For 17 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!

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    cookie muur5 hours ago

    Ellen said period

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    true crime5 hours ago

    This is the most infuriating voice I’ve ever heard

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    2L0W LAVA5 hours ago

    1:00 "it doesnt said NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" f'n Martha, she a gangsta!! 😂💪🏽💪🏽

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    Lee Christ5 hours ago

    0:53-0:59 is my fave, I keep repeating it ❤️😍

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    Fatima Abubakar5 hours ago

    Scarlett Knows almost all the Answers!

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    Sibongile Khuzwayo5 hours ago

    He is representing us really well. As a South African, thank u Trevor.

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    Amin Tehrani5 hours ago

    My Instagram 👉 @amin.n.tehrani

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    Amin Tehrani5 hours ago

    I love you Ellen

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    antonia haymon5 hours ago

    Me and her got the same name mines just spelled like Jalaya

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    Amin Tehrani5 hours ago

    My Instagram: @amin.n.tehrani

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    Amin Tehrani5 hours ago

    I love u Ellen ❤️💙

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    Sadiksha Karki5 hours ago

    Where do we watch full episodes?

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    Yodas yodeling Yoda6 hours ago

    TikTok gang where ya at

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    Yodas yodeling Yoda6 hours ago

    She kinda learned to dance ig 😂

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    Blessed Ndhlovu6 hours ago

    She's totally adorbs!❤❤

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    Stacey Bingham6 hours ago

    Ellen and Melissa you must have read my mind. I was literally driving down the street tonight jamming to Billie. Then I thought how cool it would be to do this video with her.

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    Nelly Seda-Donovan6 hours ago

    Hubby and I went scuba with sharks at honeymoon too, and I haven't forgotten him yet 😂😂, but will be 20 this summer so I think it's a charm

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    Terry Tang6 hours ago

    She is beautiful

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    Elias Loaisiga6 hours ago

    Brittany is really beautiful..

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    courtney M6 hours ago

    Aww Chance 🥰

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    Carisa Wilson6 hours ago

    I don't remember him like this....

  22. author

    Carisa Wilson6 hours ago

    Ohh he changed.......

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    talal allam6 hours ago

    really took the chair 😂

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    Brady Linderud6 hours ago

    i just got this recommended god bless his soul

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    Artemis Mirahmadi6 hours ago

    Bali is a MReporter and is with Steven sharer

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    Estina Moshogotle6 hours ago

    I like how he makes everyone listen,even Ellen forgot that she a talk show host. He has 100% chance to be our President here in South Africa. ❤❤❤From S.A

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    Jay Levy6 hours ago

    Ellen gets to be around all the sexy women

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    jereth gryphon6 hours ago

    I cant do that this guy can he's made of rubber

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    Kyndall Harwood6 hours ago

    ok but Madea and Tiffany that would be ITTTTTTT

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    may lapyae6 hours ago

    Her voice is even better live😍😍😍

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    janaa lordd6 hours ago

    paid professionals..

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    lamasaedeid6 hours ago

    Oh my God I can feel how sad she is

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    богатырь Росси́я6 hours ago


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    Little Sunshine6 hours ago

    *And here comes Tiktok stealing every song they like*

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    Nhiel Anne Vasallo6 hours ago

    1:26 her voice was like the Google Assistant

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    Tear Drop *6 hours ago

    That one guy in the background sounded like the joker when he’s in the audience of the talk show

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    Blessing Sungai6 hours ago

    I was trying to view something, then this came on ... I just had to click

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    Fatimah M6 hours ago

    We made it!🎉 Best day ever. Thanks for sharing our love Ellen!!❤️

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    مرحبا يا سام اسمي احمد ياسن احمد ياسن6 hours ago

    Very amazing

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    Unictxy6 hours ago

    Yeeet she smiled more!! Thats mah Dua Lipa

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    phoebe6 hours ago

    i lost it when they hugged HAHSHSH

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    LiliDog6 hours ago

    0:01 - Janet? Is that you?

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    Pirate King6 hours ago

    This guy will drop 50 in 3 quarters vs your favorite team

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    blaqkhavok356 hours ago

    Who ?

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    Jasmine Flores6 hours ago

    She is still dahm sexy.

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    Noah Saephan6 hours ago

    Someone farted 3:22

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    Johnny Deleon6 hours ago

    If this was anywhere in Europe....

  48. author

    Dan6 hours ago

    Plot twist, the burglar got the phone and put squirrel

  49. author

    Memelots6 hours ago

    Indians shud see this

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    Eileen Velazquez6 hours ago

    I seriously would have left my child out like Ellen said lol and I do have kids sometimes kids can drive you NUTS LOL

  51. author

    kwinmoda Ruby6 hours ago

    I'd rather regret not having kids, than have them a d regret it later... Since this has been my experience, he's absolutely right.

