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Studio C
Studio C

Studio C is the Internet's favorite sketch comedy show! New videos are uploaded every Tuesday and Friday to our MReporter channel, so be sure to subscribe! You can also watch full episodes of the show at, or on BYUtv every Monday at 9pm ET/7pm MT.

Crime StinksCrime Stinks

Crime Stinks

8 days ago

Dad JokesDad Jokes

Dad Jokes

22 days ago

Your MomYour Mom

Your Mom

29 days ago

Don't Do ThisDon't Do This

Don't Do This

Month ago

Barbs and RhondaBarbs and Rhonda

Barbs and Rhonda

3 months ago

Here To HelpHere To Help

Here To Help

3 months ago

Batman Drives UberBatman Drives Uber

Batman Drives Uber

3 months ago

Where Is Thumbkin?Where Is Thumbkin?

Where Is Thumbkin?

5 months ago

The Sea SnakeThe Sea Snake

The Sea Snake

7 months ago

TSA CheckTSA Check

TSA Check

7 months ago

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    Tyler Hollinger5 months ago

    This is sooooooo cool