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My New Puppy Haul!My New Puppy Haul!

My New Puppy Haul!

4 months ago



4 months ago



7 months ago



9 months ago

  1. author

    Makayla Branez4 hours ago

    Hi Ro you should Make macaroons

  2. author

    Cara Robertson4 hours ago

    Can you please make nerdy Nummies phonecase or chimes

  3. author

    Kaleigha Ware5 hours ago


  4. author

    Maria Nava5 hours ago

    In third grade my i youst to do that

  5. author

    itHeartfeel Kitty5 hours ago

    I saw the pizza name ._.

  6. author

    Sandhya Veerabahu5 hours ago


  7. author

    Elisama Pulido5 hours ago

    For the first time i made the Recipe

  8. author

    Kitten Gamer5 hours ago

    the jojo dress makes her look like a cartoon character

  9. author

    i kylechung5 hours ago

    I think mo would make a great youtuber! Make some vids Mo! Also Ro, you are amazing too

  10. author

    Minahil Ahmed5 hours ago

    FIRE IS MY POWER ❀❀❀πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  11. author

    The Conure5 hours ago

    Remember when Ro was a cooking channel? Good times

  12. author

    JPlays5 hours ago

    I want to say, #1 Theyve never had Chick-fil-a? What the fuuu.... also, dont include the packaging because that makes it too obvious.... wth

  13. author

    Josh Mottram5 hours ago

    Please do More ASMR videos πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  14. author

    Erin Olson5 hours ago

    I absolutely love Chick fil a, but the closest one to me is 40 minutes away, so I never am able to get it rip

  15. author

    XxBubblesXx Productions5 hours ago

    Was it just me but I was waiting for Mo to get McDonald's wrong!!!!!

  16. author

    Cheat Activated5 hours ago

    Why do u people subscribe and watch this? It’s seriously the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while...

  17. author

    Savannah Clabough5 hours ago

    I like all of them y'all did great on all of them

  18. author

    fifirockz5 hours ago

    7:34 the only reason I go to a party πŸ˜‚

  19. author

    Heather Van Beber5 hours ago


  20. author

    razergaming5 hours ago

    Mark Made me laugh so hard in both video’s i passed out

  21. author

    holykittensironman935 hours ago

    I love how many subs Molly already has with no videos, lol

  22. author

    Alex Raymor5 hours ago


  23. author

    Olivia Rose5 hours ago

    i dont like MACHA!!!!!!!!!!

  24. author

    Mimi Ottens5 hours ago


  25. author

    rodney adams5 hours ago

    well work whirlpool dish washer factory. so have careful what were that stop us see there no lose things got stuff. general paint face look one classic monsters. i did day dead last year that i messed up on. but think either frankstine or pumpkin this year.

  26. author

    Jacky Moore5 hours ago

    Icecream and French fries =😍😊😊😊

  27. author

    nicky kerner5 hours ago

    this is a great video I would love to see more of these challenge videos I've missed them so much

  28. author

    Olivia Rose5 hours ago

    13:47 / 29:20 as she tries my favorite drink

  29. author

    Rachel and Rylee5 hours ago

    The fancy drink at Starbucks is my mom’s exact order πŸ˜‚ and we drive a 2008 Honda Accord πŸ˜‚

  30. author

    Lydia Olwell5 hours ago

    Sponge! Bob! Square! Pants!

  31. author

    Rylie Pointer5 hours ago


  32. author

    Karissa Eaton5 hours ago

    OMG Rosana plz do my dogs pick my clothes for a day

  33. author

    Bailey Henderson5 hours ago

    I am sick of Americans rushing around and being rude , I am broke because people do not want to cook papa murphy's pizza , I am disabled so I get help but my life is boring and I can't go to college because I make too little to do it too Utah hates me because I am not Mormon or a christian much I am very limited in what I can do because of culture and goverment problems

  34. author

    Drew Pearce5 hours ago

    There is only one Chicken Sandwich. 'Chick-fil-a'

  35. author

    Gina Marie5 hours ago


  36. author

    E M L Dahlstrom5 hours ago

    Dan and Phil are so damn tall!! I mean i know Ro is short but Dan and Phil is like giants compared to her!

