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  1. author

    slapnut12079 months ago

    CNN = ''Very Fake News.''

  2. author

    threeputt9919 months ago

    Wont be long and President Trump will bury CNN

  3. author

    Sei brav9 months ago

    Time Warner you are on notice. Your complicity with pushing fake news against our commander and chief is seditious and treasonous. CNN's lies have pushed the USA into unnecessary friction with Russia. Close CNN down.

  4. author

    SpyingDutchman9 months ago

    Warning: Watching this CANCEROUS NARRATIVE NETWORK can cause brain damage.

  5. author

    Robert Hall9 months ago

    Sooooooooo, were is the CNN response to the under cover vid of one of your producers admitting you have been fakeing the Russian story for raitings? You...Are...Done!!!

  6. author

    bowhunter24399 months ago

    I wish that everyone would stop calling CNN fake news , CNN is ''Really fake news'' LMMFAO........!!!!

  7. author

    Dave Bell9 months ago

    Jon Bonifield. Remember that name. Admits cnn is fake news, a business, and only does it for the ratings. Even outs the horrible ceo.

  8. author

    Sock That Cuck9 months ago

    You dirty lying dogs CNN. Project Veritas caught you admitting what we already knew. If its business then it is a disgusting morally bankrupt business

  9. author

    Sergei U9 months ago

    you're fake news

  10. author

    Macsen Wledig9 months ago

    American pravda

  11. author

    Paulus de Kenezy9 months ago

  12. author

    Anton Miller9 months ago

    CNN ARE THE NATION'S NUMBER ONE LIARS. REVOKE THEIR FCC BROADCASTING LICENSE AND WH PRESS ROOM PASSES NOW! A senior CNN producer was caught on camera admitting that the network’s relentless bashing of President Donald Trump with the Russia scandal has NO PROOF.

  13. author

    Rob C Music9 months ago

    I'm here for the "ratings". You were totally owned today.

  14. author

    TornadoGamah9 months ago

    You are fake news!

  15. author

    JEREMIAH530319 months ago

    Hey CNN, nice job on the retraction of the hit piece that was published online, the apology to Mr. Scaramucci was all class, however, you left out two other apologies that are due and should be forthcoming. Those apologies should be offered to Mr. Schwarzman and to The President of the United States for the blatantly false accusations you continue to level against the President. Until then we can only conclude that the apology to Mr. Scaramucci was, at best, half hearted and only an attempt to cover your asses and sound conciliatory.

  16. author

    Lesbeauxyeux9 months ago

    Time to eat some crow, CNN

  17. author

    El rey9 months ago

    Fake News!!

  18. author

    El rey9 months ago

    Fake news!!

  19. author

    Shane1228Earth9 months ago

    If CNN has to admit they lost their war with Trump and "truth" to save their network, I wonder if they would do it..

  20. author

    ad789 months ago

    so sad 2.1 million subs..

  21. author

    broza9 months ago

    thank you CNN for allowing this bootleg CNN channel "Jon Snow - The Viral Network" to upload the cnn videos to youtube which allows us 100,000s of people to get rid of the CNN cable news channel hahahaaa

  22. author

    John A Lyons9 months ago

    NYL? A dollar and a scheme? Really? Trusting in notbing... Play it straight or not at all. No integrity in that which is rigged before or after they call those digits. . Boycott. ....perhaps? Better to play your luck in a straight game if you have to play at all!

  23. author

    John Andrew Lyon9 months ago

    CNN real news for unreal Americans with unreal freedom. I want you all to learn how they pull it off. AMERISCAM - American freedom without freedom. Takes the doubt out of what freedom really isn't.

  24. author

    fatpatMC9 months ago

    nan hayworth is one vulture-faced bitch if i ever saw one

  25. author

    Steph the Mobile Mogul9 months ago

    I wonder why so many people have so much negative input about this news channel. These are real people who work for a real news publication who have real feelings. Please find something better to do with your time than bashing hard working american people

  26. author

    Sionn59 months ago

    CNN retracts Russia collusion conspiracy theory after pushing it all year. You clowns have reached the absolute rock bottom and utterly destroyed any reputation you ever had as an unbiased news service.

  27. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago


  28. author

    Mr P Lotor10 months ago

    But I dont want to go to cnn

  29. author

    James David10 months ago


  30. author

    eusopp Kamote10 months ago

    Fake news!

  31. author

    pinehtr10 months ago

    Shitty news

  32. author

    Kori Harpoon10 months ago

    You all need to fire Harry Houck. He makes a cop haters job so much easier.

  33. author

    Lil Salt10 months ago

    Fake News. Fuck you!

  34. author

    Infinite Being10 months ago

    TV is fake! Turn it off!!!

