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    Suzanne Evenson4 months ago

    is pbs streaming recordable

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    lilbeserk4 months ago

    Why does my TAXes PAY for PBS?

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    Gradimir Vulovic4 months ago

    I would like to tell you something about your documentary about genocide. One of history examples, as you said, is so called "attack" of evil Serbs against harmless muslim in Bosnia. Unfortunatelly for me, I lived thru that war and my memories (I was about 20) from that time TOTTALLY vary your point. Diametrally oposal. Go, for instance, in Serbian village named Kravica, near Bratunac and ask anybody to tell you about Ortodox Christmass, 7th of january 1993: I mean if you find somebody to ask... That night WHOLLE village of Kravica (about 200 people) was slaughtered, all of them: even babies in the craddles. All horrors you describe here happened exactly that night, and EVERYBODY can find informations about that, that is not a secret. "Harmful muslims" in new age uniforms and weapons, organized as any other ARMY. Serbian didn't ATTACK anybody, they had lived there for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. And those so called "Boshnjak"'s are SREBS that had taken islam during Ottoman's empire occupation of nearly 500 hundred years! And this is FIRST time in history that NATION IS BORN JUST FOR ISLAM: every "Boshnjak" have at least one Serb in his family tree... So, I hope that somebody can one day say the truth about those times: it's easy tio be a "journalist" with copy/paste known, well served for long time, facts. Try TRUTH, at least once. Best regards, Gradimir Vulovic, Srbija

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    Make Brooklyn6 months ago

    Copyright violation: Ran across someone posting at least one (but probably more) episode of the wood wrights shop as their own: mreporter.net/v/video-5NE0KjRDjdw.html The Channel name is "Warren Do"

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    truthseekers6666 months ago

    PBS are scum who hunt down youtubers and give them copyright strikes if they use their footage - after this was all paid for by the public purse!!! SCUM

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    ValkyrieGamer YT6 months ago

    hi pbs

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    Michael Camacho6 months ago

    Why is the comment section for your video(mreporter.net/v/video-EJ8LzkIfmxw.html) disabled? The one about asking if Asian women have white fever.

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    George Shepard7 months ago

    I was very disappointed in substance of interview with CFO Facebook's Sandburg, "puff piece" they knew for 2 years! and did nothing! Except enrich themselves by selling stock, which you chose to ignore Zuckerberg sold millions just the before story broke that monday, and here is the thing...you offer only Facebook to get to you? Deleted, revisiting my will to donate sums to you, your journalism integrity on breech is shabby and raises doubts, you owe all of us who have supported you for decades a apology and double down on the liar Sandburg.

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    Angel Caban8 months ago

    cant wait to see more

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    Mark Richardson9 months ago

    PBS is funded in whole or in part by the American government.

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    Samuel Attias9 months ago

    PBS is America's Best Channel for all the Time

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    Kraken 17510 months ago


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    carrie vanderhoff10 months ago

    IS ANYTHING FREE ON MASTERPEICES ????????????????????? I got to watch 1 season of Victoria and now EVERYTHING COSTS MONEY ????????????? HELP

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    JoeT00110 months ago

    "The Secret Canyon," Video, .mreporter.net/v/video-gQnbgEGek1c.html. how can you show some of this, when it isn't even respected, how can anyone believe you have authority to even speak of of such history! Shame on everyone of you, now and into the future crazy people will head there steal,.. like you have, and continue to practice stealing,.. and calling it research, like you said, for the next twenty some years or so, to preserve your jobs and so-called reputation of archaeologist and historian Bullshitters,. dumb, all dumb,.. shame on all of you! I guess it was all for profiting only, if you created a subscription process globally,.. sickening!

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    Jackie Hartley11 months ago

    I CAN NO LONGER PUT UP WITH WASHINGTON WEEK EXTRA SHOW....MITCHEL,STOKOLS KNOW THY ARE TELLING LIE'S.B/S/////PBS Take care of this or i will stop my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to your PBS///BS this show was on Jerusalem Capital and UN.All lie's.How can you ask your people to due this....PBS///bullshit...

