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Hi SistersHi Sisters

Hi Sisters

3 months ago

No More LiesNo More Lies

No More Lies

4 months ago

My Morning RoutineMy Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

5 months ago

My House Tour!My House Tour!

My House Tour!

7 months ago

  1. author

    Ainsley Osborne28 minutes ago

    call him barney, my dog is called barney and we love the name more and more everyday!! i love the puppa and the vids! xx πŸ’—πŸ’—

  2. author

    Layla Charpenter28 minutes ago

    Aw. I wish u would name him Charles or Carlos. That would be so cute! But he already is super cute...

  3. author

    Stuffed Gamer29 minutes ago

    You need to put a chew toy in the crate so he doesn’t bite his pad or his cage

  4. author

    Elli Smiler29 minutes ago

    Snowball because he is white and fluffy and super cute!!

  5. author

    Thenugi Gunatilleke29 minutes ago

    finally he found his twin !!! : )

  6. author

    Rebekah Willes29 minutes ago

    that intro felt like a york mint peppermint pattie commercial

  7. author

    JadeWolfie29 minutes ago

    Maybe...Topaz Nah jk You should name him salt and salty as a nickname

  8. author

    xXJosieXx29 minutes ago

    Lol, those old video's were only funny cause you were trying so hard.

  9. author

    Alanis Nazario29 minutes ago

    Flinn or bruno

  10. author

    Shelby Woolery29 minutes ago


  11. author

    Raven Stamey29 minutes ago


  12. author

    dylan jordan30 minutes ago

    How about skittles.

  13. author

    Mia Thomas30 minutes ago

    You should name him chaps😍😘

  14. author

    Kayla Noel30 minutes ago

    Coconut because he has white fur or Dulce which is Sweet in Spanish because he looks so cute

  15. author

    Chloe Bray30 minutes ago

    Hi si

  16. author

    Emily lps 10130 minutes ago

    You shod name hem may or frostπŸ˜€

  17. author

    KC_vidzz30 minutes ago

    You should name him SISTER

  18. author

    Stuffed Gamer31 minute ago

    When he’s in the cage, he’s not used to it

  19. author

    Sharain xCurriex31 minute ago

    If i went there.I would literally adopt as much animals as i could

  20. author

    ExileStriker31 minute ago

    Dead ass this guy thinks he is a girl.

  21. author

    Sarah Finley31 minute ago

    OMG your fucking hair is so beautiful idek why I'm so sister shook about you beautiful and amazing sister hair

  22. author

    Victoria31 minute ago

    Did he have work done? I feel like his face is not moving from the mouth up.... πŸ’€

  23. author

    NICOLAS. CAIN.32 minutes ago

    Name him saint

  24. author

    Autumn H32 minutes ago

    NAME HIM LEO! or Aussie, or Forest, or it would be cute if you called him storm or stormy

  25. author

    Talee Talee32 minutes ago


  26. author

    flashphotography 0458532 minutes ago

    James :omg omg omg Me: sister shopping 🀣🀣🀣

  27. author

    Titus Mexia32 minutes ago

    of course its a lab.

  28. author

    Aaliyah Bratt32 minutes ago

    He looks like a Jasper🀩

  29. author

    Jesus freak32 minutes ago

    Pup needs to be taken to vet for Full check up! His coat is poor and he seems a little lethargic. Could be parasites & change in diet . Best Wishes!

  30. author

    Rebekah Willes33 minutes ago

    i dont think this is a makeup channel anymore....πŸ€™πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  31. author

    Kayla Whirley33 minutes ago

    Jasper, Miles, or Flynn would be super cute!!

  32. author

    Azumi Ninahuanca camacho33 minutes ago

    James charles i would like very much that you put subtitles in spanish i an from peru i hope you read this message i admire you too much

  33. author

    Brittany Rappold33 minutes ago

    name him zeke or bruno😍

  34. author

    Marrina Hendrix33 minutes ago

    Name him baxster

  35. author

    the odd pewdiebeast34 minutes ago

    You should name him:icy shreck

  36. author

    Piedad Castro34 minutes ago


  37. author

    Angelina Gerber34 minutes ago

    Kongs filled with frozen peanut butter works great as a distraction while keeping them in the kennel. It can also give him a positive association with the kennel since he gets a special treat when he goes in at night. Edit: thank you for adopting not shopping for a puppy! There are so many homeless animals out there, ita great to see big influencers encouraging people to rescue!

  38. author

    Presley Kate34 minutes ago

    I think honey is a good name for him

  39. author

    ZY100 Grime35 minutes ago

    ur mums my sister

  40. author

    Brooke Young35 minutes ago

    Poor dog

  41. author

    Ale Hernandez35 minutes ago

    you should've gotten two !!

  42. author

    Sheila Gledhill36 minutes ago

    He looked like a hazel or hazelnut

  43. author

    paola escot36 minutes ago

    You shod name him angel

  44. author

    Charlotte Rafael36 minutes ago

    I think the name should be named snow

  45. author

    - Creep - Jninja36 minutes ago

    Name it Dickens

  46. author

    BC Style36 minutes ago

    He looks like a Grayson

  47. author

    Average Villain36 minutes ago

    Could name home Iris

  48. author

    Valarie Tourscher37 minutes ago

    I have a german sheppard

  49. author

    sophie armstrong37 minutes ago

    what type of dog is this

  50. author

    Karima Peeran37 minutes ago

    what kind of dog is it?