  35. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    so let me get this straight....trump who has the mightiest platform on planet earth can slander mexicans/muslims create and environment so toxic two GOOD MEN get stabbed to death in portland and you guys wanna chastise johnny depp for making a joke then claim to be pragmatic or altruistic!?!?!? im not sure how that works CNN i doubt depp will apologize and i applaud him for it

  36. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    jason miller lost his chin being the purveyor of trumps pathetic fucking lies thats what he gets he looks like the shrunken head dude from beetlejuice

  37. author

    William Louttit10 months ago

    News for stupid people. Propaganda at it's best.

  38. author

    Benjamin Boyle10 months ago

    So no reporting on special election wins for republicans besides the bare facts huh? You had plenty to say when you thought these elections were going to be a slap in the face for Trump.

  39. author

    MARJAN10 months ago

    so coconut oil is bad? loll l

  40. author

    Son Gaea10 months ago

    Well the people are woke. You are exposed and with a heavy heart i say unto you., CNN=ISIS. Peace be upon your legacy.

  41. author

    Tommy M10 months ago

    As i said before...i hope all of you liars working for CNN get asscancer and die a slow and horrible death.Fuck CNN, their FAKE NEWS and muslim/terror loving agenda.

  42. author

    Ziffly10 months ago

    Cumdumpster News Network

  43. author

    Central Scrutinizer10 months ago

    ............have you read the comments lately, scumbags?...........what do you think those attitudes will morph into? I hope you have to run for your lives. I hope you don't make it. I hope it happens soon.

  44. author

    Chuck Norris10 months ago

    *cough* Counterfeit News Network *cough*

  45. author

    E Curb10 months ago

    CNN is the Enemy of the American people.

  46. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    the only reason we got otto warmbier back is cause they understood they did irreparable damage to his body/ sad how *evil*

  47. author

    Dead Mike10 months ago

    REALLY FAKE NEWS............

  48. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    michelle kosinski's new hair LOOKS GREAT

  49. author

    Red 8Ball10 months ago

    CNN disable the comments on all your videos. Your getting over run with Trolls, Bots, and Snowflakes.

  50. author

    Jeff Pippins10 months ago

    Fake news indeed. I used to really trust this station. All things end. BYEBYE CNN..

  51. author

    nkw198510 months ago

    Clinton News Network = Fake News & Virtue Signalling

  52. author

    Swift H10 months ago

    I heard Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi got killed by the Russians, so I came here to tell you that I am sorry for your loss. But I'm sure you will keep the memory of your beloved leader alive by promoting more violence against Americans. I'm sure you will make him proud. #CNNisISIS.

  53. author

    Joseph Walsh10 months ago

    CNN is news for the mentally enslaved and mentally ill

  54. author

    john lyons ikillemallandletgodsortthemout10 months ago

    Hello all. CNN is going to blow the lid off the whole thing because they are unafraid to report the news that might make them very unpopular? I just hope they keep watching what is going on with the government and are not any less courageous while investigating the crimes being committed now as well as those committed over the past seventy-five years. I lived through some of those crimes..... but, many others did not. Please be vigilant in your endeavors towards discovery of those crimes in which the victims have been silenced - killed/murdered by the governing society and their henchmen and henchwomen. I do not know how much longer I have but I hope that I will face with courage the future. I have to go to face corruption posing as justness this month and I am terrified that they (our government) will be forever free to keep on committing crimes! The fact is I know they hope to silence me too! There are some very high people that might fall because of what I know! I really miss my friend Bicycle Bill and cleaning the Veteran's Memorial back home. I had to leave or they might not just rough me up some. They could have really hurt me or worse! I am afraid to even exercise my first amendment rights. And to think of all those who gave their lives to defend rights we do not have. Sad.

  55. author

    Tommy M10 months ago

    I have faith that the Lord will punish all the people working for your FAKE NEWS channel.I have a feeling it will be without mercy, well deserved

  56. author

    Tommy M10 months ago

    CNN is ISIS ,CNN is also FAKE NEWS.KILLERS...PROVIDING FAKE NEWS.Just take a look on the comments on all your videos, few wiews and thumbs down all the way.Compare yourselves with INFOWARS and see how many wiews and thumbs upp they get.Its because you are killers who lie .

  57. author

    Mot Nella10 months ago

    Blood is on your hands CNN as was predicted, a deranged shooter asks whether there were democrats or republicans on the baseball field and when he was told republicans, he started shooting. You have fed this false news narrative about Trump/Russian collusion for almost a year now and someone finally took it to its ultimate conclusion. Are you happy now?? Have you gotten the result that you wanted?? Someone who is as hysterical in their political views as you people are took your deranged views and started shooting. What a sad day for America and what a sad day for the Ultra Left MSM who are now inciting violence. Nice job Don Lemon, Cooper, Maddow, Mika, and the rest of you Liberal scumbags.

