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Livelys - SNLLivelys - SNL

Livelys - SNL

2 months ago

Splash Zone - SNLSplash Zone - SNL

Splash Zone - SNL

2 months ago

The Pink Box - SNLThe Pink Box - SNL

The Pink Box - SNL

3 months ago

Landshark - SNLLandshark - SNL

Landshark - SNL

3 months ago

Hard Hats - SNLHard Hats - SNL

Hard Hats - SNL

3 months ago

Funeral - SNLFuneral - SNL

Funeral - SNL

3 months ago

Ouija - SNLOuija - SNL

Ouija - SNL

4 months ago

GoT Tribute - SNLGoT Tribute - SNL

GoT Tribute - SNL

4 months ago

Music Box - SNLMusic Box - SNL

Music Box - SNL

4 months ago

  1. author

    colette s4 hours ago

    its fun to see this 3 years later. Now i see why Alec stopped doing it, the president kept his word on virtually everything he promised to do. It makes Alec look like a fool

  2. author

    colette s4 hours ago

    its fun to see this 3 years later. Now i see why Alec stopped doing it, the president kept his word on virtually everything he promised to do. It makes Alec look like a fool

  3. author

    colette s4 hours ago

    its fun to see this 3 years later. Now i see why Alec stopped doing it, the president kept his word on virtually everything he promised to do. It makes Alec look like a fool

  4. author

    colette s4 hours ago

    its fun to see this 3 years later. Now i see why Alec stopped doing it, the president kept his word on virtually everything he promised to do. It makes Alec look like a fool

  5. author

    Valentina Buci Battorti4 hours ago


  6. author

    jssangel4164 hours ago

    This was hilarious! And the big dude in the back was having the time of his life! LOL!

  7. author

    Dan Weir4 hours ago

    Never gets old!

  8. author

    Lisa Marie Siesto4 hours ago

    Eddie Murphy, Jim Carey are natural 😘😘😘, they don't need to do jokes or comedy anymore, it's a God given gift 💖💖💖

  9. author

    Lisa Marie Siesto4 hours ago

    Eddie Murphy aged beautifully 💖💖💖 n he looks really good 😍😘😘

  10. author

    proud2bpagan4 hours ago

    is that camper in the very back with the black baseball cap on BooBoo Stewart?

  11. author

    Gunman6104 hours ago

    Hollywood Game Night was a hilariously obnoxious game show. You really got the impression that Jane Lynch couldn't care less about what the "civilians" were actually trying to do, which was to win money that could help make their lives easier, because most of the guests made $25k a day.

  12. author

    Steven Huxley4 hours ago

    Fucking Fallon

  13. author

    Franceska Tha Queen4 hours ago

    I will watch this forever cuz I need to thank you Regine... OMG reminds me of someone I worked with once her name was Reginae and yet she was taller than freds Regine just sayin lol

  14. author

    Alicia Peebles4 hours ago

    Keenan never lost weight for Hollywood. Commendable to say the least

  15. author

    Latte224 hours ago

    Kate did such a great job playing Pete Davidson.

  16. author

    Kachow Coasters4 hours ago

    Watching this on the toilet lol

  17. author

    Derbie Calderon4 hours ago


  18. author

    Pepper Wolf4 hours ago

    Ive never thought adam sandler was that funny. Ive never seen any movie of his ever.

  19. author

    Alethea Vespa4 hours ago


  20. author

    Mia Robets4 hours ago

    Did anybody els hear a woman in the audience saying he's alive right after Kennan lol

  21. author

    Con Man4 hours ago

    How tf did I not see this up until now?! I’m lookin’ atcha YT!!!

  22. author

    Micheal Kelly4 hours ago

    Shit that was great

  23. author

    Jonah Page4 hours ago

    This is one of the funniest sketches SNL has ever done.

