Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland

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    worb radar2 hours ago

    4 days no new video I'm having withdrawls

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    James Adams3 hours ago


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    J Dizzle3 hours ago

    post a nee video damnit! its been 4 days. and this one sucked.

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    Chico Little3 hours ago

    What a joke ass video! Kyle has been in way more faster shit than Cleetus's stupid ass go cart.

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    Edgarin Monsu3 hours ago

    IS THAT A SUPRAAAAA!!!! 6:35

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    Darkside Mazda3 hours ago

    Go to Cali in that thing and piss off the hippies lol. You guys crack me the hell up.

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    Dj Hodges3 hours ago

    Toast needs a powerglide.

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    overbuilt automotive3 hours ago

    i think batch fire efi would be friendlier than sequential fire efi on this application i hate to say it but a micro squirt ms3 may have more options even thought it a off brand to some i love them

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    Brian Gates3 hours ago

    i swear i could hear them bald eagles flying by at the 15:14 mark

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    NEIL McBEERSON3 hours ago

    Dam cleeter. You must've quit youtube

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    Grammar Police3 hours ago

    That’s one long ass driveshaft.

  12. author

    Charlie Hodgdon4 hours ago

    Lmao! I love it when you throw in the bald eagle sound

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    Matthew Davis4 hours ago

    I can't poop without youtube videos. Killing me

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    Trent Nelson4 hours ago

    man i remeber when that JH Diesel truck was first debuted, thing is still a badass truck.

  15. author

    RcBullShit4 hours ago

    Badass guys!!!

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    TheKubux4 hours ago

    Grandpa Timing looks so young in Leroy startup video.

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    Evan Nugent4 hours ago

    Longest you’ve gone without posting a video. Killing me brother

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    Jeancharles Rabaux5 hours ago

    Turbo is no good compresseur is verie good gaz j ai une el camino 77 moteur big bloc 383 strokeur chevy et compresseur wieland pond 10 boulons boites th 450 turbo et 580 ch aux roue arrière

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    Joel Ingles5 hours ago

    I know you guys are busy boggin deep... but I'm going through withdrawals. I need some freedom and bald eagles stat. Looking forward to the next video drop!

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    Jeancharles Rabaux5 hours ago

    Yooo yes gaz combien il faux compter pour une telle transformation au stat parce que en France c est hors de prix

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    CK905 hours ago

    Holy Sweet Mary Tyler Moore!! If I were given the choice between having this car or being able to walk again I'd have to take a week to decide. HAHA!

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    Maker Noob5 hours ago

    You can get those pos on Wish for like $8 and they do explode. hahahahhahah

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    Raccoon -5 hours ago

    Wheres the new vid?

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    Adam Eignor5 hours ago

    4 days and no upload ? Dont become overwhelmed like all the rest that died off !

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    zbfootball10405 hours ago

    4 days no upload..I'm starting to itch!

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    Tommy Topham5 hours ago

    Hope ya put in a one pice drive shaft.

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    Kyle Herman6 hours ago

    Man your slipping on uploads

  28. author

    lillmeca19836 hours ago

    Common man!!! Having withdrawals!! Need a new video!!!!

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    Necros1s6 hours ago

    love the galaxie! but please get new wheels!

  30. author

    Jonas6 hours ago

    How fun would it be to see cleetus and crew in some snow with snowmobiles haha

  31. author

    jorislinde16 hours ago

    Who died?

  32. author

    Moon7 hours ago

    You'd pick up a second if you swapped out those potato wheels, Cleetus!

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    Slowmoped7 hours ago

    I'd love to see the car with a different blower. I think that would get you to your number easier. I swear by my Hampton Super II 8-71. It's making 14 trouble free PSI on my 455 BBO. Kinsler/Enderle MFI on E85. In my humble opinion, Don Hampton, (Downey, CA USA), makes the best competition quality supercharger in the world. He'd be happy to talk to you about your setup. And no, I don't work for him nor am I receiving compensation. I'm simply a completely satisfied customer!

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    Alfa75V67 hours ago

    Made in China / somebody in Asia is counting beans

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    Alexaoo7 hours ago

    Cleetus Power!!!! 💪

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    joe james7 hours ago

    Risk it for the biscuit

  37. author

    joe james7 hours ago

    Must buy ship it back

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    Alecte_7 hours ago

    Idk make sure everything is good with it

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    Daniel Spanjar7 hours ago

    its been 4 days since the last cleetus video and im going fucking nuts over here.

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    Dawson Newman8 hours ago

    It makes me so happy when y'all talk to about Leroy as if he's a person. 🦅

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    Pilbara Man8 hours ago

    When is next video drop? Toast update? Having withdrawals

  42. author

    Lextech Lighting8 hours ago

    Cleet, have James inspect the welds on the wheels. You’ve put a ton of stress on them and a tiny crack is enough to put you in the wall, total the car, and wreck your health and well being.

  43. author

    Goddess Sky8 hours ago

    So he CHEATED?

  44. author

    Bradders 20168 hours ago

    Cleetus ya slacking

  45. author

    Daniel Henry8 hours ago

    You're slipping on the videos lately

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    Gamalier Rosa8 hours ago

    Works better on rc planes

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    BANANA SOLDIER58 hours ago

    Like if cleetus should do another driving underwater

  48. author

    Neizan Algren8 hours ago

    too much noise

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    BANANA SOLDIER58 hours ago

    Like if cletus should do another driving underwater👍🏻

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    Yamaharider9 hours ago

    You should get a slow motion of the tired

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    David Stirm9 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me why the topper door was left up that whole time?

