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Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.
We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.
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- We do the videos with After Effects and Illustrator.

What Are You?What Are You?

What Are You?

2 years ago

  1. author

    F1reball_024 years ago

    Do a video About Bitcoin

  2. author

    Nakkikassi4 years ago

    I just saw your "The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker". It's great! More of this! Make a full skeptics guide to the Universe! Or just animate one that already exists. You could really help the world if you would increase skepticism and help fight against the real harmful pseudo-woo-woo's, example: Vaccination-denialism. Thank you. :) Love your vids.

  3. author

    M4 years ago

    Können Sie Videos in Deutsch posten?

  4. author

    Carlos Llano4 years ago

    Excelentes vídeos! gracias por tenerlos con subtitulos en español! saludos desde Chile :)

  5. author

    sam Rak4 years ago

    Can you do history videos please or videos about atoms and the periodic table to help with school.

  6. author

    MsJuliadanny4 years ago

    Kurz, whatever you are saying is interesting and I love the simple graphics, too... Congratulations!!!!

  7. author

    Dumpster4 years ago

    I like you videos and i learn stuff from you guys. i also like that that you make it in that animation form stuff

  8. author

    Naþan Ø4 years ago

    I'd like to see a video about the Enigma Machine.

  9. author

    daniel peace4 years ago

    hello can you explain about the black hole

  10. author

    Guillaume Brun4 years ago

    Hey guys could we have french subtitles pls ?

  11. author

    matyXDgo4 years ago

    I love your awesome videos!!!

  12. author

    Mat Madara4 years ago

    hi, +Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell can you provide video for modern physic and circuit analysis? i can hardly imagine how it work :D

  13. author

    abdullah alshudukhi4 years ago

    I really think that this channel deserves about 2-1 million subs; if you compare it to other channels with more subs you really start to wonder WHY? Kurzgesagt keep up the good videos. Thanks again for creating amazing videos!

  14. author

    Lukas Krtek4 years ago

    What about video about idea of United states of Europe ? :-) ;)

  15. author

    Jim Rudnet4 years ago

    Love the videos!

  16. author

    Mr.SunShine Jr.4 years ago

    is it just me or is this like reading the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?

  17. author

    Akayari4 years ago

    Oh my, I love you guys.

  18. author

    Jake Mills4 years ago

    Please make more videos on the immune system, I've never been so amazed at something so comprehensive yet so easy to comprehend and the diagrams are a very big part of that; I thoroughly enjoyed all of these videos and you guys really are awesome. thank you.

  19. author

    GeorgeS4 years ago

    their next vid is the immune system or virus I think

  20. author

    NexVector4 years ago

    Kurzgesagt, I have noticed that you start translated lyrics to Polish, and i am very happy about this :) Your movies is amazing and very interesting. But please, could you translate some other your videos? Like: mreporter.net/v/video-zQGOcOUBi6s.html etc. It will make me more happy ^^

  21. author

    nuwan premarathne4 years ago

    ur videos are great man,very helpful. can u do 1 about the structure of universe?Anyways keep up the good work!

  22. author

    Whitninjathemovie4 years ago

    Great content nuff said

  23. author

    Castern4 years ago

    Hello Kurzgesagt It would be great if you can create a video about diabetes and how or why did the immune system attack and destroy the pancreas cells. Oh and some animations on how the immune system destroy the pancreas at Cell-zoom level or your style of zoom, I'm quite curious about how the immune system destroy the pancreas

  24. author

    Sorasak Srisukwatthananan4 years ago

    Make a video about marijuana, how it all got started in America and how it became a big thing and stuf :P

  25. author

    Arthur Relatado4 years ago


  26. author

    Kemeros4 years ago

    I ate through your videos. Truly, all quality work. Suggestion for a topic: Energy sources and their future. :)

  27. author

    DDC4 years ago

    I'm very interested in how magnets and magnetic fields work. Can you do a video about that?

  28. author

    tobi62774 years ago

    Hello +Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell. I have been watching your videos recently, and i can clearly see how much work that have gone into these products. I want to thank you, for all the knowledge you have given me (and some of my friends) recently. Now, i am just a basic man who is studying, so therefore (even though i would love to) i can not help you with any money, even though i know that that is the thing you would appreciate the most. But i am sorry, that this cannot happen. Still, i am certain to tell you that i have a great pleasure in watching you videos. Thank you.

  29. author

    Karn Kaul4 years ago

    Kurzgesagt, in my books you are right up there with CGP Grey and Zogg from Betelgeuse, when it comes to channels of intellectual examination and creative dissemination!

