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  1. author

    Yahya Rajaee2 hours ago

    So from now on when people say something is rigged or someone is unfair, don’t dismiss it right away as a “conspiracy”. God knows how many NBA games were rigged that ended the title with the wrong team.

  2. author

    Anthony Wayne Walker2 hours ago

    Excellent interview & review.

  3. author

    sxxmx xxsm2 hours ago

    go to sleep Scottie!

  4. author

    Jay Villa2 hours ago

    Everybody mad at dwade, some mad at pippen, but am I the only one that is PISSED with Chadwick Boseman? He gave both dunks (which are at least imprsssive) a 9, well I mean Amin is right, celebs should NEVER judge at dunk contests!

  5. author

    Carl Manvers2 hours ago

    Wilder's corner is lucky that ref didn't biff the towel back out of the ring - he would have been within his rights to do so. That's not how you stop a fight.

  6. author

    Gen4John2 hours ago

    Max "In the History of the NBA" Kellerman

  7. author

    Cricket Consultants2 hours ago

    Andre Ward is the truth in and out of the ring

  8. author

    hamood22132 hours ago

    This reporter looks like a black version of Brendan Schaub

  9. author

    Vantheman12 32 hours ago

    In camp Sugar Hill and Andy Lee worked on Tyson Fury’s strength, alongside other things of course. However, initially they wanted to make Tyson stronger. They got Tyson lifting weights and improving his strength. By all accounts Tyson’s ability to bench press even an average weight was surprisingly low. As the camp went on Tyson built muscle mass and considerable power that hadn’t been there before. Furthermore, the boxing training was specific in improving the basic punches and combinations that are used in the ring. Noticeably, Tyson’s speed of punch was there, certainly the jab and straight right cross, so the one two was faster and much stronger than ever before. Strength and velocity of punch, world class physical training and an improved diet all added to Tyson Fury becoming a truly elite world class heavyweight. Those are the reasons why Wilder was destroyed in the ring. Wilder simply didn’t stand a chance.

  10. author

    Fenorris Styles2 hours ago

    No Weed Period

  11. author

    T Pi2 hours ago

    Max's athletic ability argument doesn't make sense. There were other players like Nique that had Jordan's athletic ability. What made the difference was Jordan's drive to win. The same goes with LeBron. And the same goes to Shaq. Natural ability alone doesn't do it. Otherwise Tako Fall would be the next Giannis and Kobe wouldn't have won 5 NBA championships.

  12. author

    Mag32 hours ago

    Stephan A: "honor black history month by winning the fight"! sus af

  13. author

    Christopher Wayne2 hours ago

    How can this be a boxing expert? Wilder was reduced to a punch bag, had absolutely nothing left and he wants him to fight on 😳

  14. author

    BMW W.2 hours ago

    James Harden is so annoying shave your beard and leave basketball

  15. author

    Ryan lex2 hours ago

    Gianni's is overrated yo🤦😂😂

  16. author

    Ronniel Javier2 hours ago

    Vince Carter will school this guy even until now.

  17. author

    Lawrence Fung2 hours ago

    How come this interviewer could have a happy face with so much smile in asking questions? Considering this interview just happened a day after the tragedy. I saw her doing this in other interviews too

  18. author

    Azarul Ahmed2 hours ago

    Wow. Ward is on another planet.

  19. author

    Gyeongseung (Ryan) Han2 hours ago

    i didnt think the dunk was great. the dunk was great, but... -SCOTTIE PIPPEN

  20. author

    Jadastar Williams2 hours ago

    Perma ban all the 2020 judges 😂

  21. author

    chris m2 hours ago

    Tatum seems to be coming for his spot now

  22. author

    Show Me the Morey2 hours ago

    Hakeem Olajuwon is the only player in NBA history to win DPOY, MVP, Finals MVP (NBA Championship) in the same year.

  23. author

    Tajeezy132 hours ago

    I hate when ppl try to big up the support cast after the ring is won, nobody was talking about the raptors as a built team before Kawhi when it was mid season last year.. built teams can’t have a best player? The best player on the better team that has proven he can be the best player amongst all stars not just his roster while having beat the best teams more times than he’s lost to them fresh off of MVP of finals but because he had Vanfleet and Ibaka they clearly were better off without Kawhi lol comedy

  24. author

    Pepe beast2 hours ago

    En su sistema prioriza querer a los que van de izquierdas u otros egoístas que no miran por sus hijos. Las putillas les quieren más pero cuando tienen hijos se dan cuenta de que a éstos les repercuten los ideales benéficos.

  25. author

    reyeseekay2 hours ago

    Hey Max, can i fight you?

  26. author

    Rondell Tyrone Cunningham2 hours ago

    We need this commentator back lol he was legend

  27. author

    Imam Muttaqien2 hours ago

    are the audio sucks or it just me

  28. author

    Mattchew UK2 hours ago

    The top 2 trends on Twitter this morning "dosser" and "bumsquad" because of Wilder. And the people that made Wilders outfit have said it was about 25lbs. This has backfired on him so so bad.

