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7 months ago

What Are You?What Are You?

What Are You?

3 years ago

What Is Light?What Is Light?

What Is Light?

3 years ago

  1. author

    Rayvel ArjoonHour ago

    How we doing fellas welcome back to the comments section 😎

  2. author

    Crouton CrunchersHour ago

    Do a video on How you hear your thoughts

  3. author

    The lame idiot boy of dumb guys2 hours ago

    Hey father god thing? Can you stop giving me fucking abortion baby’s?

  4. author

    greatbetta _2 hours ago

    I’m a bit confused

  5. author

    Young Kag Official2 hours ago

    Help yourself become a rapper in one more lifetime by listening to me, who is you, us, or me.... whatever. It will also help us get done with this Egg thing sooner. Rappers die young

  6. author

    schitlipz2 hours ago

    _"Who am I?"_ takes on a whole new meaning.

  7. author

    Julian Vinuelas2 hours ago

    9 million of my minds just imploded on themselves

  8. author

    vjm32 hours ago

    I want a super villain that can control Strange Matter. It'll be like the Black Lantern Corps.

  9. author

    Super Slovak2 hours ago

    How can you be real if my eyes are not real

  10. author

    I am a person who just replied2 hours ago

    so life DOES come from dead things, makes sense 🤔

  11. author

    alireza monemi2 hours ago

    If perhaps, maybe possible we assume. But theoretically speaking, its doubtful judgmentally predestinating a hypothesis which bias unreliable thoughts. All im saying is people heard from their sources; who heard it from sources before em etc etc unreal things which could be real vice versa vice versa and i dont even know why u fools even continue reading my comment?! Wtf, just live the life as it is!

  12. author

    Oasis Spirit2 hours ago

    Meanwhile How2Basic: *Throws steak in toilet with eggs, stomps on it and flushes*

  13. author

    dracZx2 hours ago

    Menos niños en el mundo si no entiende la gente que las vacunas son buenas dejémoslo la población es demasiado alta

  14. author

    Rutt Toot2 hours ago

    seems like at least one creationist is gone, and the second one is too scared to even keep up what he said because he deletes his comments as soon as they even get answered. Either troll gave up or they lost it, in both cases i guess i take it as a win. Also i dont agree with people saying "its just a troll, not answer it". Well, even if it is, he is still representing what some people really think. And showing how really ridiculous things he says is will obviously not convince a troll, because hes just trolling, but may show other people how stupid his position really is.

  15. author

    Caligula Besniq2 hours ago

    i like the Adventure Time reference

  16. author

    Karan Trivedi2 hours ago

    2:05 and then what... Bruh.

  17. author

    vjm32 hours ago

    Couldn't a white dwarf be the perfect candidate for a Dyson sphere?

  18. author

    Königstiger2 hours ago

    “For supporting our patreon, you can get your very own adorable bird to appear in our videos! Oh, by the way, it’s probably going to end up being brutally murdered by some force or other we talk about in videos”

  19. author

    Gorm Auslander2 hours ago

    1:51 Eyyyy Nice reference!

  20. author

    Natalie Jackson2 hours ago

    This is why you don't break the fifth wall kids

  21. author

    Ryan Kelly2 hours ago

    what if you made a big bullet out of indestructible materials and the propellant was 15000 nuclear bombs how fast would the bullet go and how big would it be

  22. author

    Fliyo MB2 hours ago

    Thanos: Allow me to introduce myself.

  23. author

    Ahmed Hameed2 hours ago


  24. author

    Fliyo MB2 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt then: Optimistic Nihilism. Kurzgesagt now: *T H E E G G*

  25. author

    tiny pro20052 hours ago

    Memory cells are just cells that experience Vietnam flashbacks

  26. author

    KyronTheWise2 hours ago

    "Let's just assume the most uplifting theory is true." Who are you, and what have you done with the Kurzgesagt team?

  27. author

    LeoSlays2 hours ago

    What is life

  28. author

    tiny pro20052 hours ago

    Unvaccinated kids have the free demo of life

  29. author

    Jason Turner2 hours ago

    Exactly!! its automation taking jobs not immigrants !

  30. author

    Matee mat2 hours ago

    Why '' The end of biological aging would not be in the end of death in any way.''?

