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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wondered what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
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Losing the BattleLosing the Battle

Losing the Battle

3 months ago

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    Kickass TV8 months ago

    Nice work.

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    Alex Abrahantes9 months ago

    Great channel

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    Takaya in Action10 months ago

    Super channel, I subscribed do subscribe mine.

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    GWG Team & HealthbarsYear ago

    xbox1, ps4, wii u and android

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    Ralph GarrettYear ago

    Keep up the great work in The Lord!!

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    Mary BroadcastYear ago

    cool channel, have a look at my channel too, if you are into pop songs, thx! cheers mary

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    whitenight204 blantonYear ago

    in fnaf 4 u see so called aftons son die but that was after his daughter died in fnaf 5 mini game and not a year latter the son of mr.afton died but his oldest son the one with the mask of foxy is the one who is killed in the sringlock suit because of this in the 5th game u see mr.afton being scooped by enard or all the animatronics from the 5th game you can tell by all the eyes but in the 3 ending of the 5th game u see enard be thrown up out of aftons body into the sewers but there is a total of 4 ending the question is how would enard soon die in the springlock suit ... he wouldn't because if u listen closly to when bayb talk on the 3rd night u hear her say there was 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 witch it where baby eats or kidnapps aftons daughter and baby how she counts down sounds just like how enard or afton kills the kids he goes from 5 to 1 one bye one he kills the kids and his oldest son becomes springtrap because afton has already been killed by enard right so his son looks like his dad afton and the reason he dies is because the souls think its afton/enard but its not his son must have found out about the secret room bye acedentally stumbleing into it and saw the suit and hid but then died but in the book silver eyes by the way is a great book it is said afton had scares and his skin was sagging and his eyes were like glass that's because when he was scooped scares would form from when enard was climbing into his body the 4th and final ending spring trap says father its me Michel I did it I found it it was right where u said it would be they where all there he is referring to the seceret room and the children that afton/enard killed but his son didn't know about the scooping but he did know about his brother and sister dieing he also says they didn't recognize me at first reffering to the souls then he say the thought I was u and he found her/aftons daughter then he says I put her back together just like u wanted me to and he says she is free now something is wrong with me I should be dead but I'm not ive been living in the shadows there is only one thing left for me to do now I'm going to come find you at the end of the seen u see a sign that say fazebears fright hint hint the son it going to find afton /enard for the son dieing but he didn't because the puppet gave him life because he was inesent to but the other souls didn't know that and at the end where purple guy dies u only see 4 not 5 not 6 only 4 in the 3rd game but yet the son does not know his dad was scooped because his son was grown and had moved out the 3rd ending in the 5th game his is purple and it a really dark purple because of enard but if u but the first part of it u are normal but then u slowly rot and then enard thrown up out of the body then u here the lil girls voice say u wont die then u are revived but then u r the actual purple guy but that's after all the children have been killed and enard or the group from fnaf 5 are combined which makes them think the should stuff the bodys in the suits because that's how there programing worked and that is why they where enard got the idea from so from this point this how sister location takes place before fazebears diner and the games 1 2 3and 4 I would like to know what your crew and subs think about my theory

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    BOSSDOGYear ago

    hey mat pat whats whith the chanle

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    Siti Umayrah Hasral2 years ago

    matpat! matpat! coud you please do a theory about the phsycolgy of yandere-chan from yandere simulator?

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    Pyromancer 1352 years ago

    Tf2 deserves respect MATPAT!

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    Kenpo Rex2 years ago

    hey matpat could you do video talking about what would happen if magikarp jumped over a mountain?

  12. author

    Kt Ash2 years ago

    Is it possible that the Sister Location is a prequel to FNAF 2? I know that there was the original Fazbear Diner whatever, but what if the phone guy in FNAF 2 was telling the guard to disregard the rumors about whatever happened at wherever Sister Location takes place? Unless it is indeed a factory and not a pizzeria. If not, then forget this and I'm going to bed.

  13. author

    Toxic Waste Productions2 years ago

    I HAVE A THEORY ITS SOLID NOW STAY WITH ME there is no one joker and the joker is a virus the feeds off misery driving the host insane i came up with this for the killing joke that joker was faking the red hood meaning he wasn't the same joker who killed jason todd meaning there is more then one mat pat please get on this theory in film channel

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    Nick Dekold2 years ago

    you should so do a video on evolve monster's science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Matthew Boos2 years ago


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    Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez2 years ago


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    totoroo2 years ago

    You are obviously in this for the money and not for your fans and subscribers. Why would you make your subscribers pay to watch your videos even if MReporter made you an offer "you couldn't refuse" you should refuse it for your fans!

