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  1. author

    miniontm69Hour ago

    Its Disney Woke Marvel. He will be portrayed as a Beta male.

  2. author

    The TeleworkerHour ago

    Just started my account a month ago and none of the other MReporterrs I watch have brought this up. Thanks for caring enough to warn smaller MReporterrs like me!

  3. author

    HEISENBERG 375Hour ago

    Tbh when you mentioned heath ledger that there will never be another joker like heath but the joaquin was also around the same level or better as the joker heath was only joker for a few months but hugh jackedman has been wolverine for 17 years so there will never be any better wolverine then hugh jackedman mark my words.

  4. author

    SpicyJO2 hours ago

    Well since the DCEU is not using him let be done then, I could very well see him as Wolverine

  5. author

    hawk40k2 hours ago

    This man can grow a tash...but can he grow sideburns 🤔

  6. author

    yap dem2 hours ago

    How much help does Capt Marvel need?????

  7. author

    TheHunter20012 hours ago

    Well that's the only way to get viewers for Captain marvel 2

  8. author

    David Pohl3 hours ago


  9. author

    Mr_BiggSmoke 4203 hours ago

    This just shows the love he has for his subs and he keeps it up in many other ways an vids SO I SAY WOOOEWWWWW

  10. author

    GambitsRose3 hours ago

    I like Henry cavil but not for this role 🤦🏽‍♂️, he’s too tall

  11. author

    Spencer Stabio3 hours ago

    Can't wait to see Wolverine be the butt of almost every joke and have him look inferior to Captain Humble.

  12. author

    Harsh Jethwani3 hours ago

    This guy has constipation.

  13. author

    Korab Dc3 hours ago

    Im just waiting for Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool to make jokes about it 😂

  14. author

    Terri Wood3 hours ago


  15. author

    ApexPlayer3 hours ago

    But I gotta say Tyrone. You gotta accept this. No one. No one can replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He was born for the role and always be the greatest Wolverine of all time.

  16. author

    MrSpooky Spare4 hours ago

    His too big for the role but still want to see him in the mcu movies

  17. author

    Zane Wickman4 hours ago

    Me: Hey Tyrone, tell us how you really feel about the CAPTAIN MARVEL movie. Tyrone: 6:28 6:28 6:28 6:28 6:28 6:28 6:28 6:28 ...

  18. author

    Roh Kaslo4 hours ago


  19. author

    Gaz Nann4 hours ago

    The people who created Captain marvel 2 knows it will flop without wolverine people just want to see wolverine not captain marvel

  20. author

    Bill Lumburg4 hours ago

    Ok ok, I’m down with it, but I would also like to see a man of steel 2

  21. author

    Johnny blaze5 hours ago


  22. author

    Tomáš Cze5 hours ago

    How to make Captain Marvel interesting, get better actors around her.

  23. author

    BOOM! idc Tv5 hours ago

    Cavill could probably do a fire Clint Eastwood esque Wolverine interation

  24. author

    Cute Dog Videos5 hours ago

    Tyrone that’s the joker music from thr dark knight

  25. author

    MarvelDecoded5 hours ago

    I hope the rumors are true...i would LOVE to see Henry Cavill as Logan. Loved him as Supes also. Wooooooooo!

  26. author

    Jibroni Gibironi5 hours ago

    So basically, don't fall for any phishing expeditions is what he is saying folks.

  27. author

    Wrestlelesson6 hours ago

    I have Trypophobia I remember when I was a kid and I saw a lot of holes somewhere and I started to itch

  28. author

    Marvelous guy6 hours ago

    But why in captain Marvel 2?

  29. author

    mark whibley6 hours ago

    Imagine getting angry over a made up man in the sky 🤯

  30. author

    Eloy Martinez7 hours ago

    🤨 Super-wolverine

  31. author

    Elijah Anderson7 hours ago

    Captain marvel was great

  32. author

    Philip Napier7 hours ago

    If captain marvel 2 is gonna be a success they better stack the movie with big names

  33. author

    Kozo Hoshino7 hours ago

    he is too tall...wolverine is 5'3"

  34. author

    Corey Harvey7 hours ago

    So he played 2 men of steel

  35. author

    GMotorMan767 hours ago

    Toss me a coin, bub

  36. author

    PELON49ER 797 hours ago

    Preach! Good looking out homie👊

  37. author

    Artez Gentry7 hours ago

    Do a ridiculousness try not to laugh I know you will break

  38. author

    victor walters7 hours ago

    wow now I need to see this. Henry Cavill did great in The Witcher, I'm sure you do a great job as Wolverine.

  39. author

    Bryant Shepard7 hours ago

    If this happens I will have to call him Sir Cavill, he just needs to be knighted.

  40. author

    Brandon Wootten7 hours ago

    I agree 110% on everything you said. Hebert dwarves this since WB messes him up for Superman. Great Superman.!! I’m down.!!

  41. author

    Yo! Adrian!7 hours ago

    I’m start watching The Witcher but I could see Cavil as wolverine. Make him hairy

  42. author

    King Ro7 hours ago

    Joaquin Phoenix shouldn’t even be in the conversation as best Joker. I’m not saying he didn’t have a good performance. I’m saying he didn’t become The Joker until the end. So his sequel will show how he stacks up against Heath.

  43. author

    Nick Tronson7 hours ago

    I got all your info TYRONE MAGNUS. You must be wondering how I got your full name. Look out your front window. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  44. author

    just rick8 hours ago

    no henry dont do it

  45. author

    Cronusiedd 258 hours ago

    Aahhh great! Now Henry Cavell is now on Marvel side! Now what are we going to do DC fans?! And ya I agreed Henry Cavell been the wolverine.

