Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro

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    Zohaib Anjum3 hours ago

    Faster than Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

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    logipilot3 hours ago

    How does it compare to your g500 cabrio? You want to switch?

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    ruffneck1193 hours ago

    Lol @ the 0 to 60. Basically a car only an old boring Lexus fan would buy.

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    videman21 O.g.3 hours ago

    Hmu when you're back in Denver I got some cars for you

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    GintaPPE10003 hours ago

    Regarding the Corsair’s back seat, you’re correct in that the more complex front seat is part of why, but there’s more to it. The Corsair’s back seats also don’t have the ability to slide backwards like the Escape’s do due to the upcoming Corsair GT’s powertrain. Because the Escape PHEV is FWD only, Lincoln had to add an extra electric motor to drive the rear axle in order for the Corsair GT to have AWD. They needed that space to fit the second electric motor and it’s transmission, since the battery pack is the same size as the Escape PHEV’s so there’s no room anywhere else. It would be weird if the expensive hybrid model lost out on something the regular petrol ones had, so Lincoln fixed the seats in place for all Corsairs.

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    krishna teja4 hours ago

    doug the type of guy who praises US made cars biasedly

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    Dylan Oking4 hours ago

    Chris: Hey guys, ChrisFix here! And today I like to show you how to fix Doug’s attitude by using common hand tools! Now lets get started!

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    TechNaiSci4 hours ago

    I think the trunk closes after back door cuz it thinks you are sitting in your car after putting stuff and you forgot to close it

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    Justin4 hours ago

    4:15. Wow. Just like a 2006 Toyota Prius

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    Robert Schumann4 hours ago

    Its not ugly

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    Tommy4 hours ago

    What if I have an exotic suv 😂

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    Daniel B4 hours ago

    I hate Ferrari so much. Dumbest, most out of touch company out there.

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    Srini Aero4 hours ago

    7:46, printer tray

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    Srini Aero4 hours ago

    No hammer here, only the huracan taillights on the front 3:08

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    GR AleX4 hours ago

    Every time you go to drive it let us hear it first :/

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    Daniel B4 hours ago


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    im Nameless not painless4 hours ago

    I don't think Doug likes Cadillac

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    John Hall4 hours ago

    Omg now they have Pilfered land rovers temperature gauges

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    Razorik4 hours ago

    I remember when those vans were new. I was a kid wondering why they looked so funny and why the front wipers were both pointed inward.

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    The Big Cheese4 hours ago

    The seat lives!

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    Brian Mena4 hours ago

    I want one one.

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    Alberto Garcia4 hours ago

    Why would I even want to spend $100,000 on a car that you have have already drive? The car you show, it's worth 70k

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    Dickin’ Around - Michael4 hours ago

    Nope. Not worth. Especially when the Tesla roadster is 10000x better in every possible way

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    Harsha Vardhan Reddy Naga4 hours ago


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    BostonStew4 hours ago

    i like how you compared the plastic grey on the wheel to the border around gear wheel lever and not the shiny grey in the literal center of the steering wheel right in front of you ahahah. its made that way to match - not to seem like "upscale metal" doug.

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    Daniel B4 hours ago

    I could understand making it a straight six, but a v6? I don't think so

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    John Hall4 hours ago

    BMW had remote parking years ago all this is is a another mimic from Hyundai

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    Daniel B4 hours ago

    There's no way that two more cylinders would have made this car less aerodynamic

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    GhostOfAMachine5 hours ago

    Reason it sells good is because Americans think its a cuv

  30. author

    Daniel B5 hours ago

    Carl recommends using some cloth? Come on Carl

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    George papageorgiou5 hours ago

    Your really not scared?....I'd I miss this one..

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    GS9795 hours ago

    The 1.6 engine is for countries that have lower taxes on smaller displacement engines and high fuel prices...........

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    Doug McGaghie5 hours ago

    This purchase helps people think that not everybody named Doug is as interesting as a cold bowl of white rice!

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    purple paladin5 hours ago

    I wanted to like this video because I love these cars , my elderly neighbor has one that I get to drive , but jesus lol , really Doug?? , autographed Doug pics ?? , I'd rather have a shirt thanks , what a joke

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    Troy Nova5 hours ago

    except the back seats, its exactly the same as a regular S550.

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    Flaniganskywalker5 hours ago

    It was too much money and chevy was marking them up.You can get a low mile CTS_V for around the same price and it has over 100 more hp and more luxury features and mag ride.I considered getting one of these but--too bland looking--high pricing.It is actually a nice car--also the auto versions are limited in top speed by their automatics--look at one that Lingenfelter built up and it had 600hp and topped out at 160 cause the auto would not let it go faster.The interior was also kinda cheap and the gauges were like 2010 buicks.

