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We Broke Up.We Broke Up.

We Broke Up.

Month ago

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    zeest kalim4 hours ago

    This makeup look really suits you Jefree💕❤️ you look CUTE!!

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    Liesl Clarke4 hours ago're gorgeous, have such talent and am a true entertainer! 😍

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    Cee Vee4 hours ago

    I got mine Autographed by Robbie Daymond who is the voice of Tuxedo Mask :)

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    roth shru4 hours ago

    The problem is that fans need to start taking some of their actions more seriously when they post, ship or "expose" of people who are in a relationship or even for those who aren't, or haven't publicly announced anything of that nature yet. It puts pressure on the people involved. So what if Jeffree is a celebrity? Hes still human, him, her them, whatever Jeffree goes by they are STILL HUMAN. We idolize these people so much, we lash out thinking they won't respond they're too famous to respond and if they do, everything they have to say about it will be scrutinized and criticized. The fact of the matter is, that you probably won't do this to some other, random couple you know, so why do this to them? Because they're famous? Because of the clout? Listen if two people are happy together, you should leave them TF to themselves and to their happiness. If they want to make specifics public, then they should do so themselves and it should be their right to have some privacy. It's part of being human, that everyone has feelings to deal with and as their fans we inadvertently made it hard on them by being the millions of eyes sitting in and watching a situation unfold that may not have happened if it weren't for people's accusations.

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    Nancy's Embalming Emporium4 hours ago

    Haha you just have the best personality. This is not my usual content at all but I always stop by when you pop up in that recommended. For lubing up that eye area I like the Tarte Base Tape primer, very light breezy coconut scented and soaks in to the skin quick.

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    xRqinyday `-`4 hours ago


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    Kat Luxxx4 hours ago

    i want you’re wigs😭

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    Lola Duran4 hours ago

    Who else is living for him tapping his brush on his head lol. 😊

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    KURO黒4 hours ago

    “Oh my God i wanna die” 😂😂

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    Han Kaier4 hours ago


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    Alyssa time4 hours ago

    Im a fan of the show and u

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    Sanjana Das4 hours ago

    Omgggg this is your best look yet!!!! So cute and pretty love it jeffreeeeeee. That gel glitter tho. And also that blotting lip girlllll💖💖 killed it

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    Bardi Damn4 hours ago

    Lol jeffree just called sailor moon a cartoon lol ANIME baby

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    Muskan Tiwari5 hours ago

    Best part -the glitter and the highlight😍Living for it

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    nalla bandz5 hours ago


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    Cra- Z5 hours ago

    Dude someone is reading my mind

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    Yenny Rivera5 hours ago

    Omg I’ve got a crush on Jeffree 🙊 💛

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    diane shelton5 hours ago

    For your eyes try a few days of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour balm over night .

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    Bullrun5 hours ago

    Nate seemed like he was in deep thought when Jeffree went outside to see him. Poor Nate

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    Devona Euzarraga5 hours ago

    I have really bad dry eye and it dye my Inner eye lid what helps a lot is using either rose oil or olive oil at night on the dry parts

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    Dimitra P.5 hours ago

    In their emails they were saying there's a licensing issue with shipping to other countries, but they left it at that. It was extremely vague

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    Belen ZG5 hours ago

    Girl r u fine?

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    Axelgel William5 hours ago

    Me I am big fan

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    Alyssa time5 hours ago

    Yesssssss i love this

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    Bubbly Bubble5 hours ago

    Nikkie and Jeffree have the same kind of make up idea, is it a coincidence or?

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    Nicole Hernandez5 hours ago


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    Ali Mahs5 hours ago

    i didnt know i needed this until now

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    Musiclover78265 hours ago

    Mr Star? The all mighty god of makeup? Crazy? I gotta laugh because thats not true.

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    Paige Cook5 hours ago

    What I found bizarre is that the eyeshadow didnt have a mirror but the blushes did.🤷‍♀️

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    Mayonaka Tsuki5 hours ago

    I just love Jeffree's energy!

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    unicornia 45855 hours ago

    Jeffree: wow 20 dollars I forgot they were so cheap. Me: I go to the dollar store to get my makeup and I have seen makeup pallets that big in there.

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    Gary’s Mum5 hours ago

    Jeffree is the only person I’m aware of that can rock a colorful eye look with no eyebrows and no falsies. His eyelashes aren’t even super long either but it looks perfectly fine.

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    Serena Wang5 hours ago

    Omg it’s so pretty omg gfkdkfjidbsksks

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    Hope Dalton5 hours ago

    YAS! 💋💓💛💓💛

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    Princess Vegeta5 hours ago

    "Does is work tho HOE" lmao I cant 😂😂

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    Plush World15 hours ago

    Can you please go Subscribe to Crayator,you won't regret it.

