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    brandon britton3 hours ago

    is the kid behind her in mcdonalds having a aneurysm

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    prasiddhe Sharma3 hours ago

    Decorate with clours thing

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    Addison Hatcher3 hours ago

    Boy . I'm the only boy in town Me . you're dad is a boy isn't He

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    Alyssa Espinoza3 hours ago

    The earth is round

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    Amelia’s club3 hours ago

    Hi lia

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    Ty J3 hours ago

    2 days into my birthday when this was posted

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    CookieKook 133 hours ago

    Century-old apple that means they have to wait a century 4 the Apple 2 age and I will be dead by then

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    Ian Thompson3 hours ago


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    freddy fam!3 hours ago

    A month

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    Lonely Nuggetz3 hours ago

    Im not sure if I'm stupid because I don't understand anything she said

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    shanyroo3 hours ago


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    Eventing _ Fury3 hours ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: The Fanta: Sssskrrrrrrrrrrrrrttt 😂😂

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    Kristin Coles3 hours ago

    I'm not good at math and I'm in 4grade

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    Jazlyn Aldrich3 hours ago

    It looks good i saw worst

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    Silva Lara3 hours ago

    Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball supr .

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    Em&Em Em&Em3 hours ago

    Wait are you dating one of them or both because I have always been so confused

  17. author

    Cali Girl3 hours ago

    Were related then

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    Ali Ammar3 hours ago

    Wtf is this

  19. author

    ray ray3 hours ago

    9pm and up

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    Kye Kyes World lee3 hours ago

    I'm not alone to have pokemon anything or fortnite

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    Vanessa H3 hours ago

    No you didn't say wow

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    Peter Bell3 hours ago


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    Shreya Mallya3 hours ago

    You should seee her MReporter channel. It's been a year or more she's started her vlog Channel and another one for her other videos. Esp she's doing this video in which she's trying out fast food. Ugh! Idk what to say 😂 by looking at that video. Such a waste of food. Lol

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    Andrew Zapar3 hours ago

    Me beast put milk Kellogg’s Didn’t therefore Kellogg’s made a bigger bowl of cereal

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    Sketchy_ Diamond3 hours ago

    In kung fu I'm 10 and I'm a blue belt but there's a brown belt and then a black belt after those. the ranks are: White Yellow Orange Green Blue Brown Black

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    internet bacon3 hours ago


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    Ians awesome vids Wright3 hours ago

    Im a kid too 😥🖕🏻🤬

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    Rebecca Gill3 hours ago

    Sssniper wolf :slap the like button if the fruit is cuter than you

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    beast monty3 hours ago


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    Jason Mercado3 hours ago


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    Ko Pho Cho3 hours ago

    I see the ball is moving

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    ALeena lemus3 hours ago

    if a panda saw the bambo they would not have a bed

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    kingston gamell3 hours ago

    Sexy girl yes

  34. author

    Melinda Colon3 hours ago

    Hi sssniperwolf

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    XxCookieGirlxX UwU3 hours ago

    FOUR MEN Jared Dad Other dad

  36. author

    Madeline Cary3 hours ago

    i was babysitting my cousins once and the little girl put her little brother on her dogs leash and started pulling him around the living room

  37. author

    Gabriela Lugo3 hours ago

    You taking to much

  38. author

    Maksim Serookiy3 hours ago

    I do not even care Ilike it

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    rebelxheart1933 hours ago

    My last meal would be a Vegan Black Bean Burger

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    Desiree Deshay Bell3 hours ago


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    Marisol Valles3 hours ago

    The two girls are very dumb and racism

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    Alexa Rivera3 hours ago

    Wow it’s only 160 calories 😅😂😂🤣😂😅😂

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    Čĺövèŕ ţřűšț3 hours ago

    "Long Yellow Things" Me: they are pretty long tho

  44. author

    Chris Perry3 hours ago

    I mostly like leggings better than jeans

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    Corinne Ahrend3 hours ago

    If I fart I say it is him

  46. author

    Jazlyn Aldrich3 hours ago

    You have to wait 15 minutes

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    Idowu Oludare3 hours ago


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    Janelle Carr3 hours ago

    She did it

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    brianna robles3 hours ago

    4:43 WOW I LIKE THAT !!!!!!!

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    amna امنه3 hours ago

    I don't have a dad 😭😭😭😭

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    Destroyerofcandy 753 hours ago


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    Rexhina Ago3 hours ago

    Wow this is your dog how cute👏👏

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    yanek863 hours ago

    Subscribe if the girl is a spoiled brat

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    The TallCat3 hours ago

    How the heck is he not dead!?