  18. author

    Chang Productions2 years ago

    pleas reply

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    Chang Productions2 years ago

    why did super smash brothers remove snake

  20. author

    Chang Productions2 years ago

    how does the fruits work in one peace

  21. author

    Chang Productions2 years ago

    why do you add luffy Add Zoro from one peace

  22. author

    Chang Productions2 years ago

    I am the real zoro

  23. author

    Chang Productions2 years ago

    what gender is mew two really

  24. author

    Scords the dragon2 years ago

    matpat please do more videos

  25. author

    Scifiguy2 years ago

    You should do another collaboration video. It's been like what a year since the last one?

  26. author

    AssassinGrudge2 years ago

    Hey MtPat best youtuber ever, good work u r doing specially live streaming every day. i just want to you to play some competitive 3A games like overwatch, evolve stage 2, team fortress, or mybe league of legend u and stepth jason and the dude who hacked zelda and finished it in 2 mins. it will be fun to watch

  27. author

    DenexDudd2 years ago

    Do a Skylanders episode

  28. author

    DopeyKroger Productions2 years ago

    Mat first off hello I just found your channel a couple days ago and I have watched about 50 videos. Secondly I love how much you over analyze video game I myself do the same thing. Thirdly thanks for doing these videos I have actually learned so much more in the ways of physics and science and math than I would in a normal school week. Lastly I know a lot of people don't like that you have went and started doing a series on MReporter Red but I support you, you need to make an income and MReporter Red pays you even more to support you and your wife so do what you want, I'll at least back you up. Oh and thanks again for being amazing!!

  29. author

    BEARAIN 772 years ago

    Guys!!! this is one of the result's I have reached doing my research on half-life!! 73.333333..... !! I am almost done with this theory and if I can get some help from mat pat , It will become a legendary discovery!!!!

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    Eliel Semidey2 years ago

    Could you PLEASE do a theory on Herobrine!!!

  31. author

    Steve Kille2 years ago

    what awfull vid matpat I unsub

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    15's are ugly AF2 years ago

    could you please do a gta 5 theory on the gangs and their similarities to the real thing in la also please if you use this could you give me credit you dont have to but it would be really nice but i think the gta 5 crips=the Ballas cuz their location, Latin Kings=Vagos because theyre both prodominately hispanic, and Bloods=grove st families cuz rivalry with others

  33. author

    Cluster Cakes2 years ago

    Has anyone talked about how the leaders from pokemon go look like the legendary's? They even have a leader who could be Lugia. Meh, who knows...

  34. author

    *ThatOneWeirdGirl *2 years ago

    Hey Matpat if you can why dont you come to Toronto next year for FanExpo! It would be amazing to meet you!

  35. author

    Dragon Slayers2 years ago

    i hate it because malaysia don't have youtube red

  36. author

    MicroChango2 years ago

    Can you do a theory on youtube channels turning from an interesting science show to a clickbaiting cash grab?

  37. author

    Mysterious Man2 years ago

    Why are they in GradeBUnderB's related channels?

  38. author

    Charged Electronic Concepts2 years ago

    A message in the trailor of fnaf played backwards is "Suicide Didn't Work Suicide Didn't Work" as a reffrence to the ending of FNAF world where a man is 'murdered' or committed suicide talking about something that can't be stopped and killed himself because of his accident or he killed himself to stop his building of 'unstoppable' animatronics. (Ex. Yellow eyes at the end of FNAF World)

  39. author

    Abby Pyette2 years ago

    Can we get a FranBow theory?

  40. author

    Kathryn Grinter2 years ago

    hay matt I just found a picture and guess what it has in it? a character from the mini game.

  41. author

    KatesKatering2 years ago

    When you look on the wrong channel for the Star Trek theory, can't find it, and get worried that Matt took it down because of the trolls that don't understand the basic definition of the word THEORY

  42. author

    CNN Secret2 years ago

    hcdicdlkkjdsikdwqihb MATPAT!!!!!!!!!! where to heck is my undertale theory? ive been waiting centuries for it to come out i swear to pewdiepie i will unsubscrib if i dont get another undertale theory

  43. author

    River Rider2 years ago

    mat pat I have a Amazing theory. Plz respond and i can tell you

  44. author

    Preston Bone2 years ago

    quick question: What happened to your whole "Skype Qik fan-submitted theory" thing? It's been a few years, and I don't think Skype Qik is even around anymore. Did I just miss something? Because I was looking forward to that.