  31. author

    Königstiger2 hours ago

    “We’re too early to explore space, cure poverty, etc...” “Well, actually we can if we want, but we just have to wor-“ “shhh nobody cares about effort”

  32. author

    Ren2 hours ago

    alright for the first time ever in my life i have an actual impactful sense of scale for how *big* earth really is and i can't thank you enough for that

  33. author

    mary newton2 hours ago

    X xx3ed ce

  34. author

    Königstiger3 hours ago

    Big rip, Big freeze, Big crunch, Big bounce, *Tonight’s big loser*

  35. author

    That One Person3 hours ago

    The type of thing I watch at 3 in the morning

  36. author

    ForsythJC3 hours ago

    This would make a great Pixar movie.

  37. author

    Adnaan Haneef3 hours ago

    when you need help with science, watch kurzgesagt when bored, watch kurzgesagt when bored with science homework, watch kurzgesagt

  38. author

    Oaki3 hours ago

    This channel made me questioned my existence

  39. author

    Robert Eischen3 hours ago

    No worries. When AI get to be more intelligent, we will start competing with them for resources. The AI will win in the end though and gradually push us further and further out. A imagine it will sort of be just like we do with nature today. I don't think they will kill us all though certainly there will be clashes. We will Inevitably lose. I think, eventually, they are going to domesticate us, just like we did with dogs and cats and find some kinda use for us. The future will probably look Something like that

  40. author

    Eugen3 hours ago

    4:00 haha I cant believe they got it wrong. Yes, it will cause inflation, because the money supply for the majority of the economy (middle and lower classes) is increased. The money goes from the rich (where velocity is not high) to the lower classes, where velocity is greater. Thus, inflation occurs. Inflation doesn't always occur because central banks increase the money supply.

  41. author

    Jasuh3 hours ago

    i've watched this 3 times and i can now confidently say that this is the best video i've seen on youtube in the 10 years i've been on this website. thank you

  42. author

    Undercover noob3 hours ago

    why are people going through all the trouble to genetically engineer eachother? all it takes is a radioactive animal bite.

  43. author

    Sea Monkey3 hours ago

    if we where a simulation then they would not do this or not maybe they want to simulation this

  44. author

    Connie Hardwick_3 hours ago

    "You were on your way home when you died." Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. author

    FBI3 hours ago

    that’s fucking bullshit. 1 grain of sand = 10,000 stars, yeah, ok. makes a shit ton of sense.

  46. author

    Dominic Bourque-Goodwin3 hours ago

    Feeling Doomed But Still Slightly Hopeful

  47. author

    Marcos3 hours ago

    This created a new whole ideology of life

  48. author

    I seriously couldn't find a good username3 hours ago

    I want to live long enough to see humanity become a galactic specie

  49. author

    Beimer3 hours ago

    Wow. I watched this high and it was like I actually met God and learned about the universe watching this. Idk even why, but I couldn't stop crying. I know this seems too crazy to believe but it's true.

  50. author

    James Atkinson3 hours ago

    Us humans make odd decisions... it’s like we have tunnel vision... eye on the prize, forgetting about other issues

  51. author

    LucusL3 hours ago


  52. author

    Bhedraj3 hours ago

    Soul is immortal. It has no beginning nor end.

  53. author

    Daniel Ntemuse3 hours ago

    5:48 Instant Karma

  54. author

    JNOIRAMC3 hours ago

    yes, consciousness is an energy.. vibrating.. and the earth was also conscious.. so, don't very skeptic coz you dont know what you are saying.. advanced civilizations have that understanding that humans will be rendered as PRIMITIVE. how sad is that..

  55. author

    daniel urviola garcia3 hours ago

    What is love?

  56. author

    D Wnright3 hours ago

    science fiction

  57. author

    Charlie Krone3 hours ago

    Bro you stole this from logic. His songs hallelujah and waiting room from his everybody album back in 2017 are basically this video

  58. author

    Viv Wallace3 hours ago

    Nature is just amazing.

  59. author

    Schnu Me3 hours ago

    Catchy intro music then scares all the viewers to death...

  60. author

    Ernest Jay3 hours ago

    instead of strange matter, imagine if the core of Neutron Star is filled by Anti-Matter.

