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  1. author

    Nosy Rosie2 hours ago

    these two style is similar but Crawford looks skillful on offense much more than Errol pence Jr. .. Who will want to be the champion?

  2. author

    Zahra Talyani2 hours ago

    Is very sad to me this talented person why people talking about him so horrible about it but then maybe he’s going through something I hope he gets the help he’s needs

  3. author

    Stick It in2 hours ago

    Whoa here after Daniel Jones jus shocked the world

  4. author

    ayosnapback2 hours ago

    Eli overrated af

  5. author

    atheistically jake2 hours ago

    This aged well

  6. author

    gcl 0112 hours ago

    Judge - any one else? 6ix9ine - well since you’re asking your honor, have you heard of Antonio Brown? He has done a few naughty things. 😂😂

  7. author

    Other TechLead2 hours ago

    He needs mental help

  8. author

    Stan Smith2 hours ago

    Tony Clown! He got himself thrown off the Raiders, celebrated it and now is saying they owe him a paycheck!! The stupidity !! The entitlement!! Wow, this dude is a perfect example of what’s wrong with many (not all, of course, shut up) young Black men in America today and you KNOW that’s right.

  9. author

    Avery Wolf2 hours ago

    Todd Mcshay having an analyst job is a big mistake

  10. author

    Centaur2 hours ago

    We might be looking at another AB in KD doesn't know what he wants just like another fool that is currently out of a job.

  11. author

    Cedric2 hours ago

    Get married. Don't let a beautiful woman mess up your money.

  12. author

    AK Bear Wrestler2 hours ago

    Good riddance

  13. author

    Master Of None2 hours ago

    No one will miss you 😂👋🏾

  14. author

    Ethan Dellamar2 hours ago

    Good take as usual Stephen A!

  15. author

    Chef Leek2 hours ago

    This ex coach wanna be a coach again so bad I hate when he talks

  16. author

    A Wax2 hours ago

    "I didn't win a noble peace prize while I was in prison." -Iron Mike

  17. author

    Mr. J2 hours ago

    Smh this hasn't aged well

  18. author

    andre brown2 hours ago

    Get off of social media. Someone take this fools phone

  19. author

    trappy glizzy2 hours ago

    How many forgot Magic has hiv he looks like he never ever had it

  20. author

    Tiny Rick2 hours ago

    Its nice to see someone greater than AB (moss) shame AB

  21. author

    Ricky Perez2 hours ago

    Kawhi to PG-13 when he called him before the trade ; WhAt It dO BaByY??

  22. author



  23. author

    Kafala2 hours ago

    Go to the Chiefs lol. Patrick Mahomes will throw for over 60 tds

  24. author

    gcl 0112 hours ago

    Hahahahahaha F AB 😂

  25. author

    Bien Adentro2 hours ago

    After one start every one is looking like an idiot, the GM and the giants are looking like Einstein and Tesla

  26. author

    Cory Carter2 hours ago

    Giants get the win.. wolves will be unfed danny

  27. author

    Carey Lewis7072 hours ago

    Stfu Stephen A

  28. author

    EVH 51502 hours ago

    Wasn't a tough outing for Daniel Jones..he secured his starting QB status with this game..time for younger and more athletic QB to lead this team..

  29. author

    Chris Richards2 hours ago

    this didn’t age well

  30. author

    TheConundrum2 hours ago

    " Business is booming! " - Antonio Brown 2019

  31. author

    John Tatum2 hours ago

    Real game score 31-6...Cowboys lived on hype in first half, then Marinelli woke them up at halftime...Garrett needs to learn how to fire up his team and keep them humble.

  32. author

    Manny Vids2 hours ago

    what the heck did Antonio Brown do? I can't find one video that breaks down what he did wrong? Only videos that speak in general words, no specifics!

  33. author

    Marcus M.2 hours ago

    RANDY MOSS! They asked RANDY MOSS??? The guy who walks off the field into the locker room before the game was over? Who mooned the crowd? Who ran down a first responder? Who said “I don’t fear nobody but GOD and my MAMA”

  34. author

    J J2 hours ago

    All that talk is pointless.....if found guilty...then he is screwed.....if found not guilty then ..slot of people will look like fools

  35. author

    Dejan Siljegovic2 hours ago


  36. author

    TheAirmanGamer2 hours ago

    This didn't age well

  37. author

    Brent Dowland2 hours ago


  38. author

    ThatMarvel Fan2 hours ago

    I guess today's game proved him wrong

  39. author

    RYLAN PIPPEN2 hours ago

    Where all da greedy patriots fans dat wanted him to play so bad i told people in Pittsburgh he was ignorant and childish and way before da sexual allegations came out i felt he shouldn't be on a team based off his behavior just stupid u don't need a person not player like dat around u nowhere on field or off

  40. author

    Bien Adentro2 hours ago

    After one start every one is looking like an idiot, the giants are looking like Einstein and Tesla

  41. author

    raeshon dunbar2 hours ago

    "NO IT IS I"

  42. author

    Micah Morris2 hours ago

    Anybody here after Danny dimes had four touchdowns?