  24. author

    Willem Fissell4 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice he smacked her ass at 1:53

  25. author

    MR white4 hours ago

    You can totally see Taylor's nipples

  26. author

    Cristina Mariotta4 hours ago

    Black Widow And Bucky Barnes MCU Hero Good Guys Not Bad Guys Antihero Natural Good Guys

  27. author

    Jay Ooobay4 hours ago

    God I forgot how funny this was!!!!!

  28. author

    We Are Lost4 hours ago

    This makes me want to cry

  29. author

    a vida de lucca_san4 hours ago

    Please,launch this movie

  30. author

    Noah Sherwin4 hours ago

    Jerry from Rick and morty

  31. author

    Maxim Ghost4 hours ago

    Damn, Sasheer is an awesome singer.

  32. author

    Luis Torres4 hours ago

    He wiped his tears with the Waffle..

  33. author

    Bastiaan ten Doornkaat4 hours ago

    Melissa is so hot!! She could dress up as Minie Mouse and still look fabulous!

  34. author

    Toby Bartels4 hours ago

    I was waiting for the pizza band to be mobsters and/or cops in disguise, but … nope.

  35. author

    Valentina Buci Battorti4 hours ago

    "We wanna go to Heaven!" XD

  36. author

    Randall Chapman4 hours ago

    No seriously everyone. Read 1984 it will blow your mind with how much it's accurate with today.

  37. author

    WafcPassion4 hours ago

    “We didn’t finish cooking the meal” hahahaha

  38. author

    jjmah74 hours ago

    Who’s the other cop with Kevin Nealon? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him on the show before

  39. author

    Emma Jane Johannessen4 hours ago


  40. author

    Chas Howard4 hours ago

    I never realized how tiny Nasim Pedrad is until I saw this Sketch

  41. author

    fiumefenice4 hours ago

    Awww it’s just like their first weekend update in 2005

  42. author

    Impostor824 hours ago

    Actually I was, you bitch

  43. author

    Katelyn Smith4 hours ago

    For anyone wondering, Georgia’s state bird is actually the brown thrasher.

  44. author

    Not Bill Gates4 hours ago

    How the heck do they keep straight faces!?

  45. author

    We Are Lost4 hours ago

    This makes me so sad

  46. author

    Lazy Girl Rants4 hours ago

    How many SNL skits Benedict done? They're brilliant

  47. author

    GraySketch4 hours ago

    "My lovely mother - mom."

  48. author

    Lazy Lavender4 hours ago

    I’m just trying to tell how tall they all are

  49. author

    Arnaud K.4 hours ago

    So when is Mef finally starting to grow old?

  50. author

    Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure4 hours ago

    So, so planned.. so scheduled a LONG time ago....😂

  51. author

    allison simons4 hours ago

    I mean is slaps

  52. author

    HARD WORKER4 hours ago

    The audience is laughing and clapping, because they think this skit is complimentary. That's more amusing than the skit, which is pretty good in its own right.

  53. author

    Rob Foam4 hours ago

    That was good

  54. author

    Grace Olson4 hours ago

    That was like the most perfect sketch

  55. author

    StarGamek4 hours ago

    This is the best homo erotic fantasy clip of a beautiful Aquarius ever since James Dean’s wrestling video :D

  56. author

    Franceska Tha Queen4 hours ago


  57. author

    Tina Alexandra4 hours ago

    To know that his daughters roasted the hell out of him for this really warms my cold heart.

  58. author

    Steven Johnson4 hours ago

    Loser little Skit. And then they Cried.

  59. author

    ObamaisnextLincoln4 hours ago

    *Where my virgins at?*

  60. author

    Slim Rudy4 hours ago

    Insensitive. You tube needs to take

  61. author

    FlashakaViolet4 hours ago


  62. author

    John Nelson4 hours ago

    I'll never be able to watch Ant man and Brooklyn 99 the same way

  63. author

    Ciao1234ist4 hours ago

    I thought it was Cecily

  64. author

    SirEriol4 hours ago

    The best joke is the chug train, but there is a hidden one in the background. The frat's name is Sigma. Just Sigma. However, the letters shown in their walls are Epsilon, Alpha and Omega. An overly thought attempt to show cheap half assedness! Classic Kyle.

