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  1. author

    Thomas Howard2 hours ago

    A true face of Wahhabi, Adel Al Jubeir does not get it, he is a Wahabbi, and human right does not exist in his Wahabi dictionary

  2. author

    Galileo Shift2 hours ago

    ineffective controls

  3. author

    joseaca2 hours ago

    As if anyone still doubts the communist and the fascist are basically the same

  4. author

    たなかエルサ2 hours ago

    maybe the spread of virus was months earlier than anyone could have expected

  5. author

    Mihai Oprean2 hours ago

    laughs in ceausescu :))

  6. author

    Sunny x Happy2 hours ago

    God bless China... Cmon china you can fight the CoronaVirus!! Who’s with me?

  7. author

    Is Be2 hours ago

    I would love to visit Nairobi!

  8. author

    Joseph Hernandez2 hours ago

    America has bailed out the French in 2 World Wars WW1 and WW2 550,000 Americans died there only one war where more Americans Died Even if you combine all the wars after that the CIVIL WAR more Americans Died than any previous or after but Mcron to lecture us and speak arrogantly get me so if France germany want to build their own Army and security Then go for it and don't let the Door hit rear on the way out

  9. author

    Ramy Gichero2 hours ago

    Hamdok your bright man to be the president of Sudan

  10. author

    shiki tovi2 hours ago

    Pfff.. these camps smells softcore. 😂

  11. author

    Ray Bod2 hours ago

    The reporter needs a warm parka like all the other people are wearing.

  12. author

    ChazSeamus282 hours ago

    put a mask on please.. thank you

  13. author

    Anthony C Brown2 hours ago

    Wonder how many were exposed to the virus on the bus ride and plane trip? We are in unchartered territory folks as the economic impacts rip through all countries. I suspect the cruise lines are going to rethink many aspects of their service delivery model.

  14. author

    İ have seen satan he has dreadlocks2 hours ago

    Poor reporter doesnt wears a mask 😭

  15. author

    SPARTAN ARMY2 hours ago

    I would say UN and NATO are useless !! They both support the biggest bully country called turkey !! And of cause one of their biggest supporters is germany. Both countries hold the world record in genocides !!

  16. author

    Jessica Smith2 hours ago

    This is just awful. The coronavirus outbreak is definitely starting to take a toll on the global economy. Btw, that place in China known as Xiaogan is pronounced (shao•gahn) not (seeow•gehn). I was gonna invest in Yum China stock on Robinhood, but it may not be a good time to do that right now.

  17. author

    William Munny2 hours ago

    _China has quarantine more than 400 million people, and DW is going to say that only 1,700 are dead ?!!?_ _Wake up people, this is out of control and China doesn't know how to handle it !_ _DW is very irresponsible for having a reporter in such a dangerous place._

  18. author

    Deb **3 hours ago

    His eyes and voice are saying some other story..a scary one

  19. author

    Abdou S3 hours ago

    We need a party like this in Morocco

  20. author

    SPARTAN ARMY3 hours ago

    Churchill was right when he said the West must bombard germany every 10 years without any specific reason. The germans will know why !!! Germany stop supporting a bully country !!

  21. author

    Parslow Pongbert3 hours ago

    Correction: The Saudi Family has a history of murdering its own citizens. They have to. This kind of murderous dictatorship, if overthrown, would see them all hung for their crimes, so they will do anything to stay in power. Just like Trump, Putin, Kim Jong Un etc

  22. author

    Jo-h-nali-Sanjarbek Sarkaev3 hours ago

    Living together harmoniously and statue of best liar goes to him

  23. author

    deee 3273 hours ago

    I know you have to be aggressive if you want to get answers instead of excuses but i think mr. Sebastian should really tone it down a bit...

  24. author

    Mr. INDIA3 hours ago

    चलो सब अपने अपने घर जाओ।चुनाव ख़तम होगया।

  25. author

    Red Bird3 hours ago

    5 hours on the bus... He said "waiting to get off"... Why? Sounds like the 5 hours was not all spent in transport... If they had to sit and wait to get on the plane - why?it is almost as though they are guinea pigs in the next stage of 'situational experimention'.

  26. author

    Bobby Chang3 hours ago

    Yes, it could. Germany is deep rooted in ICE cars.

  27. author

    Biotuned Music3 hours ago

    Cover your nose with that mask please

  28. author

    migero3 hours ago

    china been playing dumb for ages and it works

  29. author

    pediatrics desease3 hours ago

    Once they ban scraf now whole China is wearing face mask.... They detained uighers now whole province Wuhan and hubai are under quarantine.....

  30. author

    sejin kim3 hours ago

    afaid that the whistle blower has been missing already as others have in china

  31. author

    Mario Obermaier3 hours ago

    Please get Mathias out of there, He is shaking full of Fear ...

  32. author

    Kazal Islam Nil3 hours ago

    why Bangladesh send them to that island? Why you talking about this? Why not about the return?

