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2 months ago

Who is SMARTER?!Who is SMARTER?!

Who is SMARTER?!

3 months ago

  1. author

    MathusonPlayz YTHour ago

    The people who dislike is a big bot

  2. author

    Hannah HalliwellHour ago

    Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg I beat ssundee with rock

  3. author

    emilis godliauskazHour ago

    I miss the old seasons

  4. author

    hidethegreatestHour ago

    Biffle was in your base and put a sign. He is THE Flash!

  5. author

    Reed Hrechko Clips ClipsOfReedHrechkoHour ago


  6. author

    Dman PlaysHour ago

    Yo go check out: It’sForceGage 1

  7. author

    AGENT ClankHour ago


  8. author

    Red XHour ago

    Wow a purpel tac

  9. author

    Amir FarhanHour ago

    ssundees house is the best

  10. author

    Marie DanbyHour ago

    Ssundee is the best MReporterr

  11. author

    XXDTENTACION hiHour ago

    Henwy is a FOOT

  12. author

    Maribel LopezHour ago

    Cut foot

  13. author

    Sophie WestHour ago

    Henwys looks super cool

  14. author

    CoolioconHour ago

    Notice in round 1 ssundee lost in the 3 and 4 challenge, but one the 1, 2, and 5. Then in the second round vice verse exactly... Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  15. author

    Aishleeno RobloxHour ago

    I started seson 2

  16. author

    marshall and everestHour ago

    All chests full

  17. author

    British ScottHour ago


  18. author

    Yeet Master62Hour ago

    You gonna have 64 stacks of 64

  19. author

    New GuyHour ago

    Play tnt wars

  20. author

    Poonam khanHour ago

    batwy or poolwy

  21. author


    99999999999626662718 bilion 4271623688218 milion 6152771891 tousand 626 616. Emc

  22. author

    Helen Child VilliersHour ago

    BundY1!!!!!!!! That to farrrrrrr

  23. author

    Riley StephensHour ago

    Watching in 2020 fells weird

  24. author

    William SmithHour ago


  25. author

    Mary CochraneHour ago


  26. author

    Danny PachecoHour ago

    74 stacks

  27. author

    Jovany SalinasHour ago

    Henwy is a foot

  28. author

    AngicHour ago

    10:40 I don't think ssundee knows how to use a pickaxe 0-0

  29. author

    fruity tuityHour ago

    Call the company EMC Company

  30. author

    MohTheNoob And SherifBeedoHour ago

    Ssundee mcundee is the best and ssundee btw I got banned from ur discord server for saying Ima Foot McNugget yay... Then i got banned btw my discord name is MohTheNoob i dont remember the tag pls unban me thx

  31. author

    Anthony OrtizHour ago

    SSundee has de best house

  32. author

    Shyaw GamerHour ago

    Jones brbacu foot masazh 🦶🦶🦶

  33. author

    Ro BomberHour ago

    Name da company Deshenwy

  34. author

    ECBS_ vortexHour ago

    I want more plague inc because of footsy feet power

  35. author

    Rasmus KoitHour ago

    30 cakes

  36. author

    Abram TrejoHour ago

    Hi ssundee

  37. author

    lg_ FyreFoxHour ago

    I love how Neo put the killer music to the Saw theme, or Hello Zepp

  38. author

    Elon MuskHour ago

    who ever sees this comment, ur a ssundee fan

  39. author

    Random HumanHour ago

    18:04 HE SAID THE S WORD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. author

    Gustavo GarciaHour ago

    Hunter x Hunter🥺 Btw its actually Hunter Hunter (X is silence)

  41. author

    William ChenHour ago

    Papi ssundee

  42. author

    templar 2496Hour ago

    I hate the craft “insert money “click bait

  43. author

    Joseph LinaresHour ago

    Corona virus

  44. author

    manuel 1325Hour ago

    Gave you odd number

  45. author

    Poonam khanHour ago

    ssudee foot

  46. author

    manuel 1325Hour ago

    The slurp

  47. author

    Hoopie HooperHour ago

    does this work for sugar cane

  48. author

    Jaden FungHour ago

    Sundee’s house is best

  49. author

    Michelle Hulsey-HILLHour ago


  50. author

    Declan KellyHour ago

    682 stacks of 6 million emc

  51. author

    Hafþór JónssonHour ago


  52. author

    maxco123Hour ago

    First house: OmJ it’s SsUndee

  53. author

    CJ WigandHour ago

    I hit that like button

  54. author

    Ashlee KerwoodHour ago


  55. author

    yunus cycleHour ago

    Do parasyth foot hole

  56. author

    Alexandre OryschakHour ago

    Hes a grown man that acts like a 6 year old?

