charli d'amelio
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    kate. rle4 hours ago

    That must have been such a great day😍

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    Priscilla Zhang4 hours ago

    if chase was here 👀

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    Lucy Oconnor4 hours ago

    Charli looks so nice😱😱🤪🤪😚😚😛😛😋😋🥰🥰🥰

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    Ashley Sturgill4 hours ago

    You need to post more often .

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    Joan Muraguri4 hours ago

    Lol I need friends

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    xXkawaiicookie_GachaXx4 hours ago

    People: They have no talent All of them: *Slaying it*

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    Melina Zilloni4 hours ago

    Hayyyy chicas como me gustaria conoserlas😚

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    Tracy Garcia4 hours ago

    My brother has a crush on Addison

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    Dlal Elssaid4 hours ago

    do you live in Santa Monica?

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    Tere' Armstead4 hours ago

    i hate charli.

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    Lulyta !4 hours ago

    Charli can you speak spanish?

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    Xbox insanely4 hours ago

    I like it how it takes me over an year for 1 subscriber then Charlie 1.12 mil subs WHAT!!!

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    Alison Schwartz5 hours ago

    We're is dixie

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    Shanel Leon5 hours ago

    Charli can you please help me get famous

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    Jenny Leal5 hours ago


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    Jayla Meeks5 hours ago

    please come to tampa florida in march pls

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    Fornite account5 hours ago

    Just if I could come to see you in real life I would cry if I would see you just see you in real life

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    Fatima Saleem5 hours ago

    Ok but nobody talking about how sweet and caring she is omg! I love her❤️

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    Peter Davis5 hours ago

    um..........Charlie...........where’s lilhuddy?

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    TITANIUM Brothers 20005 hours ago

    You didn't create Renegade this other girl did

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    CG Entertainment5 hours ago

    0:53 cringe

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    Diversão com Nicole e Luan5 hours ago

    Hi Charlie! I'm your fan 😍 😘 Could you answer me or like my comment? Please

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    Arianna Maleche5 hours ago

    do any of you realize she did not make the RENAGADE dance and also is it only or is Addison's voice hella annoying

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    Sopha and Katrin5 hours ago

    Просто нереально 😍💥

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    Cat Lover5 hours ago

    I love you so much I was there but I didn’t see you maybe next time

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    Gavin Chico5 hours ago

    iykyk 🚁🚁

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    Joseph Jarlee5 hours ago

    Charlie I followed you on TikTok

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    Force nemz Ninjahar5 hours ago

    i love you charli

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    Alondra Vargas5 hours ago

    I wish avani was there!

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    _______________ Henry5 hours ago

    Get shit done

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    Aloha Briana5 hours ago

    Your so pretty Charli

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    Emily Queen5 hours ago

    where lilhuddy???

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    Odog0005 hours ago

    Bruh she has the silver and gold play buttons with 2 vids

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    Rosie Guerrero5 hours ago

    Charlie and Addison are so pretty

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    Mikayla Perez5 hours ago


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    Emery Moreno5 hours ago

    Do you guys live there bc I was there on the 9th which is Sunday in February I wish I saw you there I’m your guys biggest fan❤️❤️🥺😊🥺🤗

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    Louise Lima5 hours ago


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    Hypzz SZN5 hours ago

    Why u dancing

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    Frankie-Rae Morris5 hours ago

    Omg I'm such a big fan ecsoeccily I'm following you on Tik tok

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    TikTok Videos5 hours ago

    4:27 this makes me wanna cry seeing other people meet you but I'm do happy for you and my dream would be to meet you and Ariana 🥺🥺🥺

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    Drain Spade5 hours ago

    Anyone gonna talk about how good of a photographer jordan is

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    Hermela T5 hours ago

    Imagine being famous...

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    TikTok Videos5 hours ago

    2:30 sameeeee

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    colin reynolds5 hours ago

    I'm surprised you said yes to going to ball with that dude as well charli

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    Ginny Weasley6 hours ago

    They have the perfect life 😍 I'm jealous🥺💗

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    Melon Radish6 hours ago

    Omg guys this girl who does tiktok dances gets more views and everything from people who do original content. Its amazing what the MReporter algorithm does.

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    Macarena Palacios6 hours ago

    omg the meme

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    Bryan Olivares6 hours ago

    My GF is a big fan of you

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    emma brown6 hours ago

    At 6:26 Tyler in the back is such a mood Charlie is hugging a fan and he’s just standing there eating his ice cream

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    gabby K6 hours ago

    nobody : literally no one: charli and addison: * aggressively does renegade*

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    Jessyca Wolf6 hours ago

    Hi Charli Please Can You Follow Me On TikTok PLEASE

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    Gazmend Ukshini6 hours ago

    tony in the thumbnail looks like he is showing his a##

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    Gerald Gibson6 hours ago

    How many likes for a follow?

