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  1. author

    Rafid Shadman4 hours ago

    Sundarbans is the national forest of Bangladesh bruhh

  2. author

    Angel Bowman4 hours ago

    Oh my. Could have been or maybe these words are usually in place if I don’t know.

  3. author

    Michael Brown4 hours ago

    Eddie is on it!!

  4. author

    MrRecklessryan4 hours ago

    The Pheonix lights were a bunch of road flares tied together to balloons!

  5. author

    SCC4 hours ago

    damn this dude is intense lol

  6. author

    Michael Brown4 hours ago

    Love your show joe.. but you don’t really want to display the truth now do you😏

  7. author

    Took4 hours ago

    you just gotta take the right dose hahahaha

  8. author

    Thomas Wackerow4 hours ago

    Keep up the good work, maybe fresh vegans butchered daily.

  9. author

    Lyle Tucker4 hours ago

    Thanks for the play. I did an episode of worlds strangest weather on the weather channel if you want to see more.

  10. author

    Dong Quixote4 hours ago

    Build That Wall!

  11. author

    JJ 16964 hours ago

    Just like Joe said we havent discovered everything in the ocean imagine the shit we havent seen probably some crazy asss sea monsters thats for sure

  12. author

    BraveInternetGuy4 hours ago

    I'd like to see a fair fight for once. Next time make sure he doesn't wear that suit and go out there and fight. Then, I have absolutely no idea who'd win. But we'll never know if there's not a 3rd fight without the suit

  13. author

    Gods Child4 hours ago

    Twitter have their heads up their asses. Stop.

  14. author

    Truthseeker4 hours ago

    Flat earth is the first topic that really got youtube coming down HARD with censorship. They have almost hidden all pro flat earth videos from their search results now. To me that in itself proves flat earth must be something real that they dont want the masses knowing about.

  15. author

    Stevie Carnegie4 hours ago

    Everything this dude says Joe is literally like what??? Dude is trippin for no reason. The show copied a lot of other sketches he cant deny it

  16. author

    Brandon Key4 hours ago

    Lol I was looking for the album GSP

  17. author

    Skyler Muterspaugh4 hours ago

    Joe, Bernie sanders is one heart attack short of being a Communist bro. Careful what you’re saying.

  18. author

    Lyle Tucker4 hours ago

    Hey Joe that's my ball lighting footage!!!!

  19. author

    Man like me4 hours ago

    Wilder took off the costume for at least 5 minutes b4 the fight, that’s more than enough time to recover.

  20. author

    Kevin Durant4 hours ago

    “Some fucking Portuguese bullshit”

  21. author

    Shivam Sahu4 hours ago

    I like that old school man

  22. author

    Amit Rai4 hours ago

    Who want Sadhguru on joe rogan podcast.hit like 👍🏻

  23. author

    InteractiveMail4 hours ago

    Only time Tony goes to a strip club is to kick Stripper Poles.

  24. author

    Synthesizer Patel4 hours ago

    There’s not gonna be a third fight. No one wants to see that. An unconditioned Fury won the first fight, got robbed by the judges, but then absolutely schooled him in the rematch. It’s clear that as far as boxing is concerned, these two men are worlds apart.

  25. author

    Brent Baker4 hours ago

    Remember seeing 3 veterans step out of the movie during that first scene

  26. author

    Manny B4 hours ago

    At first he said she had tighty whities 😂

  27. author

    Broch Slanders4 hours ago

    Studying us might help them understand where they came from and how they evolved. I agree with Joe

  28. author

    Doctor Siege4 hours ago

    I wonder I'd you got Trump on the podcast, how many people would quit watching...?

  29. author

    Thomas Bell4 hours ago

    Joe is doing his “I don’t believe this shit” face

  30. author

    Jimmy hall4 hours ago

    Looks like he got cut off from dat baby blood

  31. author

    Roddy Rod4 hours ago

    This guy is a piece of shit. Don't bring his ass on the show ever again.

