Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson

I am Gus Johnson. I do comedy, I create skits, I craft memes, I make music, I crap out bad vlogs. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

ok we did itok we did it

ok we did it

3 months ago

potato chip boyspotato chip boys

potato chip boys

4 months ago

my poolmy pool

my pool

8 months ago

imbiamba jombesimbiamba jombes

imbiamba jombes

8 months ago

ok here i come!ok here i come!

ok here i come!

8 months ago

my apology.

my apology.

9 months ago

Pillow Guy AgainPillow Guy Again

Pillow Guy Again

9 months ago

Godless CountryGodless Country

Godless Country

10 months ago

baby reveal partybaby reveal party

baby reveal party

11 months ago

  1. author

    Bear that's a Dave44 seconds ago

    I loved the Jurassic Park game "Trespasser" for the PC. Waaaaay back when. Granted my family computer could just barely run it so I never actually beat it....

  2. author

    Maybe Matt Martin12 minutes ago

    Me: Gus: 👁👄👁

  3. author

    Joseph Harvey32 minutes ago

    He's the guy from scary movie

  4. author

    nunya biznes43 minutes ago

    Thank you gus for the wonderful recipe I loved it. However, my wife left me and took the kids :<

  5. author

    NordicEgg Tv58 minutes ago

    Gus looks great without the mustache. Like one of those fantasy heroes.

  6. author

    KingKeeper99Hour ago

    It's Elyse!!! I love this collab!

  7. author

    Na NoHour ago

    Sometimes I wish it would just abruptely stop after the pun was made but then there's this guitar music, lol. Generally I like it but it just doesn't always suit imo.

  8. author

    Daniel JensenHour ago

    Damn, I was just trying to watch some low budget MReporter comedy about a man who is an extreme hazard with power tools and yard equipment, I was not prepared for all these feels. Legitimately very heartwarming, lots of high budget movies fail to capture the emotion that you've got here. This is art.

  9. author

    Vinnie JHour ago

    Girl did Gus just say girl

  10. author

    Ashimoto Super DeluxeHour ago

    I love reading girlfriend appreciation posts because I remember having to write them.

  11. author

    Bear that's a DaveHour ago

    Man this really bothered me, what a complete garbage pig anus. Thanks for being such a real and humble doo Gus. You really are an awesome person, unlike the absolute garbage rotten foreskin steve harvey.....

  12. author

    Bear that's a DaveHour ago

    @8:24 Bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt, bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt, turn around, stick it out, show the world you got a...........ok I'ma stop.........

  13. author

    Subraanshu Pratap SinghHour ago

    This video should be called "Gus being sick and tired of hideous youtuber for fifteen and a half minute"

  14. author

    klirsnichyHour ago

    I was choosing between a funhaus video and gus. I choose gus and at first thought I accidentally picked funhaus. What a hoot! What a hoot.

  15. author

    Somd301Hour ago

    Gus, check your phone.. I think you have a missed call from Nashville 😉 You nailed these songs man, I'm jealous.

  16. author

    apex XDHour ago

    Damn floor gus was amazing

  17. author

    Vinnie J2 hours ago

    I'm not very good at picking things up, I thought buster was just being weird as fuck I didn't even pick up he was making fun of Doug

  18. author

    TheIdiotiKGenius - Youtube's Young Genius2 hours ago

    You deserve it!

  19. author

    Ellie Holmes2 hours ago

    Another one should be when someone shares a GIF and just writes "Mood"🤨

  20. author

    Chase Adams2 hours ago

    This is why I buy CDs

  21. author

    OnixTV2 hours ago

    Why didn’t you do black face

  22. author

    Lil Kitteh2 hours ago

    '' *Hnnnnng* I hate context! ''

  23. author

    Inferno Frog2 hours ago

    Why did he delete his latest vid?

  24. author

    Subverted Expectations2 hours ago

    I dunno.....the last jedi really......subverted my expectations.....