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    Nayeli Perez6 hours ago

    I love you Charlie you are the best⭐️

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    Moiza Mirajwala6 hours ago

    Love yall

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    Liv Idk-.-6 hours ago

    Was it only me who saw the man on the right throw it back during the renegade 2:45. okay yeah only me

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    Jenny gymnastics Fun6 hours ago

    Ive been to the santa Monica pier!

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    Yadira Lopez6 hours ago

    We went to that Santa Monica beach and we went on that ride to it is so fun but scary I want to meet you guys hope you had as much as we did bye

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    Tania Cristina6 hours ago

    i gilr the minutes 1 01 this is iconeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Lina_ Sofia3906 hours ago


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    II Chronos II6 hours ago

    Love love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    pink unicorn 016 hours ago

    I felt like they left Michael le out

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    melania andrea6 hours ago

    Love youuuuuuuuuuuu

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    melania andrea6 hours ago

    Charli I love your tik tok and thank you for following me I love you I would like to meet you but I live in providence

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    Lindsey Valenzuela6 hours ago

    Are you going to have another meet and greet

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    AGAPE ZERZELIDI6 hours ago


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    Isabella Sedillo6 hours ago

    I’m going to San Diego in like June or July and I really wanna see Charli or Addison cuz I love them booth 😂❤️

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    Chandler Postel6 hours ago

    See who wants to get wet at the end of it Charli and Addison look at each other and laugh

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    Victoria Reyes6 hours ago

    Hi im new and i love your tik tok

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    Karrine Jackson6 hours ago

    Can you stop doing the Renagade because your doing wrong😡

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    Goedele6 hours ago

    I wanna be you so bad

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    Game Time6 hours ago

    Charli saying:ok ok ok

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    AJ 19986 hours ago

    Okay, I'm not hating and I'm happy for Charli and she's donating the proceeds to a good cause and everything but..... How tf do ppl consider Tik tokers celebrities? Like..... The line was as if it was for Justin Bieber or Billie Eilish or BTS or something. Kids Actually see Tik tokers as celebrities?? 🤯🤯

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    Vasiliki Tsianaka6 hours ago

    Many videoss please

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    Natalia Alecu6 hours ago

    I love you so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Aésthëtîc_lønlêy6 hours ago

    charli i see the vid of unicef and i just want to tell you your my idol its been a while and thats why and i think your the prettiest person and the most i like dancers oh and if you dont inderstand too much i dont speak too much english

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    Janay Galarza6 hours ago

    I wish I can meet u you guys are amazing❤❤❤

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    TEA TOK6 hours ago

    Congrats on 1 mill subscribers

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    Mohamed Adil6 hours ago

    That video was so fun to watch

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    yoongispirit7 hours ago

    why Addison so loud doe

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    Addison Grubb7 hours ago

    I wish i could meet you but i cant but iove your tik toks and your the best thanks for everything

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    Alyssa Medrano-Chavez7 hours ago

    Can we just point out the fact how Addison always so happy and then it makes me happy

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    Malone Faedo7 hours ago

    The only reason we clicked was for her intro les't not 🧢

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    Ameria Waldeng7 hours ago

    I wish I could meet you

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    Ann Archer7 hours ago

    Lol, that little girl, “I feel like she’s not as fake as the other people on Tik Tok” 🥴😂

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    lisa marie7 hours ago

    And no Lil Huddy!

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    Aurora Castro7 hours ago

    I hope they all delete their accounts on all apps

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    Leonardo daniel Castro de leon7 hours ago

    Like si buscas el comemtario en español

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    Young S7 hours ago

    charli is living her best life

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    Άρτεμις Λαμπροθαναση7 hours ago

    and the fotos are the best

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    Άρτεμις Λαμπροθαναση7 hours ago

    OMG this is the best video i love all of us but i love very much adisson and charli

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    George Yu7 hours ago

    That photographer is the Jason Nash of TikTok

  93. author

    Aliyah Abbas7 hours ago

    Famous People meeting famous People lol

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    AlDana Aljaberi7 hours ago


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    Vz Nvy7 hours ago

    Hey charlie I love all your content and your an awesome person it's funny bc Jordan was like go to Charlie's channel to see more then you are saying go to Jordan's channel like it's just confusing and funny!!!😅😅😅

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    Wolfie Alex_Yt7 hours ago


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    brandon webster7 hours ago

    the way charli and addison looked at each other when he said weel see who wants to get wet after

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    ielaf AL M7 hours ago

    Do you from Denmark

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    anisha sabit7 hours ago

    Omggg hii Charlie ilysm

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    Aneeqa Kazi7 hours ago

    Where’s Avani she’s the best in pics trust me