  32. author

    Took4 hours ago

    one of my favorite guests of all time

  33. author

    Raw 3234 hours ago

    Radio raheem damn keep up ur good works

  34. author

    Roles Reversed4 hours ago

    Wrong Joe. he fixed Klitschko leg movement .. this then made him the fighter he become ...

  35. author

    Paul S4 hours ago

    Joe feels the Bern 🤦‍♂️

  36. author

    bvrsqzr4 hours ago

    Oh for fuck sake joe socialism is socialism. The fire dept and police dept are not socialism. Socialism is not revolutionary it's been tried and it has always failed.

  37. author

    Daniel Box4 hours ago

    I love Joe's podcast but... I constantly hear people complain about the police, education system and the "healthcare system" is a top ten killer in the country. He gets a win, from what I can see from afar, on the fireies

  38. author

    p u r e INSANITY4 hours ago

    A trillion is a million millions dollars.. .. billion equals a thousand millions.. a trillion is a thousand billions..

  39. author

    thebingthing4 hours ago

    Joes hilarious 😂 and Brian is 😎 awesome! Thank god Brendan isn’t here to ruin the vibe/conversation

  40. author

    jony fish4 hours ago

    The first female jet pilot was not good enough to be one but because of politics she was allowed to and she fuked up and crashed (died) They lower standards for fire fighters because women could not pass the physical requirements already in place. They are flooding women in anything and everything.

  41. author

    Aaron Baca4 hours ago

    Andrew Yang could have been the guy to do exactly what they’re talking about but America’s yo polarized to listen. 🤦‍♂️

  42. author

    V.ChiLL4 hours ago

    Joe's right! Life Might not be Unique to this planet..but I believe it is rare, and if we are amongst the very few planets with biological life it would be extremely fascinating to another intelligent life form..it would be one of the most intriguing aspects of study in the universe!

  43. author

    hrodBEr •4 hours ago

    Joe just repeatedly shits on this guy with his alien wisdom

  44. author

    Victor Milan4 hours ago

    This moron never heard of Von Daniken

  45. author

    Ditiro Motene4 hours ago

    Joe I don’t why or what you said but you’re sexiest

  46. author

    Karl E Paul4 hours ago

    SJW(after reading the doctored Mein Kampf literature): "Yes! The words are sound and true! Everyone should follow in the footsteps of this fellow Warrior!" SJW is then TOLD about the whole Mein Kampf bit they were just praising: <loudly>You see??!! Sneaky and Dishonest!! And their lack of intelligence obviously shows as what was written was 99% plagiarized...and just WHO was the original author? Their Fascist GOD! None other than Adolph Hitler himself! You people make me wanna wear 2 pussy hats, to piss you off twice as bad!! FASCISTS!!" ...........🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣✊🏾

  47. author

    Mister Justice4 hours ago

    So almost half a million people died in Normandy? That's insane.

  48. author

    Alexander Michalsky4 hours ago

    Tom Segura will live forever

  49. author

    Bizarre184 hours ago

    Deontay crying for a rematch bout to catch that fade for a 3rd time bronze fart bomb 💨

  50. author

    Paul Hannan4 hours ago

    Why would building 7 have fuel everywhere?. Total inside job, look into any part of 9/11 and facts don't add up. It all crumbles when u scratch the top off the "official" story

  51. author

    Otis Driftwoodd4 hours ago

    Holy fxck shoot that fxcking thing with a shotgun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. author

    nikos katsaitis4 hours ago

    maybe joe should talk with mat fraser who is a 4x time crossfit champion and a huge fan of the show. then he and all of us can have a better view on the topic

  53. author

    brian bailey4 hours ago

    If the US found a planet with people living like it was the 1700's it would be a reality TV show.

  54. author

    Thomas Bell4 hours ago

    The movie “enemy of the gates” shows the 1 gun between 2 people aspect. Terrifying.

  55. author

    Clap Saddle4 hours ago

    In my country, equality has made the draft equal for men and women. God help us if USA leaves NATO.