  30. author

    m3divh4 years ago

    Love you Guys.

  31. author

    nekhrunoblivion4 years ago

    DO ONE ABOUT MASS EXTINCTIONS!!! SOmething happened to them, and if we dont find out exactly what it was, we could be next!!

  32. author

    sensorsweep4 years ago

    i may have found an error in the neutron star video. what density are you using for your iron cube? using what wikipedia gives for pure iron (7.874 g/cm3) the density of the sugar cube sized piece of neutron star is about 10x denser than the range given on wikipedia of 3.7e17 to 5.9e17 kg/m^3. to maintain the same sized iron cube, you'd need to distribute that mass over.. like 7 sugar cubes? i think. i might be way off at this point. i probably screwed something up. my cat is asleep on my feet, so i had to work it out on paper in an awkward position. p.s. love your videos.

  33. author

    8jcommander4 years ago

    Do a video on String Theory please? most videos about that out in youtube are either too complicated or too boring

  34. author

    UltraEliteGaming4 years ago

    Amazing channel, I use these videos to help the non-intellectually gifted (ignorant and plain stupid) people understand biology.

  35. author

    Levine Gabriels4 years ago

    Hi +Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Today I ran into one of your videos on a Dutch website (dumpert.nl) and was, from that moment on, completely hooked to your channel. The videos on your channel have the incredible power to make every topic/subject extremely interesting and teaches me far more in five minutes than most lecturers on my university do in 2 hours. I am convinced that more people of all social layers should have the ability to watch (and actually understand) your videos and I am willing to help your channel emerge in the Netherlands where I currently live. I think that I can translate most/all of it into Dutch to create either subtitles or voiceovers. This would allow children but also adults that can't follow the pace of your speech to understand your videos. Let me know if you are interested in working together, my e-mail is: levinegabriels@gmail.com

  36. author

    Jake Bradley4 years ago

    Since the documentary "Pandora's Promise" came out, will you be sharing that video on Nuclear Energy soon? How about "Nuclear November?" XD

  37. author

    StopDoingThat JULIO4 years ago

    Can you make a video on how vitamins affect our body? Mostly vitamin C cuz im really interested on how it makes our immune system stronger.

  38. author

    Miguel Mendoza4 years ago

    is their a way to get all theses guys music in one buy as i want get background music but it would be a hassle to buy each one on band camp. but its just so amazing

  39. author

    Koen Kwakkenbos4 years ago

    Thank you for the great videos, can't wait to see the next ones :) !

  40. author

    Guillaume Ohz4 years ago

    Kurzgesagt ! Please let me help you out by translating everything in french ! I'm a native french and maybe my voice is not good but trust my translating skills for subtitles ! Contact me on ohz@live.fr, millions of new people have to discover you ! Huge fan of your awesome work. - Ohz.

  41. author

    Jordan Kirkaldy4 years ago

    Though there isn't a very pressing need for the general public to know this its interesting and you should still do a video on it "Why we age and what we can do to stop it?" (in other words become immortal). There are two ways that I know of that will give us the best chance in the near future. 1.Nanobots - we age because each time our cells split the ends on out DNA frays a little until finally the DNA comes apart and the cell dies, this general effects the organs first causing them to shut down and possibly killing the owner. But there are some animals that can control this using certain enzymes (like some jellyfish) and even some humans have cells that can split indefinitely, unfortunately these cells tend to form into cancer. So we require two things to become immortal, a system to deliver the enzymes that control aging, something to controlling the out break of any cancer that may occur. Nanobots can do both. Source - How will nanobots change medicine? 2. Robotic bodies - this is a more simplistic idea, create a robot that can directly communicate to the human brain then place the brain in the robotic body to replace its aging human one or go even further and have your mind digitized and remove the complications of having a brain, then just sit back and enjoy eternity. Source - futureprophet.com/2014/11/reaching-immortality-in-year-2045/

  42. author

    Pointed Pixel4 years ago

    Awesome work guys - amazing, saw it first on Visual.ly!

  43. author

    Lord Orio4 years ago

    Can you make video about latvias history (and explain natioslism an power of cultures to suvive almost milrnium under ocupation)

  44. author

    Eru Ilúvatar4 years ago

    Hey, *Kurzgesagt*, You could do a *video about capitalism, and its inherent flaws*, including the externalities it simply cannot deal with, like ecology (forests, topsoil, freshwater, oceans, wildlife, etc.), *its inherent wastefulness* (see planned obsolescence, peak oil) and *its inherent self-contradiction* concerning automation (i.e. mechanization/automation is profitable for individual companies, but exponential automation leads to technological unemployment, resulting in shrinking consumption, and thus, recession). All the while, we can already produce enough food for everyone, but monetary system denies access to it (Source: FAO, 2002). And finally, you could elaborate on *Resource Based Economy*, as the only sustainable alternative socio-economic system.

