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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor

One time i elbowed a 7 year old in the face to get a picture with Kylie Jenner.

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  1. author

    Blaire WoodruffHour ago

    Brennan: I spilled chick_ fillay on my shirt Me: yea right sure you did ;)

  2. author

    Joseph EspinozaHour ago

    He eating worms alive he going to get the corona virus 🦠

  3. author

    Kyle FustHour ago

    A broom always stands up on its own

  4. author

    Christian fernandez2 hours ago

    The last one was not even a hack

  5. author

    Guadalupe Hernandez2 hours ago

    im just trying not to look in any of the mirrors

  6. author

    Tayybah Dar2 hours ago

    you need sam and dean there ASAP

  7. author

    Opttic_ vibration2 hours ago

    Have u noticed that the camera man said the f word

  8. author

    Janet koehne2 hours ago

    Wut if dey take it home

  9. author

    Ttvsimple8702 hours ago

    It’s the bristles that help stand it up

  10. author

    Oscar-Tazz Cisneros2 hours ago

    I would be crying to Thats scary

  11. author

    Rey The king2 hours ago

    Make a TikTok shirt

  12. author

    Invokerism2 hours ago

    8:45 REDFACE BABY, OUUUU, YEAIGHT lmaooo im ded

  13. author

    ExoticKTV2 hours ago

    I search wilcox and he looks like the type of person to work there were yall at

  14. author

    TzarR Kenzo2 hours ago

    Omfg...i search on google zozo spirit amd i was creept asf....

  15. author

    Christian fernandez2 hours ago

    Sir you don’t know how to drive Got a hack for that

  16. author

    KxngG14002 hours ago

    The broom can stand any day

  17. author

    Kimberly Gordon2 hours ago


  18. author

    aysenur isilak2 hours ago

    i shit my pants when the lights went off

  19. author

    the promblemo2 hours ago

    Brennen *i don't want to alarm you but *pulls out gun Me:😐 im ready to eat some pig sry if i spelled his name wrong

  20. author

    That one weird Kawii girl2 hours ago

    Those girls kinda ruined the vibe :/

  21. author

    Melisa Gonzalez2 hours ago

    Bro what the fuck I saw something in the background like someone was walking behind them💀💀☠️☠️👻👻👻

  22. author

    Angela-Angie2 hours ago

    6:10 just use a fork ;-;

  23. author

    Kimora Turner2 hours ago

    That’s right I Agree because I am that person I love your videos with a homeless girl named Kim she’s so nice she’s so caring and I love your videos like I’m in love with your videos I’m telling you to make more videos with homeless people because I love homeless people and my mom and she is a homeless person and now I have a grandma and grandpa that’s taking care of me and my brother and my sister and we just got adopted so I am a girl that’s a good observation that you made in this video agree because I am the person I love your videos with a homeless girl named Kim she’s so nice she’s so caring and I love your videos like I’m in love with you I’m telling you to make more videos with homeless people because I love homeless people and my mommy she is a homeless person and I know I have a grandma and grandpa that’s taking care of me and my brother and my sister we just got adopted so I am go that’s a good observation that you made in this video

  24. author

    Alyssa Ramos2 hours ago


  25. author

    Rylee Vincent2 hours ago

    tell this to the cops or something

  26. author

    cats united2 hours ago

    Brennen: ah i got shot Jake: do you have a hack for that? Brennen: gasps’ yes I do!!!

  27. author

    Roxy Haze2 hours ago

    you should do some t shirts with your grandma favourite saying on them like i love 69 or 69 is my favourite number just an example

  28. author

    Itzel Diaz3 hours ago

    How do you spell Cory buying my nickel that’s the

  29. author

    Micah Reeves3 hours ago

    If You See This You will not be haunted, you will have a great day!

  30. author

    xXvibrantX x3 hours ago

    that girls grunt though :)

  31. author

    Night Blood3 hours ago

    Billy I love your shirt

  32. author

    Jason Castillo3 hours ago

    I miss kim

  33. author

    420 OG3 hours ago

    Fuckin good looking pizza for a stoner

  34. author

    Yorick De Smet3 hours ago

    You should have added the violin sounds from the show 😅.

  35. author

    Crafting kid3 hours ago

    3:58 “it’s hallow” Me: then there ends up being a body in there

  36. author

    Itsyourbro Jake3 hours ago

    Lair this is all set up

  37. author

    Steph-NJ3 hours ago


  38. author

    Fleetus_mah_cleetus3 hours ago

    6:03 if anyone does this hack they are honestly broke

  39. author

    Zachary Jones3 hours ago

    I had a dream there was a zombie apocalypse real talk tho

  40. author

    XxJocelynplaysxX3 hours ago

    Bruhh swear to God if you look at 10:46 closely in the thing like you literally have to pause it you see a human or demon thing just sitting there were he got the papers out of you see it. Like a croch ninga looking form

  41. author

    JDVPikachu3 hours ago

    I also like pizza and mac and cheese

  42. author

    Rhys Barron Freelance Photography3 hours ago

    I got the all the money codes

  43. author

    ElonMuskPlays13 hours ago

    With the coke one, just get a butter knife, slide it under, and pop it open. It doesnt explode when u do that

  44. author

    Roland Mendoza3 hours ago

    Tiktok life hack king 2020

  45. author

    Juan Mendoza3 hours ago

    Taylor you can do the broom life hack every day you want because I try it on a Monday and it work

  46. author

    Thomas Bowers3 hours ago

    0:00 Oh God... The Worst MReporterr Of All Time!!!