  56. author

    ricky rhodes4 hours ago

    Wants to spot and stalk a mountain lion!? Navy Seal or not this dude has no clue that cat will know he's there long before he's even close!! Much respect to any man who's earned the SEAL Trident but this guys fucking full of it. A mountain lion isn't going to let a man stalk it plain and simple. There's a reason they've used dogs to hunt them for decades because it's the only way to be able to catch up to them and get them in a tree "stopped" in one place. Hope this guy realizes that the mountain lions success rate hunting is like 96% if that animal circles around and jumps his ass that bow and arrow isn't going to stop teeth and claws flying from the air from behind him LOL. Good luck hunting!!!

  57. author

    Dusty Roads4 hours ago

    I look at pot, alcohol, or any other "alternating" substance, the same: I don't want it however if it's done in moderation, medically, or in a way that doesn't affect anybody else, IDGAF if you do it.

  58. author

    Damin Ledford4 hours ago

    My first day in bjj, dude demonstrated the guillotine on me... before he reaffirmed the "tap" system. Right where my Adam's apple is, there is a crunchy jiggly broken bone type action going on. I think there is something wrong there. But i haven't had it checked yet. It's kinda scary.

  59. author

    Snort Wassabi4 hours ago

    The sun and moon, night and day thanks bye

  60. author

    Otis Driftwoodd4 hours ago

    My guy he is absolutely dumb !!!!being a sociopath doesn't make you smart you know what a smart dude does shuts a umbrella

  61. author

    BRONZE AUSSIE4 hours ago

    American people are so obsessed with colour and race it's pathetic, there will never be peaceful coexistence until they close their eyes and just listen to each other

  62. author

    YeahClickClack4 hours ago

    Bezos trains BJJ everyday.

  63. author

    Billboard Baggins4 hours ago

    Deontay lost because to a man called Tyson Fury who took his pants down and smacked his ass end of he was beaten by a bigger better man

  64. author

    protoman12144 hours ago

    I won't deny the damage US intervention and relations have done in Mexico. But to say its all because of other countries makes it seem like the Mexican people have no agency. Mexico has sadly been imploding over and over again over the last few hundred years. Its heart breaking, such a beautiful country with great people.

  65. author

    Aesop Tales4 hours ago

    Joe Rogan sounds like Mike Tysons drug dealer.

  66. author

    yupi6194 hours ago

    Voting for bernie cause of his policies and you joe, never heard of the dude till you had him on your show

  67. author

    James Kelly4 hours ago

    No i don't think commentary burns off as much as chess either Joe!

  68. author

    Najib Al-hakim4 hours ago

    Joe's brain is fried

  69. author

    Ivan Pirsic4 hours ago

    "You dont think.." Let me quantify that for you, and really paint humanity in the worst shade; NO. Noone thought about it. Even the ones who suspected, I will lay odds didnt spend a lot of time thinking about it. They dont WANT to, PEOPLE dont want to... the thing that saved Harvey this long WAS the "Dirty perv" rep, so when an actress came back with a rape incident, those who may have suspected, would just believe Its 'Type A' Harv, and he got them drunk, talked them into it, and now they have regrets. Because those were there too. So it became a 'cover' for 'Type B ' Harv, Rapist.

  70. author

    Nill Gddy4 hours ago

    think about it. it just doesnt add up.

  71. author

    dagger_ rcn4 hours ago

    This dude is gonna be a cougar breakfast. There is a reason no one sees them. They see you way before you see them.

  72. author

    777dorado4 hours ago

    A raving lunatic...in a vision that has an excuse for everything...that he wants to control.

  73. author

    David Reay4 hours ago


  74. author

    lordhellsfire4 hours ago

    How do I contact jre about enquiring about getting on the show? Anyone know

  75. author

    Michael O Callaghan4 hours ago

    From Epstein to Weinstein: did they *really* kill themselves. Just waiting for it. He’ll show up dead, too. Mark my words 😂

  76. author

    Logician Divine Almighty4 hours ago

    Joe the white supremacist is attempting to highlight advanced past civilizations before/outside of ancient Africa. FAIL

  77. author

    Darr Whyask4 hours ago

    "Bernie's won three primaries in a row" Of course he has - the young want freebies.

  78. author

    Chase4 hours ago

    Anyone know what sunglasses those are?