  65. author

    8A Nikita Lenda Tillemand RudsVedbySkole4 hours ago

    I didn't expect, that the danish flag would be there. I'm danish btw.

  66. author

    Kasino804 hours ago

    Lithgow would have been a great as the Narrator in Rocky Horror

  67. author

    3jacksonderek4 hours ago

    Alec Baldwin turned out to be such a douche bag

  68. author

    Maxim Ghost5 hours ago

    Too doo doo doo doo doo

  69. author

    Chris5 hours ago


  70. author

    Sewer Dragon5 hours ago

    This shit is retarded AF! and i can't stop laughing.

  71. author

    FlashakaViolet5 hours ago

    I was like “where’s kit in this” and waiting for him to appear lol

  72. author

    Robert Cavalier5 hours ago

    She can haring my pickle anytime! * Cav *

  73. author

    you love I5 hours ago

    Bill and Kristin are friendship goals

  74. author

    Dianne Dixon5 hours ago

    Seven dwarfs...💀💀💀💀

  75. author

    you love I5 hours ago

    I hoped he would sing really well but no 😂

  76. author

    goran ferenzia5 hours ago

    Girl on thefar right is

  77. author

    What Am I Watching?5 hours ago

    Pete's looking a lot like his dad here

  78. author

    Latoya Joslyn5 hours ago

    I hope they swtich jokes once a month.

  79. author

    FlashakaViolet5 hours ago

    This skit was great

  80. author

    Robert Cavalier5 hours ago

    I'm 'gonna remember this when I eat some pumpkin sorbet! * Cav *

  81. author

    HarleeQuinn5 hours ago

    I loved this skit so much! Funny and It looked like they all had fun doing it!

  82. author

    Joseph Read5 hours ago

    8 more days till the anniversary.

  83. author

    Arnaud K.5 hours ago

    Portable safe space for your cringe fest

  84. author

    Luke Robinson5 hours ago

    I like this but I’m kidding I’m six

  85. author

    J. A.5 hours ago

    I like how those who call the dog dumb are the real dummies. Great irony.

  86. author

    Tim Frey5 hours ago

    at 2:29 when she says beach it sounds like bitch XD

  87. author

    Gibberish5 hours ago

    The best overall sketch this show has ever done.

  88. author

    Riley Galvin5 hours ago

    Oh shoot we must be over syria HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  89. author

    thedemontdtd5 hours ago

    Driver is so damn talented. A shame that talent was wasted on this shitty trilogy.

  90. author

    FlashakaViolet5 hours ago

    Why the fuck am I feeling bad for Theresa May

  91. author

    Five Feet Under5 hours ago

    “WELL I DON’T KNOW I WAS JUST TRYING TO FIT IN” I’m loosing my minnndd lmaoooo

  92. author

    Beth G5 hours ago

    This was oddly disturbing, but the part when Bill and Paul kissed was like...😏

  93. author

    J. A.5 hours ago

    This is great. A backhanded spank for gays who always talk about it.

  94. author

    Lucy Bickerton5 hours ago

    Fuck me this is so underrated

  95. author

    Tina Alexandra5 hours ago

    This has older cousin younger cousin vibes

  96. author

    Greg Fakerson5 hours ago

    she’s the worst actress ever, the skinny talentless one from the thumbnail, not the fat talentless one

  97. author

    Omgitsjoetime T5 hours ago

    Kristen Stewart what

  98. author

    jacob dyer5 hours ago

    this would be an awesome talk show.

  99. author

    Jorge Ricardo5 hours ago

    Meli you just won an straight monster here baby, impressive

  100. author

    Johnny Quest5 hours ago

    I came right to comments and didn't watch this. Why watch pissed off losers who hate Trump make fun of Kavanaugh when we've already laughed our asses off watching them go nuts knowing Cristine Balsey-Fraud and the other liars failed at taking him down? All they have to vent their helplessness and hate against Trump is doing dumb skits while Trump keeps kicking their loser butts.