  45. author

    ben ascot4 years ago

    i really love your videos, keep it up

  46. author

    Ben4 years ago

    You're so great that I don't know have any reason posting this because of that. :)

  47. author

    peaceforyou4 years ago

    can you do a video about beer?!?

  48. author

    comeonyougotnerves4 years ago

    Hey nice, habe euch wegen meiner NOVUM Ausgabe 9/14 wiedererkannt! Großartiger Content den ihr liefert!

  49. author

    ThePyCoder4 years ago

    You deserve so much more recognition! Subscribed!

  50. author

    Nicolas Connor4 years ago

    There should be a poster infographic for most of your videos, I think it has the possibility of generating nice side cash.

  51. author

    Lee Mcdonald4 years ago

    It's a crime that you have so few videos

  52. author

    Catalyph4 years ago

    I looked on MReporter for a video on good info and science on the sound barrier and breaking it but did not find anything good quality, would you do one ?

  53. author

    Mario Cherry4 years ago

    I would pay to see this videos... Excellent work.

  54. author

    Kimble Angus4 years ago

    This channel is very helpful, and awesome! subscribed!

  55. author

    BinkieMcFartnuggets4 years ago

    I love this channel, but it's so difficult to recommend to people! I say "Check out Kurzgesagt!" and they think I'm having a stroke.

  56. author

    José Daniel Steller4 years ago

    Do you like ducks??

  57. author

    FlareStarchild4 years ago

    www.break.com/video/is-there-a-future-for-war-2775988 WOW! They cant even wait a day can they!? They have some serious balls. Ban Hammer them guys.

  58. author

    SupremeLordEmperorMajorGeneralMarshallAdmiralUltimateCommanderofTheSouthPole, King of the Penguins.4 years ago

    This might as well be the most interesting and useful channel concerning scientific and political education among those unaware of these topics. I think you guys are even better than CGP Grey and ASAP science when it comes to your animations as well. Well done!

  59. author

    Andre Jolicoeur4 years ago

    I stumbled upon your channel by chance, and I love everything you do! That narration makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, combined with the beautifully phrased simple content and the best minimalist graphics and animation I might have ever seen, your videos are just about the best thing this side of the internets. Thank you!

  60. author

    mono lith4 years ago

    i have a great difficulty with the concept of time! sapparently 13.7,000,000,000 there was a big bang. it just doesnt seem long enough to have formed all of the observable universe! couple with the fact that time, as we measure it, runs at a different rate on earth as it does in space, this means that big bang could possibly be even less time than we previously thought! Can you do a video that would satisfy my addled brain? love & peace fellow humanoids x

  61. author

    A British Man4 years ago

    It's early October already!! I appreciate the fact that animating takes a looooooong time but my dick can't get any harder that it is!

  62. author

    Jurij Fedorov4 years ago

    Hi guys... I am planing to make a video about evolutionary psychology but have no experience with making videos. Maybe we could meet up for a coffee and I could explain my idea? Or maybe I could send you a short summary of the idea? I really love evolutionary psychology and there is no video or even documentary online explaining the concept. I am spreading the word!

  63. author

    Richard Green4 years ago

    Your videos are amazing, going to link to all my friends! Thanks :D

  64. author

    Harry Balzak4 years ago

    Thank you. Your channel is awesome.

  65. author

    Jaime Luis Cantú González4 years ago

    I have an idea for a video. Continental drift theory.

  66. author

    FlareStarchild4 years ago

    www.break.com/video/all-you-need-to-know-about-neutron-stars-2760302 They are doing it again >:(

  67. author

    Thastus' Lounge4 years ago

    What happened to your video on Iraq, Syria, and ISIS? Did you take it down? Why?

  68. author

    Silver4 years ago

    Love your videos! Keep up the awesome work!

  69. author

    antagonistic artichoke4 years ago

    Your Voice Is Beautiful!

  70. author

    einsomniumkm4 years ago

    accurate facts, well crafted animation and narration. Amazing channel, keep up the good work...

  71. author

    Alberiana4 years ago

    This is a fabulous channel. Thanks for doing this!

