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    kokoririgHour ago

    My baby loves this song. Reminds her of monster high.

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    Thanh Phương VũHour ago

    This song makes me think about boy with luv: oh my my my oh my my my

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    Miguel gamesHour ago

    Amei ❤!!

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    Kalhi Puvitharan2 hours ago

    I was doubting her vocals at the beginning but at 02:01 damn

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    Dumb Pool2 hours ago

    Heard it after muslim version feat Havana 🤣 take it me to madina.

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    Giratina緹娜2 hours ago


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    creative kanya2 hours ago

    Music 😍😍😍

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    Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae2 hours ago

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    Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae2 hours ago


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    Gokhan Geta2 hours ago

    Flying slipper- the universal Mother's weapon

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    Abdulsalam Abdulsamad2 hours ago

    So good bro

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    viet anh hoang2 hours ago

    Wow so good

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    Kim Ashley2 hours ago

    My oh my

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    Gwen Whyte2 hours ago

    Camila like he comes alive at midnight and the other people every night

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    Pamela Kalanje2 hours ago

    This is a beautiful song Camila , she is so beautiful . 😍😍

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    Diviertete con Jan y Pol2 hours ago


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    Hispano Guerrero2 hours ago

    From Fifth Harmony to solo Pop Queen! She is at the top because of her talent. She is smiling all the way to the bank no matter if her old group mates try to use her name to promote themselves. Most of us recognize next level when we see it. Camila you have fans that are proud of you for not giving up and for growing and being the best you can be. By the way, if anyone is interested in knowing Camila's true heart checkout how she answers 73 questions in her recent VOGUE interview.

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    Marty Goorts2 hours ago

    Ever since Perez Prado, Tito Puente & Arturo Sandoval played their music, this is the place where the best music form is coming from. Just like this perfect lady is singing it

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    Call me FiFi2 hours ago

    looks like Ariana Grande style

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    Ihsan Al Mandari3 hours ago

    I*m from Indonesia. Please subscribe my channel

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    Anand Pandey3 hours ago

    Love from India!! I love you sooo sooo much Camila 😁

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    Bunny Tale3 hours ago

    Who else realised that cuz the blonde gurl is lelepones

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    MUSIC IS LIFE3 hours ago


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    André Velásquez3 hours ago


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    Meghav Sadalgekar3 hours ago


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    play store3 hours ago

    02:37 ithat m6lan

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    Reset Year3 hours ago

    If no one is going to say it then I will. Dababy did great!

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    Lydia Madaoui3 hours ago

    It music of god

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    nada4 hours ago

    The Zain malik look alike is sooo fuuuuckennnn hoooootttttt

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    Elliot Porter4 hours ago

    Wtf is Enrico Pucci doing as a background dancer

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    Sha Dv4 hours ago

    These hairstyles make Camilla look like Audrey Hepburn. 🤔

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    Keith Leveen4 hours ago

    110 million viewssss AWIEEEEEEE

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    TBM_09 The Bug Master_094 hours ago

    I love your songs!!!!!!

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    Merak4 hours ago

    I wasn't expecting this theme,is it a old song or?

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    クッキーガチャ4 hours ago

    She kinda sounds like Melanie Martinez

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    Miss Ainnn4 hours ago

    Dear Camila, please understand that you'll never be scary. You're cute no matter what I can't..... ...

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    Nonstopkillin5984 hours ago

    I bet you the one recording her was Shawn Mendez 😂

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    Mr. Mahamad4 hours ago


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    Ehzekiel Agravante4 hours ago

    this is so relaxed video

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    Kiya Chase4 hours ago


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    yan nur4 hours ago

    Kesini Gegara liat iklan:")

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    Y sO AnGeRy 694 hours ago

    Well I... love this song

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    Robert Bussard4 hours ago


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    Meow Meow4 hours ago


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    سهل وبسيط Easy and Simple DZ4 hours ago

    waw waw waw beautiful vidéo black and white

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    Nonstopkillin5984 hours ago

    Did lele said holly Maria?

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    Lisa Yeh4 hours ago

    2:26 Looks like a Shen Yun ad!

