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    Lucy Sarabia2 hours ago

    Crickets .. No one cared! Hahahah true!

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    Cristina Wilson2 hours ago

    This was an epic collab. Don’t know how I didn’t see it before. Jeffree you are hilarious 😃

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    Amandarae Gauci2 hours ago

    winged out jesus <3

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    Vanessa Bukanas2 hours ago

    Omg que mall es esta estaban tocando Los Angeles azules que chido 😍😍😍

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    Sushila Balu2 hours ago

    When he said if they have James Charles pallete I died in my bed 💀😂

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    human2 hours ago

    Jeffree laughing everything time he says 135lbs knowing he’s hardly 120lbs

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    sydney huffman2 hours ago

    omg he said 2017

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    Dan2 hours ago

    The amount of gasps, screams, and epiphany's in this video is amazing.

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    Xx.dolanfan.12xX 12342 hours ago

    starting from 13:33 Shane is literally me when i’m laughing so hard and being stupid and laughing at the stupidities things and shane is literally me the whole time getting it in my mouth and everything and Youre just my friend laughing along at the stupidest things i do and 17:27 shane is literally me whenever i have a drink in my mouth and i laugh

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    fiona macdonald2 hours ago

    the dolan twins are literal millionaires and yet the cups they use are the same one my broke ass gets at target for 59 cents. i love that they're sTaYiNg HuMbLe

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    S2 hours ago

    jeffree looked like a lesbian lmaosnsjkskjs

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    HotEmoToaster2 hours ago

    *I love jeffree but picky eaters are my least favorite people...*

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    Tanish upreti2 hours ago

    Damn... This a nigga...

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    adrianna spear2 hours ago

    this video fucking sent me 😭😭

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    Cristina Wilson2 hours ago

    “ Fuck the signal we’re leaving my house “

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    RealTalk _Z2 hours ago

    A day in Disneyland please.

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    Celestte Velazquez2 hours ago

    Did any of my Latino/as peep that cumbia in the background when they were eating the ice cream 👀🎶

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    J_dope2 hours ago

    I think Nathan loved making this video the best. 😂

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    Greiner G2 hours ago

    try funko cosmetics

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    AV6Q2 hours ago

    Ok, this is my first actual JS video, and wow, great presentation, loved what they had to say about Gaga's products. I feel like you gave me your honest thoughts, and tbh, you're actually really gorgeous even with just foundation on. Getchu werk, Jeffree. Wonderful impression. 😚 Not even that into makeup, but you got me. *Subscribed.*

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    GinjaNinja 292 hours ago

    Wow this was amazing to watch they would be amazing friends to have you would never stop laughing! ❤ lovely that he out a couple of wee things in for the bf too.

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    cathy padeena2 hours ago

    ilove jeffreestar ,she look super gaga now

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    Ochako Uraraka2 hours ago

    Nobody: jeffree: *ITS **4:20** WHERES THE WEED*

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    amaris sarah2 hours ago

    If they would’ve gave jeffree a widows peek hair line like the twins omg they would’ve been identical 😭

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    Trinite Vincere2 hours ago

    Don't give Jeff Bezos another cent of your money. Don't support monopolistic, anti-consumer practices. /rant

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    Mia Mullin2 hours ago

    What if you put makeup on your tattoos that have faces?

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    Ailsa Ni2 hours ago

    I heard bells did JS get a cat?!? I hope so ❤️

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    Dan2 hours ago

    Believe is low-key coming for Elf.

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    Siobhan Swanston2 hours ago

    If you do a BMI calculation based on Jeffree's height and weight, he comes up as very underweight (BMI approx 18.2) . If it is metabolism, sounds like an overactive thyroid. Sorry, bit off topic, i am interested in healthcare thats all (no judgement involved). For someone with an overactive thyroid, trying to gain weight or maintain weight is very difficult.

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    Jessica Maes2 hours ago

    When Jeff was climbing the rope at the gym I lost it!! This was one of the best videos I’ve ever watched!