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    Mad Gaming2 years ago


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    DaVertig032 years ago

    lets go tf2!

  47. author

    Martin Stråbø2 years ago

    Why isn't there made more game theory by matpat nad not culutre shock. Sure, he has a lot of valid points and views, but I came here to watch matpat. Can you explain why in comments or for matpat, videoformat?

  48. author

    Spunow2 years ago

    tf2 gets my vote.

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    SuperDevilPup_YT2 years ago

    Hello it's me

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    Psy2 years ago


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    connor horman2 years ago

    Also I really love your intro. I like to listen to it for 1-3 hours.

  52. author

    connor horman2 years ago

    Also I have a good challange, can you decode the imagine dragon's anagram. Me and my sister are currently persueing a very likely candidate, and I need the help of the one who broke FNAF Open.

  53. author

    Oh yeah that girl. She's ok I guess.2 years ago

    I hate that youtube doesn't show the number of dislikes on comments. Sometimes I want people to know I disagree with them without needing to get into a comment war.

  54. author

    Yuri soulstryker2 years ago

    Matpat i'm wondering when will you do a gametheory about fire emblem awakening especially the part when emmeryn i donot know if i'm spelling it right on when she fell from cliff head first i believe and somehow survived the fall

  55. author

    PianoBoyEDM2 years ago

    Could you PLEASE do that Undertale theory already?!

  56. author

    Hope Moore2 years ago

    Hi Matpat! Love your work! I've just started a master's program and would really like to find any studies about the "Cognitive Completion Theory" you've mentioned in a REACT video (for FNAF 4). Even if it's called something else or it is something you've coined the term for and found in your research, I would like more information since I am studying the effect the dramatic arc has on cognition and motivation. At the very least, I would like to speak with you (through email) about it and reference your work.

  57. author

    ace2 years ago

    I really want a theory on Dead by Daylight tbh

  58. author

    I'm just an Alien2 years ago

    Should do a Theory on who Zach is from Deadly Premonitions lol

  59. author

    The Wraith Summoner2 years ago

    wow mat learn to research tf2 and overwatch man you've created more drama are they at peace because of mat?

  60. author

    Matt The Latios2 years ago

    Here's a creative question: In the Touhou series, how much damage would a bullet in that series do to you IRL, i.e. excluding the fact these bullets are pure magic? If you remember the Bullet Bill video, this one's similar, only with a LOT more projectile types to account for. For an extra challenge, take into account EVERYTHING'S hit-boxes; usually bullet sprites are bigger than their actual hit-box, and your character's hit-box is almost always ridiculously smaller than the rest of the sprite. Moreover, the size varies based on your character. Have fun answering this question!

  61. author

    mmaaxxgg2 years ago

    mat pat plz do a thery on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. thx

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    Lorraine Tunin2 years ago

    im realy exited about sister location

  63. author

    ClausMystery2 years ago

    Excuse me MatPat. But I will unsubscribe from you. Don't you dare delete my comment once you read it, by the way. so yeah. Why did I do it? Easy. Because you have now become the male version of Anita Sarkissian. I rest my case

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    Susmoosious Moose2 years ago


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    BornDepressed2 years ago

    Just watched Angry Joe's review of Mankind Divided. Did I spot Matpat at 3:59? Looks a lot like him being oppressed by the government. xD

  66. author

    Jared Cook2 years ago

    MatPat, I discovered something else new, this time about FNaF 4. In the minigame following night 2, the crying child is too scared to pass the shadows of fredbear and golden bonnie on the wall. However, niether of the springlock animatronics is on stage when this happens!!! The fredbear suit appears to the child's right, with an employee inside. The golden bonnie suit is in the back room, where purple guy is helping another employee put it on. So why are the shadows there when the springlock animatronics aren't? Where could those shadows be coming from, if they aren't the shadows of fredbear and golden bonnie? Could they, perhaps, actually be the shadow animatronics?