  51. author

    cry_ Bxby37 minutes ago


  52. author

    - Creep - Jninja37 minutes ago

    Hi Brothers

  53. author

    Ga yasuar37 minutes ago

    Name suggestions: Flynn,Luka,Marshy,Angelo,Winston,Percy,Felix.

  54. author

    Bruno Andres38 minutes ago

    Name it Angel!!!😊Plz

  55. author

    Makena Lue38 minutes ago

    Lisa dancing because she doesn’t know the words is a *mood*

  56. author

    Mazhu Snow38 minutes ago


  57. author

    Gisselle Portillo38 minutes ago

    He is a golden retriever

  58. author

    sophie armstrong38 minutes ago

    ethier marshmellow or bear

  59. author

    Katie Slabinski39 minutes ago


  60. author

    Vanessa Cook39 minutes ago

    First and for most the puppy was sacred

  61. author

    Karima Peeran39 minutes ago

    Angel would be such a cute name for him!

  62. author

    Jimin Lover39 minutes ago

    Call it destiny or hope or faith

  63. author

    Eva39 minutes ago

    I'm getting skunk vibes from his hair.

  64. author

    LasagnaGaming80839 minutes ago

    Maybe you can name him Shadow. It's after the golden retriever from homeward bond and Shadow is really smart just like the wittle puppyβ˜ΊπŸ’•

  65. author

    Kendra Turner39 minutes ago

    angel because you keep calling him that!!!

  66. author

    Vivian Alexandra40 minutes ago

    You should call him Susu, Bane, Justin, Connor, I mean, just choose a name and I will love it sis

  67. author

    β€’ TxTChatXox β€’40 minutes ago


  68. author

    opturkyman40 minutes ago

    What a mistake

  69. author

    Will's Vlog40 minutes ago

    You do realise how big the dog is going to get.

  70. author

    Glitter Gals40 minutes ago


  71. author

    faster than you Black40 minutes ago

    Could only make it 40 seconds into this video. Why do women watch such brainless crap on youtube??? Cant stand this poofta

  72. author

    Genesis Cruz40 minutes ago

    Timothy or Gregory because that’s the name of my pet shoe and pig

  73. author

    cry_ Bxby40 minutes ago

    James I’m just giving my honest opinion I’m not trying to change you I’m just giving a suggestion I think maybe you could use matte lipsticks it would look amazing on you ily sister❀️

  74. author

    Aniela Campbell41 minute ago

    Hercules pleasseeeeeeeeeeee it would be so cute

  75. author

    Rea's Life41 minute ago

    His name should be Hudson or sister

  76. author

    Brooklyn Williams41 minute ago

    I know you most likely wont see this but if you do I want you to be aware of peanut butter and different kinds. Please research it because many have xylitol which is absolutely DEADLY. please like this so he will see this.

  77. author

    Camryn Poisson42 minutes ago

    Name him AngelπŸ˜‡

  78. author

    Tanya Mai42 minutes ago

    The dog is so cute!

  79. author

    makynzi gainey42 minutes ago

    Bengo got to be the name

  80. author

    justin miller42 minutes ago

    Butters πŸ’™

  81. author

    Wolfie243 minutes ago

    You should name him Casper ❀️

  82. author

    Samantha Vlogs43 minutes ago

    For his name I think Buddy would suit him very well.

  83. author

    Artsy Tea43 minutes ago

    I'm no dog expert but he looks like a Labrador golden mix.

  84. author

    Elisha Conran44 minutes ago

    OAKLEY is the perfect name for him!!!!!🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  85. author

    Priscila Gonzales44 minutes ago

    Hello how are you

  86. author

    brittany m44 minutes ago

    cute af

  87. author

    Teafall Bliss44 minutes ago

    My heart melted so much seeing how much he grew into his widdle home by the second day <3 You could tell by the way he was resting while being carried at the end of the video he was getting ALL his Maslow's hierarchy of needs GIRL! D; Yaaas miss thing, I would honestly name him just that and call him Maslow.

  88. author

    dumb hampster44 minutes ago

    what.. if he was trapped in a cage until he was adopted..? and.. now that he’s back in a cage during night time, it makes him sad..?

  89. author

    Xavier Tejada45 minutes ago


  90. author

    AllieLover14745 minutes ago


  91. author

    Makayla Takang45 minutes ago

    the fireflies one was so good when they knew all the words lol

  92. author

    Aseel Aadossery45 minutes ago


  93. author

    harmony duffany45 minutes ago


  94. author

    Noodle Legs45 minutes ago


  95. author

    Isabella Reyna45 minutes ago

    I love you so much you are such a cool person and you Inspired me thank you

  96. author

    QuΝ’eΝ’eΝ’nΝ’ izzie45 minutes ago

    James Charles is wearing an awesome crop top

  97. author

    4 546 minutes ago

    Poor dog

  98. author

    Cheyanne Alexiss46 minutes ago

    James looks like the only one that’s into doing this. And he always cuts someone off when they are talking like he’s in demand. Ridiculous.

  99. author

    Burrito pug46 minutes ago

    Lol I love that the puppy matches his hair

  100. author

    Katie Muller46 minutes ago

    You can tell you had a border collie. High expectations and training already! Amazing you’re going to do so well