  58. author

    The Guy Chris10 months ago

    CNN, NBC, NPR, Dems, etc. The Alexandria shooter is YOUR creation.....YOUR Frankenstein. You people are getting these susceptible, low information people all whipped up with your LIES and propaganda. Then, Brooke Baldwin has the nerve to put her face of solemn and empathy on when interviewing the witnesses. Liberalism today is ABSOLUTELY a cult......a dangerous cult. I can't believe this is happening to our America. THIS is a junction in time where we had better right this ship.

  59. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    the thing they use to line their pockets at the cost of american lives sent them to the hospital this is the pinnacle of irony

  60. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    only some scumbag republicans would be out playing baseball with their own lobbyists OH FUCK I WISH THEY ALL DIED I WISH THEIR HEADS XPLODED ON CAMERA THATS WHAT AMERICA REALLY NEEDS

  61. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    oh man thats so spectacular LOL some republicans got shot by the guns they pump into the streets and refuse to regulate OH MAN I WISH SOME OF THEM DIED TO BE HONEST

  62. author

    Nancy Engle10 months ago

    Shame on you CNN for allowing Fareed Zakaria to advocatie the assassination of the President of the United States !! by recommending the criminal redo of "Donald Trump as Julius Ceasar" . This is CRIMINAL !! TIME for FAREED to GO !!

  63. author

    GreatMagiciaN10 months ago

    Pls fix your volume All your videos are too soft

  64. author

    Will Somers10 months ago

    Would be good to see a bit more about what's happening in London

  65. author

    MadSense10 months ago


  66. author

    lena7774810 months ago

    All the secret becomes apparent. I'm glad that not all Americans are being led to the nonsense spread by these media.

  67. author

    BigMoneyAl10 months ago


  68. author

    Creative Guise10 months ago

    CNN, please disable the discussion option. Unfortunately, the people with the loudest voices (everyone below) tend to watch Fox News.

  69. author

    bakishamil10 months ago

    CNN is run my lowlife imbeciles

  70. author

    The Guy Chris10 months ago

    CNN or anybody: If all of these media charges of "Trump/Trump's team worked with Russians to interfere with the election, possibly stealing it from Hillary", fall through, shouldn't there be a legal day of reckoning for the people pushing these charges on the public? Shouldn't SOMEBODY ultimately have to answer to slander, defamation, perjury, etc., charges for broadcasting these charges on Trump and his team? Or, (this is a real question), is the media allowed to throw out ANYTHING they want on ANYBODY, without consequence? (Could be you next?) I truly don't know the laws on that. I guess everybody BUT THE MEDIA, has to answer for damaging lies? If there's any justice media outlets, and even INDIVIDUAL "JOURNALISTS" should have to be legally deposed as to whether their coverage is founded or slanderous. What do you think? Is what the anti-trump media outlets/"journalists" coverage entering the area of illegality, or is it just mean?

  71. author

    Mot Nella10 months ago

    So, CNN - have you heard of Lauren Southern?? She was at a current Pro-Trump rally and was attacked by Antifa thugs who antagonized her and finally threw a bottle of urine on her. Any reason why you have not reported on this? Does it have anything to do with CNN not reporting on any pro-Trump personalities that have disgusting things done to them?? Or, are you selective in reporting what you consider "important" news?? What is next on your list now that Comey shot down your "collusion" and "obstruction" narrative you have been hammering down the public's throat for the past 10 months? Is it the Martians that have the President under their thumb now?? Or, will you just ignore the facts and continue on with the "Kremlin controls Trump" narrative?? BTW, how much does Soros pay you disinformation propaganda hacks anyway?? How much can integrity be bought for nowadays??

  72. author

    Morally Bankrupt10 months ago


  73. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    trump must not know that hes a pathological liar and that his pussy ass lies denying comey are being thoroghly laughed at by ppl who have functioning brains(not the pussy ass excuse for a real man hiding behind "the guy chris")

  74. author

    flimffub10 months ago

    FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. Get your FAKE NEWS here folks. For all of you who want to stay misled and misinformed, catch the latest report from CNN

  75. author

    flimffub10 months ago

    CNN - you are a den of liars and misinformation agents. You are the epitome of the "fake news" meme that you helped to foster, but now can't handle it because that tactic to curtail the real truth and the real news backfired on your sorry existence. We have all sized up your foolishness and have detected the deep void in all of your souls and heard the sound of the empty air floating around in your heads as you spew nonsense all day long

  76. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    i do believe the qatar situation is based off a fake russian implant annnnnnnnnd this pussy ass excuse for a real man is using qatar to avoid the comey issue what a fucking joke

  77. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    thats what happens when your dumber than dogshit and your daddy pays your way through can only read/orate sentence fragments at a time what a fucking joke this man is a fucking joke

  78. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    sometimes the bullshit of the world is so pathetic(trump) some F-bombs are sorely needed lets all watch CNN attempt to behave altruistic when they fundamentally dont understand the meaning of the word........altruists wouldnt give zionist jews the anchor desk.