  79. author

    Bob Smith4 hours ago

    It was easier to quit cocain than when I quit smoking. I don’t know what the F she’s talking about

  80. author

    Jerry Doekhi4 hours ago

    we are invading no planet at all

  81. author

    Nick M4 hours ago

    Daaaaaana! Get this man a sandwich

  82. author

    peter nielsen4 hours ago

    Lets Hope he meets a bear and gets eaten alive

  83. author

    Karan Gill4 hours ago

    He's the president. He should bring on people that believe in what he's saying. Same with any other president.

  84. author

    Matthew Fowl4 hours ago

    My grandad was in the war starving no food stranded alone so he says he cut someone's cock off put it over the fire and had a sasuge sandwish

  85. author

    777dorado4 hours ago

    Washed up...cause he took no responsibility...outside that challenged him personally to grow up.

  86. author

    NATIONALCOMMUNISM6664 hours ago

    if you disliked this knowing this crap kills babies there's something wrong with you in my opinion.

  87. author

    Paul Landvik4 hours ago

    Tyson says sypholis was brought back to Europe by Columbus but there are older records of some monks in a down town ministry a sec that cared for the poor and sick that had it before Columbus sailed.......

  88. author

    WhatsUp4 hours ago

    The heaviest deadlift in human records was beaten by a gorilla and he just played it like a toy

  89. author

    Julian Steele4 hours ago

    Stay tf outta politics dude. You’re a lunatic. 😂🤣

  90. author

    Angel Torrez4 hours ago

    Wats up with all these people talking down on goggins this dude is a legend 💯

  91. author

    Professor Swaggamuffin4 hours ago

    Its _astounding_ how back in Kennedys era *SO MANY* people were on amphetamines, barbiturates, and opiates. It was normal to drink at the office. Everybody was *F☆CKED UP!*

  92. author

    peter nielsen4 hours ago

    This Guy a pussy.. Damm right

  93. author

    Erik Colstrup4 hours ago

    tulsi should be his vice

  94. author

    Scott Sorensen4 hours ago

    Top o the town? Posing w Oprah? I would poo in Oprah's mouth if they would let me. I would let her eat it too.

  95. author

    Dawa J4 hours ago

    Bernie 2020!

  96. author

    Beige Frequency4 hours ago

    Now I'm picturing some bro-science chess player pounding olive oil between turns

  97. author

    Chadwick McCarty4 hours ago

    Trump is more instinctual (id) than intellectual. Rogan is wrong, Trump didn't run & become President for the betterment of the country, he didn't it with intentions for his own betterment. What Rogan is correct about is that no one should expected him to change after he became President. Perhaps this is best for the USA & what we deserve, good & bad.

  98. author

    iCu LQQKn4 hours ago

    Bernie is going to double taxes on the middle class who already live paycheck to paycheck, it wont lift the lower class up into the middle class its going to collapse the middle class, forcing them into the lower class by the tax burden of Bernie's radical plans. This is the part of Joe being a billionaire that has made him lose touch with the middle class. Bernie and Joe will be unaffected by doubling their taxes, but ask yourself can you afford double the income tax excuse income theft? Answer is simply no, the middle will be crushed, all economist agree on this fact. Nothing Bernie proposes is financially feasible whatso ever, which is why Bernie refuses to address how his plans can be paid for or they will actually cost the American people. Add in the fact that Bernie's open Boarders policy will only increase the lower class who is sucking down this free money myth. Bernie wins we all lose that's a fact I advise anybody who doubts this just look Tylers Cycle of Nations, the fall of democracies always follows the moment the voting public realizes they can vote themselves free money out of the national treasury and I assure everyone this Democratic Republic would be no different it's a proven fact no democracy survives this type of "everything is free to the poor philosophy" but its only a matter of time before a socialist does destroy this Democratic Republic so vote Bernie if you would like to start the downfall this 2020 lol

  99. author

    Faizan4 hours ago

    So much respect for Tony and Eddie. But Tony will lose. Gonna be a great fight though.

  100. author

    Christian Harding4 hours ago

    But have you tried DMT?