  57. author

    Yeet Master62Hour ago

    Henwwy base is the best

  58. author

    taeekwondo boysHour ago

    I thought ssundee didn't cuss in videos(10:45

  59. author

    jan kociperHour ago

    Play factions

  60. author

    Jonas SheetzHour ago

    chees ckard

  61. author

    Scott FirthHour ago

    ssundee 2014. let me just delete this cobblestone. ssundee 2020. cranner deletes cobblestone noooooooo what the heck (haha) only true fans will understand

  62. author

    marshall and everestHour ago

    Sender's is the best

  63. author

    Dragon SlayerHour ago

    Chetos uo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  64. author

    Daniel RingHour ago

    Ssundee house

  65. author

    Dylan SmerdonHour ago


  66. author

    james HallHour ago

    Doo a muruder mistre🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  67. author

    Dylan VuHour ago


  68. author

    TurboShadow 77Hour ago


  69. author

    Gail StoutenbergHour ago


  70. author

    BeastMaster64Hour ago

    Fr tho ssundee you should pick axe and be toxic

  71. author

    Kakarot1988Hour ago

    How did all of the chests instantly duplicate? I did the exact same thing and it wasn't as fast

  72. author

    Mike and Anne GreveHour ago


  73. author

    Mr ClutchHour ago

    Play more ark

  74. author

    Gail StoutenbergHour ago

    ssundees is best

  75. author

    Tom EastHour ago


  76. author

    osso lvHour ago

    Crazi craft pliz

  77. author

    Flurpy LopezHour ago

    Milky want to check you re vault next episode

  78. author

    Mateo MarceloHour ago

    100 stack

  79. author

    Nicolas AguilarHour ago

    Ssudee is a bot

  80. author

    Kaden RossHour ago

    Who else misses Chang

  81. author

    jake ostranderHour ago

    is this guy on f*cking acid or something

  82. author

    C4Gamer04Hour ago

    Post this everyday please

  83. author

    Linda RidleyHour ago


  84. author

    Brenden ClantonHour ago

    SSundee kind of looks like Rick from the walking dead

  85. author

    ChoiriaHour ago

    ssundee i had full respect for you for the past 10 years. Now i don't. Ur a traitor and left your friend. U disappointed me. I looked up to you. But in the end u broke up a long relationship with lanc.... And have hid it ever since.

  86. author

    Reinhardt ZubbHour ago

    Badwe inc

  87. author

    Splatoon OctolingHour ago


  88. author

    Not KakebukkenHour ago

    bifile knows about you and sigils whit that emc farm

  89. author

    Jesse RussellHour ago

    1,000 stacks

  90. author

    Jayden S-MendezHour ago

    why not a clever with unstable ingots

  91. author

    VtX_ PortalHour ago

    I like the ghost one it’s like me when I see a ghost I just say..... EAT MY FOOT

  92. author

    Shannon MoffattHour ago


  93. author

    Alfredo MartinezHour ago

    Bifflewiffle stole emc

  94. author

    Tracker WackerHour ago

    His phone rang in the background at 3:10 . I love how it is a duck. WAIT. It happened 2 MORE times...

  95. author

    Ken FosterHour ago


  96. author

    TheEndMaster 24Hour ago

    SSUNDEE mcgundee won 😁☺

  97. author

    Antoni TaboraHour ago


  98. author

    GTO BOYHour ago

    I vote Henwyy!

  99. author

    Michael Diaz-TorresHour ago

    ssundees was the best house

  100. author

    Rizwana ZakriaHour ago

    Teuty is a foot mouth 🦶 👄