  79. author

    Diamondz Wynn10 months ago

    Maybe your prime-time anchors spent more time on checking their "sources" instead of sucking dicks, your network would not be much of a joke.

  80. author

    Gary Anderson10 months ago

    Donald Trump & his Personal Lawyer are threatening to charge James Comey with the Criminal Act of “LEAKING” Highly Confidential Conversations between The President and The FBI Director. If these Leaked “Statements” attributed to the President are TRUE, then the “Guilt of Leaking” could certainly be theoretically true (ignoring the counter arguments to that point). BUT, if Comeys’ leaked statements ARE FALSE, then how could Comeys' statements qualify as “Leaks”!?!? By "legally" classifying Comeys’ released statements as “Illegal Leaks”, then the President and his Lawyer are Tacitly Admitting these “Leaks” are TOTALLY TRUE! This is just another example of Trump always "wanting his cake and eating it too". That, along with lying, is just two of his defining characteristics.

  81. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    susan collins = lyin ass bitch

  82. author

    gobely gook10 months ago

    Look at all the butthurt trump fans here.

  83. author

    Sionn510 months ago

    CNN caught lying yet again and its approval rating at an all time low. Nothing but a politically driven propaganda outlet.

  84. author

    Ap3x 1s1and10 months ago


  85. author

    JEREMIAH5303110 months ago


  86. author

    Mot Nella10 months ago

    So, Comey admits that Clinton and Lynch both obstructed justice. When are you going to stop the fake news about the President and begin to bring them both to justice - i.e. JAIL?? You have moved from the Fake News about Russian collusion and now its "obstruction", is it going to be next that the President is really a martian agent?? What a bunch of dufus fake journalists. Get over it - your Queen lost!!

  87. author

    Shane1228Earth10 months ago

    CNN is fake news or very fake news?? You be the judge...

  88. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    gee i wonder who ppl that arent classless trailer trash will believe the pathological liar trump or jim comey LOL WHAT A FUCKING JOKE WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT FROM TRUMPS ATTORNEYS TRYING TO PUT IT ON LEAKS LIKE THE PUSSY HE IS

  89. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    roy blunt = human garbage

  90. author

    Hecho in America D.H.S.10 months ago


  91. author

    Doug Miller10 months ago

    'Waaaah. The Freedom of the Press is going back into the hands of the people and we're saaad.' Your failing platform is a joke. I don't mean that as a derisive insult. You really are the butt of so, so many jokes. Here's an idea: Wear brighter clothes and throw pies at each other. You'd be better off.

  92. author

    OrangeDiamond3310 months ago

    Just stopped by to take a shit on this bullshit fake news channel. Go fuck yourselves commies

  93. author

    PaleS Silver10 months ago

    CNN Fake news. Liars. Caught again, CNN is isis

  94. author

    yogini sd10 months ago

    this cia network propoganda is so idiotic, you all must know the world laughs AT YOU!!!! You dumb motormouth echochamber tools lol!

  95. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    الحكومة - العدو لجميع الحقوق غير القابلة للتصرف

  96. author

    John Andrew Lyon10 months ago

    DONALD TRUMP: United States Agencies As well as private enterprise tampering with accounts and posting abilities being limited by Google and You Tube in an effort hinder political critics and dissidents! Pleas free us from tyranny?

  97. author

    mang Blang10 months ago

    How does it feel to get caught red handed for staging a fake news scene, June 3rd, with a huge production in the back LOL

  98. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    clown ass republicans asking about 702 when its totally irrelevant to the very reason for this hearing today WHAT A FUCKING JOKE THEY ARE PURE FUCKING SCUM AND SHOULD ALL DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS

  99. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    إلغاء الرق - إلغاء القوانين التي تستعب - السماح للعبيد الذهاب

  100. author

    Kindred Lair10 months ago

    I was just wondering why is it that CNN youtube has commercials and another new site with more followers that talk about the same thing got demonetized because it talked about the NEWs. Once again the main stream gets to push aside the better man here in this case was Philip DeFranco. I have unsubscribed here and if i do watch vids here I will be sure to use AdBlock just for CNN thou.

  101. author

    Hans Mixer10 months ago

    Hope all of you CNN (counterfeit news network) workers die on cancer. F+ck you all!

  102. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    And here I am old fat and ugly.... Wishing I had had a hot naughty female teacher to give me private after hours tutoring in Sex Ed. And back when America was great Hot for Teacher was it! And when does it become time to ban this hit? America, I, wrote in a report would go into a pendulum swing with the opposition being the USSR. They would both betray their values. America embraces it's laws more fanatically than ISIS does to doing dumb shit. Only thing separating the two is their being so similar in the radical extent of their dedication to dominion.