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    Appallo Kelley5 hours ago

    I listen to AM radio everyday

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    bdaddyb1ify5 hours ago


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    Sean Merisier5 hours ago

    I like how most car companies are using push buttons gear selectors 🤦🏽‍♂️ don’t buy used 💵 💵💵

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    Alex Gerritzen5 hours ago

    12:40, it's for the car key dummy 😉

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    BullOnWallSt5 hours ago

    I grew up in Flint, Mi in the 90s and every family had a Silhouette, Lumina, or Trans Port van. I haven't seen one in years.

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    Retro_illumination Inc.5 hours ago

    I have been to CNC motors I love that place

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    Vinh Huynh5 hours ago

    Also buying lx570 will lasts me a long time and less on repair costs.

  44. author

    Octavio Barroso5 hours ago

    I don’t believe that he’s married

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    Vinh Huynh5 hours ago

    I have a 2019 LX570 and I love it, except the fuel economy. I love the aggressive look front grill and how roomy it is. Doug had forgotten to mention the backup sensors that sense incoming traffics that you can’t see.

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    Ash White5 hours ago

    I died when he opened the window after he got in 😂😂😂

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    Bank Robba5 hours ago

    2004 acura nsx: good luck buying one for $125k 2020 nsx: good luck selling one for $125k

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    Carolina Blue5 hours ago

    If I had the money I’d go for the Cullinan over this. The value is far superior.

  49. author

    Dimi Cole5 hours ago

    I feel like black label is for an established vehicle

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    billionaire boy b5 hours ago

    my friends 03 accord has the key fob window thing

  51. author

    Simon Arnet5 hours ago

    Any chance we can see an Acura MDX? That would be cool!

  52. author

    Isaac Cool5 hours ago

    If you think about the door lock system it is theoretically impossible to lock you keys inside

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    Daniel Velez5 hours ago

    I just watched the ford v. Ferrari movie, at the beginning i wouldn't really care about the car, but after watching the movie i'm inspired by this car. At it looks like the one in the movie. RIP Ken Miles

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    marcum exe5 hours ago

    Mercedes Benz had the best engineering up until Chrysler got involved after that it became everybody else, overpriced, unsexy cars which lost their way and have the worst resale value. The only part that still has any value is the tree point star..

  55. author

    Tony x5 hours ago

    Reliability is a concern on a 2.3L ford? But you never question volvos and german cars. Come on doug get real

  56. author

    MsLeelee945 hours ago

    it sure sounds good and look good as well

  57. author

    faceclutch5 hours ago

    Ford Keypad entry system is made archaic by Tesla's App system.

  58. author

    DIO BRANDO5 hours ago

    me: can we have lfa mom: no we have lfa at home lfa at home:

  59. author

    faceclutch5 hours ago

    Looks like Horse-Hair.

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    thaintriguing15 hours ago

    G wagon, G wagon, G wagon.........

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    Cambodia5 hours ago

    Before anyone consider this vehicle. Watch Sotty Kikmer's video

  62. author

    Beverly Balius6 hours ago

    Prepare for a breakdown and Tow Truck!,,

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    Edward Kantowicz6 hours ago

    Though this 911 is still a pleasure to drive, it lacks the heritage or genealogy of a 911. Interior feels vaguely like a top of the line Pontiac, whilst bumper looks as if it's from a 2000 Honda, and the door handles resemble Dodge-Chrysler style from the 90s. It is almost as if it is a knock-off styling wise. I must say though I love Doug's vids and enthusiasm. Keep on loving life Doug!

  64. author

    Beverly Balius6 hours ago

    I drove all minivans as a Taxi driver, its a bad running undependable pos!,,,

  65. author

    Shane Saunders6 hours ago

    4:20 My 2005 Acura TL has this same feature, just hold the unlock to open and turn the key to lock to close all windows... It's amazing how such a simple thing that is so easy for manufacturers to do is still set as a 'luxury feature' on modern cars. My buddy's Mk4 golf GTI did the same thing.

  66. author

    Jack Anderson6 hours ago

    And now he has another one! Let’s go!!!

  67. author

    manderp6 hours ago

    I think the volume buttons on the side because if you roll the window down to talk to someone, rather than reaching in the middle to control the volume, you just do it in one motion

  68. author

    Gavin Dawson6 hours ago

    When he describes a steering wheel as “meaty”

  69. author

    T C6 hours ago

    The rear seats slide back and forth so there was probably more leg room to be had. You would think that would count as an interesting feature.

  70. author

    E M6 hours ago

    13:21 Doug says who cares? Well, move to Chicago and try to pull out of a frozen parking spot? Snow mode, I am sold. SUVs in Chicago perform terrible.

  71. author

    scott williams6 hours ago

    So you’re saying the steering is heavy? I thought I heard you say that.

