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    Dillon6 hours ago

    this man said sup to the beautiful bastards when no when else would

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    Cami Peterson6 hours ago

    Not voting for the guy, but Andrew Yang consistently & pleasantly surprises me.

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    Cami Peterson6 hours ago

    Less war. More clean water. Thank you and good day.

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    Alex Baker7 hours ago

    “i thought it was marijuana and i was very upset” 😂😂

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    Bekah Girl7 hours ago

    The older brother makes me mad!!!

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    Idan Mizrahi7 hours ago

    I don’t think we have the budget for third elections. I do not want a left wing government (Gantz) but I also do not Bibi to win again, after all he has done in the past year. But I do not think anyone else is good enough to replace him.

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    fyodork dostoyevsky7 hours ago

    Ban CIGARETTES first!

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    TheMightyRaccoon7 hours ago

    Lilly got a joke, its her self.

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    Phandom trash forever7 hours ago

    I’ve seen villainous people, both in movies and in real life, that act more morally good than these two “parents”.

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    Cami Peterson7 hours ago

    Is big tobacco behind the ban via campaign donations? It would make sense since vaping is clearly a threat to their profits. I'll have to look, as everyone should.

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    James Burk7 hours ago

    I go back to content like the office because its comfortable. I'm not recieving new plot points but the humor and delivery is something that i grew used to and i like putting shows like that on and just finding other things to do while they run in the background.

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    Yan Alvarez7 hours ago

    He said he regrets it and obviously knows what he did, why is he still being prosecuted? Nobody is perfect, and I'm sure that if anyone's life were to be projected in its totality to the public, everyone would have something to be attacked for.

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    Cami Peterson7 hours ago

    It breaks my heart that anyone could feel so helpless and hopeless. Life is an ever-changing roller coaster ride and we have such strength inside is that we don't even realize we possess. If anyone reading this needs to talk to someone, please comment and I will be happy to provide a way to contact me. I'm not a mental health professional, just a single mom with her own struggles that might just have the right brand of wisdom and set of experiences that could potentially help another human being - and that would be an absolute blessing to me.

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    lovelle spice7 hours ago

    Can you please address the Onision / Kai child grooming issue?

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    Jughead Stilinski8 hours ago


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    Christopher Kumanchik8 hours ago

    Am I the only person who thinks that people need to grow up and not worry what costumes or makeup other people wore 20 years ago, or even 2 years ago. Dress like any character you want as long as youre not trying to make a mockery of anyone then youre fine in my book. EDIT: For the record - fuck Trudeau.

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    Brandon Chandler8 hours ago

    Oh wow, someone dressed brown years ago, poor you. Stop being so dramatic. I'm sure people hate him more for other reasons, and if they don't, they need priorities.

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    nathan914c9 hours ago


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    Sissy Doll9 hours ago

    Waves from Canada. Sheer is a racist homophobe. Condemns Trudeau but give his own team a pass for similar situations.

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    lrgshadow10 hours ago


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    Qaaron Peasron10 hours ago

    Oh that Trudeau there sure is apologizing alot for all of those there things that he's been found out about, eh? Seems like he's got some of those there not so friendly neighbors who would really like to see him fall out of Canada's good graces, eh? I think that there.. eh... prime Minister is probably a pretty good guy now, eh? but eh, maybe he wasn't always that there.... Eh, friendly

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    Bryanna Bibby10 hours ago

    eeeewwwww please dont talk about andrew "smear" we're pretty sure hes a racists too. xDDD

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    Sin10 hours ago

    imho that helmet looks better than most helmets

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    Essy Chilcutte10 hours ago

    Its *Oh* the words wife and wolf are spelled the same its said Oh Kami not Okami sooo umm yeah your saying wife not wolf. *Gonna crawl back under my female neck beard anime watching rock now*

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    laid0710 hours ago

    Blackface is not racist, but I still hate Trudeau.

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    laid0710 hours ago

    Wait, wait, wait.... So, what you're sayings is disgustingly fat and morbidly obese 14 - 24 year olds are feeling like shit because they're 300 lbs? Well, they should feel like shit. Get off your butt fatso and get moving.

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    Last Gen Gamers11 hours ago

    ya know what makes banning E-Cigs so dumb? That they will ban those but they wont ban things like tobacco that also can kill you an have extremely addictive properties. Same can go with candy flavored alcohol but because those two are socially accepting they get a pass. Like how can you consider one but not the other.

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    Kaitlyn Hines11 hours ago

    I dont understand why people are going after e cigs so hard after only a few deaths when they have ignored cigarettes for so long. Makes sense...🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Sean Downey11 hours ago

    U see that Justin Trudeau that’s your career dissipating it to the sunlight ☀️

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    M&M11 hours ago

    HERD IMMUNITY some of us live or die by it. Vaccinations save lives.