  29. author

    oliver tambo2 hours ago

    The guy is a hater so..

  30. author

    jsj31313jj2 hours ago

    It impairs your judgment, as active professionals to "perform" you shouldn't be impaired.

  31. author

    Dane Simmons2 hours ago

    i live in georgia and because of the energy from those people in St. Louis i am now a Battlehawks fan!

  32. author

    Ace Williams2 hours ago

    Harden? The best player? Don't think so, he's a o e trick pony. Westbrook is better than him.

  33. author

    Hector Montesinos2 hours ago

    I love Andre ward he is just an amazing analyst, he is smart asf, the only man the landed from to moon to earth was the trainer that stopped the fight, wilders corner sucks!, how do u sit there and watch the first fight and say ohh don’t worry we are going to beat him next time and then come with the same game plan Right hand Behind a jab, how? How did nobody woke up and said look next time we are not beating this guy with that we need to give you the tools to beat him WE NEED TO MAKE U A BOXER WITH THAT RIGHT HAND! How did his corner just went on complete denial, even to the very last second, they did not even wanted to stop the fight, only one man saw the true and saw what everybody saw wilder is not ready for a man who can do it all

  34. author

    GameOver2 hours ago

    0:54 - 1:01 This is why we want Rachel OUT!!!

  35. author

    CrimsonEmpire2 hours ago

    Everyone on Fury's nuts now

  36. author

    Aneesh Anand2 hours ago

    The NBA should be scared of Westbrook

  37. author

    Benjamin Eric2 hours ago

    I live vicariously through the Bucks as a Wolves fan. Lol 😂

  38. author

    Constantin Valdor2 hours ago

    Max is all about the being great. Ward is about the being safe.

  39. author

    Buru kutu2 hours ago

    Another triple single is coming!

  40. author

    Inigo Gabriel Tomas2 hours ago


  41. author

    Cousin Chris2 hours ago

    Cannibus was demonized and still is illegal because of racism. This is America

  42. author

    Patrick Libunao2 hours ago

    Kobe was a relentless competitor when he was playing and after he retired became a mentor to the younger generation being an open book to anyone

  43. author

    Martin Heath2 hours ago

    Wilder is not a proper boxer and he's not very bright. Game over. Fury won on all counts, intelligence, strategy, skill and psychology before he even got in the ring. No rematch required!

  44. author

    Claudio Emetumah2 hours ago

    3:50 bruh even lavine was shocked too

  45. author

    Azarul Ahmed2 hours ago

    Ward not just a fantastic boxer, a great analyst and entertainer too!! ESPN always get the right people.

  46. author

    peeta 60102 hours ago

    While ingram is a top scorer in this team and yet espn still talking about zion.

  47. author

    Doe Doe Bird2 hours ago

    KD is the best scorer...I’ll assume he said James harden because Durant is injured rn..I’ll take KD all day

  48. author

    Craig Dillon2 hours ago

    You understand where Boylen is coming from??? You are an idiot. Only an idiot can know where Boylen is coming from.

  49. author

    Anthony Jones2 hours ago

    James is clearly da better player James harden is a legend hall fame player da only player better than harden is lebron harden is a top 2 player hes basically da player in da league average 35 points for most of his career greak freak good is but James harden is a legend james harden kd lebron and Kawhi are legends and are better then da greak freak da greak freak is a lil to over rated

  50. author

    Nik Scott2 hours ago

    2 of the best boxing analysts/commentators on the planet.

  51. author

    Franek Dolas2 hours ago

    cavs all 5 gatrhered weights less than zion

  52. author

    Andy Zzz2 hours ago

    I’d rather watch this than that new show on Tuesday’s with Dwayne Wade tbh

  53. author

    Mark Sosa2 hours ago

    The best dunk contest? Where were u guys in the 2016 Dunk Contest? Lavine Vs Gordon? Stop this. That Dunk Contest was better than this years🙄🙄

  54. author

    Night Stalker2 hours ago

    Wilder is way out of his league now. If he goes to an immediate third fight, his legacy is trashed. Needs to accept he just an average schmuck now

  55. author

    Jordan2 hours ago

    Giant cromagnon jaw Acho

  56. author

    Octopus 82 hours ago

    D-wade being himself. Like, how did people forgot that he was an arrogant d-bag for most of his career with lots of shitty egoistic things he did? Probably when he had his whole retirement tour jeez

  57. author

    Mercedakias K2 hours ago

    Not a nice way to talk about your Dad, little James..😂😂

  58. author

    aps1s2 hours ago

    I wan't Scottie to read me mistery stories before sleep.

  59. author

    Ian Keyes2 hours ago

    Richard Bayless I thought did a horrible job refereeing. That first knockdown wasnt a knockdown at all. It shouldve been another point deduction for fury for blatantly leaning and laying on Wilder and obviously hit him in the back of the head several times. Advice for Wilder: Dont take on an opponent who is going to be so much heavier and bigger than you. I dont care how hard you hit or how tough you think you are, its suicide. If youre name's not Floyd or Manny, dont challenge someone who is gonna be so much heavier than you.