  43. author

    john smith2 hours ago


  44. author

    Kraze _yt2 hours ago

    Yeah aight

  45. author

    DVSN FILMS2 hours ago

    People couldn't walk a mile in Antonio's shoes

  46. author

    Arbin De jesus2 hours ago

    Low key AB might go to XFL

  47. author

    Yung Faness2 hours ago

    He Might Not Be Retireing

  48. author

    Kevin Kerr2 hours ago

    Lol this guy gonna be broke before Brady’s career is over

  49. author

    Miss Maureen2 hours ago

    I guess he figures Trump can tweet stupid stuff & get away with it, so why can't he

  50. author

    Will Wineglass2 hours ago

    Whose here after Daniel Jones carved a Giants logo in the Bucs ship. Especially with Saquon going out early.

  51. author

    Andrew Todd2 hours ago

    Keep your liberal views and bullshit uneducated views on politics out of my sports shows. People who believe Trump is a racist, you're just a fucking moron and there's no hope for you.

  52. author

    AngelTheFiend2 hours ago

    I dont really care tbh, I actually am enjoying it, the crazier the better, keep being entertaining Tony Brown

  53. author

    Yung Faness2 hours ago

    He Retireing He Tweeted On Twitter He Say That On Twitter ima NFL Wide Receiver i Might Sign Up For NFL Wide Receiver

  54. author

    S Li2 hours ago

    Antonio Brown you should know better comparing your alleged rape case against Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethisberg alleged rape case too. Ben Roethisberg is white... Antonio Brown you are black. Why would you think the NFL would treat the 2 cases the same. If you have ever heard of someone name Colin Kaepernick. Antonio Brown you got suspended because alleged rape accusation. Ben Roethisberg will never get suspended for his alleged rape accusation. If you can't understand that Antonio Brown... then you don't understand America.😞

  55. author

    The ELmeansDuh2 hours ago

    3rd game in a row with over 30 points to win the game. S.A...gtfoh

  56. author

    Julian Keeton2 hours ago

    LAUGHING at thing now

  57. author

    Andriya Pradipta Karim2 hours ago

    I will be Milan under a new ownership from arab, egypt, turkey, abu dhabi, dubai, qatar, bahrain, yemen, oman, iran, iraq, syria, algeria, lebanon, palestine, pakistan, tunis, united arab emirates, and the other countries in the middle east.

  58. author

    Joshua Johns2 hours ago

    The main issue was.... did he RAPE the Brittany girl or na? Answer... absolutely NOT. That girl is the root of all this... hope karma gets her

  59. author

    J Mac2 hours ago

    whos here after Daniel Jones shitted on the bucs

  60. author

    Kiia bath & body2 hours ago

    I love Randy Moss country Accent 😂😂

  61. author

    saberawsome2652 hours ago

    If you want your young kids to “be all all that they can be”, keep them away from football! It’s a travesty when millions of young boys and young men will not be able to achieve their potential because of such a barbaric sport! Mothers,fathers, and the kids themselves are not warned about the dangers of football! Getting some form of CTE is guaranteed 100%. It’s a death sentence for all practical purposes! For some it comes sooner than later! Would you let your 5 year son start boxing today! It’s the same trauma! Colleges, high schools, and the NFL ain’t bringing you anything but death and destruction while they make billions! People wake up!

  62. author

    Dre Day2 hours ago

    I don’t blame Mitchell Trubisky he didn’t draft his self dumbass Ryan pace did

  63. author

    Dana Jett2 hours ago

    Being a cowboy hater means your life sucks and your mom sucks better😂😂

  64. author

    kaw loop2 hours ago

    NFL is modern day slavery

  65. author

    Patrick Sullivan2 hours ago


  66. author

    JWG2 hours ago

    I'm seriously sick of hearing about this clown!

  67. author

    Melvin Mansoor2 hours ago

    I love Wilder but I hate the way he speaks. Especially when he makes up his own words and speaks in an English accent

  68. author

    T AG2 hours ago

    Lonzo needs to stay away from his dad for a couple of years!!

