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    SARJANA GAPTEK3 hours ago

    suicide squad, i <3 it

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    sagar more4 hours ago

    @1:38 Her moves man! Damn😍

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    Johnny CAKEz4 hours ago

    How am I barely discovering this song??! Damn this give me that 90's r&b vibe with some new school flow. I am OBSESSED. And I'm glad to see my girl KC is back out with the collabo.

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    Shawn Wavy5 hours ago

    That turfin shit was litty

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    jhoey ann albacite5 hours ago

    I knew he's no good from the very start

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    Murat Dönerladen5 hours ago

    I am crying this song is so good🥺

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    Kriszybone Karlnathan5 hours ago

    People do not no what this songs meends to me my sisterilor loved this song for like 5 yeres and when i plad it she told me to tern it of and she sead to never play it agen then she startid to cri 😭😭😢😟and 2 yeres later i still do not no what the problim wh😓😞

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    John Carter6 hours ago

    If imma be a bitch imma be a bad one. I kill em with compassion. Big boy challenge is all more reason to turn up on em. But just know that I am Krazy. LOL.

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    kukuh dimas6 hours ago


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    yo its rob6 hours ago

    2020 n I'm here

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    Gustavo Gonçalves6 hours ago

    Ft Chris Brown

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    Marla Sandoval6 hours ago

    Vengo de Tiktok

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    Isaiah Hines7 hours ago

    isaiah. -Kehlani. -CRZY. B

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    Kaija Maxwell7 hours ago

    I always think of my crush☺️🤦‍♀️

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    Haseeb Albaloshi7 hours ago

    🔎Nice song

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    Tabria Mercer9 hours ago

    This is beautiful ❤️🥰

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    TheManOfTheYear9 hours ago

    This is a guy song...😂💯

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    JBLACK9 hours ago

    whn that MJ hiits 🍀🔥🌬️🛫

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    Santana Wayne9 hours ago

    I’m gonna need them to get it together and put the full All Me out cause Keyshia’s part is needed to make that smooth but kick ass sound that only these two can make.

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    Alejandra Gutierrez10 hours ago


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    penolpe valentin10 hours ago

    Yessssss girl

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    Gina Fragiacomo10 hours ago

    Who came here because you know YG fucked up ...smh

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    รัฐพงษ์ ไตรยวงค์11 hours ago


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    山ピーかずピー11 hours ago


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    Deidre Martin11 hours ago

    Keyshia all over this🙌

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    Aramina Lynn11 hours ago

    I felt this so deeply. 6 years on a marriage. Toxic and abusive. Im so glad to be free but how she moved on so quick has me fucked up. Those texts got me fucked up too bae.

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    ColorMeEri11 hours ago

    Is that Slickkkkk????

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    Jordan Farias12 hours ago

    hey let me play the song without the ad

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    15,000 Subscribers With 1 Videos12 hours ago

    Who is better? Like: *Kehlani* Comment: *G-Eazy*

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    HALIM BELOUAAR12 hours ago

    Larry killed this song #Cablaze

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    JY Kim13 hours ago

    I want to stop listening to this song❤️ I can’t stop💕

  32. author

    JY Kim13 hours ago

    I ❤️her

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    Jay Smith13 hours ago

    We all deserve kahlani in 2020. Amazing talent every song. A true artist.

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    María/Seph Nuñez15 hours ago

    everybody: "So what are you, straight, bi, or lesbian?" Kehlani: "I'm a top"

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    Patrick Leavitt15 hours ago


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    Bella maulidda15 hours ago

    this song makes me earworm :"

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    Diana16 hours ago

    So....... Can we already have the full version of Change Your Mind???? Fk sakes Kehlani

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    Marita Lopez16 hours ago


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    Rielley B16 hours ago

    so RAW

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    David Suciu16 hours ago

    Didn't watched the movie but accidentally heard this and i falled in love

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    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 are you still listening all the time This voice is beautiful 1:12 🖤🔥 👇💚

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    xanetia rose18 hours ago

    when did joe's glass box get here

  43. author

    valerie boudreau18 hours ago

    looks like cardi b in this

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    Lalawmpuia Khiangte18 hours ago

    Whole some night like this... I've been waiting

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    BrandonDeVoetbalcommentator1 Boogert19 hours ago

    What a days 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Candace Gray19 hours ago

    i love the song but i dont think kehlani and keyshia had that connection and bond that her and Cardi B have, especially with RING and when they were at coachella. wit this song its just like okay lets do this song together, you do your part and ill do mines. if i was an artist i would want do a song wit someone that i feel a connection to. dont get me wrong i love the song dearly but i just dont think keyshia was the best fit for the song.

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    Flamable tillanze19 hours ago

    2060 anyone???