  72. author

    Jeffrey Norris6 hours ago

    I now feel really old after your floor mounted dimmer switch comment, because almost every car pre late 70's had them

  73. author

    James Siebold6 hours ago

    For that price, the rear seats should come with a built in toilet. That way if you have the shits or need to pee you can just press a button and the center of the seat folds inward. Then just pull your pants down and do your business. No more needing to stop at messing gas stations or rest stops. Or have to wait to find a bathroom. Then to top it off a mechanical hand comes out with a wad of toilet paper and wipes your ass for you. That's one area where my 84 Dodge cargo van has this RR beat. I keep a 5 gallon bucket with me and a roll of toilet paper through the handle. I have IBS and can't always make it to the bathroom. I've been to the doctor several times and he tells me he can't find anything wrong with me but expects me to lay off the Mexican and Thai food. He says that's what's giving me stomach cramps and the shits. I think he's the one full of shit.

  74. author

    Ernie Henshaw6 hours ago

    What a WASTE!

  75. author

    Kyle Pirko6 hours ago

    The black key is the valet key. I think they should have restricted it to 300 hp. I don't want the valet ripping around in it.

  76. author

    Alina Maghiar6 hours ago

    I have a 1966 mustang come to Fresno California

  77. author

    Tyler Phizackerley6 hours ago

    Do a Land Rover discovery Doug

  78. author

    Eric Broderick6 hours ago

    About your tshirt.. I had a Ford Aspire once... I bought it for $500 off craigslist... my god what a piece of.... ford.... this was the typical small Ford car of the mid 90s.. Great gas milage, but wimpy, problematic, and really not designed for a person taller than 5ft 6in.... (Im 6ft 3in). Then again it was designed to be that "Little lady car" sort of like the VW Cabriolet.. in a sense I mean.. I mean you usually only saw women drive them in the beginning, once they became used trash cars then you would see a guy like me driving around in one LOL..

  79. author

    Tyler Phizackerley6 hours ago

    Stop trashing the subie man

  80. author

    scott williams6 hours ago

    The rear sun visor goes behind your head so the passenger isn’t sunburned

  81. author

    Yu Sheng6 hours ago

    I just watched another review of the Corsair made and sold in China. The infotainment screen is much larger on the chinese version, and the bezel is thinner also.

  82. author

    Som Guy6 hours ago

    Shit grille

  83. author

    Astralis Lux6 hours ago

    And it's boring. Which is why Lincoln is about to go the way of Oldsmobile if they don't make something people want to buy.

  84. author

    Alexander lowks6 hours ago

    When the video started I could’ve tell this guy is a Honda hater or some shit ahha just by the way he talks about it

  85. author

    ARandomDarkLink6 hours ago

    This is the funniest car review I ever seen. I drive a '01 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon with a faulty spedometer and an interior that consistently smells like the guy who used to drive it. It's such a great, reliable car.

  86. author

    crazy train6 hours ago

    you missing the point Doug, this is based on Land Cruiser as you mention, is meant to outlast anything on the road with a bit more flair than the LC, I'm sure Toyota/Lexus has the means to update it with modern technology but doing so, would compromise their reliability that are known for.

  87. author

    Cobba hall6 hours ago


  88. author

    Random videos6 hours ago

    Might be modern seats don't open like child seats because they have heater and coolers.

  89. author

    Random videos6 hours ago

    It's rear is quite good.

  90. author

    Josh Watterson6 hours ago

    I can imagine my grandma absolutely fanging this thing to the grocery store

  91. author

    Jack Jill6 hours ago

    Talking to much shit just show the fucking car

  92. author

    Brian Rathbun6 hours ago

    At 8:00 is that a Buick reatta in the background?

  93. author

    Kyle Pirko6 hours ago

    Hey,Doug. When you're in the back seat and you want out, that's why that red covered bar is there. You're supposed to step on it with your foot. Cheers!

  94. author

    Juan Zingarello6 hours ago

    Wait. They don't offer the Corsair with a Black Label trim? Did the whole Black Label thing not catch on?

  95. author

    TheDnlnext6 hours ago

    I didn’t catch some of it....So it has steps? Cargo departments, who would have thought?!? Californians act like they never seen a truck. Edit: Oh snap! Those mud flaps though! Crazy

  96. author

    Matt Selvy6 hours ago

    At 46 I have had MANY cars/trucks and SUVs. This car is one of the most enjoyable/fun cars I have ever owned and personally I don't give a rats ass what the haters say.

  97. author

    Christopher Demateo6 hours ago

    Imagine dodge makes a challenger called challenger srt diablo......😶 1000hp 😶

  98. author

    Jessie Cox6 hours ago

    Lovely car. I sometimes wonder if all the luxury cars in this same year as this one were slow. I wonder which one goes/accelerates faster between this car and the 1980s Rolls Royce.

  99. author

    BabyBabyYoda6 hours ago

    This seams like a thing mall security guards would drive in

  100. author

    Boiled Hot Dogs6 hours ago

    I shut it off when he started explaining how to use steps.