  25. author

    Bind Media3 hours ago

    Oh dear

  26. author

    Kawsaki Music3 hours ago

    Geez, I can't even comment on this one

  27. author

    alisuo toko3 hours ago

    This is going to be a running joke throughout the rest of my career.

  28. author

    T4piok43 hours ago

    Remember he shit on guava juice for being stupid and random

  29. author

    T4piok43 hours ago

    So this is how nadeko turned into a sanke god I didn't kniw gus and nisioisn did a colab

  30. author

    Hussein3 hours ago

    fake news fake video he said Chris's fans are going to dislike I dont see that btw great vid

  31. author

    Elliott3 hours ago

    I'm not sure he got a haircut

  32. author

    T4piok44 hours ago

    1:17 that blush

  33. author

    Trollpig1114 hours ago

    Of course I know him, he’s me

  34. author

    AnkanBob4 hours ago

    Instantly lost my boner

  35. author

    Testifakit4 hours ago

    Lol the way he comes out of the bathroom is perfect

  36. author

    Rosalina Sanchez4 hours ago

    Fuck Wendy

  37. author

    Ian Rennhack4 hours ago

    It is currently 2:02am. I am in Portage, Wisconsin. I have awoke my roommate from the pure gut wrenching laughter. This is what god intended humanity to create.

  38. author

    Garrett Feeman4 hours ago

    You know,.... I did like that song,... Did...

  39. author

    MelonieWithanO4 hours ago

    You looked really hot in the thumbnail

  40. author

    Farrux AL4 hours ago

    What is Crans? Never mind, I will just Bing it.

  41. author

    Daddy Raisin5 hours ago

    wait... but what’s the topping on the 71st free domino’s one topping pizza??

  42. author

    Nick Botz5 hours ago

    Bruh got me tweakin, genuinely watching this for the first time feb 29 2020

  43. author

    I'm Basically Santa5 hours ago

    Damn do you and sabeeebeee play harmonica like that together? 🤨😉

  44. author

    I'm Basically Santa5 hours ago

    Lol just saw this today February 29 2020 wouldn't have made it if it weren't for the existence of leap years beh-beeeeeee

  45. author

    comradepeggyhill5 hours ago

    I think if ther s a topic you’re passionate about and have an original take on, then the desk videos will come out great.

  46. author

    Megan Z5 hours ago

    Feb 28, 2020 Well, as a girl coming from a video where you were my older brother, calling me your brother, I can confirm, I, in fact, am indeed not a male. But a feeeeemale. So yes, I am one of the only girls to watch you, apparently. And happy to. Found you out a long while ago with the JK Rowling vid and didn’t sub until recently. I’m sorry bout the jalapeño stems, that’s just cruel. 😭

  47. author

    Instant Regret Playlist5 hours ago

    I thought the birth defect was going to be dead

  48. author

    Instant Regret Playlist5 hours ago

    chad fucking pranks homeless people to death

  49. author

    Sol-J5 hours ago

    Sergeant chevron's, special LT. Nice

  50. author

    Cesar Sanchez6 hours ago

    How does he look older in this video

  51. author

    T4piok46 hours ago

    The original french pronounciation is _krah - youh_ So the correct pronounciation is _crey - on_

  52. author

    Zombietacooo6 hours ago

    If gus wasn't funny... this would be his actual job. Oh wait he isn't funny 😘 jk baby i love you gus

  53. author

    NuclearHedgehog6 hours ago

    orca's pfp is Sun Tzu

  54. author

    Kangadrew6 hours ago

    Ah, misdirected again

  55. author

    Liquiid_Sword6 hours ago


  56. author

    Kinda Somthing6 hours ago

    At the end I realized cancer did it for me

  57. author

    Kathleen McCauley6 hours ago

    that was savage

  58. author

    NuttyZeroNut7 hours ago

    I feel like this is gonna happen to Joji in near future

  59. author

    rumayorjulio7 hours ago


  60. author

    nerd7 hours ago

    reading the title gave me a stroke

  61. author

    BoleynGirl37 hours ago

    r/wooooooooooosh,for many in the comment section,and for the many more to come :/

  62. author

    OmniscientPickl7 hours ago

    Imbiamba Jombes's alter ego

  63. author

    Yuliet Lopez7 hours ago

    :/ bruh

  64. author

    OmniscientPickl7 hours ago

    Part 2 pls?