  103. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    Cool it ISIS! I have my own faults but I can show you in the Koran where Allan's word demanded of me what Allah failed to afford me . This thing you're promoting I can show your movement is not about honoring Allah. I know because I have seen witnesses of Allah. Will you at least stop defaming the name of my friends of which are of Islamic origins and the god they truly do serve. Educators, Doctors, Scientists, and many others that honor Allah and his gifts by the way they live and witness bringing friends to Allah not enemies. I was just wanting to tell you Allah would be very disappointed by your witness to Allah. Allah shouldn't ever be defamed by those who use his believers to destroy his image. Great is the truth and the truth brings greatness not cowardice. Takes more courage to be a living witness than a dead man who hollers god is great then brings sham to god. Imams teach the truth! All religions need a jihad on themselves of the spirit. A slaying of the old self and birth of the new. A war within themselves and their fellows of how true they have been. But these cowardly acts of terror defame all. Who among you is the truest witness and the most faithful. I challenge a show of your faith. God will protect you if you're brave enough to hear and tell the truth. For God is truly great!

  104. author

    Shane1228Earth10 months ago


  105. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    Darryl Thompson died as a result of being denied the right to breathe . See the 3.5 Million Dollar Kid.@ Abuse at the facility was reported. They closed that facility. Those kids there were farmed out to other institutions. Does this kind of abuse continue at other facilities? CNN - demand the total number of kids to be killed in these facilities to be made public knowledge! I know you can make a difference and save some lives. Then you move on to the psychological torture. Prolonged isolation and the interactions with these people's minds and bodies that promote humane disassociating states of consciousness. States similar to those experienced by their keepers. Maybe, just maybe they have a thing where these people being institutionally abused might make them more prone to harm the society that harmed them.

  106. author

    John Andrew Lyon10 months ago

    Are you not the slave to that which you serve? Righteousness is your just cause and call to service.

  107. author

    IGC Member10 months ago


  108. author

    Mysterious Poncho10 months ago

    Good job Fake News

  109. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    New York's lottery.... Is it fixed? Has New York State decided to tamper after the fact with who can actually win? Does New York seek to deprive the legitimate winners of the lottery out of their winnings if they hold the wrong political views? Do winners get ripped off because they exercise their first amendment rights? Well be aware that the New York Lottery is not as straight forward as they advertise. A dollar and a dream or a dollar ripped in a government scheme? CNN you tell us! Is New York's just one more scam devised to reward the good Toby while ripping dissenters off for their money?

  110. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    Hello again CNN- I want you to look into the fact that Google has allegedly denied equal access to the forum known as Plusgoogle and also the forum known as You Tube while they claim to be an information sharing network - the repeated tampering with posts and accounts by Google and You Tube would more put them in the category of industries that disseminate false information and peddle hand picked propaganda. Does this unwarranted censorship dishonor the American lives sacrificed to defend the first amendment rights of all Americans? Is it true that Google and You Tube aid even ISIS by undermining the basic founding tennants as put forth in the embodied inalienable rights. Which side is Google and You Tube on? Are they willing to sell out free speech to keep making the money? I have a few accounts I want CNN to take a look at. Channels they either have outright jacked or have otherwise tampered with. Am concerned about the points raised about Google or You Tube using their position to bias the information being shared by alteration and omissions! CNN.- is Google and You Tube in league with the corrupt establishment? Please tell us the truth?

  111. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    CNN Terms Lewis without having ever broken the law would have never been qualified to sit any jury on any case, right! This having been accepted as true would seem to put a damper on her getting a fair trial with a group of her peers. The American people are a bunch of turds that won't flush when they get the bulge on, railroad, and murder a chick who herself was so screwed up she had no peers on her jury. Hope one day power changes and all who aided in her murder are tossed into the cesspool! Cowardly Virginia lowlifes.

  112. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    STILL NOT FORGETTING. Trayvon! #slavesnomore

  113. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    If Washington or the military put out false stories in order to cover Americans asses by using that all purpose label called national security then nobody complains? How can America google truth with all the damned deceptive garbage going on? Well, I for one think it stupid to blame the reporting agencies. Many instances can be counted in which the information has purposefully been falsified by the government and them released to the agencies to be reported. CNN like most all have become news entertainment. They do what they do because that is what sells. They seek to make even the moat graphic tragedies look like a movie clip with the Awesome CGI so we can actually stand to watch. CNN is fully aware they are just trying to turn a buck and stay in the game. Manufactured Media Entertainment.

  114. author

    ron patterson10 months ago

    When Is Reza Aslan going to be sacked for the Vile abuse he reads off his teleprompter against the nations President, what an excuse for a national tv host. I will not be watching this channel again until I hear he has been dismissed.

  115. author

    Marijan Karaula10 months ago

    Shadillay brothers, we must kill the CNN normies, REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  116. author

    June Fordham10 months ago

    OK...please please please stop having Jeffrey Lord on as a contributor. Please stop interviewing Kellyann. Find more intelligent conservative contributors. Please...

