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Hi, we're The Try Guys. Welcome to our new, completely independent channel, featuring the same guys, with better videos. New episodes every Wednesday & Saturday, from now until the end of time.
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Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger
Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer
Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
Producer - Rachel Ann Cole
Production Coordinator - Alexandria Herring
Production Assistant - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
Production Assistant - Miles Bonsignore
Editor - Devlin McCluskey
Editor - YB Chang
Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
The Try Guys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC.

  1. author

    Ruth Carter4 months ago

    I'm happy for you, and my inner lawyer is curious how you're able to keep using the name The Try Guys when Buzzfeed still owns that trademark.

  2. author

    Kate Stevenson4 months ago

    Your like the brothers I never had. Smash it!!!

  3. author

    starlit night4 months ago

    SO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW ERA OF THE TRY GUYS There's so much the goes behind the scenes that we, the viewers, don't know about, and I'm so grateful that you're all here and doing the most <3

  4. author

    Izaak Golet4 months ago

    **One of the hardest working channels I've ever seen in my life, congratulations to the team and the TryGuys!**

  5. author

    Corinne Heaps4 months ago

    So excited!!!! You guys are awesome. My boyfriend does not understand why I am dying laughing on the couch every Saturday morning. Congrats guys!

  6. author

    Mildred Commodore4 months ago

    Love it!! I hope you go on tour so we can see the goodness in real life. And yes, you need to do an escape the room!

  7. author

    Keeper4 months ago

    How do you feel that Ned is the only one with a check mark next to his channel?

  8. author

    kikispice4 months ago

    Congratulations on having creative power over the content you produce. This is already one of my favorite subscriptions. Y'all are kicking ass and I am HERE FOR IT.

  9. author

    Christy Fishel4 months ago

    Hey guys, just watched your new video about leaving Buzzfeed. Eugene said something about working really hard to make it look like you didn't work hard at all. I just wanted to let you know you definitely succeeded at that. Congrats!

  10. author

    Simon Ortega4 months ago


  11. author

    Aranza Ramírez4 months ago

    Good job guys it is amazing you began your own company!!

  12. author

    Emily Vass4 months ago

    You guys were literally one of only two Buzzfeed series I watched (the other being 'Worth It'), so this is bloody amazing news for me :D

  13. author

    Syreeta Dixon4 months ago

    I have been following you guys for years, I love your friendship and really hope the best for you all. You guys should definitely collaborate with SortedFood, they started their own cooking channel 9 years ago in the UK. They often make trips to LA, I would literally die if the Try Guys and SortedFood did a collab, OH MY GAWD! lol

  14. author

    Paola V.4 months ago

    Finally I can unsub from buzzfeed. With they Try Guys' new channel and the Unsolved Network I'm FREE!! FINALLY FREE!

  15. author

    Dexter Moore4 months ago

    Did anyone else see Neds drunken live stream on Instagram?

  16. author

    Naoka Tada4 months ago

    Ned Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger ANDDDD...... KORNDIDDY!!!!!!!

  17. author

    Sam Ali4 months ago

    today's my bday shout me out my name is Simone​

  18. author

    Fatimah Abidogun4 months ago

    This content is GREATTT I'm sooo happy

  19. author

    Spoon4 months ago

    what's the discord server?

  20. author

    Elizabeth Davis4 months ago

    Can you guys try swimming like mermaids? also I would like to see you guys celebrate Hanukkah with Zach please :D

  21. author

    kameleon4 months ago

    i need a karaoke video with the guys omg

  22. author

    Siobhan Wren4 months ago

    The try guys should do synchronized swimming!

  23. author

    Hafsah4 months ago


  24. author

    NocturnalSyren4 months ago

    Congratulations on getting your own channel, guys!

  25. author

    Chika Ikeji4 months ago

    Live in tiny houses for a week!!

  26. author

    McMatthew994 months ago

    Try Guys Take Personality Tests! (I just want confirmation that Eugene is INTJ)

  27. author

    Allison Hendershot4 months ago

    They got to 1,000,000 subscribers while only posting seven videos.

