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  1. author

    Austin PowersHour ago

    How does he get his hair like that

  2. author

    Adrian B3 hours ago

    Fxking impossible... an AD about the perfume before watching the actual commercial.

  3. author

    Ines Berkhouwer3 hours ago


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    Safira Candra Asih4 hours ago

    Natalie Portman looked so young in this video! At first i thought that she is a teenager or 20 year old woman that resembles her

  9. author

    Cinematic Goodness5 hours ago

    Natalie Portman is a talented actress (not to mention a beautiful woman like my God) but this is honestly one of the dumbest commercials I've ever seen in my life. It's just so weird and ridiculous and all over the place (example from 0:30-0:33 the fact that it spells "love" is so cheezy)

  10. author

    Kookie TaeChim7 hours ago

    This is so unfair, don't even tell me god doesn't have favourites.

  11. author

    Amelia Smith8 hours ago

    She’s so cool and sensual! Beautiful aura and naturally so sexy look, what a woman!

  12. author

    Marissa Burdock8 hours ago

    Wait he's in ITALY?? 😶

  13. author

    Kevin Brown9 hours ago


  14. author

    Zi Du10 hours ago

    Just saying how ur neck felt? 😐

  15. author

    Danait Amanuel10 hours ago

    Rich Hundsome Genius coz get PhD in mathematics is for sure beyond smart Model and tall Great personality After all do you think guys life is fair,if you then you must be dumb

  16. author

    brian law11 hours ago

    yup ridiculous

  17. author

    Orlando Florida11 hours ago


  18. author

    Maroulio11 hours ago


  19. author

    Stephanie Bennett11 hours ago

    Can we talk about how he had a huge plate of mac n cheese? I love him😂❤

  20. author

    jp ch12 hours ago

    I am the only one who thinks he looks too boyish and not manly? I don't find him sexy 😅

  21. author

    Emma Hanna12 hours ago

    Nina: Me: <3

  22. author

    jeremy12 hours ago

    Irina loves "gay" boys

  23. author

    Mathilde13 hours ago


  24. author

    Tehran Hodges13 hours ago

    Bra gotta do some push ups 😂

  25. author

    rusticpie -14 hours ago

    Just Movie😌

  26. author

    Kevin .M14 hours ago


  27. author

    Grace14 hours ago


  28. author

    Heatz Edit.14 hours ago


  29. author

    meme rami14 hours ago

    Natalie is love❤❤❤

  30. author

    Angel Brambila15 hours ago


  31. author

    May May15 hours ago

    She looks like a great girl,hope justin won't break her too 🤷🏼‍♀️🤞

  32. author

    chewiwis15 hours ago


  33. author

    S Lee16 hours ago


  34. author

    Fenny Hartanto16 hours ago


  35. author

    •Murray• •HeleneJ•16 hours ago


  36. author

    eeeVeee17 hours ago

    0:50 to 0:55 racist

  37. author

    Mechmecha6917 hours ago


  38. author

    Mac Clift17 hours ago

    Two beautiful women!~

  39. author

    Nati Herron17 hours ago


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    Munayki Peru Tour Operator17 hours ago


  41. author

    Trap Drip18 hours ago

    I look forward to more videos.Keep it up! Would you like to be MReporter friends? :]

  42. author

    Ozge Senturk de Senturk18 hours ago


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    J B18 hours ago


  44. author

    Kazaky Ulae Pulse18 hours ago

    Without life is not myne in the less HEX!!!!!!!!!

  45. author

    Trap Drip19 hours ago

    Nice video man! Would you like to be MReporter friends? :]

  46. author

    Jakson McLane21 hour ago

    Ok, I'll buy it, I'll buy it

  47. author

    Sinking Buiscuit21 hour ago

    Gawd, she is captivating isnt she~

  48. author

    16 Northside23 hours ago


  49. author

    Panuganti Rahul23 hours ago

    Where she got the word namaste did she visited india any time.. 🙄

  50. author

    zheng chenDay ago

    Sometimes the video and the comments can both bring fun. In this one, the video outweighs.

  51. author

    Demos RouvisDay ago

    White subtitles on a white jumper. Can’t bloody read it.

  52. author

    Carl MatiasDay ago

    girls and gays step away Darren criss is mine😍😍😍😍😍

  53. author

    Shiny Purple CurtainDay ago

    The prettiest thing about her is her voice. She looks just like her dad. Yuck

  54. author

    anonymous nobodyDay ago

    Holy shit how do people like this exist

  55. author

    Margaret Rose, Duchess of PoughkeepsieDay ago

    She is weirdly pretty, I mean she is pretty and handsome at the same time!? such a unique baldwin family’s faces that her uncles have them too

  56. author

    Rohey SavageDay ago

    He looks related to the actress who played Sam in daybreak.