  117. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    iv never seen a president so pussy hes running "victory" ads when he most certainly hasnt accomplished anything of value besides arming the saudis who breed mujahidden from birth LOL and then he says he wants to fight terrorism!? what a fucking clown

  118. author

    Samuel Benjamin10 months ago

    Why the hell is CNN so interested in carrying the news on 'no imams want to bury the London bridge terrorists'? Is CNN nuts or sick in the head? Trying to be neutral on this issue perhaps? Real morons and bastards in CNN. Who the ffff cares if the fucking terrorists are buried or not? Just cremate them or just let the birds eat them. After what they have done, they deserve any respect? FFFf of CNN to cover these type of stories. I know all you CNN bastards will rot in hell.

  119. author

    Samuel Benjamin10 months ago

    Why the hell is CNN so interested in carrying the news on 'no imams want to bury the London bridge terrorists'? Is CNN nuts or sick in the head? Trying to be neutral on this issue perhaps? Real morons and bastards in CNN. Who the ffff cares if the fucking terrorists are buried or not? Just cremate them or just let the birds eat them. After what they have done, they deserve any respect? FFFf of CNN to cover these type of stories. I know all you CNN bastards will rot in hell.

  120. author

    wolverineiscool10 months ago

    CNN sucks! big time!

  121. author

    New Life10 months ago

    Will ISIS please blow up CNN? Oh, I forgot; CNN and ISIS are partners now!

  122. author

    Michael Fomenko10 months ago

    Fake News!!!

  123. author

    Walking MGTOW10 months ago


  124. author

    Jim Smith10 months ago

    Where is the recording of CNN host Reza Aslan xalling Trump a Piece of Sh*t? I was trying to find it so I can include it in my collection - right next to the clip of Anderson Cooper conjuring up an image of Trump taking a dump on some guy's desk. Yeah, there are some real pros walking the halls at CNN all right.

  125. author

    Michael Fuentes10 months ago

    Kathy Griffin your fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. author

    Лоргар Аврелиан10 months ago

    Faking news since 1980 CNN please give us more lulz

  127. author

    BlueRoseRocketBand10 months ago

    Remember this CNN we will never forget who and what you are you pieces of SHIT!

  128. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    CNN - check out the new game the fuzz got going. Hits and Misses and this is not a ball game they are playing. Think you might want to get dome of this story on your own. These idiots talking about pizzaygate might have stumbled upon police stings using kids.

  129. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    And now we see how it always goes. The lid stays on... again they see fit to use the old cliché national security and once again they parlay their way past the people's right to know; they really could market it as the most versatile and durable brand of white-wash. I see all of you at home in America as basically animals, monkeys one step from the tree.... Uncivilized. Very advanced; maybe too advanced for where you're at as a species. All of you will not realize that until too late.

  130. author

    Sorlendingen8210 months ago

    cnn, becky anderson london... fake news much cnn-communist news network..... FRAUDS!

  131. author

    Doug Graves10 months ago

    oops my bad was looking for the Cartoon Network Network looking for "Back Button" now

  132. author

    Christopher Bayne10 months ago

    FAKE NEWS !!!!!!!

  133. author

    Orlando Medina10 months ago

    Where is CNN's report on Reza Aslan calling the President a "piece of shit" ? I know it is a difficult time for CNN, in like of the Kathy Griffin controversy, but they should still report on it since it is their staff.

  134. author

    dave mathew10 months ago

    Nice fake protests in London, Cucks.

  135. author

    Arctic Winter10 months ago


  136. author

    Arctic Winter10 months ago

    How does it feel to wear that Red Badge of SHAME #fakenews

  137. author

    Arctic Winter10 months ago


  138. author

    Colonel Dick Faggotson10 months ago


  139. author

    dan k10 months ago

    More staged fake news? You guys should just jump off the cnn building rooftop, give the people on Sunset a nice little show.

  140. author

    Mikael Nilsson10 months ago

    Hahaha saw you cumstains got BUSTED redhanded again creating FAKE NEWS with a fake muslimprotest ^^ ? (damn when you thought CNN couldent fall any lower)

  141. author

    Central Scrutinizer10 months ago

    .........BUSTED.....FAKE NEWS caught staging peaceful people protest. FAKE people, FAKE signs, FAKE EVERYTHING.

  142. author

    Central Scrutinizer10 months ago

    ..........BUSTED.........Fake news CAUGHT staging peaceful people in London for the camera. FAKE costumes, FAKE signs FAKE EVERYTHING.

  143. author

    Jack Burton10 months ago

    CNN is fake news.

  144. author

    tausendstein10 months ago

    Hi FAKE NEWS did You hire those actors in London ? Sad, taht other filmers caught You staging this scene...hahaha :D CLOWN NEWS NETWORK !

  145. author

    loading Name10 months ago

    up yours Reza Aslan you isis supporting asshole,you think trump is a piece of shit for wanting a travel ban, and here you are up set over that instead all the people who died who this savage pedophilic religion. You are the piece of shit, but really what can you expect from a fucking weirdo who eats brains. Kill yourself and delete your account. and cnn I hope your studios burn to the ground, would do America a favor you isis supporting cunts.