  69. author

    Bert Suluvale3 hours ago

    KD Whining again - little boy

  70. author

    mogtrader83 hours ago

    Randy Moss is the GOAT Receiver

  71. author

    curt brown3 hours ago

    All these black athletes need to leave the league and form their own team PERIOD Stopped slaving for the white owners

  72. author

    zakyusuf10_3 hours ago

    Lol who’s here after he lit up tha bucs😭

  73. author

    John Cunningham3 hours ago

    Bullshit. Like the man Sanders, hall of fame, the greatest, NO.

  74. author

    Lil Drezzy3 hours ago


  75. author

    Eduardo Estrada3 hours ago

    Daniel Jones' first game: 23/36 336 yards 2 TDs

  76. author

    Lil Drezzy3 hours ago


  77. author

    Lil Drezzy3 hours ago


  78. author

    Sam Hansen3 hours ago

    How in Odin's name, did this become a race related issue? So instead of saying he appears to be a detached selfish moron, it should be prefaced with ,"black" detached selfish Gtfo

  79. author

    dave3 hours ago

    This is typical. White fighters always get this kind of props from white commentators. It’s par of the course. The opposite happens when it’s a black fighter. Example, Fury gets more props for being knocked down and getting up than the guy who knocked him down. Despite the fact that the point of the sport is to knock someone down, not to be knocked down in the first place. So Fury gets knocked down twice and was still given a draw and white commentators want more. If it was the other way round they’d be no arguments.

  80. author

    Moreese Gamble3 hours ago

    he is mainstream otherwise quit reporting on every one of his tweets....

  81. author

    mike lista3 hours ago

    Can they just make a fantasy show that isn’t cringe asf 👎🏼

  82. author

    Yahya Naseem3 hours ago

    What he fails to understand is if you don’t retire the NFL will retire you.

  83. author

    Francis Dubé3 hours ago

    Sas once again wrong lol

  84. author

    keef davis3 hours ago

    Compare AB to BigBen. Not to Moss. He's not accused of rape.

  85. author

    Chris Chirico3 hours ago

    Dude, get over it. No one is going to sign him. Ever. Just let it go.

  86. author

    JustSayin3 hours ago

    Randy Moss should talk. He got kicked off the Vikings team because of his behavior. He didn't want to go. Got traded one or two times after that until he finally realized he was the issue. Vikings would have loved to have kept them on their team with Chris Carter. Vikings fans miss him and Adrian Peterson.

  87. author

    Paj Pob Tsuas3 hours ago

    Moss, Owen, Johnson and Brown are diva in the same boat.

  88. author

    Swiftybal3 hours ago

    Who’s here after giants won 🐐🐐🤯🤯🐐😂

  89. author

    Jimmy Cline3 hours ago

    Cowboys 2020 we winning it this year!

  90. author

    Swerveey3 hours ago

    Played Daniel Jones today because I believed in him. Got like 35+ fantasy points. On a side note, I haven't been this excited for our team in a long time, even though we won't be a playoff team with that abysmal defense.

  91. author

    Go Hard3 hours ago

    Why is molly on the show?

  92. author

    Ricky LG3 hours ago

    Max is right... HANDS DOWN.

  93. author

    Maitiu Jarrett3 hours ago


  94. author

    NeoNitty3 hours ago

    When the time came, Moss came to play. Moss wasn’t with the bullshit, say what you want. I’m an OVERALL sense, nah, Moss was nothing like AB with the stupidity.

  95. author

    Teddy Ballgame3 hours ago

    SAS you missed this one.

  96. author

    tom patterson3 hours ago

    Antonio Brown is right it seems like there's a double standard he has accusations against him and Kraft the owner of the Patriots was caught in the massage parlor kraft didn't lose his team in the NFL why is every body losing everything over accusations are you not innocent until proven guilty. Wow does that mean if I say something about somebody they'll lose everything. Wow look at Donald Trump look at all the women that accused him. Antonio Brown is right there is a double standard especially if you are black

  97. author

    Ron Mac3 hours ago

    The best thing would be to not mention AB anymore. Take him out of the news

  98. author

    crazy 83 hours ago

    predicts spain to reach the final and in the end concludes by saying that we said this was going to happen with coach leaving and everything. Get a hold of yourself

  99. author

    Paj Pob Tsuas3 hours ago

    He been done since last year.

  100. author

    Marcus Middleton3 hours ago

    Somebody said it before: AB doesn’t want to play football