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    Quincy Quincy12 hours ago

    If this was found out about my prime minister (The Netherlands) we would've been fired. I'm still a fan of Canada but Trudeau can go

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    Rossy B12 hours ago

    When e-cigarettes get banned imma just kill myself on normal cigarettes, well played.

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    e7seif13 hours ago

    Your talking about Canadian politics without knowing the deeper complexities of these issues, which you simply can't address in news "highlights" and thus are spreading incomplete information.

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    megan mazerolle13 hours ago

    As a Canadian, I would love to vote for a party that was scandal free, but not at the expense of putting Conservatives into power.

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    Taylor Johns13 hours ago

    I'm wondering if Phil will call out how over the top racist Singh's first monologue was....

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    JVCKLive.com13 hours ago

    Racist is bearly acceptable in Comedy when it's done in good Spirit, and usually an asian making jokes about asians, or a mexican making jokes about mexixans, racism is never good in a bad spirit or negative jokes, thats whats messed up SNL did right

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    imbenwolf13 hours ago

    Thee comments on the truly amazing SBSK channel are STILL disabled!!!

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    Karen13 hours ago

    Im so glad im not famous imagine everything stupid you did as a teenager being thrown back in your face. Yes this is an extreme case and there is no excuse i just mean in general.

  39. author

    JVCKLive.com13 hours ago

    Someone Punch him

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    Robinson Joe13 hours ago

    Apparently, according to one of the MReporterrs I currently watch the problem is there are people who create channels and Email addresses close to theirs with far fewer subs pretending to be the actual channel or representing that channel trying to get money and free product from companies claiming to want to work with them. These companies find the channel with the checkmark and message the channel asking if the person who messaged them does, in fact, represent them. Without the checkmark, there is no way to verify who they are actually talking to and who the original channel owner is. That will make it harder for channels like tech companies to work with tech channels to provide content to smaller channels like supplying hardware for projects and testing etc.

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    Henry Hodgson Barratt14 hours ago

    MReporterrs should really start working on unionising so they can stand up to this kind of shit tbh

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    Anna Skrzypa14 hours ago

    You might laugh at me but I’m rewatching Big Bag Theory for the fourth time now 😂😂 It’s comedy goals and I always learn something new which I have missed the time I watched it before.

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    wildflower14 hours ago

    i really don’t want a conservative to be our PM. Stephen harper traumatized me. This is coming from an indigenous woman.

  44. author

    ty b14 hours ago

    Fuxk outta here with this blackface b.s. people are too sensitive

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    Alice Evergreen14 hours ago

    Can you perhaps cover the recent news in Indonesia about the new rules about to be set in place and also the forest fires?

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    Carmen Penelope14 hours ago

    I binge the office so much to the point that I recently moved to Europe and finally bought a vpn so I could keep streaming the office (and some cable shows)... I watch a lot of new content but I love having something on in the background at all times and I know almost the entire script of the office at this point. The jokes get me every time and it feels like I’m with friends while alone &abroad

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    FalseCode14 hours ago

    Conservatives are gonna screw the country because the prime minister likes be to play dress up too much, Fuuuuck.

  48. author

    SilverPheonix15 hours ago

    The unfolding of Trudeau's situation has just been a very long laughing section that doesn't seem to end 😂😂😂

  49. author

    Papa Poi15 hours ago

    at least these creators were not unverified and demonetized after almost 10 years of uploading videos MXR MODS got that BS done to him!!

  50. author

    Ismug Ireson15 hours ago

    Cancel the prime minister xd. If only we could have cancelled Hitler.

  51. author

    Severn Fyre15 hours ago

    It should be proposed across all addictive or possibly addictive substance, that they may only contain a single flavor. Beer, Wine, Hard liquor, and tobacco have had a greater impact on society. By allowing the continued changes to the flavor it has given rise to abuse and given those substances a foothold in the financial and emotional woes visited upon every single household in the nation for hundreds of years.

  52. author

    scarcesense16 hours ago

    #FunFact - There's slightly more than a tonne of Indians. Their total weight is closer to 100 million tonnes.

  53. author

    Ema S16 hours ago

    Justin Trudeau did a good job apologizing and admitting that what he did was wrong, I thought the response of the Sikh guy was quite appropriate, he wasn’t being a dick or anything, it was a good response. The other ones are just saying some shit to appease minorities and act like they care about this issue when it’s all political. I think as a consumer of news you need to see the genuine people and recognize speeches that only have political gain as a purpose.

  54. author

    Q9i17 hours ago

    Still Popping up in 2019. Anyone else?

  55. author

    Marisa17 hours ago

    I don’t understand what the point of un-verifying channels was. I can almost understand if they wanted to have stricter guidelines for future verifications but to undo them is so dumb.

