCU. Now getting into Loki, I’m so excited to see how his story will go, we only got that one clip and line from him, but it felt really intense. Funny how epic they can make three shows fit in just a 30 second teaser. Disney+ about to see some 💰

  74. author

    The Canary banshee14 days ago

    I’m honestly excited for black widow and wonder what will after natasha Destroy the red room program

  75. author

    Samori warfare14 days ago

    Great reaction to the trailer

  76. author

    Enceladus14 days ago

    Man im happy they look like mini movies and looks like falcon and the winter soldier will be a dope espionage thriller like captain america the winter soldier!!!!

  77. author

    Duncanator204014 days ago

    Amazing reaction keep it up

  78. author

    Cupid Stunt16 days ago

    They're definitely going to space in Fast 10

  79. author

    Teets_McGheets16 days ago

    If you can believe Mia is Dom's sister, than come on... It's the same thing wit Cena. It's fine... And Han... It's Han!! If anyone can escape that crash and explosion alive and stay hidden, it's that character. Now we can relieve Shaw of that killing which now he didn't do. It's brilliant!!!!! LoL

  80. author

    Now United For Ever16 days ago

    I love how they hate the law of fisics 😂 Now, if Han is back, I'll be hopeful that Gisele will be back too 🙏

  81. author

    r5516 days ago

    From stealing DVD's to this...... Its too far..

  82. author

    Rich consparart bro16 days ago

    John wick style.

  83. author

    Rich consparart bro16 days ago

    He still a marvel cast in my book.

  84. author

    estevan •16 days ago


  85. author

    Graff Fuller16 days ago

    This is a Live Action cartoon. Totally bonkers, but it is funny.

  86. author

    Jack O'Connor16 days ago

    Oh yeah man, 8 is great. It’s not like the best but it’s definitely worth the watch to get a better understanding of this movie

  87. author

    101theFerny16 days ago

    This is gonna be legit. I loved Han in Tokyo Drift! Glad he's back

  88. author

    Mitchell Whyte16 days ago

    Fast And Furious 9 Is Going To Be Awesome

  89. author

    Duncan Sands17 days ago

    Going to see it tomorrow on the day when Britain get's Brexit ; our independence from German sausage!!

  90. author

    Allyson Wleklinski18 days ago

    You are literally the first person with actual reactions for Peter Pan lol

  91. author

    Ryan Wehr20 days ago

    there are more cuts into trailer than the entire film

  92. author

    JCisJD20 days ago

    Great review .... but I would disagree , and this is why ....... After seeing it on imax and feeling totally absorbed into the environment they created i give this 4 points out of 6 ...... Yes amazingly filmed and scored and well written and directed, with some good performances but my personal issues were 2 fold.....First off was that i felt the film put me so there I became hyper critical of some of the faults , and they are there, well for me anyway. This level of critical observation extended to the performances which didnt quite nail it but i think that may have been because they were over focused on the process , those really long takes . The other major issue, for me at least, was that is was an 8 hour journey and I was there for only 2 of it even though it was filmed as a one shot film. Yes he was knocked out and that explained the time difference but i still couldn't adjust to it. This manifested in it what "appeared" to be continuity errors, for example he just suddenly had the orders in his hand and i didn't see him take them out of the tin etc .... Having said all this , despite it being a victim of its own success, i still liked the film, and would defiantly see it again, but for me Dunkirk is better . American Beauty is still my favourite film ive so far seen , now that i would say is faultless.

  93. author

    Hasheen Samji22 days ago

    If you TRULY want to know the identity of "Taskmaster", I'll give you a link to the answer, BUT DON'T FOLLOW THE LINK UNLESS YOU TRULY WANT TO KNOW THE IDENTITY! You have been WARNED..... mreporter.net/v/video-y16yDdLtVOE.html

  94. author

    David Stretton23 days ago

    World war one moron!!!

  95. author

    TikyCZMonth ago

    Lol they can’t put MCU version in the graffiti if I’m aware of But yea I hope they can make a deal that’s allow to Tom Holland MCU be in MCU while Sony makes idk these movies with Andrew or tobey that will be epic I know this deal is similar but it’s still not a deal that FANS WANT and that he is leaving MCU after 3rd movie I’m sooo pissed

  96. author

    Nicholas HookMonth ago

    Good for you..I envy your experience. Okay..I went in hopeful but not expecting much (learned my lesson from Endgame(. ..it was so disappointing- I like Eps VII and VIII but they are flawed, don't love them like originals or Rogue One. This was a confusing, non-sensical mess with soooo many plot holes and so few satisfying pay offs / reveals..I want to like it as I love the Saga but..I just didn't :(

  97. author

    Miguel BustamanteMonth ago

    Sony owns the rights to all spiderman characters. It's being like that for 20 yrs now.

  98. author

    Glenn NgMonth ago

    My only concern is that what we saw in the trailer are the only scenes worth watching. This trailer introduced the audience to the big name stars....most if not all the Chinese audience will recognize. My thoughts? Disney......don't let me down.

  99. author

    Hugh-John FlemingMonth ago

    No gay, Trans or "people of color"... NO CHANCE

  100. author

    SuperSonicManMonth ago

    Just watched it, it is a masterpiece. Go see it on the largest screen you can go to.