  146. author

    Abishek Nephalion10 months ago


  147. author

    Robert Kubrick10 months ago

    Where is the stage managed muslims clip? I just watched a clip of CNN stage managing muslims holding signs denouncing ISIS, so all 12 of them would fit in the shot? Getting police to allow the muslims to cross a police line so CNN could get a better shot and look like there were more of them. Where is it? The video of the stage managing is on the Mark Dice channel. I want to see what dishonesty and FAKE NEWS CNN had planned?

  148. author

    One Time10 months ago

    I used to think you were a leftist news station, now I see you are completely fake news.... k bye :)

  149. author

    Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez10 months ago

    CNN was caught today in London staging a "Muslim terror protest" to try to make people believe they are denouncing terror. Didn't work, you were caught! I am going to work on making band reject filters to block CNN from any hardwired system.

  150. author

    lastmann110 months ago

    fake covfefe.

  151. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    What sucked about memorial day is knowing that it is just another day without those who have died! Would be good if we never really had to lose anyone. Well, I just think it sucks that people really got to go and die. Would it really suck if nobody could die? Oh, I can think of a few which would absolutely hate it. The. KIM be passed off the guy they been trying to lynch do not die. Executioner tries to kill for the state and the condemned won"'t die that judge be getting pissed. IRS finally get back Intel on just how dough Trump juggled in Russia and Trump be wishing he was dead and be really pissed he does not die. FUZZ trying to gun down the unarmed black guy and ........ Well, you know. ..... Am I wrong?

  152. author

    FighterJet2710 months ago

    Everyone who works for CNN should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and realize that they're indirectly causing so many problems for innocent people. If you work for CNN you are a threat to world peace.

  153. author

    FighterJet2710 months ago

    The interesting thing is, CNN is becoming a parody of itself. They cause nothing but problems for America and CNN themselves.

  154. author

    I Am10 months ago

    All who say CNN is with hillary your wrong! CNN has been working with trump. All there news headlines are all about instigating or distracting from the truth. They lie in wait for others top stories to unfold then they build the best possible story for there agenda. Russia is a distraction.

  155. author

    Stella Maris10 months ago

    Peace Be With You...

  156. author

    jeff browne10 months ago

    oi your filthy cunt of an employee kathy griffin is a disgrace. your networ is a disgrace. fucking isis supporters. shes age terribly the grubby cunt. what a fucking horroshow.

  157. author

    SelectCircle10 months ago

    You're a very abnormal network for very abnormal people.

  158. author

    InnerAlchemy810 months ago

    Good news : Kathy Griffin´s sewered head was seen an hour ago rolling down the street where she lives!!

  159. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    Did you know that you could win up to three point five million dollars if you're willing to gamble with your kid's life. One family who's child was killed got 3.5 Millwdollars. Darryl Thompson's death caused by the folks at the Tryon School for Boys netted that family a cool 3.5 million dollars! Well, that is a lot of money! I wonder how the Thompson family feels about it?

  160. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    stephen moore is a proud member of the party of STUPID and i will be laughing when its all said and done and history views these clowns as just that........fucking clowns

  161. author

    The Flame Silver Hunter10 months ago

    thank you for promoting isis, because this proves that your evil, and we know you are wicked. infact keep fighting trump, because you are doing a bad job, you couldn't beat a 9 year old in a conversation, so please fight trump so you can screw up again. if your business is gone it would be a shame, because i want your lifes to feel endless suffer, i want you to suffer as much of those soul that you have torment, for i'm am a spirit of revengance

  162. author

    Bernd Miller10 months ago

    More man made climate fraud carbon taxes avoided. New World Order, you got to line your pockets elsewhere. I recommend defunding CNN.

  163. author

    Rag Nar10 months ago

    Question: Does anyone still actually believes #cnn is offering real, unbiased, truthful news?! Anyone? Anyone?

  164. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    Has anybody else out there ever heard about New York's other lottery? The one in which you can win up to three point five million dollars if you are lucky enough to have your kid killed while in their custody? Mind you not every ticket (murdered child in their custody- the State gets to excuse a lot of these deaths or outright deny it happened) is a winner! But you may win up to three point five million dollars ; that's three point five million dollars ladies and gents. People this little lottery is making America great again by killing one young nonconformist at a time! Good Luck. America! Remember nobody's too young to kill for the greater good (Society's Law)of the whole! You all know we have to have law and order. ..and if these little nonconformist have to pay the price with their lives so America can live as they see fit then let them die, right? We have a right to law and order even if we defile it in the upholding of it, right? We the people by the people for the people!

  165. author

    Andrew Gwynne10 months ago

    CNN is ISIS!

