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14 Days of Summer14 Days of Summer

14 Days of Summer

3 months ago

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    Ds_ Riyaz17 seconds ago


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    Zoylez18 seconds ago

    If this is blue you love fortnite 👇 (im am gifting my loyal subs🥰😘💙)

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    AncientShark13Minute ago

    Fortnite is screwed because *CubeWorld:Release* *Minecraft:1.15* *Terraria:Journey's End*

  4. author

    LuigiPacifist 872 minutes ago

    For the love of god STOP

  5. author

    puppet video3 minutes ago

    Can you bang Unitedandyboi on Xbox one

  6. author

    Jakelina Arreola3 minutes ago

    Thank you epic games for adding Batman to the game. He is my favorite DC super hero

  7. author

    Ahmad Algamde3 minutes ago

    حسبي الله على اتحديث الزق

  8. author

    Wesley Paz4 minutes ago

    I’m sorry, who asked for this

  9. author

    Noah Mareschal4 minutes ago

    Epic Games has officially printed money

  10. author

    Evan Galindo5 minutes ago

    Can you add a Area 51 map and shout Me out

  11. author

    Jake Vanderpool5 minutes ago

    nobody cares, ur game is dead af

  12. author

    Dumb Movie Reviews5 minutes ago

    Next. Super Smash Bros Ultimate *X* Fortnite

  13. author

    bshawplayer6 minutes ago

    These trailers make the players look like bots

  14. author

    3KA7 minutes ago

    Minecraft is better

  15. author

    Noah Nunney7 minutes ago

    If u still play this game 😂😂😂

  16. author

    Tyka7 minutes ago

    I’ve officially hit a new low. As in I’ve experienced batman default dancing upon my dead body...

  17. author

    EVO7127 minutes ago

    Sto rgg is from the outlands ripoff

  18. author

    PizzaManBros1219 minutes ago

    Adults: video games cause violence Video games: 0:26

  19. author

    mejs anika10 minutes ago

    Moongral got destroyed

  20. author

    soy luis11 minutes ago

    Cuando No sabes Ingles Pero aun así ves el vídeo :v

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    Ronald and Elizabeth11 minutes ago

    Can you do it again fortnite I don’t have the drop yet cause of school

  22. author

    Alonso Martinez11 minutes ago

    Why don’t you just accept that your game is dead and has been for ages

  23. author

    Puma ich - Brawl Stars12 minutes ago

    Please subscribe me i need 500 subs please

  24. author

    Arcomedes12 minutes ago

    yall done ruined batman for me smh

  25. author

    Sarah K12 minutes ago

    They put this vid out bc fortnite is dying soz

  26. author

    Legus_CD13 minutes ago

    Y hasta ahora no juego fortnite 😢

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    Xxnico93 xX13 minutes ago


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    Spicy Taco17 minutes ago

    We need Deadpool in fortnite it would work perfect

  29. author

    Anuraa17 minutes ago

    Frick you epic, you are goin to ruin Batman for me and the Christian bale movies I swear if I see a Batman dab...

  30. author

    Holley Hooks17 minutes ago

    No way

  31. author

    Lucas Jackson17 minutes ago

    On Monday 4:00

  32. author

    Dark Franck17 minutes ago

    I wish I had the opportunity to have you a gamer computer to be able to demonstrate my talent but I am still glad that what Bugha achieved is a good player.

  33. author

    GHOST AG3NT18 minutes ago


  34. author

    Ultima Gamer19 minutes ago

    *marvel is not proud of you*

  35. author

    Zevastian 199120 minutes ago

    Great, now Batman will start dancing like a moron.

  36. author

    Fatty Mobile20 minutes ago

    I bought the bundle. Great skins and items. Love the skin and duet!!

  37. author

    zack the lion20 minutes ago


  38. author

    井上悦夫21 minute ago

    on my got! it's very good event! i'm japaneseだよ笑

  39. author

    Squash Losh21 minute ago

    There’s no Minecraft x Batman, so no thanks.

  40. author

    Band - Aid21 minute ago

    Omg I hate Batman now

  41. author

    ツVinji22 minutes ago

    Why is my least favorite game in my recommend

  42. author

    A Asian Kid M822 minutes ago

    What a disgrace Putting Batman in such a bad game

  43. author

    Soda BTW23 minutes ago

    What’s the reward?

  44. author

    hoonaignachowaneha23 minutes ago

    Wow I can't wait to download Chinese spyware onto my computer so I can be Batman!

  45. author

    Edgar Leanos23 minutes ago

    Fortnite u ain’t the popular kid at school no more instead is Minecraft that’s the jam ;) I’m bean for real...

  46. author

    Eion da Panda24 minutes ago

    everyday we stray further from god. let us bow our heads in prayer

  47. author

    Ttvbtw X25 minutes ago

    Can fortnite come to iPod touch 6th generation plz fam

  48. author

    Pablo Rene Donoso Gonzalez25 minutes ago

    Fornite que paso conla temporada11

  49. author

    Taurus25 minutes ago

    Oh god please no. Oh god please no. They’re gonna ruin my favourite heroooo stooooppppp

  50. author

    The anything show 226 minutes ago

    NO! Your ruining dc like you did with marvel!