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    TheDudeOutfHisElemen11 months ago

    What a bunch of total Scrooges PBS is for not airing the entire Christmas at Belmont 2017 and for not sharing it here on MReporter.

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    Poppa Dan11 months ago

    PBS and NPR are Proving to be liberal biased shills.. You promote Fake news.. PBS will fall right besides CNN.. Disgraceful! I will turn as many away from PBS as I can if they don't get it right.. Our Tax Dollars of PROPAGANDA.

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    Austin Joseph AlexanderYear ago

    Will there be more education for PBS shows for 2019, 2020, and in the future too?

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    Alex A. StudiosYear ago

    F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck.

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    Trace SmithYear ago

    I just got done with your genocide documentary. I can't believe you're promoting such filth and ignorance. This jackass goes around talking about these "victims". Well, let me tell you, those ppl that were killed were not innocent. In each case, they had gone into places they didn't belong, cutting fences, yards, killing men, raping women and children, then stealing. The Jews did it, the Myan did it, the Rolandans did it... each of these "poor victims" was a total scum. Every time people defend their home you have a problem with it. Well I have a problem with you and your shameful degree of hate for decent God loving people who were defending their own home.

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    Saqib's WonderfilledYear ago

    PBS, I was going to do a revival of the 1977 Pinwheel series that aired on Nickelodeon, and I wanted to develop a show for PBS Kids (which will air in 3 years).

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    Bridget SabatkeYear ago

    Can you please caption videos. I'm trying to watch "THE BRAIN WITH DAVID EAGLEMAN" But can't access the content. P.S. this is not a request for a small Deaf population, this is a request for veterans. The #1 condition when vets return home is hearing loss, and #2 condition is Tinnitus. This is for people who have hearing loss due to aging, or just plain want to watch content on mute due to their surroundings. Thank you for your work.

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    ptolemycleopatraYear ago

    MReporter works much better with spaced out uploads over days or weeks- not mass uploads of many videos at once.

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    Marvin GershowitzYear ago

    Nova Science׃ A new Discovery of the Universe Documentary HD I am a writer and I'm not certain that anyone hasn't already thought this thought, but: 1. Is it possible that we are inside of a "BLACK HOLE" from an IMPLOSION and not from the Explosion of the Beginning of the Universe. 2. Are 'Black Holes' actually TEARS of the Universe from the Expansion of the Universe which is speeding up and theoretically thought will Rip the Fabric of Space and Time. a. If by the actions of super novas falling into their own gravity the excessive force necessary to rip the Universe a leak of sorts back to the Creative forces from which we came? .... recentcrazyideas06102017a(c)mfg Marvin Gershowitz (1953 - 2017 or longer)

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    b bayYear ago

    Looking for the title of the video released during 1970s regarding the seasonal lifecycle of a forest pond located somewhere in the northeast US.

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    Frenchie séverineYear ago

    Hi everybody i would like to signal and report a man named Chris who is a fucking racist and has being trolling on the episodes of DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH since 2 hours He treats the girls of FAT GIRLS and The guy of RETARD..That's abnormal and that should be reported! So thank you to block him and send him a warning if he doesn't change his words! He 's awfully racist and stupid! Thank you!!

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    Legacy1776Year ago

    Are all full episodes of NATURE available online free of charge, or do you have to purchase the DVDs? (Anyone else can also answer this question)

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    LadyGamer15Year ago

    I just want PBS to air the original PBS aired versions of Downton Abbey. The UK version has missing scenes in seasons 3 to season 6. Will there be a possibility of viewing or purchasing the PBS version of those episodes?

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    Michael ReddYear ago

    Barney and WordGirl is Sorry, We're Closed Today and Grow-tato

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    Rrkts ProductionYear ago

    rrkts production new channel if u help mi plz

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    ZOOM - OfficialYear ago

    Hi PBS. remember us. We were on your channel for more, visit www.pbskids.org/zoom/

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    Ashley Gaschk2 years ago

    Is there a close captioned version of Manzanar: Never Again anywhere? It must be an oversight that there isn't an accessible version... it's not available to purchase on iTunes anymore.