  166. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    "its time to put detroit michigan and pittsburgh penn ahead of paris france...." are you fucking serious!?!? that clown ass motherfucker doesnt even understand that its not paris france its the planet we are speaking of holy fuck what a joke he is as intelligent as a fucking 7yr old

  167. author

    Ralph Capone10 months ago

    These people to 1 sided for me, and overly fake in how they project the news. This is the making of a slezzy tabloid. Terrible channel.

  168. author

    Jay Weisenstein10 months ago

    some people covfefe to live......Donald Trump lives to covfefe

  169. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    fire kathy griffin then refuse to talk about the environment of hate that that vile vile man has created willfully or not makes you look as pretentious as you are CNN its a joke that you wont talk about the massive spike in hate cime incidents v minorities then fire kathy griffin are you really just all for show its your entire platform just a rouse!?!? oh wait ya it is you employ anderson cooper as if he has ever *earned* anything in his life #reality

  170. author

    Nikko Roystan10 months ago


  171. author

    Tallacus10 months ago


  172. author

    Tallacus10 months ago


  173. author

    Elizabeth B10 months ago

    Please fire Molly Ball next. She doesn't think that Kathy Griffin's photo shoot was anything to worry about or talk about. Jeez. Please fire her.

  174. author

    OSCAR RODRIGUEZ10 months ago

    I just BLOCK CNN from my AT&T cable box, You do the same !!!!!!!

  175. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    uhhhhhhh methadone and suboxone are heavily regulated and require your name on a state registry you clown ass motherfucker "rep murphy" and no making it to ppl in trouble at the Eroom so they cant get pain relief when they actually need it is disgusting only some pussy ass republicans would think thats ok

  176. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    oh god what a joke it didnt even look real grow the fuck up CNN your statement is laughable and if the presidunce can slander US and make our country the laughing stock of planet earth kathy griffin can do that sorry but you motherfuckers are just clowns on this one FUCKING CLOWNS and apologizing to #poorlyeducatedtrailertrash will get you no where they are the exact ppl perpetuating that YOU ARE FAKE NEWS THAT YOU ARE FAKE REPORTERS THAT YOU ARE LIARS annnnnnnnnnnnd now your going to pamper them!?!? i do believe a man just stabbed to DECENT MEN in portland which would only happen in trumps america and THIS is what your gonna go with!?!? pfffffttt ok.

  177. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    you want to know why no one gives a shit about kathy griffin or what she did!?!?!? cause he is the most vile man we have ever had to suffer and most of this country would be elated if something happened that put him out of commission permanently #reality

  178. author

    William Louttit10 months ago

    Unknown sources = fake news = propaganda

  179. author

    molly bird10 months ago

    SOOOO, CNN Fake news you now have ISIS wannabes working for you ? " Kathy Griffin " You are the slime of the News World !!!!!

  180. author

    Joe McCracken10 months ago

    I watch Don Lemon be just as rude as he can be every night. He is a perfect example of a mouthy bitch. I feel bad for him poor guy

  181. author

    Bernd Miller10 months ago

    CNN Works Directly With Pedophiles And Encourages Presidential Assassinations

  182. author

    Chris L10 months ago


  183. author

    Yul Hubbart10 months ago

    CNN Very Fake News with VD has now gone back into race baiting against white males. What should we expect from globalist butt kissers?

  184. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    If America's laws come from all of the people - then why are they forced upon the people - Why are there so many prisons? Slavery - If you force opinion as law/dictate then you are free to enslave those branded criminals and rob them of inalienable rights. ll of these laws are a scam. Who if any defends the people's from enslavement? Who defends the individual's inalienable rights? I just want the freedoms that are the birthright of all people! Freedom now! Has not the time come for all to be equal and free? Has not the time come for those who seek dominion over the individual to pay the toll of being untrue? Are we humans or beasts?

  185. author

    John A Lyons10 months ago

    Más rud é Meiriceánaigh ina n-iomláine a chomhaontú leis na dlíthe - cén fáth an oiread príosúin - Sclábhaíocht

  186. author

    Pro Design10 months ago

    LOL, John Sununu ripped your "Russian Collusion" b.s. right apart! You guys have sank below the National Enquirer articles of the 80's like "Wolf boy found..." or "UFO visited the whitehouse for meeting the President..."

  187. author

    John Andrew Lyon Education US10 months ago

    Raymond Smith (BPC), Leonard Anderson (BPC), Raymond Fackleman (SJV), Phil Esposito (SJV). 1984-1986 @eduNYS

  188. author

    John Andrew Lyon Education US10 months ago

    Does anybody out there have. one good reason America should not be nuked? Please educate us? How long will the American society elude justice?

  189. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    "well poppy you need to get around more......get out on them streets..." hahahahahahahahahahaha YES HE MADE MY MORNING HAHAHAHAHAHA

  190. author

    fatpatMC10 months ago

    90% of America feels the same way that Angela Merkel does.

  191. author

    coloring pages shosh channel10 months ago

    news news