  33. author

    NeverTurnOffTheAmp3 hours ago

    Holy sh** you can't even watch this kind of informative clip without people spreading conspiracy theories. Yes, the reporter is shivering - because it's pretty cold in Wuhan right now and he is dressed quite lightly. Also, typically, reporters will have to wait for quite some while until the connection to their station is ready and they get the cue that the broadcast is starting. So he probably he stood there in light clothing in the cold for a relatively long time, also, even as a experienced reporter you're sometimes nervous/excited before a live broadcast which (as everyone has experienced in their lives) sometimes leads to all your blood flowing towards your brain and not into your arms etc. so you get cold easily. It's just emberassing how naively everybody's just believing some batshit crazy (no pun intended...) theories about why he's shaking a bit.

  34. author

    Alinne愛3 hours ago

    They aren't baning them! they are locking them up in their homes so they die of starvation or of the virus.

  35. author

    Richard Tompkins3 hours ago

    I hope a virus doesn’t come into this country because the wall is not there they should really think about that but they will be the first to complain if somebody gets killed and ask where the government was And Donald Trump never said that the wall was going to absolutely stop immigrants from coming in or illegals he said it would be a good beginning in a perfect world you would need that fence but we’re not a perfect world

  36. author

    Vipanchi Vishwanath3 hours ago

    Call him back something wrong with him look at his eyes news can wait bring him back before it's late.

  37. author

    A H3 hours ago

    Living in the US is something to be grateful for.....at least for now....

  38. author

    Clifford Hewitt3 hours ago


  39. author

    strontboer strontboer3 hours ago

    No China people in europa

  40. author

    Miku Kumar3 hours ago

    Poor pakistan left the chat

  41. author

    Iamtop3 hours ago

    Yeah, great, except China extended the quarantine period to 34 days...

  42. author

    hujjatullah sahib3 hours ago

    Tim was hard hitting, totally grilling and obdurately insisting; a very good interviewer, for certain. But the Saudi F.M. was equal to the task, answering most of the questions very rationally and reasonably. Remember Adel is defending a Saudi set-up that has even placed its own princes and princesses in lock ups, albeit in posh ones ! Until hard evidences are produced, Adel has to be given the benefit of the doubt, in all fairness. A Tim who really cornered him on an itinarant bone-saw man in the Saudi delegation also flopped when he said 36 countries produced "evidences" when he knows fully well that there are almost 200 independent countries in the world. That is surely a long way from achiving negative consensus on Saudi Arabia and its alleged criminal records !

  43. author

    Li Jie3 hours ago

    The person who gave you a mask is really nice, considering how hard it is to buy a mask in china right now...

  44. author

    Brian Wilcox3 hours ago

    They are simply taking the words of their holy book literally; the Old Testament says to do the same thing. How do you tell which parts are to be taken literally and which are "outdated" or "poetic"? Do you appeal to a higher standard of morality than God's inspired word? If Deuteronomy 22:13-21 doesn't apply to our times, how do you decide which parts do? (not attempting to justify what happened here)

  45. author

    Pheno Zeno, Intergalactic Federation of Grey's.3 hours ago

    Is it just me or does that reporter dosent look to good health wise. Im no Doctor but yea he needs to see one veing in that location. 😳

  46. author

    David Njoroge3 hours ago

    China should be held wholly for this atrocities. Utterly unacceptable

  47. author

    Al 723 hours ago

    Xi is Confucius 2.0 Wise and benevolent Winnie the Pooh.

  48. author

    John Smith3 hours ago

    Q. How can Germany help? A. MONEY. We need to throw a few billion at some projects, of which 35% will be skimmed for payoffs to quiet down people with guns.

  49. author

    kind man3 hours ago

    Inna Lillahi va inna Ilayhi rojiun

  50. author

    Alkasah 4 Softs3 hours ago

    VICE News already covered it

  51. author

    AbsoluteZero3 hours ago

    The same type of government the far-left want around the world. Follow our rules, do as we say, or we'll make you disappear.

  52. author

    S N3 hours ago

    The JCPOA proved that Europe is just a lackey of the US and nothing more!

  53. author

    Jacky Chan3 hours ago

    Thanks fight for HK 🙇🏻‍♂️

  54. author

    John Smith3 hours ago

    Q. You recently requested UN blah blah ... why? A. Because with the UN comes MONEY. They must rent space, access, utilities, buy food. The UN has a budget, we get a chunk. Ask about money! Who will you need to pay off, to get this wreck of a country stabilized? Who gives you money, and how much, to pay off whom? The word "money" should be in every single sentence.

  55. author

    brata sena3 hours ago

    and remember they also detain the children, and if im not mistaken old communist teaching that people can go against their parents

  56. author

    STEVE- Cockney Rebel3 hours ago

    They dont have a choice on whether to leave, because their GOV have Barracaded them in, if youre going to report-REPORT THE TRUTH & TELL THE WORLD

  57. author

    Sharon Xavier3 hours ago

    Haha.. can't belive this china is calling the special security Council on kashmir..

  58. author

    Mike Pence3 hours ago

    This proves that Trump is doing what he said he was going to do. He is doing a great job.

  59. author

    Walter B Klingler3 hours ago

    Kerry is a rogue operator, should be detained and hung in public for treason.

