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  1. author

    Thomas Robert Austin5 hours ago

    NOVA launcher is wayyyyyyy more better than this πŸ’© launcher

  2. author

    Jesus Sanchez5 hours ago

    I was gonna buy a second vehicle with 4wd but this intrigues me...

  3. author

    Krnl Korn5 hours ago

    Sitting flush is enough of a feature for me to buy this. I've broken my outlet from hitting a charger that sucks out from the wall. Why was that a standard? Why can they build a phone as thin as they are now, but still have a charger that sticks out 4in from the outlet?

  4. author

    Jose Gonzalez5 hours ago

    As soon as you mentioned Apple, I lost interest.

  5. author

    Deepakabhiram inagandla5 hours ago


  6. author

    Edy Herwandi5 hours ago

    Oh.......my good. I want to buy.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. author

    vveevvoo6 hours ago

    Imagine if apple offered a iMessage subscription

  8. author

    L6 hours ago

    I’m an Apple person, but these past few years Samsung have overtaken Apple.

  9. author

    Alex D6 hours ago

    Very innovative but you should not have to pay another company to make you a proper charger when you buy a product.

  10. author

    Sandil Kuruppu6 hours ago


  11. author

    Geng Steven6 hours ago

    Will you compare this with Huawei's freebuds 3?

  12. author

    meuandblu6 hours ago

    I seriously think the design of the regular Apple laptop charger is stupid. Why is it so large and why does it stick out so far? You know they probably did it would break more easily or get people pissed off enough to buy another one

  13. author

    King Zero6 hours ago

    the hyper juice stomps that garbage charger...

  14. author

    Ayush P6 hours ago

    *Anyone else feels tired by looking at him standing all the time instead of sitting like he used to earlier?*

  15. author

    random person6 hours ago

    Nah I just stick with my 500$ laptop. 9,000? Might just use that for a new car or something to be honest. Acer nitro 5 AN52-42 (I think that the model I have) (2018 model) Rzyen 2500U RX560 4GB 8GB RAM by default I just tossed in 16gb stick and it helped lot 1TB HDD 7,200 RPM. (7,000 RPM something I don't remember.)

  16. author

    SuperChiko40006 hours ago

    This is a beautiful video

  17. author

    Rahat Hasan6 hours ago

    I don't get why so many people are poor here. Yes, it's $2000 bucks. But if you save some money from each paycheck, in a few months, you can eventually buy luxuries like this. It's not hard at all. With an average US salary this is very possible.

  18. author

    Mitsubishi Gaming6 hours ago

    Unbox Therapy:*buys this* Also Unbox Therapy:*charges this* *his electric bill:*

  19. author

    Samuel Mbuthia6 hours ago

    Wish my phone was faster so I'd watch more of your cool videos without hanging.

  20. author

    Noobworks - does crap6 hours ago

    Mini hairdryer

  21. author

    CEANN E.X.E NATION6 hours ago

    Nokia be like: Oooooh me is back ma boys!!!!

  22. author

    Mariah6 hours ago

    My macbook keys wasnt working really good. I had to smash the keys just to press one LETTER! then my macbook turns screen white and its been like that almost three months since i used it. I only had it for 2 and a half years. πŸ˜•πŸ™„

  23. author

    kelvinlow.sg6 hours ago

    Can't wait for you to review the Xperia 1 Mark II Pro!

  24. author

    xxnike629xx6 hours ago

    0:14 I find it specifically unfortunate that Apple still refuses to have USB C on the iPhone. For third party chargers & cables, I always go with Anker. Just saying.

  25. author

    6ix9ine Gaming6 hours ago

    Nice youtube recommendation Zzz

  26. author

    Pasindu Nawoda6 hours ago


  27. author

    Laman Digital6 hours ago

    Looks like a blue pearl

  28. author

    Ameer Levi6 hours ago

    i think he lost his signature type of unboxing. Where is that white and clean background so we can relaxed and concentrate to the unboxing process.

  29. author

    Kyro Desalamn7 hours ago

    Legit just picked up the OnePlus 7 pro today and I am not disappointed at all. Its an amazing phone. I hardly use the front facing camera.