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    Flamable tillanze19 hours ago


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    La MestizoBratt19 hours ago

    i like your songs

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    Pocahontas Poca19 hours ago

    Now they the biggest stars

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    Amaya Robinson20 hours ago

    i'm obsessed with her voice. SO pretty :)

  52. author

    Hizkia Skay20 hours ago

    Too Fast Too Furious

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    Carol Starr20 hours ago


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    Krqenn -20 hours ago

    100% real

  55. author

    Krqenn -20 hours ago

    100% real

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    Nolphi Norman20 hours ago

    I love her❤️

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    Greta V21 hour ago

    Still one of my favorite Kehlani hits!💣💥 Still damn near get pregnant watching this video.☺️

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    Winndell Johnson21 hour ago


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    rose Snyder21 hour ago

    Sexy ass songg

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    謙虚ライオン22 hours ago

    アルコアンドピースDCガレージ 👍

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    Reabetswe Pekile22 hours ago

    So are we all just gonna pretend like Slick m-f*cking Woods didn't just appear in Kehlani's music video??!!!!🔥🔥🔥😍❤✨

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    Barbz medrano22 hours ago

    I just like this song so much 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍it’s on fire 🔥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

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    edgar munoz23 hours ago

    i mean you dating a rapper thats kinda part of the game lmao

  64. author

    Mrwax Mrwax23 hours ago

    Man i love this woman olny wish she love me bak but she dont even kno i exist lol

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    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Cute movie here… 0:35 💛💯 👇👇💜

  66. author

    Simply SimoneDay ago

    Kehlani has never written a song that's not a bop. This is a whole mood

  67. author

    Nicolao SamauDay ago

    I’m still listening to this and crying over the fact that Paul gone😭😭

  68. author

    NFL Guy 1970Day ago

    I ❤️ This one And The Kayne West One. I Got To Say That They’re Both 🔥 🔥 🔥 Good

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    The SolutionDay ago


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    BSOELITEDay ago

    love this song

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    ベイダーローグDay ago

    ✖︎1.5 is best. try to hear.

  72. author

    Rikki CDay ago

    Thank you for this music ❤️

  73. author

    2DOPE4TVDay ago

  74. author

    Dino JnrDay ago

    When I first heard this I thought it was about PARTYNEXTDOOR or Kyrie cause it still sounded similar about what she’s singing about... But damn, glad she moved on from her current situationship

  75. author

    Brandon ZeidanDay ago

    This song is very addicting to listen to. And I have no idea what y'all are saying, Keyshia Cole did a good job with the song. 2 Bay Area queens (because I just recently found out Keyshia is from The Bay) performing on a song together is amazing af

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    Кап1тан РуфуsDay ago

    вы крутые

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    david jenningsDay ago


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    kar zugaadDay ago

    Go go.....

  79. author

    Amare BorenDay ago

    This deserves way more views wtffff‼️😅🖤

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    Jellopop YTDay ago

    Are you single I am single

  81. author

    L25ishDay ago

    I need Change Your Life ASAP!

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    Day ago


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    klp2013kpDay ago


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    Gabriel Nowell-BrownDay ago

    Keyshia cole still cant sing at all!!

  85. author

    Gaming With LiyahDay ago

    3:39 lol periodttt sus

  86. author

    Reinier WalravenDay ago

    Kinda addicted to this song ngl

  87. author

    Junior BrockDay ago

    Thus is bad ♥️♥️♥️👌👍

  88. author

    forever frogDay ago

    Khelani should be in one of the films as a friend or relative of letty who deals cars to the racing underground

  89. author

    Alan RoblesDay ago

    R.i.p my boy Paul walker hope your having fun driving cars in heaven

  90. author

    Showrav HossainDay ago

    ann marie rockabye?

  91. author

    What’s Next Christine?Day ago

    I've listened to this so many times that I'm wondering who hurt me...

  92. author

    Griselda RonquilloDay ago

    Super linda la música la amo

  93. author

    naibtech bhDay ago


  94. author

    Снд¡йs *Day ago

    Aight everybody listen up: when yo friends talk shit bout u just say 2 middle fingers for the haters and go to a club😎 Works everytime lmao

  95. author

    Autum OverstreetDay ago

    Literally a queen

  96. author

    Mikayla CookDay ago

    I be out in public “that’s all me right thereee!!!” 😂

  97. author

    U Know my name but now my storyDay ago

    Kehlani thank you for this song god blessed you and your future in the music production I listen to the song everyday and makes me inspired to keep driving everyday especially in my relationship that's going to be 3 years this April 2020

  98. author

    Mala EDay ago

    Can we get this version on Spotify?? I’m tired of skipping Keisha Coles part😭

  99. author

    stormrider112Day ago

    The best part of Suicide Squad was the soundtrack. Kehlani also has a new song which is very good - "Nights like this"

  100. author

    ayeshaDay ago

    why do so many of y'all ship harley and joker their relationship has been abusive since day 1 i don't understand