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    Paul Jackson2 years ago

    PBS the latest update to the Android app broke Chromecast streaming - now get dialog box popups every few seconds along the bottom of the TV screen. Please fix, see no point in donating if I can't watch content. Thank you.

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    Megan Swanson2 years ago

    Is there any way we can subtitle/caption the "Carrier" mini series? Thanks, Deaf Viewer

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    Ellipsis of Triple Tap2 years ago

    PBS should be stripped of all TAX PAYER money and rely ONLY on the people willing to support you. Looking at your subscription base (and the factors that matter) you'd sink faster than "Air America". Is that why you're disabling comments? Too much work deleting comments from the "trolls" and almost no real 'back up' from your supporters... but for Congress? Clearly FOR PROFIT, and a politically left-leaning, indoctrination vessel... that's fine: until you use OUR involuntarily STOLEN money to stay afloat.

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    Leo Freeman2 years ago

    Why did PBS censor Jill Stein's criticism of Hillary Clinton and the TPP on News Hour? Did the Network of Global Corporate Control, who owns the media, instruct them to do so?

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    Cale Tims2 years ago

    Why dont u show last of summer wine. i like it and would like to see it every night.

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    BigSmartArmed2 years ago

    PBS/NPR = Zionist/NATO warmongering propaganda. PBS = Plutocratic Broadcasting Service

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    Judy Kaye2 years ago

    Why doesn't PBS rebroadcast the Frontline programs specials they did when the last (2)two Presidents, Obama and Bush first took over office from the previous party so we can see how and what they had and did deal with when they took office? Seems to me that would tell a truer story then either party is pro-porting now.

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    Tammy Torrens2 years ago

    Your Be More PBS advertisements are stunning! I love how the images have been paired with the music, Truly the best advertisements I have ever watched. Thank you!

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    Critical Unity2 years ago

    There is a channel that is impersonating the Tavis Smiley show and making false copyright claims on videos that are fair use even. Here is the link to report the channel, this person has caused a copyright strike on my account and I cannot report for impersonation, only someone who represents the Tavis Smiley show, Tavis smiley himself or PBS can, thank you. mreporter.net/block-UC784MJqi-tP38qvED9gwTLQabout

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    ssreltd1112 years ago

    I recently watched a movie called Collision. I'm sure it's a sequence but I haven't been able to locate it. Is it still available. I've been left hanging. Thanks

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    WRN Report2 years ago


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    WRN Report2 years ago


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    Jeremy Pontier2 years ago

    Say does anyone want to see where in the world and where in time is carmen sandiego

  46. author

    Gianina L2 years ago

    Hi PBS, Can you do me a favor and block this user: mreporter.net/block-UCBa5SDVMRhyZju7OW3ch8wfeed BLOCK THAT USER BECAUSE HE/SHE IS AN IMPOSTER OF YOU!!!!!!!

  47. author

    Orange90982 years ago

    Hey PBS, There is a channel that copied your name on this link: mreporter.net/block-UCBa5SDVMdRhyZju7OW3Ch8wfeed Make them blocked immedialy!

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    Absoleet2 years ago

    Would there be a full youtube video for the 2010 documentary Good Fortune? All I see are trailers.

  49. author

    Dominik Skoda2 years ago

    Come on, I'm interested in the year in space videos. Why there is a geoblocking on them?

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    bmarsh2582 years ago

    Bye PBS MReporter. What was usually a short publicity driven piece is now behind a pay wall? Is it the BBC programs?