  60. author

    Jacob Bazan2 hours ago

    The whole fight was boring and wack af slow and sloppy.

  61. author

    JR Boxing2 hours ago

    Wow delusional wilder fans claims fury cheated with his Glove the fights he had against wilder. U can find a ton of it in IG. SMH

  62. author

    Johann Jimenez2 hours ago

    ESPN MReporter, keep posting max on boxing

  63. author

    Franek Dolas2 hours ago

    Ingram looks like Pinnocchio :^)

  64. author

    Rob Mlynarski2 hours ago

    Max criticizing virtue signalers is like Bill Gates calling someone a nerd

  65. author

    Mr Gucci2 hours ago

    All these sports RIGGED!!! Every single one!

  66. author

    Mark G2 hours ago

    half the defense double the offense

  67. author

    O Loading2 hours ago

    Harden plays for individual awards which makes him not one of the best player in the game he don’t make ppl around him better only makes himself look good

  68. author

    De Zos2 hours ago

    Who is this chic ? Talking about "disrespectful". You want to be the moderator ? Moderate. Ask the question, sit back, and listen.

  69. author

    PACIFIK2 hours ago


  70. author

    M. Bison2 hours ago

    Fury whooped him and leaned on him after every clinch. Fury was absolutely awesome. Boxing education

  71. author

    VibeZeitgeist2 hours ago

    Anyone else remember that tmz clip of the pill bottle of KD’s weed out of the car

  72. author

    Marcus Gabrielsson2 hours ago

    Ward is THE guy when it comes to boxing.

  73. author

    Tajeezy132 hours ago

    Perkins just be talking

  74. author

    jay antonio2 hours ago

    its been over a decade and lebron hasnt participated.I give up

  75. author

    Jeen Liu2 hours ago

    LMAO the look on Stephen A's face when everyone is talking without him is priceless... LOL

  76. author

    Tobsi XI2 hours ago

    This is probably the greatest "throwing with rocks in a glass house moment" ever... James harden of all people hating on other players because of the style of their game? Lmao 🤦‍♂️😂

  77. author

    Nick Messner2 hours ago

    If the refs called travels or offensive fouls on Harden the way they call them on most players, Harden would be an above average but unspectacular player. You simply can't argue that he does what he does without an assist from the refs.

  78. author

    WEEBDEVIL2 hours ago

    if that's not skill i don't know what is

  79. author

    kaka eyoka2 hours ago

    This people are evil Harden started it he went on radio to say Giannis didn't deserve MVP but him

  80. author

    Ian Dog2 hours ago

    He should jump off the Golden gate Bridge

  81. author

    Kyhra Osborn2 hours ago

    I agree it was that’s what happen when you rely on demon spirits to help you win you lose

  82. author

    The Inquirer2 hours ago

    The comments are too many but has anyone mentioned the fact that their is an interview where wilder admits to wear a 45 pound vest on him during all his exercises and everything he does

  83. author

    sacr3d g6om9try2 hours ago

    I just scrolled the comments and replies for a minute and gotta say, some of you black folks are very very racist . The dude dunks, let him be what does it matter if hes white or not.

  84. author

    제이스픽 [Jay's pick]2 hours ago

    I see finally Zion feels like home where he belongs to.

  85. author

    Jay Cay2 hours ago

    Pacman👊is the best!

  86. author

    Milk Carton2 hours ago

    Why is draymond always kicking or stepping someone’s nuts

  87. author

    Cluiver2.02 hours ago

    Lol he’s defending dwade

  88. author

    Joebet Barrozo2 hours ago

    South Beach mafia did this

  89. author

    Nathan Dust2 hours ago

    This guy looks like a Black Brendan Schuab

  90. author

    Maximillian Alexander2 hours ago

    Going out on his shield, going out on his towel... at the end of it all, he’s just lucky he didn’t go out in a coffin.

  91. author

    kaka eyoka2 hours ago

    "He stops himself " Lololo best comeback

  92. author

    bing bing2 hours ago

    Andre Ward the best

  93. author

    Big Wolf2 hours ago

    Omg molly shut up Jesus man

  94. author

    shwam shwam2 hours ago

    Why are they speaking like james harden hasn't made it further in the playoffs than him.

  95. author

    MrJtin692 hours ago

    So the NBA finally admitting to the rigs since Blake griffin

  96. author

    zak iqbal2 hours ago

    Ward was a phenomenal technical boxer and now I also rate him as a boxing analyst, he's getting better and better, he's up there with Paulie.

  97. author

    Noa Benjimin2 hours ago

    Bro he doesn’t even look athletic

  98. author

    trying to get there2 hours ago

    If I have a player making 40 million a year I would want him healthy. Mj was the only one getting that kinda money back in the day. These days yo average role player making 10-15 million a year.

  99. author

    Peoples Gaming2 hours ago

    Max and andre. These guy's are AAA.

  100. author

    K Glo2 hours ago

    So there saying live that they fixed it basically