  56. author

    Cody Thelen17 hours ago

    Saying there is a power imbalance between 2 consenting adults when one is a youtuber and another is not is like saying there is a power imbalance between 2 drastically different income adults. Is it wrong for someone that makes very good money to see people that dont make much money?

  57. author

    jeff kittleson17 hours ago

    You have some crazy hand movement. It’s disturbing and distracting

  58. author

    The Re - Return18 hours ago

    I’m not for e cigarettes, but shouldn’t you also ban actual cigarettes... You know, the main cause for most respiratory disorders...?

  59. author

    BethAnn Mayberry18 hours ago

    5 years... FIVE YEARS? That guy has the makings of a serial killer. For the safety of a very vulnerable type of person, I kinda hope he leaves prison in a body bag long before his release. Yikes.

  60. author

    Ant B18 hours ago

    So, guns are just fine, but E-cigarettes and nonsense tea are out? MReporter's management works uncannily like the Federal Government...

  61. author

    mango18 hours ago

    I rewatch because the office because i forget everything in about 6 months, its like im watching it for the first time all over again always

  62. author

    Hannah Fieldsend19 hours ago

    Omg is that JaackMaate!!!!

  63. author

    OC19 hours ago

    I might be of another country with a different view on it, but why is blackening your face by default wrong? If you dress up like someone of black colour because they are an artist or it is the colour of the people's theme (in case of the Arabian night). How is that mockery, in some situations it could even be honering. I get that in the past blackface was used for mockery and I agree that's wrong, but has context lost all it's value? We have this discussion in the Netherlands currently, where we celebrate "Sinterklaas" around Christmas. The helpers of Sinterklaas have blackface, this is because in the tale they go down chimney's. Lately the blackface got swapped for some coalstripes across the face, which is fair, but also for green,yellow,pink,etc facepaint which honestly doesn't make sense. Of course it is more part of your cultures history then mine so I might not see the whole picture but is context irrelevant nowadays?

  64. author

    Isak A.19 hours ago

    So despicable seeing Trudeau’s rivals take advantage of this to virtue signal and try to gain the upper hand

  65. author

    Isak A.19 hours ago

    Jesus christ the global reporters were really digging the knife deeper in

  66. author

    jake brown19 hours ago

    I'm sure it's been said and I'm sure I'm biased but it makes me sad the amount you've covered the news about the vaping controversy affecting America. It's been proven how it's black market thc and there's so much more than what was said. I know you have a research team and in my opinion you are just waiting because you have no interest in this matter regardless of the circumstances of the impact of health of much of American people.

  67. author

    Varenya Pasumarthi19 hours ago

    As an Indian, lemme tell u that all this sounds good on paper, but not a single government official gives two shits abt implementing the law!

  68. author

    Jamie Hobson19 hours ago

    What about PewDiePie, 100 Million subscribers, well known outside of MReporter and no longer has verified mark although he doesn't care it just seems this policy is arse backwards

  69. author

    Varenya Pasumarthi19 hours ago

    You can't say Lilly paved the way for women in Late night! You know who did? Samantha Bee, gosh she's soooo underrated!!!

  70. author

    GlobalistEnemy0120 hours ago

    lol Juuling is vaping. haha Also: It's not possibly safer it IS safer, 95% actually. This is verified by the RCP in England.

  71. author

    TheNovelNovelist20 hours ago

    Blackface absolutely was just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2019...BUT a lot more people were clueless about it then compared to now.

  72. author

    buddylee1908220 hours ago

    Are people really outraged by this Trudeau thing? Or is this just the media playing the division game again? I'm truly curious.

  73. author

    June K20 hours ago

    If I had a daughter as stupid as Olivia Jade, I wouldn't pay money to cheat her way into university.

  74. author

    fearsomestm00c0w20 hours ago

    Israel should dissolve itself

  75. author

    June K20 hours ago

    Scheeryl Sneer is the biggest hypocrite in the world as far as I'm concerned.

  76. author

    Pig Milk21 hour ago

    th-this forced stu-stuttering doesn't get your p-point across

  77. author

    Shelby Britton21 hour ago

    Can you cover the huge Onision outrage and pedo accusations? There’s apparently a thing about getting him off social media and him “grooming” underage girls. The worlds gotta know because children can/will/have been taken advantage of.

  78. author

    erhaboriE21 hour ago

    Trudeau is an idiot, but he isn't racist. I literally hate our federal government, ugh

  79. author

    aemidaniels21 hour ago

    Why dont they just make full checks mandatory for any position of power? Collect every single post, picture, recorded statement, drawing, writing, test, everything you have ever put into the world from the moment you are born and if there is a single issue then you cant be a leader of anything. Because stuff you did in highschool makes it so you cant be a good person at any point in your future.