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    ImKate19472 years ago

    PBS,, If you don't want to post your series, which there are many of from many years past, then please take this worthless site DOWN!!! YOU are NOT going to CHARGE $$$ to watch anything to people that are already subsidizing Public Broadcasting via their tax dollars, and many of them with private contributions, OF WHICH I USED TO BE ONE OF, until I realize what crooked double dipping you are doing... NOW here is a suggestion: Put several selected series and programs on You Tube, rotate them every six months to a different group of shows/series and ALWAYS OFFER the series/programs in its entirety for purchase!!! I know you do that via your regular web site, so extend those offers to THIS SITE for the series, OR individual programs you post here for a given amount of time, like every six month or so, you change to an entirely new group of series and programs...I for one would love to see you do that, as there are some I WILL PURCHASE, Like some of the period piece series, detective series and others (I have already purchased the ENTIRE BRET/HOLMES series)... HAD you done that, I would have SUBSCRIBED to this site, so I could watch my favorite series, and PURCHASE the ones I wanted to add to my library... I am one person, how many more You Tube users would do what I would,,, I have no idea... All of the above is something for YOUR BEAN COUNTERS to consider... It would also put an end to pirating of PBS programing by some of the criminal element that upload to You Tube...OK there is my critique and Ideas for PBS, be sure now to dump it into your DELETE bin!!!

  52. author

    AnimalsAndReports2 years ago

    Love all the nature programs :D

  53. author

    JFKlone3 years ago

    I hear that former CNN desk anchor Rick Sanchez is a "big fan" of PBS.

  54. author

    Ron Darius3 years ago

    end arthur

  55. author

    Ali Zaleski3 years ago

    !!!WTF!!! And a warm salute goes-out to the morons of PBS. Who seem to not care about September 11, 2001 in American History. Instead of showing at least a couple documentaries(Objects & Memory documentary, would be appropriate), we have to watch the normal Friday shows. Disgusting...and pathetic of PBS. Those who forget history, are condemned to repeat it. Which America is long overdue in doing so.

  56. author

    Wilfred Wong3 years ago

    The episode "Carrier: 04.Squared Away" is broken after 38:00. No sound at all. Thanks.

  57. author

    m hunt3 years ago

    plz end authur even my 8 yo bro hates it now.

  58. author

    McLaughlin Fan Club Channel3 years ago

    QUESTION!!! PBS. Great television or the GREATEST television???

  59. author

    Joe Farmer3 years ago

    end arthur, please.

  60. author

    Craig Grant3 years ago

    The only advise I can give to make any dream come true is to spend time alone in nature

  61. author

    Sheryl Chapman3 years ago

    Is there going to be a season 3 for Endevor

  62. author

    Corrie Flowers3 years ago

    I am an alcoholic and drink all day. Do I dream about it at night and get better at it? I also learned it is possible that those who suffer from depression have too much REM sleep. I am very interested in help.

  63. author

    Cori D3 years ago

    Hello I would like to know what happened with "Time for School''? because I am trying to see the episodes and I cant. Plus, this years was supposed to come out the last program of the 12 years project and I cant find any info about it.

  64. author

    The Best Anchorage Local Businesses3 years ago

    love pbs. been around forever!

  65. author

    Steven Alpert3 years ago

    Can you re-upload the Arthur Library card music video to youtube? It's only audible out of one speaker or one headphone... I tested it on multiple devices.

  66. author

    Kreszentia Bichlmaier3 years ago

    I donate privately to PBS/NPR & I believe some of my tax dollars go to funding your network, so why am I being asked to pay an additional $1.99 to watch "Inspector Lewis?" In addition, I have learned that PBS edits about 10 minutes out of the original UK episodes to fit in its stupid schedule. Excellent work, folks! I doubt I'll be contributing a dime in future to your little racket, and I loathe NPR anyway. My tax dollars at work! Sometimes I wish we'd pull the plug on PBS!

  67. author

    Rafael Israel3 years ago

    Hello, I miss the documentary "A wing and a prayer" and everybody who had a chance to watch it were truly amazed by the story. I have tried everything I can think of but I've not been successful to access it. Does anybody knows if it will be replayed or how to watch it? Thanks

  68. author

    Alondra Labute3 years ago

    I'm tired of constantly getting the message that the video will not play in my area (Canada). Why are the videos not available to Canada? Please make them available to ALL of us and stop discriminating based on location!

  69. author

    Gnol Mahp3 years ago

    Hello, I'm currently searching for a way to watch the full episode of "T-shirt Travels" for a class... rather I'm actually attempting to find a way to watch it for the whole class, but I have found no results rather than the private video on the PBS page. Is there a way to allow my class to watch it for educational purposes?