  55. author

    Phoebeanne Gingell3 hours ago

    Why did this hit me so dang hard

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    The Big Jackpot3 hours ago

    Doesn't everybody always get their Toblerone's in 10lb increments?

  57. author

    Colleen McNaughton3 hours ago

    Lia: smash like if u hungry me: well u have 46k likes so 46k ppl are hungry xD including me

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    Jodi3 hours ago

    On time when I was in class we were making something and i was nexto my crush and cause off onions I cryed infront off him

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    Aimee Yu3 hours ago

    Series no oh and pink.

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    Yeza Dagifi3 hours ago


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    Kristofer Wodejszo3 hours ago

    get a better-looking guy so u don't get an ugly baby lol

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    mariana barrios3 hours ago

    you should try pizza with ice cream.

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    Joshua Torres3 hours ago

    You thiccccc 👅👅👅👅 sssniperwolf

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    Julianna Cotter3 hours ago

    You know that feeling when you old crush who hates you gets added to a group chat and he doesn’t know you number so he asked who it is and you reply with your first name thinking he would get it right away bet he doesn’t so you reply with “ the one you hate” and he still doesn’t get it so you have to say your whole name and you start to question why you ever used to have a crush on him because he’s so stupid he couldn’t connect the dots to figure out who you actually are and that moment when you regret all you life decisions...Well yeah that just happened to me 🤦‍♀️

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    kingston gamell3 hours ago

    Hey babe

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    Yanina Pinoargote3 hours ago

    Wow Fanta Never 🐶😉

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    Alison Collantes3 hours ago

    do you like wolf's

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    Kitty Parrot3 hours ago

    Lmao what is this

  69. author

    Lexi Kutschenko3 hours ago

    I love sparking water

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    S e ä g l ę S a s s3 hours ago

    3:08 he took of the card I was on howww???

  71. author

    yanek863 hours ago

    Hit this if she is a spoiled brat

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    Auratheice3 hours ago


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    Håkon Nygaard3 hours ago

    3:30 i did that in a swedish toy store lol

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    Davina Rose3 hours ago

    When your little sister gets pregnant before you 🙂😑😐 🙂😑😐 🙂😑😐 🙂😑😐

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    Alison Collantes3 hours ago

    hiiiiiiiiii sssniperwolf

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    Oliver Calderon3 hours ago

    No its a cat so there is no fish. 1:18

  77. author

    Sahil Waziri3 hours ago

    What was in the hole there

  78. author

    D Jackson III3 hours ago

    Woooow I was so fascinated to the video that I didn't even NOTICE 😂😂😂

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    Mariahann Gray3 hours ago

    9:04 I been there when I was younger I remember we used to be pirates and battle each other with sticks in there

  80. author

    Bunnie Playz3 hours ago


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    Keilah Cadena3 hours ago

    yesterday I was at a restaurant and I saw a credit card lying next to a table so I told the woman if this was hers and she said yes it was her husbands card when she was about leave she gave me a 5 dollar bill remember be nice it comes back

  82. author

    samuel ellis3 hours ago

    Poor bloke, was so deeply in love he just accepted it

  83. author

    Adrian Oglesby3 hours ago

    Her teeth are black as her skin 👩🏿‍🦱👩🏿‍🦱👩🏿‍🦱

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    play time with Aiden and Friends3 hours ago

    My name'sAyden

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    Myla Farmer3 hours ago

    this video was heka cool

  86. author

    Lorilye Gorrell3 hours ago

    The dad: Mommy would want us to be happy Every kid: *cries*

  87. author

    Kevin Blainey3 hours ago

    Lol XD

  88. author

    Kadence Korrine Versie3 hours ago

    I love your vids

  89. author

    wut nub3 hours ago

    2:38 i will eat it with my 😌

  90. author

    Nutty Tella3 hours ago

    Team NON BINARY!!

  91. author

    Nicola Nicola3 hours ago

    Hi Olga 😁!

  92. author

    Erica Samaniego3 hours ago

    Burn your hair if it is to tangled 🔥🤭

  93. author

    Thomas Dando3 hours ago

    Your hair looks beautiful to me! I’m in the Wolfpack

  94. author

    hasiah thompson3 hours ago

    I would never cheat on my 2 boyfriends:(

  95. author

    Kennadie Gray3 hours ago

    Hi sssniperwolf

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    Amarjit Kalsi3 hours ago


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    Josh Boe3 hours ago

    You have to keep that block there so if it's too high sorry I meant that if the tree is too high

  98. author

    Olivia Britton3 hours ago

    Venelope from ralph breaks the internet

  99. author

    Lynn Petty3 hours ago

    One time when I was 5 I got a note that said... Hi cormu I still luv u but mi moms see I'm tu litl tu had a grlfrend but can I have win Mr CIA buff we beak up