  52. author

    Scott Bayer9 hours ago

    Boosted Bois = Team Bartle Skeet West!!!

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    Rick Kkk9 hours ago

    Dude I live in Mt Morris mi the l The Mounds are !!!!!!! No way

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    MikeZ32TT9 hours ago


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    Sam Coon9 hours ago

    Somebody needs to make an album of just different race car engine sound. V8 American race car engine sounds.....

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    Mike Eral9 hours ago

    What's the deal. 4 days no vids

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    BoatManShuzz10 hours ago

    Dude fix that speed wobble. I'd rather see videos of it racing as opposed to getting rekt

  58. author

    Swerval10 hours ago

    Well, 4 months ago this was "almost ready". So where's it at?

  59. author

    God-Mode Gaming10 hours ago

    You guys better start building lol

  60. author

    Mikie Iacono10 hours ago

    How was 5.40 a loss?

  61. author

    Riley Carns11 hours ago

    Seems like you’re not trying as hard with some of the video quality and length as you used to... sad to see only 2 videos a week 10 mins a piece. YOU STILL HAVE TO TRY HARD AFTER YOU BECOME FAMOUS

  62. author

    DC LSX Factory11 hours ago

    Installs FREE $19,000 powerglide/9” combo...mad about $200 windshield shitin the bed 😂 god bless America 🤣🤣🤣

  63. author

    Bob Stark11 hours ago

    why did it sound so bad on idol, woof bum bum woof, bum bum woof! sounded great while driving tho

  64. author

    Mason Barnes12 hours ago

    Drinkin' a dew while watching this.

  65. author

    Vince Beatty12 hours ago

    Hahaha, I love how it wobbles over 100. Thanks for the video man

  66. author

    EpicSaxBoy12 hours ago

    Eyyyy guys who wants to see the Dale truck doing it for dale in the Daytona International Speedway

  67. author

    Kevin Danger Powers12 hours ago

    That steering wheel is going to fall off into your lap...

  68. author

    MJPilote12 hours ago

    Clean that smoke to power!

  69. author

    Benny T12 hours ago

    That was awesome. The guy in the mini van and Cletus should do some project cars together or race each other more often. That was fun!

  70. author

    Jeremy Jam12 hours ago

    Wait untill she see's the australian climate and humidity... best of luck cletus n boys ! My mullet is cheering for you here down under ♡

  71. author

    Rikki Brewster12 hours ago

    A v6 s10 will do a massive burnout for $ but hey I can’t argue against freedom! Sweet build

  72. author

    MattLF913 hours ago

    Timing chain broke and that is how it all happened.

  73. author

    Poopenshnapples13 hours ago

    Auditory Icecream!

  74. author

    Michael Lefebvre13 hours ago

    He's scared of that car

  75. author

    John Elledge14 hours ago

    Wow that actually looked rough from the power!

  76. author

    Graysonn Saari14 hours ago

    That things wasn’t as interesting as I thought at all. I thought there would be a loud exhaust

  77. author

    Bill K15 hours ago

    Remember the daily uploads for like 2 weeks? Glory days.

  78. author

    aeroflopper15 hours ago

    Animal ,

  79. author

    David James15 hours ago

    How the hell are you supposed to see kids crossing the street pulling their little red wagons?

  80. author

    Blame USA16 hours ago

    posers poser car broke....

  81. author

    Paul Hare16 hours ago

    22 hp lol shit kart

  82. author

    College DropOuts16 hours ago

    You could use lexan clear polymer to creat body panels but you would still be able to see everything underneath

  83. author

    produKtNZ17 hours ago

    Still waiting

  84. author

    Bucks RC World17 hours ago

    glad to see another w for the galaxie.

  85. author

    Jeremy Fraser18 hours ago

    Hey Cleetus I’ve got a VZ LS1 ute as well... but it’s a dual cab all wheel drive! Google ‘Holden Cross 8’ 😎 They were automatic only but that suits me well for off roading and camping 👍

  86. author

    teamster44219 hours ago

    Your return springs on that throttle looks weak.

  87. author

    nallen10020 hours ago

    100k? How? Looks like a shit box with stupid "donks" on the front and spares on the back.

  88. author

    Luis Gustavo Almeid Silva21 hour ago

    My dream's car

  89. author

    Skyler Logan21 hour ago


  90. author

    DOOMCr3w22 hours ago

    Great runs, get aero for the front and rear, attach to frame of leroy, and itll stick till the tires blow.

  91. author

    Nitro22 hours ago

    Get custom made larger plungers and the Galaxie will take off and fly to the moon and back

  92. author

    Lachlan Friend22 hours ago

    Need to get rid of that exhaust now

  93. author

    Silver Surfer22 hours ago

    I didn't know porky the pig had a Silverado

  94. author

    Neck Bone22 hours ago

    At idle, this thing sounds like it is chewing on Prius.

  95. author

    Dominic Deanda22 hours ago

    I thought it was illegal to set a tree on fire i guess not

  96. author

    kale7150 kale715022 hours ago

    At 0:28 trying not to laugh

  97. author

    martinjeff223 hours ago

    chevy dead in the road. slower than a tesla. lol.

  98. author

    martinjeff223 hours ago

    faster in reverse.

  99. author

    btafire223 hours ago

    Throwback vid and I laughed my ass off again for a long time 🤣

  100. author

    ThePerson -WhoWatchesVideos23 hours ago

    Would’ve been nice to actually see him floor it and not slow down so much lol