  80. author

    carl21 hour ago

    so her show is fully based on being racist????????

  81. author

    Uncommon Sense21 hour ago

    Trudeau made a mistake, and what he did had racist connotations, but I feel like it’s worth taking into account that it was 18 years ago. People change, that’s a long ass time. I don’t follow politics much, but he never seemed like the racist type to me. I think it’s more likely he was being an idiot than purposely being racist. He should 100% still be held accountable and criticized for this, but i don’t think people should automatically assume he’s racist currently. I don’t think people should change their votes over this, it sounds like he just did something really dumb and genuinely regrets it.

  82. author

    chaseblinz21 hour ago

    I know a lot of people who rewatch long running shows on Netflix , Hulu whatever because “background noise” it’s good funny and you just do whatever you normally do with something you already know. You don’t have to focus on it because you already seen it

  83. author

    AMGrafix Studio21 hour ago

    MVMT Watches SUCK Phil! They remove bad comments on all their social media and their customer service is terrible.

  84. author

    Don Frye21 hour ago

    Liza is so cringey

  85. author

    nanawashere22 hours ago

    I’m not shocked regarding Justin Trudeau.I applaud him for apologizing for his actions . These things are just coming out just because they don’t want him to be re-elected . His blackface time was during high school and young age, people did dumb shit when they are young . I forgave him and I hope Canada does as well. Among all the candidates, he’s the one that has #climatechange as one of his focus , so I hope Canadians vote for him.

  86. author

    reebers8922 hours ago

    The only "older show" I've watched is Grey's Anatomy, but I've been watching that exclusively on Netflix for years because I don't watch TV. I guess I understand that way of watching these older, longer shows? But to watch it all on TV and then also watch it on a streaming site? I don't understand.

  87. author

    Sir Dragon Moon22 hours ago

    E-Cigs are something people should understand what is truly the problem in regards the heavy amounts of under age using them and how people think they are not getting affected just cause its less damaging but still damaging. But like why do you expect india to make the right decisions with such stuff.

  88. author

    EliteChingon22 hours ago

    A year-and-a-half has passed and incompetent Trump is yet to win his easy to win trade war, we now see why he has filed for bankruptcy so many times and most of his businesses have failed. he is both an incompetent businessman and president

  89. author

    Danielle Murray23 hours ago

    I'm honestly not mad about the e-cigarette ban, but they should also ban normal cigarettes in that case too

  90. author

    uninvincibleete23 hours ago

    There's a difference between treading the line on a sensitive topic to take risks vs. just using an hour-long string of racial slurs and then hiding behind a half-assed 'I was trying to be funny' claim. Comedians who are actually funny--and audiences who'd be watching--know the difference. As a business SNL has every right to decide who they hire and how those people represent their brand both in and out of work. This is a direction they very validly chose to steer away from. I'm a big believer in 2nd chances and learning from past mistakes. To me the response to all this shows that SNL has learned from previous poor choices and wants to be better, whereas Shane has learned nothing and is only interested in throwing a pity party for himself. Good riddance.

  91. author

    TorQueMoD23 hours ago

    Legislating tobacco or vaping products doesn't help. What you need to do is tax the shit out of those products and use that income to directly fund education on why it's harmful. Restriction isn't going to change kid's minds, you need education.

  92. author

    TorQueMoD23 hours ago

    Reason I re-watch series I've already seen before is because most of the time I catch elements on the second watch through that I missed or didn't understand before. This is especially true with an ongoing series like GOT. For something like BBT or Friends, it's just because after watching the characters for so long I end of kind of missing them so re-watching the series feels like catching up with old friends :)

  93. author

    gavman888Day ago

    PLEASE do Mr. Beasts tree planting video!! Or at least give a shout out!!

  94. author

    Thomas SDay ago

    Comedy is almost completely dead. Only a few pure comedians remain. God save the comedian!

  95. author

    SublimekDay ago

    Andrew Sheer shouldnt be talking cause he's said and done far worst but nobody saying anything about that Sheer an absolute snake

  96. author

    Remi KobayashiDay ago

    I can't remember if you've talked about it on the show, but as another measure to reduce negative mental health effects, Instagram is trialing hiding the like-counts on posts. It's being tested on users in select countries like Japan and Canada. You can still see who's liked it, but not the overall like count, so it shows up as "____ and others". I think it's genius, and I've been enjoying Instagram since.

  97. author

    SublimekDay ago

    So all of the Cigarettes companies are losing so much money to this is another real big reason for this crackdown and fear mongering

  98. author

    thechucknorrisofNSMBDay ago

    I'm confused as to why people think Trudeau didn't apologize. Is there something I'm missing here? It looks to me like he's already apologized at least twice recently.