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    Janet Roman2 hours ago

    Love Jeff’s new transformation 🥰😂

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    Nyxx xxyN2 hours ago

    Coming down the stairs when he got changed, he looked like Travis Barker from Blink182 😂

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    Heather Poyner2 hours ago

    Are you sitting on a toilet? Lol

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    Bibiana Egbunike2 hours ago

    jeffree: your net worth is crazy girl * searches for Lady Gaga Net worth * * SHOOK *

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    Sinequanon J2 hours ago

    6 of each item. Is anyone seeing the symbolism? 😈✡️

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    MEMEME2 hours ago

    Jeff Dolan is me trying to look hetero at school lmao

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    Max Caron2 hours ago


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    Juice Box2 hours ago


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    Moxy Girl2 hours ago

    Do the wing stickers look like stickers in person ? Or do they look like real eyeliner?

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    Gavin Rice2 hours ago

    Hey Christians lets take OUR rainbow back

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    just Maj2 hours ago

    I live in gr on Plainfield

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    catalina caliope2 hours ago

    I really don't put on make up but I ❤️ watching JefreeStar put on make up. So gorgeous ❤️

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    Chasity Randolph2 hours ago

    Jeffery lookin like a divorced hot mom.😂😂😂😂

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    kerrie daniel2 hours ago

    It’s actually freaky how similar you look to lady Gaga with all her stuff on ur face 😂😂😂

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    laney berg2 hours ago


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    Kimberly Schouppe3 hours ago

    For that price just for some brushes made by a Jenner, I would expect more glitz and jewels etc in stead of a bland silver cheap looking and feeling dollar store bag. For the prices people pay she needs to step up her wow factor.

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    Boys 4 Life3 hours ago

    I’m sooooo hereeee 💁🏻‍♀️✨💯 I finally bought my Morphe x Jeffree Star 🌟 brushes & make up! Love itttttt Now let’s see if I’ll support our Gaga 😁🥰

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    madi.shrek3 hours ago


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    Starr Marie3 hours ago

    Jeffers face at 7:30 bruh I died 😅

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    FragileBonedKid3 hours ago

    Imagine Jeffree keeps working out and ends up like them lol

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    Chris Coleman3 hours ago

    Jeffree I love how you dgaf and are humble at the same time I wish more people were like you

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    Maddie Hoff3 hours ago

    This is my favorite video and I literally watched it all the time I have a problem

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    498jackie3 hours ago

    Jeffree star cosmetics 💯💯 so even if jeffree a-proved I will never try

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    Kylie Gomia3 hours ago

    Jeffree is absolutely perfect. And a hot man

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    Katie B3 hours ago

    Those Birkins are amazing!!! I’m always late for giveaways 😩😩😩 I want to go to a Dollar General now! I WAS under the assumption that the were actual dollar stores though, so that’s disappointing lol

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    Shelby Reed3 hours ago

    ummmm jeff is kinda hot js

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    Stephanie Clark3 hours ago

    You look great!!! LOVE the green shadow too ❤️! All the products look good...really liking that lace too ❤️

  58. author

    Jessie1503 hours ago

    She’s selling... face stickers?

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    hailey flower3 hours ago

    I fucking lost it at the “love you babe” fist bump 🤣

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    Sakura kitty cat Emmy Smith3 hours ago


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    The Cousins3 hours ago

    3:07 IM CRYING

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    Sonia Lara3 hours ago

    I like him better like this

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    Leah K3 hours ago

    Why are you so GORGEOUS??😍🤩🌠💖🌟

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    L DB3 hours ago

    I’m screeeeeeccchhhhhiiiing 🤣

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    Bby Reid3 hours ago

    ; giveaway ; hi, how are 'yaaaAaah.

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    funtomco3 hours ago

    this is the first time i've ever been attracted to jeffree LMAO! and im a lesbian

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    Sarvjit Dhadda3 hours ago

    Love you

  68. author

    Allourie3 hours ago

    I love you Jeffery

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    Sakura kitty cat Emmy Smith3 hours ago

    U need to share some of that frosting with me

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    xxarmyblink xx3 hours ago


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    l l3 hours ago

    Damn, just looked like one of the boys

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    sheltonp1003 hours ago

    Ok so I have obviously heard of you but I’m not like a youtube person I never watch youtube videos or channels but my boyfriend has been playing video games all day for the past two days (he never does that) and I saw one of your videos pop up and watched it and now I’ve been watching you non stop you are sooooooo dope. I’m obsessed now.