  60. author

    عه‌دنان سلێمانى3 hours ago

    Its him again😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  61. author

    John Smith3 hours ago

    It's an "historic" moment, not an "historical" moment. "Historic" means "history making." Historical just means, "of the past."

  62. author

    UV Gardener3 hours ago

    At the core of this DW news is the problem that the alleged documents are NOT TRUE. They are made up. After repeated Sinophobia with no hope of DW to see it, I decide to give up on this channel. I will not visit DW news any more. Thanks. Bye.

  63. author

    Silver White3 hours ago

    What a mess!

  64. author

    Asad Ali3 hours ago

    I think it’s too cold not shivering or anything

  65. author

    savvas markos3 hours ago

    Haftar Greek people suport you general

  66. author

    ProcardcollecterAndGamer3 hours ago

    America is coming YOU SAID OIL

  67. author

    Ataraxia3 hours ago

    Two sides have different priorities - rights of individuals and social stabilities...

  68. author

    metropin3 hours ago

    Yes absolutely, she is a lame duck and tremendously negative for germany and europe

  69. author

    Bint Musa3 hours ago

    Now they all are wearing "face veil"

  70. author

    hell hele3 hours ago

    Pity to uygur....but god revenge now to comunist china now send them corona virus serve them rights

  71. author

    kenneth O'Crowley3 hours ago

    Chinese foreign minister is a liar, God will punish this man and the CCP,

  72. author

    Fortunato Wenceslao3 hours ago

    Western countries are benefited from civil war in Libya by helping its defence industry to continue churning out war materials and hiring more workers in respective facilities. West has two face with interchangeable whoever the people it facing.

  73. author

    roman casanova3 hours ago

    Hope Corona virus gets to America infects trump so he no go elections

  74. author

    Anna Vajda3 hours ago

    The wrath of God.

  75. author

    arch tang3 hours ago

    Locust is expensive food in Thailand. It is more expensive than pork, or even chicken.

  76. author

    Pretty Girl3 hours ago

    Not to be rude but it’s those dogs and animal stop eating them but prayers to the animals and them

  77. author

    KUNDAN SHARMA3 hours ago

    Im stand with Israel...

  78. author

    maszlagma3 hours ago

    So China is trying to "fight" extremism by trying to surpress the culture of the Uyghurs and imprison probably moderate people together with "extremist" ones... I'm sure this will turn out juuust fine and will not breed more extremism...

  79. author

    Sharkbait In New England3 hours ago

    Dude!!! Get your dang mask on!!!!!!!!! What are you not thinking dude!?!?!?!?!

  80. author

    Alejandro Arditti Wolfovicz3 hours ago

    I dont care

  81. author

    VibrationsfromMirror3 hours ago

    5 hours extra sitting on that bus, they all could be infected by that bathroom! Consider that effort a big failure even if all are well. Why wasn't a tripped out cargo plane with multiple bathrooms sent for these Americans? Ridiculous, this is what our Military should be spending budget on!

  82. author

    Deepu Varghese3 hours ago

    Great journalist with incredible questions.

  83. author

    Abdi Q Ahmed3 hours ago

    This is the good time China to evaluate in the action this can of action is a war crime China should end now, we can’t watch to see horrible destruction of families and cultures.

  84. author

    Robby Wilshire3 hours ago

    Camps with guard towers and walls, Sounds vaguely German.

  85. author

    D J3 hours ago

    So ridiculous

  86. author

    D H3 hours ago

    Saudi and Egyptian governments, banana republics !

  87. author

    whatsoeveralien3 hours ago

    Poor Indonesians and Philippines staff in the cruise need to work and serve the passengers. Will their respective government assist them? Good for countries like US, Australia, HK, Taiwan, Italy, Canada and others....how about them?

  88. author

    Beatrice Nkundwa3 hours ago

    The Lorraine Cross is one of the most important symbol.

  89. author

    Ronald McPaul3 hours ago

    Should let the Germans in for an appraisal, how good are the camps, really?

  90. author

    Stephan Gildenhuys3 hours ago

    Try rather 70,000,000 infected them we will believe you

  91. author

    katekate bobate3 hours ago

    commie 'conservationists' what a load of hooey! BUILT THAT WALL ! America first. the animals will be fine.

  92. author

    GuyCybershy3 hours ago

    Pompeo is a brainless loud mouth, a perfect representative of the morally bankrupt US.

  93. author

    q n3 hours ago

    Islam is an evil religion supporting terrorisms. Leave the Chinese government alone to weed out these religious fanatics.

  94. author

    Kim Novak3 hours ago

    Spare us the framing: It's not "Trump's" border wall. It's the people's border wall. They voted for Trump and for secure borders. More people love Trump than believe your anti-Trump narratives, German State TV!

  95. author

    John Mark Garcia3 hours ago

    That's why COVID2019 ravages China today. It's a retribution for abusing and ceasing freedom of Uighurs.

  96. author

    Smart Hindi TV3 hours ago

    I love china and their activity

  97. author

    ali ali3 hours ago

    operation goes wrong

  98. author

    Kasmene yes3 hours ago

    Griess has closed 😭

  99. author

    Stephan Gildenhuys3 hours ago