  61. author

    Venture Drop3 hours ago

    Your team is doing an incredible work 👒

  62. author

    JKEnderDragon4 hours ago

    wow i was randomly playing the avengers theme on my recorder and galactis popped up as a bird(hes from the marvel comics

  63. author

    Josh Ingram4 hours ago

    This is almost exactly the same from logics everybody album

  64. author

    londontrada4 hours ago

    3:00 the first time I took LSD

  65. author

    Don Kikon4 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt:in no moment in human history have there been more people. Me: let's see about that "shoots self"

  66. author

    rkagi4 hours ago

    GMOs are the ultimate organic solution

  67. author

    Highmann Blaze4 hours ago

    The same craters on the moon and on mars start happening in Russia.

  68. author

    rkagi4 hours ago


  69. author

    Splegoon 44 hours ago

    I'm Jake Paul

  70. author

    Frankie Sprul4 hours ago

    You guys should make an open world survival game with your unique graphics

  71. author

    Talia Gunderson4 hours ago

    *Glowing green thing strikes planet *Goes on laptop like nothing happens

  72. author

    Königstiger4 hours ago

    Ants are the most interesting species on earth. Well, besides humans.

  73. author

    Hyunje Lee4 hours ago

    4200 people are back from church

  74. author

    Bamboo Brianna4 hours ago

    Why have I not heard about this until now?🤔

  75. author

    Timothy Rodowicz4 hours ago

    More upset when you said you lose the coin than dying....

  76. author

    Amare Odiea4 hours ago

    That’s a nice bed time story

  77. author

    Happily Secular4 hours ago

    Q: What is a creatard’s favorite educational course on Biology? A: Pokémon Q: What do you call a creatard who is good at Chemistry? A: A meth cook Q: What are creatard standards for being good at Astronomy? A: Making MReporter videos “exposing” NASA and the globe earth conspiracy

  78. author

    gheymer F4 hours ago

    Wish teachers can watch this in schools when the students are finished with an activity. It’s relaxing and cool!

  79. author

    Noah_TJ4 hours ago

    listen to the story with the interstellar theme song.

  80. author

    Aaron Gayod4 hours ago

    Yeah but its gonna block out the sun so we will freeze

  81. author

    Leafy's Leaf4 hours ago


  82. author

    Happily Secular4 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣Oscar hero just said that “evolutionists” have “failed to evolve”. This is the most hilariously stupid and hypocritical statement made since a flattard claimed to have friends “from around the globe”.

  83. author

    Dima T4 hours ago

    How many ads does MReporter want to cram before in and after videos?

  84. author

    Posimonde4 hours ago

    In a way, this is a nice video to get asleep to.

  85. author

    mfnafi5 hours ago

    What is life? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me. No more!!

  86. author

    Starship Driver5 hours ago

    What will happen if you blew them all up underwater?

  87. author

    zvi rose5 hours ago

    why does it matter if we are simulated

  88. author

    Miller _5 hours ago

    What if space is just one huge black hole and everything we know of is in it

  89. author

    somos5 hours ago

    We moved from being universe centric to planet centric to human centric to life centric. Will the next revolution discover that life is not different from non life? Will we stop from trying to be special anytime?

  90. author

    EnjoyTheSilenc35 hours ago

    I read this story a while back and found it fascinating and more believable than most religions out there, unbelievable that I found it here again.

  91. author

    Miles Lee5 hours ago

    I have noticed pokemon in your videos quillfish, goldeen, lileep, starmie...

  92. author

    Kezella xd5 hours ago

    The Bacteriophage looks like a injector from Steven universe

  93. author

    CaptainCyberNinja5 hours ago

    11:50 Cancer? Kill it with FIRE Thanks for all your work Kurzgesagts

  94. author

    Luis Rodriguez5 hours ago

    Let's do it! Any one?

  95. author

    Josue E Perlin G5 hours ago

    Bruh like I´ve never seen life like this

  96. author

    TwinSun's21875 hours ago


  97. author

    XAIKUN5 hours ago

    U know what's sad? I often watch your videos like podcasts.. So i basically ignore video that take a month to make.

  98. author

    ETHANUNIVERS5 hours ago

    Can u do one of these but on pets/non human organisms

  99. author

    Eric Shrestha5 hours ago

    Pokemon belt

  100. author

    Thomas Rodriguez5 hours ago

    Wow what a creative philosophy