  57. author

    Diabla_ LocaDay ago


  58. author

    Sailanemoda FashionDay ago

    Je rêve de me voir sur une de vos magazines étant mannequin c'est le rêve de tout le monde mais malheureusement étant en Afrique centrale imposible

  59. author

    Sarah MichelleDay ago

    Hmm...maybe a I’ll change my last name to Kardashian and see if I can get wealthy that way.

  60. author

    고양이Day ago

    진짜 인생광고 ㅡ여자 사랑밖에 난몰라 ㅡ빈정거리지 말고 ㅡ넌 사랑을 위해 뭘 할수 있는데 ㅡ띵~~~~~~~

  61. author

    DA_GR8ESTDay ago

    Famous for no reason and has unoriginal style and surface level insight regarding fashion. But the same can be said about the Kardashians, Hadids etc... SMH a terrible representation of men’s fashion enthusiasts

  62. author

    AnaBorgesSousaDay ago

    Where can I buy her paintings?

  63. author

    Maite IbañezDay ago

    C'est la rose l'important!!

  64. author

    Blue SkiesDay ago

    Sorry... waaaaay too much eye make-up. The eyelashes are stupidly long.

  65. author

    Ekene PatienceDay ago

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  66. author

    Marcella TelesDay ago

    It is so obvious that her marriage with Justin won't last. He decided to marry her for reasons of need and she accepted because: HELLO, he is Justin Bieber, one of the most famous singers in the world. The media that this marriage brought to her was huge and positive. Suddenly she is Hailey BIEBER. And he, suddenly was no longer the bad boy. Now he is a serious married guy. And the funny thing is that there are people who believe this is a real love story.

  67. author

    Val SummerfieldDay ago

    Belle fille.

  68. author

    Noa Malmquist AndersenDay ago

    where can i get them baggy cargos. sick!

  69. author

    André MouratoDay ago

    2:58 Sophie with that quick check of employee's butt

  70. author

    rassta baboul2 days ago

    rich moron

  71. author

    Mufthia Ardana2 days ago

    "at first I never realized that people were taking pictures in the classroom" me : huh, come on... 🙃

  72. author

    akm. ldy2 days ago

    She looks like 45 years old.

  73. author

    tyra james2 days ago

    And now he already married with his best friend

  74. author

    Lo']['uZ2 days ago

    Its ignorant to claim someone's own subjection as wrong.

  75. author

    Pirate dunette2 days ago

    Don’t go to police when u will be kardashian... robbed 😂

  76. author

    dale like2 days ago

    Fuck sionism

  77. author

    Makhni G2 days ago


  78. author

    Mansi Sharma2 days ago

    It seems like just yesterday he was 16..... now he's married AND with a kid.....

  79. author

    Brian Snake2 days ago

    Him: Smart, great physique, handsome, and full of charisma Me: Happy Kid that's all Thank you

  80. author

    Digital Carboot2 days ago

    @yesstyle Extra 🎁 5% off on top of site promotions - AMUD2G

  81. author

    Pierre Goodman2 days ago

    All I want to hear is Natalie rap😂😂

  82. author

    thetruepuresoul2 days ago

    He is too cute! Someone who makes sweets for a living has to be sweet 😊

  83. author

    Russell Ramos2 days ago

    Gwapo uyy 😍😍😍

  84. author

    JESUS RODARTE2 days ago

    How does she have money she can't rap for shit 💩👎but she is sexy that's about it

  85. author

    Roberto Pavlin2 days ago

    Soooooo sexy..... soooo gorgeous. I am in love with this guy ♥️♥️

  86. author

    Travis C2 days ago

    If I was the camera man and Pietro answered the door like that i would've been on my knees.

  87. author

    Vladimir Moreau2 days ago


  88. author

    stynxDESIGNS2 days ago

    Anyone got the jeans ID? ✨

  89. author

    Dfyy Vvvggjh2 days ago

    شنو اسم الاغنيه

  90. author

    Alin englezu Alin englezu2 days ago

    Bravooo 😉👍👍👍

  91. author

    Leslie LeGoff2 days ago

    I only have 1 serious complaint... it said 24hrs why is it only about 4min...???

  92. author

    松井Matsui2 days ago

    This is materialistic in person 🤢🤦🏻‍♂️

  93. author

    Pi Pi2 days ago

    00:30 omg

  94. author

    Camcam2 days ago

    Bobby and billy...

  95. author

    Lolah2 days ago

    Love Pernille and follow her on Instagram, she is so chic with a natural style as are most of the European/Scandi Influencers. Her home is beautiful as are her boys. Viktoria Rader next please.

  96. author

    Rual Meeks2 days ago

    Oh this is what they do with my money wow,

  97. author

    Kingstown2 days ago

    Obi wan: "Anakin is the father isn't he? ..I don't blame him....I mean I'm so sorry..."

  98. author

    Eric Nyamu2 days ago

    that 1/3 of migos attracting that much attention.

  99. author

    Free Speech2 days ago

    Good that she lose weight. She was bloated and gained weight before.

  100. author

    domna maria2 days ago

    This was literally paris in a short video i-