  51. author

    gogimanzilla acenger26 minutes ago

    Lets hope Godzilla isn't next G-fans.ah dang it no.

  52. author

    theycraveqxeen27 minutes ago

    Guys add my TikTok: pimpenshewrote

  53. author

    Lauren Rebecca28 minutes ago

    Where’s Jack grazer???

  54. author

    The Teacher's Pet 11229 minutes ago


  55. author

    •m!lk•29 minutes ago

    Why not marvel?..

  56. author

    Crayon Man30 minutes ago

    I pressed on the video just to dic like it

  57. author

    ʜᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅᴅ3ᴍᴏɴ !30 minutes ago

    Fortnite doesn’t deserve Batman

  58. author

    Nick 353530 minutes ago

    First, a avengers crossover, and now a Batman crossover! What's Next? A Spider Man Crossover?

  59. author

    Legocat studios31 minute ago

    Nooooooo!! they got Batman!!!!

  60. author

    Rosco31 minute ago

    May god have mercy on all the kids that still play the game

  61. author

    Jack Hogan32 minutes ago

    The media:video games cause violence

  62. author

    William Lutz32 minutes ago

    Fortnite is dying Epic games so like Batman

  63. author

    Ruby Evil35 minutes ago

    not my baby catwoman anyone but her

  64. author

    MaddoxDaGreat35 minutes ago


  65. author

    FaresTV37 minutes ago

    i dream to win money and support my family with gaming

  66. author

    blue blue40 minutes ago


  67. author

    Tik Toxic41 minute ago

    The Minecraft gods will punish you for this

  68. author

    Daniel Corvison42 minutes ago

    Tfue looked soo badass haha I love Bugha

  69. author

    Marcus42 minutes ago

    I guess you could call it... The Dark Nite

  70. author

    Excludedragon42 minutes ago


  71. author

    Enigma42 minutes ago

    Well it’s been fun map (if u saw the leaks u know what I’m talking about) RIP Map 2017-2019

  72. author

    Stromboli43 minutes ago

    Can we create the “we disabled mecs” addition?

  73. author

    The Firely43 minutes ago

    U really just gonna go and ruin my favorite hero. Let this game die already. Batman doesnt kill.

  74. author

    Asshole Studios44 minutes ago

    They took my favorite thing, Batman, and mixed it with the biggest abomination mankind had ever seen. Edit: Like if ur reading this before the Area 51 raid.

  75. author

    The Tyrannotitan45 minutes ago

    You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  76. author

    inevitable47 minutes ago

    Finally a good update

  77. author

    Alfreeod47 minutes ago

    Why does this game still exist?

  78. author

    XeNo_ Blitz47 minutes ago

    This is what Ali-A thought would happen in Season 4

  79. author

    inevitable48 minutes ago

    Finally a good update

  80. author

    iiKiller206 Clips48 minutes ago

    I want a game mode with only tactical weapons because I want a LTM like that

  81. author

    FArts49 minutes ago

    I personally hope forknight stays around it keeps all of the autism concentrated in one place so the other communities don't get over-polluted.

  82. author

    Jake Sanchez49 minutes ago

    I stopped playing this stupid game now you’re going to get me addicted again

  83. author

    zeynep erdogmus49 minutes ago

    Why is it Batman and cat woman? It should have been Batman and joker

  84. author

    Rosa Perez50 minutes ago


  85. author

    ツExufi50 minutes ago

    Only People that brushed their teeth can like this🤢 please read the bottom makes more sense Ik everyone reading this is probably going to be mad in the comments and say crazy things but im a small youtuber that’s trying to grow😔 and I would really appreciate it if at least 1 person subbed to me🤧

  86. author

    It’sjustme.2151 minute ago

    Yikes. Ok enough internet for me for today.

  87. author

    Saul Ortiz51 minute ago

    Is there a story mode for Batman and cat woman

  88. author

    jedijosh446253 minutes ago

    Congrats, you made me return to fortnite by using my comic book nerdyness

  89. author

    Harry Crook54 minutes ago

    Not even Batman could bring fortnight back

  90. author

    James Hetfield54 minutes ago

    Pos game

  91. author

    moe.mendez54 minutes ago

    Fortnite strugglin

  92. author

    Wolfie_Studios Playz54 minutes ago

    Please stop ruining everything I love. Please. Also I recommend deleting your game :)

  93. author

    Evapors55 minutes ago

    We are pure motivation if you need it! 🙏🏾🛸

  94. author

    rsdiegos56 minutes ago

    Aight imma head out. This is gettin outta hand

  95. author

    David Bueno Martinez56 minutes ago

    Where have I seen this before? May be... stories from the Outlands? :)

  96. author

    Wyatt Thayne57 minutes ago

    This isn't okay

  97. author

    Steve Harrington57 minutes ago

    Can you pls make more stranger things Easter eggs

  98. author

    Lil Snikrz57 minutes ago

    I like the way you design your characters but (not bandwagon I’ve played and it’s horrible) the game sucks

  99. author

    Manuel Tola58 minutes ago

    Como si los enemigos no se cubrieran y ya estubieran arriba mientras despliegas el aladelta

  100. author

    Mateo Mendieta59 minutes ago

    ! Congratulations bugha!