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    Francisco Carrillo3 hours ago

    Tell me why does this dude look like roger from American dad 😂

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    melanysbetterside3 hours ago

    This was cringe

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    kitty كيوت3 hours ago

    وش وضعك يا عجوز قريح😒 لا و خاق علا الشكل☺شعرا زي شجرا بايل عليها واحد😂 ودي اعرف وش يحسون فيه كتمااااااااا 😲خلاص لعنك الله تعبنا يا ولد🙀

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    Ryan B Moore3 hours ago

    i love that he's low key trolling them the entire time, and they are oblivious to it

  77. author

    O P3 hours ago

    so bizarre loll

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    Raeleane Flores3 hours ago

    Could you a full face using only beauty bakeries products?? I feel like you’re the only one who even talks about their products and just them in general.

  79. author

    KIW_I Walker3 hours ago

    am i the only one that thinks that jeffrey looks like nate in this video

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    Kristen Garcia3 hours ago

    Follow me on ig: kristenjordan_

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    Kristine Elizabeth3 hours ago

    We have them in New York.

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    Cinthia Rueda3 hours ago

    I just got offended by jefree cause my mom worked so hard for my family ... she worked at TJ MAX..jefree if u read this u made me depressed

  83. author

    Kennedy Marie Schultz3 hours ago

    So many purses omg !!!:)

  84. author

    Makenna Hodorovich3 hours ago

    I live in Grand Rapids

  85. author

    Aban ASFAR3 hours ago

    Is she girl or a boy

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    Kristin Gorden3 hours ago

    Jeffree: OMahgawdddd! I have wanted to order your makeup and accessories 4EVER! I recently bought skin frost in dark horse, velour liquid lipstick in Gemini (that is my astrological sign) and the cucumber mint lip scrub. I love the lip scrub! It tastes so goood and workksss so well!!! I just ordered the silver chrome hand mirror. When you were doing the Haus Cosmetics review and said that the mirror would be available for purchase on Sat Sept 21, I waited to complete my newest order so I could get that MIRROR. I bought the baby jawbreaker palette, androgyny lipstick and safe word lip gloss. I am now a JSC girl. You cracked me up when you followed the makeup tutorial from 1969. I love you Jeffree!!! Jeffree Star 4EVER!

  87. author

    Taco Kitty3 hours ago

    Ahhhhhhhh! Grand rapids?????? That's like not even 15mins form where I live! Crazzzzy

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    Kendra W3 hours ago

    *looks at the camera* I love blazing 🤣🤣😘

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    Jungle Theme3 hours ago

    omg... I didnt watch this because I didnt recognise you hahahahah

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    human3 hours ago

    Jeffree has never looked more feminine to me than when he’s dressed as a dude 😂

  91. author

    Madi Ladi3 hours ago

    Jeffrey honestly you looked hot ngl

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    liliana cervantes3 hours ago

    I want to see a Florence by mills review..

  93. author

    Chelsey Brett3 hours ago

    Even when I'm having a really bad day Jeffrey always brings a smile to my face..and shane even if i try not to smile or laugh lol thanks guys!

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    Anne Kozlowski3 hours ago

    yes yes yes

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    MelissaCX3 hours ago

    Nate did a good job ..I'm shook

  96. author

    Della Jones3 hours ago

    That makeup bag is a awesome club clutch js

  97. author

    Holly3 hours ago

    39:28 minutes of me drooling over Ethan

  98. author

    Angel Herrera3 hours ago

    The lip colors you chose look 🔥 on you! It’s too perfect that the names were “drag” and “blaze” 🤣 Also, I’m loving your new chrome mirror!!!💖

  99. author

    Jessie Caldwell3 hours ago

    I know it's not your usual popping style, but the subtler look really makes your eyes stand out. I think it looks lovely!

  100. author

    Duchess Sekhmet3 hours ago

    that moment when u dont have space anymore to swach the lip liners. love your tatoos dude