Ian Kilpatrick
  1. author

    Blu-TSX2 months ago

    cool fall, do it again!

  2. author

    TheBeatlesToday2 months ago

    Congrats bro. You made it.

  3. author

    Hydrodragon282 months ago

    Im Confused, what actually happened when he hit the ground? Did he think there was a landing there? I really hope he is okay.

  4. author

    KdJ22 months ago

    Believe it or not, this is quality random shit that alot of us viewers been looking for. Absolutely deserving of #1.

  5. author

    SMIBB Productions2 months ago

    How!!!!! This is amazing man!!!!! #1 on trending and only one vid, I have to give it to ya but that is just plain awesome!!!!

  6. author

    Elise Fontaine2 months ago

    Congrats on getting number one on trending sience this isvyour first video.

  7. author

    Israel Wilkes2 months ago

    must feel good to post once and get second on trending