  30. author

    Teckolocity Teckid7 hours ago

    How do u get that

  31. author

    Swati Sonawane7 hours ago

    OMG 😱

  32. author

    Goutam Ghosh7 hours ago

    Listening this on my Galaxy Buds....πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  33. author

    Jacob Wooden7 hours ago

    Man Ive Got a phone and the battery's low. And im in puberty 😦 i jave an idea! πŸ’‘ Ferb i think i know what were gona do today

  34. author

    Dr J7 hours ago

    Just wondering apple with all the engineers they have can't come with small practical charger

  35. author

    D G7 hours ago

    Real Graphene has the 87 Watts G-MAX series.

  36. author

    Puru shukla7 hours ago

    In 2020

  37. author

    Spencer Cox7 hours ago

    will this work for iPhone 7 and up no headphone jack

  38. author

    Gmail Account7 hours ago

    Tooo cheapppppp broooo

  39. author

    Terran titan games7 hours ago

    2:25 Oh pls don't ignore like u didn't see the dog 🐢 smiling.

  40. author

    Stephen Chen7 hours ago

    I'm looking forward to an improvement to the refresh rate. This helps save so much battery but will be useless in darkness ending up straining your eye more... I wish their put forground or background lights (like how old Nokia phones light up their black and white LCDs. The lights can be set to only work in darkness so will still save tons of light

  41. author

    kemba esnard7 hours ago

    Is there a button on it that will make me Iron Man

  42. author

    Mark Angelo7 hours ago

    They need to be more technical, other tech MReporterrs leveled up their content. Unbox Therapy is losing behind.

  43. author

    catch878able7 hours ago

    Just wait until Lew finds out about the 65W Aukey Omnia charger with TWO USB-C ports for $54 and is smaller than this one.

  44. author

    mhaziqdahri7 hours ago

    Human headphones Alien : Racist

  45. author

    Enr19977 hours ago

    I’m still kinda unsure as to whether or not jack is a camera or a person...?

  46. author

    Peyote Pete7 hours ago

    I don't even like carrying a phone but good review

  47. author

    Jarrett Kushner7 hours ago

    You really shouldn’t be planning to leave a charger plugged in to the wall

  48. author

    Eric Thomas7 hours ago

    Still better than mine. I'll gladly except it

  49. author

    MasterTravis123457 hours ago

    so 5 camera's?

  50. author

    Byron Quin7 hours ago

    If only the Innergie prongs are on the sides. Now that's flush and portable. :)

  51. author

    Octofinite7 hours ago

    . A full stop.

  52. author

    mikes gt7 hours ago

    Omfg go back to your previous format. This is not even close to as good. I mean holy shit man, you are trying to present things on a tv like you are CNN. Not working at all

  53. author

    Aditya Pratap Singh7 hours ago

    Could u review Redmi K30?

  54. author

    Seng Mono7 hours ago

    I got urbeat3 a few day ago and love the design and quality but I don't like the sound from it. $5 earphones is better sound i swear πŸ‘Œ

  55. author

    MasterTravis123457 hours ago

    linus when immitating austin sounds like micheal jackson

  56. author

    Rocky Yule7 hours ago

    Yes with out watching the video

  57. author

    SK Hssn7 hours ago

    *Meme Alret!!!!*

  58. author

    E H7 hours ago

    Same Product bought from China Taobao costs less than 30 dollars!

  59. author


    Samsung just delayed the shipping on the Samsung s20 ultra until March 27th..didnt know if you have been told yet.. Lee

  60. author

    scotty thompson7 hours ago

    cool video tech talk unbox thrapy lew

  61. author

    jahmayn hicks7 hours ago

    what do you guys do with all this tech when you are finished using it ???

  62. author

    Harpreet Thind7 hours ago

    Luke can I have this music from my Apple Music account please

  63. author

    Alex Delgado8 hours ago

    Not just obstacles, it's weight always pull it down to the floor coz the perpendicular set on the wall, the shape is wrong the counterweight on the back of the charger is way too heavy

  64. author

    Behrad berry8 hours ago

    learn how to run and jump and make a video of it i will be really fun man!!!