  67. author

    Vence162 years ago


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    Grizabeebles2 years ago

    Darn you Mathew Patrick! In the past 5 years you've gone from an out-of-work nerd to internet celebrity. Now you get special access to companies like Nintendo and 343 Industries and re-enact video games in the real world. My jealousy knows NO bounds! If you have the time can you answer me one question: How on earth did you get through the hard times when you had NO idea this future was going to become your awesome reality?

  69. author

    rocketsniper34 32 years ago

    Make a theory about Halo. It should be called "Was Cortana evil BEFORE Halo 5" and on the picture it should say "UNMASKING THE AI" with a picture of cortana with an evil face

  70. author

    Em Kayem2 years ago

    Who else is getting ghost notifications on this channel? I've watched all the videos up-to-date on MatPat's channel and yet, I keep getting the "there are 7 new videos" notif per se.What's going on? Anyone know? And it's only on this channel

  71. author

    SeaBassTen10 The River2 years ago

    Assassin's Creed Book out

  72. author

    Matthew Gemmel2 years ago

    I think it would be cool to do a theory on how strong King Dedede has to be in order to pull the maneuvers he does with his hammer in Super Smash Bros. and across all the Kirby games!

  73. author

    stormsurge2 years ago

    What happened to that one deadlock video with SwankyBox?

  74. author

    Aaron Johnson2 years ago

    i cant believe iv been watching this since it began or at least really close.

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    Apekninja2 years ago


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    wildhowl0002 years ago

    You should do Fran Bow.

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    Jacob Emerson2 years ago

    wheres the livestream

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    Nicole Johnson2 years ago

    why did they livestream during the middle of the day?

  79. author

    Noodle Thefluffynarwhale2 years ago

    hey matpat, Scott cawthon recently released a new teaser image in his website,it would be cool if you did another fnaf video and try to get out some secrets....

  80. author

    Weilin Zhang2 years ago

    Please do a theory on 'stimpack' in starcraft 2

  81. author

    Mystery Man2 years ago

    He needs to do a Pokemon sun and moon why Aether Foundation is Evil video

  82. author

    boxduck372 years ago

    i choos you tf2

  83. author

    kik8bg2 years ago

    I saw the tf2 vs overwatch video... I... I have not words just I pressed the subscribe button a second time and I lived happy after

  84. author

    Jason Stevens2 years ago

    You do realize that your show GameLab is a direct rip off of Immersion by Roosterteeth and according to your recent video, they could take you out, right? But they are nice and won't. I love your videos but don't copy the best internet company out there.

  85. author

    TooManyGoodNamesToChooseFrom SoIPickedThisOne2 years ago

    MatPAt pls make theory that when Sans says his monologue "It is a beutifull day outside birds are singing " and etc on the genocide run he is talking to the player not to Chara or frisk

  86. author

    Rainknight112 years ago

    overwatch who is sombra

  87. author

    Reenaki Savi2 years ago

    so youtube is dying...i think your statement was true (well,Gandhi's statement ;)) now is the time they fight us.

  88. author

    Emerald Moth2 years ago

    who won the tf2 overwatch deadlock?

  89. author

    Tyler Adelman2 years ago

    Hey MatPat, I know you have SO much going on right now, but I have a suggestion. Why don't you do a Skyrim theory on where the main character comes from, why you're trying to leave Skyrim, what the origin story is. I was playing Skyrim again recently and this question popped in my head and I figured there was no one better to ask but you.

  90. author

    Sano The Desert Wanderer2 years ago

    Gonna unsub now. I use to like your videos a lot because they offered some interesting perspectives and ideas with enough research to back them up but now they are so far off base it annoyed me to sit through one like your Phoenix Wright video or they are made up of click baity titles and have nothing to do with in game theories. You really lost sight of what made your channel interesting, hope you can find it again.

  91. author

    Dan Hahn2 years ago

    Hey Game Theorist! Just saw your recent upload about copyright and video games. As it turns out, I'm actually a law student from out of boston that concentrates in IP law. I did my thesis on the DMCA and MReporter (a look at that whole where's the fair use discussion) there's some solid stuff in that video but a few points that are a bit off the mark (not by much, it's a nasty bit of law but a few things here and there). If you have any interest in the foundations of all that, or even a more technical question I would absolutely love to talk about it. Nintendo in particular has been an outlier recently (like you pointed out with Pokemon Uranium) with the rigor they've used to protect their IP's. It's a great topic if you're ever looking into more videos down the line on that, hit me up!

  92. author

    Arthur Blackfire2 years ago

    anyone else think he should try and explain The Park?