  47. author

    Emz Gurl3 hours ago

    Omg "YOU F*KING WANKER!!" had me dying😂😂

  48. author

    name ideas3 hours ago

    shes beautiful

  49. author

    Jaasiel Enriquez3 hours ago


  50. author

    Sara3 hours ago

    Piggott: Meaning a hill with a sharp point at its top, and would originally have indicated that its bearer lived near such a landmark. (Got it from Google)

  51. author

    Jalyn Point3 hours ago

    Bro she not picky he like a best friend by now do u realize her family probably didn't even know she was in jail he picks her up and go on a shopping spree saying thank you by now is like your mom cooking for you as a kid did you ever thank her?

  52. author

    Jaasiel Enriquez3 hours ago

    Why are there people in the backgroind

  53. author

    ITZ_ ToXiC3 hours ago


  54. author

    Sheri Gerbracht3 hours ago

    If a broom can stand up every day

  55. author

    Jalyn Point3 hours ago

    She on sum drugs from jail i can tell i used to be a addict she cranked asf means she had something in jail

  56. author

    Asia Rocha3 hours ago

    Brennan- we can probably meet up with bts Me- you better invite me ☹️

  57. author

    Rachael Jarrell3 hours ago

    Kim so beautiful funny

  58. author

    Wyatt Roberts3 hours ago

    *I bet it could be hard to get your finger in there* ok brennen 🤣🤣🤣

  59. author

    Jalyn Point3 hours ago

    Stfu something happened to my girl kim and all comments BLACK DON'T CRACK 😑😑 SHIT NOT FUNNY FREE KIM!!

  60. author

    Edgar Israel Pineda3 hours ago

    your body can turn into stone by dying and being buried and decomposing wich makes a mold form of your body wich creates a fssil

  61. author

    Joshua Bowers3 hours ago

    The broom thing is a lie did it 2 weeks ago and did it today

  62. author

    XxCamilaxX3 hours ago

    Upside down cake?

  63. author

    s1ngh singh3 hours ago

  64. author

    Elijah Johnson4 hours ago

    The existance of this video proves you have beef... MOO!

  65. author

    Khloe Jauregui4 hours ago

    I found the sour patch kid cereal at the store and I liked it.

  66. author

    Anis a cut above4 hours ago

    I think you should go to Arizona’s worst reviewed restaurant

  67. author

    it’s sof4 hours ago


  68. author

    Andualem Amogne4 hours ago

    That shit looks goog

  69. author

    Ur Mom4 hours ago


  70. author

    Jonathan Garza4 hours ago

    Bruhhhh BRENNENS FACE @9:00 😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. author

    Jonathan Garza4 hours ago


  72. author

    Karma WithLuck4 hours ago

    I don’t like his mom he got hurt she worry’s about her car than his son

  73. author

    paul Bassett4 hours ago

    A peacan is a bird no it's tucan

  74. author

    lima _10244 hours ago

    Is it the watcher you and colby called?

  75. author

    Justin von Buchler4 hours ago

    my name is kenley and i like jake

  76. author

    Alex Saavedra4 hours ago

    That said drug venom

  77. author

    Gavin’s Vlogs because4 hours ago

    Peking duck is usually expensive tho

  78. author

    ツfearMyYoutube4 hours ago

    This is a Mexican thing

  79. author

    Xavier Munoz4 hours ago

    I paused it on the right time before you showed you niple

  80. author

    Gustas Vilbrantas4 hours ago

    Today on the news we have a little kid who got so high he thaught that his parents were gummy bears

  81. author

    Chan Bot4 hours ago

    Life hacks= bangers

  82. author

    Francisco Reyna4 hours ago

    Look at 5:40 is say his number

  83. author

    aidan smith4 hours ago


  84. author

    Jalyn Point4 hours ago

    Bro she was raised right u can tell look how she covers her mouth when she talks if she get a job just whatch this going to be her story

  85. author

    aidan smith4 hours ago

    My name is aidan age 10

  86. author

    YNW & XXXTENTACTION got hoes4 hours ago

    this nigga had a boner

  87. author

    David I4 hours ago

    Literally a vacuum would work for the 2nd one

  88. author

    ShakylaSharnae4 hours ago

    My stupid ass would’ve yelled “Don’t be throwing shit!” 😂

  89. author

    Max Drut4 hours ago

    Bro is this the only content you know how to make? All I see is tiktok bs from you

  90. author

    Jorge Linaresj4 hours ago

    You did the pizza wrong

  91. author

    Andrew Bingham4 hours ago

    It is to late for this woman

  92. author

    Lindsay Frederick4 hours ago

    Did anybody see that white rag floating or on the tree behind you when you were doing the intro

  93. author

    Bananabus 384 hours ago

    My dad did the toothpaste one in college cause otherwise they’d have to pay for them to paint the walls their

  94. author

    Joyce Hulbert4 hours ago

    I think you and jake should make a MReporter channel called the Taylor bros

  95. author

    Jhane Patrick4 hours ago

    Brennen:my life His mom:my car Brennen:my LIFE women Haha 🤣 😂

  96. author

    Megan Furlong4 hours ago

    I’m also sad how many people think that broom thing is somehow nasa related 🤦🏻‍♀️

  97. author

    sunflower gamer4 hours ago

    Don't you just love that Brennens hispanic self can't pronouce Aguacate but Colby can 😂

  98. author

    Brooke Hubbard5 hours ago

    One bite hmmmmmmmmm 🤔

  99. author

    Burger Child5 hours ago

    #TextGang!!!!! Bc I need more fashionable clothes to wear on a upcoming trip I have.