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    Deborah Satcher5 hours ago

    I am still in shock that you are really a are so Pretty!!! So very glad I came across you late last year. You kill the suttle look!!! You almost make this 58 year old Granny want to start wearing makeup again...yes, almost...🤦‍♀️🙅‍♀️ I am loving going back threw your older videos, they are funny, honest and Glamorous!!! Best to fight dry skin...Coconut Oil the PURE KIND. Good luck and God Bless you sir!!!🥰

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    Elvira Mauritta5 hours ago

    OMG..look stunning, beautiful Jeffree..😍..actually, little bit curious for your skin care, please do the skin care product.

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    Sinead Cowins5 hours ago

    Loving this fruit loop hair! OmG

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    Cecelia Harker5 hours ago

    When he tapped his brush on his head I lost it, I love happy and free Jeffree 😂🥰

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    Martina Crews5 hours ago

    Jeffree, I have a question. Have you heard of City Lips?? if you have,... what do you think of it.. Have you tried it? I want to find something that will help plump my lips and moisturize them... I cannot afford fillers and I'm not sure If I would want to.. I have read if you get injections they are pricey and you have to have it down several times a year... I do not have that kind of bag lol.. So I would love to hear what you have to say on this.. If there is a video where you already addressed these questions.. could you please list it. Thank you =)

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    Valentina Giudici5 hours ago

    Avocado mask by kiehl's for your eyes baby❤️

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    Billy Joe Sarangelo5 hours ago

    Your Magic Star Powder looks like Sailormoon's Crystal Star transformation brooch in season 2. Lol. Love all the products in the collection.

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    Z AG5 hours ago

    This was so gorgeous! I was not expecting it to pay off so well. My fav was the eye look, how the colors gave me push pop and anime girl fantasies to it matching your hair. Jeffree you look gorgeous!

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    Клей Мор5 hours ago

    Мужик перестань хренью страдать, лучше страдай другой хернёй)

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    MrAmyrose7075 hours ago


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    nik Lin5 hours ago

    Jeffrey is wilden

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    Melissa Lazio5 hours ago


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    Hayu Lestari5 hours ago

    Your hair colour reminds me of sunny summer full of oranges and citrus.. 🍋🍊🍋🍊

  50. author

    Life's Jems5 hours ago

    I think almost all the CP were screaming NOOOOOO when the glitter went on the eyes...but Jeffree totally pulled it off. Still not saying to copy 😅

  51. author

    ANGI Alshaiji5 hours ago

    You are ok

  52. author

    Cedie Pili5 hours ago

    The products are good

  53. author

    B5 hours ago

    It’s patchy because your dry like girlll same nothing works 😂😂

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    Jahaira Faber5 hours ago

    I liked it because girl you put accurate CAPTIONS on!!! I applause 👏 you!

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    Kylie Stewart5 hours ago

    I aspire to be Jeffree when I grow up

  56. author

    Elizabeth Gonzalez5 hours ago

    Looks beautiful !

  57. author

    Isabelle Balagtas5 hours ago

    14:31 for a second, I thought that jefree has a belly fat

  58. author

    Jasmin Armstrong5 hours ago

    That blush looked amazing on you! 😍

  59. author

    Taby L5 hours ago

    Shade on the lips and how u apply it really looks good on you. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    Deanna Mathew5 hours ago

    For dry skin on my eye lids I use bag balm at night. It usually takes a few days, but it is awesome. Hope it helps.

  61. author

    Renae Hendricks5 hours ago

    I got my first pallet today and I did my first look on one of my friends. She asked how I was so good and I told her because I have an older sister and because I watch Jeffree Star 24/7. Love ya ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    I’m a Dumb Girl5 hours ago

    Jeffree buy Garrett a new car plssss

  63. author

    Ross Heath5 hours ago

    can i have a side of fries and a large cock

  64. author

    Jordin B.5 hours ago

    “Jeffree do you have jaundice?” 🗣🗣🗣 I can’t with you 😂

  65. author

    Darcy Glada5 hours ago

    what were the other five countrys???

  66. author

    MsWhiteray5 hours ago

    I love sailor moon as it is, but this video waaas funny!

  67. author

    Gregory Kasten5 hours ago

    Jeffree: "Looks like a hit of crack!" Me: 😂😂

  68. author

    Yourglamorous Glam5 hours ago

    Vitamin E oil for dried eyes at bed time 💋💋💋🌙

  69. author

    Ashley Spence5 hours ago

    Jeffree: Taps excess blush off of brush on the top of his head. Jeffree: 2020 New Year, New Me! Me: Deceased 😂😂🤣🤣

  70. author

    Sami Lee5 hours ago

    I constantly get dry eyes put Aquaphor on your eyes over night !