  72. author

    Himanshu Arora4 years ago

    Ace channel, ingenious and subtle. keep creating such artistic masterpiece videos. i like to grab a cuppa coffee and watch these. Kudos. great work

  73. author

    spencer sayers4 years ago

    I love these videos thanks so much for making them, they help me so much in my quest for unbelievably cool knowledge. Also I love!!!!!!!!!! the doctor who ester eggs they are awesome and always in the right place place.

  74. author

    rmontarudo4 years ago

    You're amazing!

  75. author

    Simon Friis Rasmussen4 years ago

    What software do you use to make the animations?

  76. author

    Sarah Kempenaar4 years ago

    You, CGP Grey, and WonderWhy are the best informational channels I have ever seen! Keep up the good work!

  77. author

    Siddhesh Dhamorikar4 years ago

    can plz post more videos i like them very much plz plz plz

  78. author

    Ziamangry4 years ago

    This channel is quite possibly the best cartoon art and commentary science video maker thingy that there is. All I can say is keep doing what you're doing and you'll get a lot bigger :DDD

  79. author

    iCheyandGeo4 years ago

    Hello, I was wondering if you could explain how communication started in the first place (If anyone knows at all!) theories accepted. After watching your videos about the internet and the history of the universe I was wondering if anyone knows this. After reading some stuff (which kinda argued with itself). Thank You for reading if you did read it. Also if you already did this video I can't find it.

  80. author

    Sorin-Mihai Oprea4 years ago

    Most underrated channel on MReporter. More people should be subscribed to this.

  81. author

    Luis Salazar4 years ago

    I am so happy I discovered this channel! Great presentation and information is highly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  82. author

    Just Weeb4 years ago

    WOW. That was Thai subtitle. So Great for me. ><

  83. author

    microbe4 years ago

    Hey Kurzgesagt, it'd be interesting if you did a video on the history of the Israel, Palestine conflict. Most people don't know much about it, and I've never seen an easily comprehensible video that broke down the issue objectively and in it's entirety.

  84. author

    Dhvani Patel4 years ago

    I love your science videos! They have just the right amount of detail! Not too much and not too less! Keep it up!

  85. author

    Luke Guillow4 years ago

    Between you, Grey and Henry of Minute Physics we're slowly getting our Hitchhikers Guide

  86. author

    Zedarina4 years ago

    i came when there was almost about 10k and I'm glad of knowing this channel

  87. author

    Davin Hardoyo4 years ago

    Unbelievable! I instantly clicked on the subscribe button after watching one of the videos! Really love them!

  88. author

    Buse-IRA4 years ago

    Can you guys do a video on Genetically modified foods, pesticides and how those things affect us? :O

  89. author

    Pierre Stöber4 years ago

    Could you make a video explaining the origin of humans, how they came up with bipedy and the use of their hands, please, that would be nice :)

  90. author

    Dean Meehan4 years ago

    Your videos keep popping up on technology websites and I always give them a click, been a wile since the last video I've seen but its great to see the amount that have been made! They are all brilliant and interested and love the style how they are designed and the voice actor makes it! Never left a "Discussion" before, but you guys deserve a beer from Ireland! (y)

  91. author

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe4 years ago

    You are described by only one word : awesomeness !

  92. author

    Fam Angus4 years ago

    It's Ageust 4 now.

  93. author

    Devil1111114 years ago

    Eure versteckten Doctor Who-Anspielungen sind immer köstlich :)

  94. author

    Arutemisu4 years ago

    You don't really include enough numbers for us to have a clear understanding of the scale of things. Also, when talking about Pluto, can you at least include what position it is relative to the Sun? Since it has a highly elliptical orbit, it's not really clear when you use pluto's distance from the Sun as a comparison. I love how much effort you put into presenting the information in an aesthetically pleasing way. Props to whoever is on the design team!

  95. author

    Michael Seskey4 years ago

    Out of curiosity can u upload a bit more often? also i love your channel C:

  96. author

    Anik Don'tPanic4 years ago

    Please explain the struggle between Israel and Palestine

  97. author

    Deity Slayer4 years ago

    Amazing Channel, Awesome Contents, keep up the good job, though the religious retards wont ever change their minds, but who cares. they are dying out slowly but constantly

  98. author

    SqurtieMan4 years ago

    I am really confused about the situation in Gaza. Could you explain that for us?

  99. author

    majinrahl4 years ago

    `+kurzgesagt I would love it if you guys could do a video about the Palestine / Israeli conflict.

  100. author

    Mateo Caballero4 years ago

    Hello, I am currently working in Difusión - Éditions Maison des langues, a publishing house specialized in school books. We work on French method for strangers, and I would like to know if you'd be interested in collaborating with us ? Thanks, Mateo