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    Char Stevens6 hours ago

    Geez...Wax someone with hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sha Sun6 hours ago

    Jake is so cute

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    Peacock Feathers6 hours ago

    Lily Tomlin is incredibly funny. I used to love her appearances on The Carol Burnette Show.

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    Charmed Libra6 hours ago

    😂I have the same issue with my feet. I even shower on flip flops!!! I CANNOT walk on my bare feet!

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    Kiran Kat6 hours ago

    I love him❤️

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    MtnDewGuy1006 hours ago

    *say what you want about the guy but atleast he has some of Spider-Man’s traits; backflips*

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    Sandile Tembe6 hours ago

    South Africa we'll presented 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦thank you Travor

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    GMD SLIME 0936 hours ago

    This make me cry when I see Kobe smile because the kid was so happy to see him and hug him makes me sad because how much pain the kid went through when he noticed when happened to the legend himself 💛💜8 24 mamba

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    Santiago Rodeiguez6 hours ago

    Miss him

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    Jesse Cabalar6 hours ago

    Bailey Pain I know him from carter and lizzy sharer

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    Gift_RealG6 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 love him

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    Rana Hendy6 hours ago

    She's actually good at acting if I was her I'd be laughing specially at 3:10

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    saucyy-6 hours ago

    Bro i’ve had tiktok since oct. 2018 and i’ve followed him since 🤣 How has NOBODY heard of him?

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    brian stanziale6 hours ago


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    Doctor House6 hours ago

    Trevor Noah looks like Obama’s illegimate son. Only job he is good for is cleaning bathroom toilets at CNN and New York Times. The Daily Show and Netflix hire overrated, pompous degenerates for their shows...

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    Sarah Nesheiwat6 hours ago

    I love Mark 😻😻😻 One of my faves 😻😻😻

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    Waka Waka6 hours ago

    He is so cute ☺️

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    ღ•*JøÏt*•ღ6 hours ago

    It is kinda RUDE BOII

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    Malia Brewer6 hours ago

    Rain is so funny and saint is so gentle

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    ELDIABLO_21STK Cuh6 hours ago

    Tyler the creators older brother?😮

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    lol6 hours ago

    Wow shes changed

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    Gift_RealG6 hours ago


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    DougVale6 hours ago


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    Love life Happiness6 hours ago

    I think I follow her on TikTok

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    DarkBoomin6 hours ago

    Imagine x being on ellen

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    Why tho I suk6 hours ago

    Dude. The guy at the end wouldn't even have to prove to me he could do that. He honestly just looks like someone who could.

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    Justina Hamilton6 hours ago

    "Monterary Jack"😂

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    Alya Jazmina6 hours ago

    I love this

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    grace eubank6 hours ago

    im sorry but did yall see the noodles MOVE

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    Rynn Day6 hours ago

    0:14 😆

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    ashley m6 hours ago

    Nobody: No one: The girls dancing when justin bebeir comes out😂😂😂😂😂

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    Justina Hamilton7 hours ago

    Every body say it with me - "Absolutely Not!"

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    Zaida Gonzalez7 hours ago

    El hijo de guicho Domínguez .. jaja

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    Tasha S7 hours ago

    Joe Dirt, ftw.

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    Dee7 hours ago

    Haha haha haaaalarious 💕💕💕💕💁🏽‍♀️

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    Cezar Ulic Ulic7 hours ago

    I am sick since 8 months with severe Chronic Kidney Decease, I don't enough money to cure it, i give to God my fate but Ellen show helps to ease the pain, the humurous joke makes me laugh forget suffering thanks for wu fi i hsve the chance to watch it as could as i want! Ellen show is a miracle medicine! It gives joy at heart. If God's will, there is no impossible every things is possible! I'll keep on praying that one day He ( GOD)will grant that I can see/watch LIVE ELLEN SHOW before I leave the world.... I hope that my petition of pray will be hear More more episodes!! HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARRY!!! LOVE YOU!

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    Lizzy L7 hours ago

    Nick knows about clockwork Orange? Respect.

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    Saturn今7 hours ago

    Hahahhaa..everyone know how the coin trick done

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    Sophia Sepulveda7 hours ago

    Second girl so good

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    Abby Hogan7 hours ago

    OMG I love him

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    Emmy Hewitt7 hours ago


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    Leah Sophia Ortiz Pineda7 hours ago

    Love dua lipa

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    TwixxMiles7 hours ago


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    Jason Payne7 hours ago

    Anyone know where that was.. which theatre?

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    Liz Rosas7 hours ago


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    señorita maria7 hours ago

    Ellen you are the best!

  98. author

    TwixxMiles7 hours ago

    The look on Ellen's face 😂

  99. author

    Amna S7 hours ago

    I wish this was more believable because Sandra Bullocks is definitely crushworthy and needs more recognition than Angelina Jolie

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    Arissa Hussain7 hours ago

    Josh got the easy questions