  93. author

    HyperTT2 years ago

    In FNAF is there any music in the games? Or are the ones on MReporter fanmade?

  94. author

    Amai Hikari2 years ago

    Hey, just thought i'd say how amazing your theories are amazing! I admire your determination for the fnaf theories especially. X) I really hope ii'll save up to watch your in real life version. *w* Thank you and keep being awesome friend! :D

  95. author

    Simon Lambrick2 years ago

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………...__,,,---~''¯'\, ……………………_,,,--,…………………………………………………………………___,,,---~~''¯¯ . . . . . . ,/' ……………..,~'¯ ; ; ; ; ;'\,---,……………………………………………………….,~'' . . . . . . . . . . _,-~~'¯ ………,,~'¯; ; ; ; ;,'¯¯¯'' '¯~'\,|,………………………………………………..,-~' . . . . . . . ._,--~'''¯¯ …… '¯¯; ; ; ; ; ;_. ,/' . . .¯'o~- '|…………………………………………_,-~-~'¯ . , . . . . ¯¯\, . . '\, ……¯¯,~*_ . /' . '\| . . . . . . . .'\…………………………………_,-~*'¯,/',/' . . . . .¯¯¯'~---,,,\,,,, .'\, ………..¯¯-, .'\, . . . . . . ,--~,' '|…………………………_,-~*'¯ ; ;;;;; | .| . . . . . . . . . . . : . .|¯'*| .| …………….."\,'¯''|, . . .,/' ¯¯'/'/…………………..,-~'¯¯; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;; '| .'| . . . . . . . . . .__,,--~'~''| ……………….| . . '\, . . '\,; ; ;|/'.__,~~-,,/'¯¯'~'¯; ; ;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; '|,'\, -,,,---~'''¯\\''~''''¯¯,--~/'' ………………/'__ '''`~-,,,-~'''¯¯ ; ; ; ; ; /' ; ;;;;; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'\, .'~,,-~''~---~''''~---~~'''¯ …………….,/'¯'\, . .¯¯,~';;;;;;; ; ;/' ; ; ; ; ; ;;;;;/ ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'~,--~''¯¯';,/' …………..,/',--,~',,~'' ;/';;;;;;;;;/';; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'~,,/'/' ……….,,~'| /' /' . ,~'~-,;;;;;;;;;;;;|;; ;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ;,__,,,,,,-----~~'''¯ ……,~'' ,/'/'/ : | .,/';;;,~';;;;;;;;;;;;'\,;;;;;; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;_,-~''¯¯ ….,/' ;,/;;;|' : :|,/';;-~' ¯¯¯ ;;;;;;;;;;''\, ; ; ;;;;;;; ;_,,,---~~'''¯¯ …,|;;;;'|;;;| :,/';;,~' |;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; '\;;;;; ; ;;,/' …|';;;;;'|;;| /',~';;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;''~-~''¯/ ..,|;|;;;;;\;||/';;;;;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;/' ,/'|;'|;;;;;;,|';;;;;;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ;,/' .;;;|;|;;;;,|';;;;;;;;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ;,/' .;;;|;|;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ,/' .;;|';|;;;;|';;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ;|' .;;| |;;;;'|;;;;;;;;;;;'|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; |' .;;| |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; | .; | |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; | /''| |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; '| ..| |;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;'\,

  96. author

    Kenneth Zheng2 years ago

    I went with my family to see Jason Bourne and a MReporter Red commercial came up and I saw a quick glimpse of you. Cool

  97. author

    TriiiKill2 years ago

    Please dude, you have to tell me where you got that clip from "Clone High!" Everywhere I looks is a low-quality version. I want to the full season in HD. Does anyone know? Please MatPat, or his animator, you have to tell me!

  98. author

    DekuScrub952 years ago

    Please do a theory about how powerful the scout's force a' nature is.

  99. author

    Megidramon2 years ago

    I'd love to see a game theory on how Dallas the Pizza Delivery Girl is actually a time-travelling savior from the future who was sent back in time to stop Skynet from existing, but instead decided to meet the parents she never was able to meet since they were killed by Skynet, the Pat's. Her father, MatPat, her mother, StephPat, and the family cat, CatPat.

  100. author

    Will-I-Am-Not2 years ago

    mat pat ur fnaf 5 theory is kinda wrong or i dont understand the time line but william afton of afton robotics is dead he was sringlocked at the end of the book