  37. author

    Siena Pena5 hours ago

    Omg molly NEEDS to post a video

  38. author

    rodney adams5 hours ago

    theory think workers just get most expositive thing every time got burger been a double.

  39. author

    Shiara White5 hours ago

    Congregations mo

  40. author

    Bailey Henderson5 hours ago

    Wendy's is the best burger chain but papa murphy's and taco time are the best in pizzas and fast Mexican, is there any one that cares about the nation to stop letting sears and kmart JCP losing money just because enterainment and technology e commerce want to take them out of bisness the big companies have no respect for the best companies in america

  41. author

    Erryn Killiner5 hours ago

    Awh she could have gotten tomatillos for the guacamole!

  42. author

    Arissa Holmes5 hours ago

    The unicorn in the background look like it’s watching you

  43. author

    JustJillian129 _5 hours ago

    This gave me Cosmo and Wanda vibes

  44. author

    Taylor Humphrey5 hours ago

    Y’all Kentucky ain’t southern! I love y’all so much! I’d love to see more videos though!😊🧑

  45. author

    Rachel Eley5 hours ago

    18:16 o my goodness when I saw Mike and ro standing next to each other I was like wow! Ro how shirt are you??!?? Lol

  46. author

    Deborahann Bacchus6 hours ago

    Mocha yes I love it

  47. author

    Jamie6 hours ago

    Anyone else here from 2019?

  48. author

    Orna Hossain6 hours ago

    omg im not even kidding but the pictures on her website are flawless!!

  49. author

    Rama Alawlaqi6 hours ago

    Does anyone know what that pizza box actually says? I do

  50. author

    Knight6 hours ago

    Ro, since tomorrow is the first day of fall, I wanted to ask you if your doing another Halloween Party cuz last one was epic! If you do I hope you do a vlog Of it again!😁

  51. author

    Riven6 hours ago

    This video made me hungry.

  52. author

    Jaylyn Crittendon6 hours ago

    Make a princess Audrey

  53. author

    Angela Vaillancourt6 hours ago

    When they ate the KFC I could smell it

  54. author

    Jaylyn Crittendon6 hours ago

    I messed up sorry your the best πŸ˜ƒ

  55. author

    rodney adams6 hours ago

    back when could drink beer. blood clots so cain't weird thought beer thin blood guesses messes with medice. anyway i like go B-dubbs or most knows buffalo wild wings. strange never order any wings there. because messy. but chicken tocos really good blue moon. though been couple years that might fish tocos.

  56. author

    Jaylyn Crittendon6 hours ago

    I love your videos and why did you change your

  57. author

    Karmen Kaiuree6 hours ago

    Can you make slime ❀

  58. author

    Katherine Pagliaro6 hours ago

    dawgs luv em

  59. author

    A JS6 hours ago

    Justine is Cute

  60. author

    Julie Lam6 hours ago

    it's like a sin for people, esp people from georgia (chick fil a's originated state) to have not had chick fil a before πŸ’€

  61. author

    Xxx MollyxxX6 hours ago

    I cant doemojis bc im on laptop :(:((:(:((((((((((((((((

  62. author

    Melissa Molina6 hours ago

    Goodness that was a super fast intro

  63. author

    Vsco Turtle6 hours ago

    Ummmm... i dont know but i know that i hade a dream about you and i love you

  64. author

    Muhammad Mutahir6 hours ago

    274 pounds

  65. author

    Gala Bernad6 hours ago

    i love all your videos

  66. author

    Marilyn Anderson6 hours ago

    This is too funny

  67. author

    Gina Blochlinger6 hours ago


  68. author

    Natalie Ruby6 hours ago

    Popeyes wasnt even there πŸ˜žπŸ€”

  69. author

    Jasmin Loredo6 hours ago


  70. author

    Melanie Carson6 hours ago

    Hahaha lol I just noticed how small Rosanna is compared to Mike and I have been watching these for years xx

  71. author

    Hannah Adams6 hours ago

    I love you guys ❀️πŸ₯°