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    Lisa Yeh4 hours ago

    I'm a bit disappointed. I thought this would be one of those classic dramatic Camilla music videos

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    Mateo correa4 hours ago

    Vamo Argentina

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    Jokers of football4 hours ago

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    Hydro Vortex5 hours ago

    Havana - like My oh my - comment

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    RAVANA RAVANA5 hours ago

    Wow 😍😍😍😍

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    RAVANA RAVANA5 hours ago


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    Barbaric Covers5 hours ago

    Check out an Indian kid's first attempt at singing Havana just a minute after he heard it. Enjoy....☺☺

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    Mona Fouad5 hours ago

    نفسى أسافر هافانا عاصمة كوبا 😻😻

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    Adeline A5 hours ago

    Swear that's Dave Meyers 0:53

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    Alejandro Ocampo5 hours ago

    Is there any version without the DaBaby?

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    Spider7xx5 hours ago

    da baby? lol what a joke

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    Yallown - ff5 hours ago

    Conheci essa música pelo tico teco gente

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    AVK FourSeven5 hours ago

    is it just me or does her voice on this work better than the actual audio version

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    Butler Wakatobi5 hours ago

    Torture my soul by the Resso ads

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    ariana quisca5 hours ago


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    -Stxrry Moonlight-5 hours ago

    *_he comes alive at midnight_* me: he-he's a werewolf??

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    Highway U5 hours ago

    Best song ever

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    ohlookitsmitch5 hours ago

    Well if this isn't just the absolute sweetest song you ever did hear

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    Art Paint-Drawing5 hours ago Camila 🥰I dyed you a nice dress👗😘

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    KHYATHI PACHALA5 hours ago

    "A bad reputation" "A black lather jacket" "Insatiable habits" obviously Sirius Black !!

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    Shin Thant5 hours ago

    My fav!

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    Udin_52 SHAREit6 hours ago

    Soundtrack gembox pes 2020? :V

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    ABISH CARVAJAL6 hours ago

    cool i like how all her music videos are kinda like a movie

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    lafreson santana6 hours ago


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    Brenda B6 hours ago

    La neta nunca le entiendo a los videos de Camila pero están chidos, jaja, la amo 💖

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    əlişka Şahverdiyev6 hours ago


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    Louie Duck6 hours ago


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    Sawan Ufade6 hours ago


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    Zohra Rajabova6 hours ago

    Noah! 😻

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    Amerk Annubiz6 hours ago

    I'm liked better song

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    Ashley Martinez6 hours ago

    Canta diferente y en el video canta bien

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    Lara CHOI6 hours ago

    I love all your songs Camila! This is a list of songs that I think are the best: 1. My oh my 2. Senorita 3. Liar 4. Havana

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    Lara CHOI6 hours ago

    I love you Camila! Camila: My oh my Me: My oh my Camila, you are so great at singing! I am a big fan!

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    Abdussalam Arif6 hours ago

    BEBE REXHA RIVAL 😆👍 That voice like her ..

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    Keith Leveen6 hours ago

    5:10 all i do,the whole day through is dream of you Whooooo dream of you song

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    Juan Pablo Ornelas Hermosillo6 hours ago


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    Marina Carone6 hours ago

    I admit she looks like Melanie Martinez

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    Asaduzzaman Khan6 hours ago


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    ayana barefield7 hours ago

    Bruh I thought this was gon be a zombie love type thing

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    MC Gamer7 hours ago

    At least she better than Melanie Martinez

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    NITHIA CREATION7 hours ago

    Love you camila

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    Serena Marchesa-Ibarra7 hours ago


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    dj cet7 hours ago mi remix

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    Tiff Paul7 hours ago

    I dol

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    McWaldi Beat7 hours ago

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    McWaldi Beat7 hours ago

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    shadow fusion7 hours ago

    I took Billie eielishs advise and watched this for the first time with no music oh God

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    McWaldi Beat7 hours ago

    Should we have to analyze this song too!? Please thanks all the Latinos music artists that help your inspirations to adapte your songs Ms Cabello. Like the song ''Llaman a la puerta'' from the 80's peruvian Band Tierra Sur'' see links below. Not jealous but maybe you could invite one of them to play with you in one of your performances. Respectefully : @ Update @

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    Christian Granados7 hours ago

    Segundo 55. Me mato esta niña. La forma en que voltea los ojos y mira. En ese como antro. No puedo dejar de ver esa cara.

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    Lyusi Har7 hours ago

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    McWaldi Beat7 hours ago

    A copy music adaptation from the song ''Llaman a la puerta'' from the 80's peruvian Band Tierra Sur'' see links @ Update @

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    Kevin Bustillos7 hours ago

    0:36 1:24

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    Fokir Baba7 hours ago

    <3 Camilla <3