  71. author

    Connie Rose-Manai5 hours ago

    Jeffree... I have dry eyelids too.. I have been using two products from the brand called belif- believe in truth...they have the true cream-aqua bomb for the face...but I love their moisturizing eye bomb!

  72. author

    Agirlvoyager5 hours ago

    i need the blusher!

  73. author

    Yadni Mehta5 hours ago

    Do a face full of Selena's 'rare beauty'

  74. author

    Sully Munoz5 hours ago

    I was Dead when he said "like a chunk of meth hit my eye!" 😂😂💀 jeffree is everything💜

  75. author

    That One Girl Named Michal5 hours ago

    16:54 Omfg I'm SCREAMING💀💀

  76. author

    Muhammad Coley5 hours ago

    Jefree: WORK!!!! ColourPop: GIRRRRL!!!!

  77. author

    Teiya Dyke5 hours ago

    The glitter gel on the eyelids looked holographic, it was so pretty!

  78. author

    Kenn Bratz5 hours ago

    Jeffree use coconut oil

  79. author

    Alia Renee Capodici5 hours ago

    I’m so happy that you love this! I was hoping you would be reviewing this line before those of us who ordered it received it! The shipping is taking forever, unlike your Jeffee Star products! Bravo on getting a handle on the shipping. Anyway, The look was gorgeous and one I could never pull off but that’s why you’re the Queen! I’m so excited to get this!!

  80. author

    Keys Ritual5 hours ago

    First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Cream... That has saved the dryness of my lids... They use to scale they were so dry. Now they smooth and moist as hell.

  81. author

    Snatcherpuss5 hours ago

    Use Aloe Vera for your eyes. Straight-up gel from the Aloe Vera plant..

  82. author

    Christina Protic5 hours ago

    I love the final look!😍You are so much fun to watch and very creative.🌺🌞

  83. author

    jayvanity135 hours ago

    Milk makeup has a good oil I use it around my eyes, and under makeup.

  84. author

    7daysoflust5 hours ago

    You look so soft and gorgeous 🥺❤️

  85. author

    DiAne Gordon5 hours ago

    Maybe I should shave my eyebrows. Need all that extra room for shadow. Nice review JS!

  86. author

    Kyra Gore5 hours ago

    Jeffree makes me want to shave my eyebrows off...but I know I shouldn’t

  87. author

    Lu P5 hours ago

    Beautiful look as always. You really had fun 😘

  88. author

    Aubrey Caigas5 hours ago

    2020 baby, new vibes ~ only Jeffree 😍

  89. author

    ;ej;5 hours ago

    why did jeffree look like a golden gaytime but the rainbow flavour throughout this whole video

  90. author

    Krystal Bailey5 hours ago

    Loved how the whole look turned out. My favorite product on you was the blushes!!! 😚☺️

  91. author

    epic channel5 hours ago

    Love it💙 looking STUNNING as ALWAYS😘😍

  92. author

    Derek Schultz5 hours ago

    Your hir is so cute

  93. author

    Rashda Riaz5 hours ago

    Love the eyeshadow you did

  94. author

    Samalina 205 hours ago

    Jeffree: I am sure a lot of you at home have tried this, Me: _My broke self questioning my existence_

  95. author

    Brenda Molina5 hours ago

    This video was hilarious 😆 “ Jeffree do you have jaundice” lmfao taps brush on head and “What in the Charlotte Tillbury is going on here” 🤣 this was great, loving the energy Jeffree

  96. author

    I Watz5 hours ago

    LOVE the mouth ... very come hither sexy ... please excuse me when I say that when you use all that harsh lip outlining, I don't like it ... but THIS appears charming and youthful ... you just may have happened on something here ... the overall look is great ... love you and your videos ... I am 71 and my daughter is 39 and we both follow you ... I am sure I will be asking her tomorrow if she has seen your new video yet ... we always have a chat about it. Can't wait to see all the lovely things you will be doing to you new home ... hope you find much joy and blessings there.

  97. author

    im bella5 hours ago

    Why is it that I just now realize he has no eyebrows.... He makes it look super natural

  98. author

    Ell Wungkana5 hours ago

    I love Jeffree so much 😊♥️😘

  99. author

    Miss Murderous15 hours ago

    Anyone else disappointed that the approved mirror didn’t make an appearance?

  100. author

    Cedie Pili5 hours ago

    Drink ion water