  65. author

    Yuliet Lopez7 hours ago

    2013: "crys" 2020: "crys even hard"

  66. author

    woah is me8 hours ago

    This is art

  67. author

    fhilbo17018 hours ago

    Nice clickbait, masterbaitor

  68. author

    Ashimoto Super Deluxe8 hours ago

    Mics so hot they are cutting through random objects and getting millions of views.

  69. author

    Jenna L8 hours ago

    You guys don’t remember all the scenes snaps was DIRECTLY depicted as a single mother? Come on guys that one was clearly in the story the whole time

  70. author

    Maddysin Leigh8 hours ago

    My grandmother to my mom when she was a teen: don’t trust everything you read My grandmother today: did you hear Obama eats babies?

  71. author

    Maddysin Leigh8 hours ago

    I was honestly expecting worse

  72. author

    Female_Coochie_Inspector8 hours ago


  73. author

    Tristan Knoblauch8 hours ago

    So funny

  74. author

    Tboy 2058 hours ago


  75. author

    Goatsy8 hours ago

    Ha, you fools! I have AirPods. I am unstoppable, do not try to defeat me.

  76. author

    Tombee 1238 hours ago

    Twitter is that but no conversation.

  77. author

    Jonny Oosik8 hours ago

    Other than what I learned in this video, I have no idea who the fuck Chris Brown is. Sounds stellar.

  78. author

    Maddysin Leigh8 hours ago

    Is the K for Christ?

  79. author

    Maddysin Leigh8 hours ago

    Dammit Jermaine!

  80. author

    Wesley Farnsworth9 hours ago

    yea u shud

  81. author

    PaintyTheBrickWall9 hours ago


  82. author

    Eated Cringe9 hours ago

    We must find the guy who manually claimed the video and manually claim his life.

  83. author

    Jack park9 hours ago

    This guy can morph into any age.

  84. author

    Donny Patoine9 hours ago

    Such a passive aggressive masterpiece

  85. author

    Michael Schuhler9 hours ago

    this is literally Paradise By The Dashboard Light

  86. author

    Eckelrock9 hours ago

    "I seen"

  87. author

    Zageri9 hours ago

    Wheres the music vid at

  88. author

    Laurel Behrend9 hours ago

    Top five favorite hot chocolate brands? Idk but Swiss Miss is definitely on the list

  89. author

    Colton Winters10 hours ago

    That hair ain't in regs boy!!!

  90. author

    Ham_Salsa10 hours ago

    I’m deeply offended by this and hundred percent agree

  91. author

    Jessica P10 hours ago

    Bro just tell them no stems..

  92. author

    Wesley Jordan10 hours ago

    CEO of being a Special Lieutenant while wearing Sergeant lol

  93. author

    Cadberries Official10 hours ago

    Special Lt new favorite rank

  94. author

    SSJ Carl10 hours ago

    WELL i guess this is the part where i tell you im chris hansen and the cameras come out.... and i say..... YOU GOT FUCKING TROLLED! OHOHHHHHH

  95. author

    your creepy emo cousin10 hours ago

    This must be a drake and josh lost episode

  96. author

    wnnalis cioov10 hours ago

    “Fur babies” I gagged at the sound of this

  97. author

    Cai Palmer10 hours ago

    dad please stop im scared

  98. author

    BookeaterStroryeater10 hours ago

    guys, she's not lewd. being lewd has a air to it. she's just a basic bitch promoted to television and bullying people because that what bitches do

  99. author

    BookeaterStroryeater10 hours ago


  100. author

    Lechucito2411 hours ago

    worth it.