  28. author

    Ava Wadia4 months ago

    Still waiting for Keith to do a blind taste test on what the best fried chicken really is

  29. author

    Betti Tedros4 months ago


  30. author

    Shawn Kwan4 months ago

    Try Guys Try Dancing in Heels with Yanis Marshall!

  31. author

    Gloom Girl4 months ago

    I don't want them to leave buzzfeed. . . I still what them to be in the videos buzzfeed is making like ruining history!

  32. author

    Mirmander4 months ago

    The Try Guys should play Monster prom

  33. author

    Griffin Slates4 months ago

    Why do all of your vidz involve birth/labor?

  34. author

    Terrance Leblanc4 months ago

    1 like = knowing you are apart of #eugenelovers

  35. author

    Terrance Leblanc4 months ago

    1 like = Eugene Keith and Korndiddy (aka Zach) to post on their channels

  36. author

    Wilma So4 months ago

    Me: glad to be here before 1M subscribers! Me, 2 weeks after: WOAH ok

  37. author

    Laryssa Phillabaum4 months ago


  38. author

    Monika is the best girl4 months ago

    Oh my god I love them so much I hope this channel reaches tens of millions of subs they frickin deserve it

  39. author

    Molly Reininger4 months ago

    You guys are so great, thanks for being you

  40. author

    Brandi Arteaga4 months ago

    congrats on your own channels

  41. author

    muggle-born witch4 months ago

    Congratulations... I only watched Buzzfeed because of you guys :) As a musician it would be interesting to see, you trying some instruments. Take music lessons for a month and then play in a concert... just an idea ;) Oh yes... Keith has to play another instrument than French-Horn :) Love you guys :)

  42. author

    Ettegroejd4 months ago

    You can slowly see the number of views going down what?

  43. author

    laura luke4 months ago

    DO !!! AN !!! ESCAPE !!! ROOM

  44. author

    Chloe Killingsworth4 months ago

    They need a 5th try guy, either a black dde or a mexican so Eugene doesn't feel alone

  45. author

    Chloe Killingsworth4 months ago


  46. author

    Riha Rupnarain4 months ago

    To the try guys, your new channel is amazing and I look up to each and every one of you'll for being independent. Your videos always spread laughter and joy with your natural comedic personalities. Thank you for creating more videos, all four of you guys are so tallented and hope you continue for many years to come x

  47. author

    Libby Hardy4 months ago

    Congrats and keep on being awesome

  48. author

    K. Sa4 months ago

    Keith, don't quit the Sims :(

  49. author

    Andrea Blue4 months ago

    I know you guys will be successful! thank you for taking the chance

  50. author

    Isabel Read4 months ago

    Come on, where's the next video at?!?!?

  51. author

    Melody Chen4 months ago

    your pregnant video is sooooooo funny!

  52. author

    Melody Chen4 months ago

    i LOVE u guys!

  53. author

    I an Noob4 months ago

    Hello everyone. I love The Try Guys and I am so happy that they are back. You guys have all of support. You also inspired me to upload video of my own and try my luck as a content creator. Good luck to us! Cheers!

  54. author

    Maria Gonzalez4 months ago


  55. author

    L Mc4 months ago

    did you all ever get help with your low Testosterone levels?

  56. author

    Sherlin Almonte4 months ago

    Why did you guys leave buzzfeed? Totally need a video on that!!

  57. author

    Carter KC4 months ago

    I know this is a really popular series, but how do they have almost a million subs already?!

  58. author

    Izzi Anderson5 months ago

    Did you leave Buzzfeed totally or are you still with them???

  59. author

    Lauren Pettersen5 months ago

    You guys should do an escape room.

  60. author

    Stephanie Hawkins5 months ago

    So glad you guys are back Literally my favorite people to watch on youtube

  61. author

    Madison Polidan5 months ago

    Do they still work at BuzzFeed or are they just working on this channel now?

  62. author

    Fiona Young5 months ago

    did they leave Buzzfeed?