  65. author

    Carlou Sacote8 hours ago

    Your thumbnail is ugly

  66. author

    kamaboko18 hours ago

    Got to believe flossy carter: these things are crap.

  67. author

    maxroman20108 hours ago

    Funny that these videos are for those who'd appreciate this sort of thing (pure vanilla android, etc..), but in reality.. since not too many people actually care about that, these phones aren't as popular as, for example, I'd like them to be. I'd get one and would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a phone at this budget.. and in fact, my friend bought Mi A2 a couple of years ago, when she was looking for a phone (because I recommended it).. but now.. when I was looking for a phone for my sister, the Mi A line up isn't even in the shops any more... so I missed and forgot about it completely

  68. author

    DianyCrew8 hours ago

    0:04 poor doggo TwT

  69. author

    Simranjeet Singh8 hours ago

    We want OUR OLD LEW backkkk 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁😣

  70. author

    Mack Neni8 hours ago

    Tbh..the wallpaper drives me crazy 😁😁

  71. author

    Mack Neni8 hours ago

    Tbh..the wallpaper drives me crazy 😁😁

  72. author

    Sil Caralho8 hours ago

    I use Samsung but everything Samsung made fun of apple is now on galaxy. I don’t get it.

  73. author

    Abhishek Paul8 hours ago

    he is going to introduce his own charger

  74. author

    Zainnuril Ahda8 hours ago

    Lew Soon: "I love charger, but i couldn't find the perfect charger for me, so I go out and make one"

  75. author

    Dylan _8 hours ago

    You really are the clickbate master. Like, this time I’m impressed

  76. author

    Dondre Stewart8 hours ago

    Designed in Italy remembers Corona out break and slowly walks away

  77. author

    PronkIT8 hours ago

    Agreed. Everything needs to be usb c. So much easier.

  78. author

    Jordan Matthews8 hours ago

    Really weak video

  79. author

    Keerthivasan Selvaraju8 hours ago

    Change the video format to 18:9

  80. author

    LASAL BRO8 hours ago

    You have lot of phones but i have a one phone the screen is cracked

  81. author

    sean8 hours ago

    just sit bro

  82. author

    vishal v8 hours ago

    Future : You will have many pre installed cameras in tourist places, Just connect to it and take a high resolution picture from your mobile. No more 50-100 megapixel camera's

  83. author

    Adrian Corday8 hours ago

    I just bought these today and they are amazing at noise canceling πŸ’―πŸ’― will test the rest later πŸ’―

  84. author

    Commentary Dude8 hours ago

    Is this a strange addiction episode?

  85. author

    Josh Hofacker8 hours ago

    Is there something strange going on with his audio?

  86. author

    Rohan Naik8 hours ago

    Lew trying sooo had to justify how stupid it is to spend 80 bucks... but you should do it maybe... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  87. author

    Ajay Jaafar8 hours ago

    How much did they pay you Lew?

  88. author

    kirti Hans8 hours ago

    Mi mix alpha unboxing please..πŸ˜€

  89. author

    Kix Deen8 hours ago

    Why ae you not sitting down?

  90. author

    Jvofficial Gaming8 hours ago

    Can u donate to me Im a upcoming youtuber and i would really like to improve at what i do

  91. author

    Just Chaz8 hours ago

    I was here when the title was addiction

  92. author

    Ishaan Jain9 hours ago

    Lew, you should talk about how much it heats up when you use it bcz you gotta put it back as well

  93. author

    SAWR9 hours ago

    Those tech gadgets downstair....My dream is to live with those like that around me.

  94. author

    thanawit sagulthang9 hours ago

    Lew: and they also say it's designed in Italy...so that immediately means... Corona virus: YES

  95. author

    Bee Yang9 hours ago

    willy-doo ever call you louie-doo?

  96. author

    DunnoPlayz9 hours ago

    Magnetic Chargers could technically charge your everyday device