  46. author

    john sanchez8 hours ago

    I like it

  47. author

    Lucky Dragon8 hours ago

    Tyrone, I will bet you $100 that this is bull. I’m serious.

  48. author

    DieHardLakersFan 248 hours ago

    I wanna see the comic book wolverine mask in the MCU

  49. author

    Ryden son8 hours ago

    i get it....and i still dont like it. i wanted a smaller, rougher looking wolverine. henry looks so much like a perfect superman, i just cant see him bringing that to wolverine.

  50. author

    Marvin Bailey8 hours ago

    Luke Evan is the best pick hands down

  51. author

    Bagir lagit8 hours ago

    Did they influenced by his potential as Wolverine from The Witcher?

  52. author

    Adrian McCuller8 hours ago

    Tyrone where did u get your shirt from... That's hilarious 😂

  53. author

    Sparto Athletic Geek8 hours ago

    Henry Cavil would make a great Captain Britain in MCU

  54. author

    Missy smith8 hours ago


  55. author

    Lefty80138 hours ago

    Captain Marvel... huh

  56. author

    Mind Melting Media8 hours ago

    He's not playing him lol

  57. author

    Tjallie Micheaux8 hours ago

    i hope they use Harry Porter/Habit CGI tech to make him shorter

  58. author

    Game app Reviewer8 hours ago

    I need to see the new costume concept

  59. author

    Brian Barnett9 hours ago

    agree 100 percent btw Jack is still my favorite

  60. author

    Roderick Timmons9 hours ago

    Can you do a Try not to laugh to Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy?

  61. author

    David Ram9 hours ago

    I only see sups - but I hope

  62. author

    Cdubb4569 hours ago

    I agree with every single thing you said!!!

  63. author

    Phil Mike Hunt9 hours ago

    So they gonna make wolverine and spiderman look like clowns to make their non character captain cuntface look better lol

  64. author

    Marz Media9 hours ago

    No no no no.... This is the saddest news

  65. author

    Sir Brucie9 hours ago

    Use 2 factor authentication and lastpass.

  66. author

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Kevin Official9 hours ago

    Me: I bet you no one can do a better job than Robert Downey Jr. as Iron man try and change my mind below👇

  67. author

    mealburglar9 hours ago

    Hope they CGI shrink him, if they do. Or pull out the LOTR effects. He like Jackman, is to tall.

  68. author

    Huy Lâm9 hours ago

    He IS Superman

  69. author

    Christian Magallon9 hours ago

    Why is it taking so long for Danny Devito to be wolverine

  70. author

    Sanauj159 hours ago

    Imagine a cross over with the Henry Cavill playing two characters in the same movie.

  71. author

    christblaka9 hours ago

    I've had Disney+ for a few months now, and I've STILL not watched Captain Marvel. But if this is true, then I will watch the sequel.

  72. author

    Joe Mac9 hours ago

    Well, I can see by the stars on the wall, it's time to go.

  73. author

    Malik Pierre10 hours ago

    Inspiration the way you worded that 1:40->

  74. author

    What's a computer?10 hours ago

    I personally love getting emails like that. It's fun to turn the predator into the prey. (The "hackers" that is)

  75. author

    Samirul islam10 hours ago


  76. author

    Ced 2X Extended Play10 hours ago

    😳😳😳. I can't even imagine myself going to see this in 4DX 2:24

  77. author

    Jason Malone10 hours ago

    Omg!!!! Don't drink Corona beer either you might get the virus....smh

  78. author

    Miesh10 hours ago

    0:45 what autotune mean

  79. author

    Paul Lucas10 hours ago

    Magnus the tnl god

  80. author

    syazwan yusof10 hours ago

    Wolverine in captain marvel 2? Are u serious?

  81. author

    jarvis j10 hours ago

    Too many crazy people out there....

  82. author

    IAmTitan 40210 hours ago

    He'd be a cool wolverine but I honestly think he'd be perfect as The Sentry or Captain Britain!!

  83. author

    captian silly velia10 hours ago

    he has 1.7 mill subscribers why does he shout 10 million at the end?

  84. author

    MemoryOfTheRose11 hours ago

    after seeing that spider one I'm going to sleep with ear plugs in my ears from now on

  85. author

    Jeremy Nelson11 hours ago

    Wolverine is 5'3"

  86. author

    Arthur Morgan11 hours ago

    5:35 that one was also sexual!

  87. author

    JLG Movies11 hours ago


  88. author

    Kris Rob11 hours ago

    Please for the love of good please let this not be true he was born to be superman

  89. author

    Bruce11 hours ago

    I didn't think that they would do it this way for marvel and DC to meet

  90. author

    Afr0 Cuban11 hours ago

    He’s too tall

  91. author

    captainskidmarks11 hours ago

    I'm in cyber security, hacking is so normal and easy now a days

  92. author

    L2PlayJ11 hours ago

    Nobody cares that Wolverine is a short man. I'm prejudiced since I'm a short dude and want representation.

  93. author

    youngmultac11 hours ago

    hell nahh . I'll let Scott Eastwood take a shot at it . the deep fakes with him made me want to see it if hugh is done

  94. author

    Nightowl35811 hours ago

    Are we going back to watered-down Wolverine or sticking with the violent savagery of "Logan" level Wolverine?