  63. author

    Keiana Kozai5 months ago

    The Try Guys Try Water Polo @ Ohana Water Polo Academy

  64. author

    Keiana Kozai5 months ago

    The Try Guys Try Surfing

  65. author

    Random Hamster5 months ago

    I dreaded the day where one of the Try Guys would leave Buzzfeed, ending the series by default or worse...replacing a member. But this? Oh boy, THIS! I never expected them all to leave, together, and start a new channel, together! :D

  66. author

    Evan-June Pineo5 months ago

    Wait, so is BuzzFeed associated with this channel at all? I thought that you couldn't use any content outside of BuzzFeed that you used after you published it to BuzzFeed.

  67. author

    Hallie Marten5 months ago

    i love these bois sooo much

  68. author

    Jane May5 months ago

    I am so happy!! I always have wanted the try guys to have a separate channel!!!

  69. author

    Kim Dinh5 months ago

    It was about time that you created your own channel! Finally!!

  70. author

    Savi B5 months ago

    Y'all now I can finally get Buzzfeed out my subscribed feed! I feel bad for them, a lot of people probably only sub for you guys! Thank You for the best channel on MReporter!

  71. author

    Laura Wei5 months ago

    I haven't been more excited for a wensday in my life

  72. author

    Laura Wei5 months ago

    I spent the whole day waiting for this channel to upload another video and then realized it was Tuesday, not Wednesday.

  73. author

    Kat Calibuso5 months ago

    Just wanted to say that what ever happens. Were still here for you! Try Guys for life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. author

    Kat Calibuso5 months ago

    I missed these guys <3

  75. author

    Noel Bennett5 months ago

    I can't wait to see what you guys do with The Try Guys and creativity that I'm sure will go into each and every video! I wish you all the best of luck!

  76. author

    Chloe Starczewski5 months ago

    I love you korndiddy

  77. author

    Nisa Bizahaloni5 months ago

    VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS? YAAAAAAS!!! I love the channel alredy and can't wait to see what innvating things you guys try <3 :D

  78. author

    Jaclyn nally5 months ago

    So they don't work for buzzfeedanymore?

  79. author

    Huda Basheer5 months ago

    does Eugene have a girlfriend????

  80. author

    Nicholas Schneider5 months ago

    So are ya'll done with Buzzfeed?

  81. author

    Goddess Claes Cummings5 months ago

    And now the only good thing left on Buzzfeed is Ladylike. Congrats on the new channel guys! You're all super talented, funny guys and your channel deserves to do well, I'm sure it will!

  82. author

    Alice5 months ago

    *You should chuck a link up on your About or Home page to all of the other Try Guys videos you made at Buzzfeed* (:

  83. author

    SamTheCoop5 months ago

    Does this mean they quit buzzfeed?

  84. author

    MMOJunkie5 months ago

    please tell me you guys are independent of buzzfeed......

  85. author

    gundam umbra5 months ago

    what happen to buzzfeed with the try guys

  86. author

    Scarlet Poon5 months ago

    i love the try guys and wish you all the very very best in the coming future!!!!

  87. author

    PandaKittenhybrid5 months ago

    Eugene looking like a snacc in the banner

  88. author

    Bruna Souza5 months ago

    I'm so proud of you guys for taking the shot and starting something new! I wish you all the best luck in the world so it works out even better than you imagined.

  89. author

    CatNipp Waffle5 months ago

    Featuring...drum roll please.....KORNDIDDY!!!!

  90. author

    Nadya G5 months ago

    Subscriber #237,334 checking in :D

  91. author

    youshouldsleep5 months ago

    expecting a why we left buzzfeed video

  92. author

    Taelorgirl785 months ago

    bigger and better adventures for the try guys

  93. author

    ArkenosDeTeskos5 months ago

    Good luck you guys!!!

  94. author

    iris baco5 months ago


  95. author

    Goudvisjuh Blub5 months ago

    Sooo Happy that this is finally happening <3 Love you guys

  96. author

    Mariana Vela5 months ago

    good luck guys! i love you all! TRY GUYS FOR LIFE!

  97. author

    Keely Greenfield5 months ago

    The Try Guys have their own channel now?!?!? I have literally not been this excited since I found out that The Hobbit was being made into a movie(s)!!!!! 😍😍😍

  98. author

    Laura Leuro5 months ago

    So they left Buzzfeed??

  99. author

    Sukhmani Singh5 months ago


  100. author

    rapmom5 months ago