  70. author

    jim dorn3 years ago

    Please end Arthur.

  71. author

    Henry Sherman3 years ago

    Dear PBS, We really love your show Odd Squad. It's very brilliant. We were watching the episode with your take on the baby Jesus with Baby Genius, and we thought it was a good idea. We thought of a couple of other ideas that we're sure you'd like to try in that same theme. One is a character called Mut Hommad as a take on Muhammad. You could have a dog with a turban or you could do a take on Buddha called Gouda and have a talking cheese statue in the shape of the sitting Buddha. Great ideas, huh? Thanks, PBS. We love you! :D

  72. author

    jake heinz3 years ago

    end arthur

  73. author

    Tracey M3 years ago

    Watching "Forests" now. l'm frankly amazed at the narrator who describes the working elephants, in service to humans, as willing participants to help keep the stolen forest lands of Indonesia, free from their angry displaced, wild brothers. Do you not SEE the barbed sticks used to control the slave elephants? They were right there on the screen. Are you not aware of the "Phajaan" or "Crush" - the method of torture used on baby elephants that breaks their spirits so they will forever serve humans? Sadly, this practice is not nice, not to be glorified, and only those who agree with abusing animals are OK with elephant slaves. Shame on you, "Earth:A New Wild". Maybe you could do a segment on the exploding human population and how we encroach into every land on this Earth.

  74. author

    Sarah Wutzke3 years ago

    Please do another "House" series. I was watching old ones (Frontier and Manor House);exceptional! It'd be great to see Fur Trade House!

  75. author

    Dusty3 years ago

    Can you please not block us Canadians from watching PBS Nova and stuff like that. We love PBS in Canada!

  76. author

    TheJoelykin3 years ago

    Potato potato shalalala

  77. author

    Ms4mula14 years ago

    read W H Y !.. charities must stop funding the historical failure of animal research, no LIE!.. can live forever.

  78. author

    vinceandlilly4 years ago

    Hey PBS! I've been going on a major ZOOM nostalgia trip for the past few days, and I just want to say that I would be _very_ interested in buying a DVD boxset if one ever gets released.

  79. author

    Ramona Leigh B4 years ago

    It is very disappointing that I have to unsub because I can't view these videos in Canada.

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    CUIVISTS4 years ago


  81. author

    New DiamondWindows4 years ago

    I Like PBS

  82. author

    sm network4 years ago

    I love Martha Speaks! It's my favorite preschool show!

  83. author

    Renée Delarosbil4 years ago

    Salut c'est tu possible de mettre l'émission degrassi junior school en français svp je parle même pas anglais je comprend pas non plus et merci pour votre réponse

  84. author

    coreeeey4204 years ago

    PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE include your "ROCK AND ROLL" mini-series in your playlists!!!!! I have been trying to watch it on MReporter but the episodes are scattered, out of order, or blocked by the BBC. Is it available for purchase?

  85. author

    Dona Burns4 years ago

    To PBS..... Now you must charge for your content?

  86. author

    Genia Coleman-Lee4 years ago

    Why were women and African-Americans not fairly represented here

  87. author

    SolarEventsTV4 years ago

    Great videos - thank you!

  88. author

    『 GabbiNova 』4 years ago

    I'm trying to watch the very first episode of Downton Abbey and on the screen, it says that I have to pay just to watch it!!!!!!!! ';-(

  89. author

    Naren Lalwani4 years ago

    Can u pls air "SILVER FEET" it was released some where around 1983 .. its a famous dance documentary. its about the San Fransisco Ballet School

  90. author

    mike peine4 years ago

    40% of Ocean Wave Action can power ALL of the worlds energy needs FOREVER with technology known since 1799. SEE OCEAN WAVE ACTION GENERATORS from The Scottish Government by OYSTER & AQUA MARINE

  91. author

    Cameron Kerr Bôcher4 years ago

    I've been watching the McNeil Lehrer hour for many many years, and feel I must share my opinion about the direction of the news hour. In past years the network media all seemed to cover the same stories with the same old adherence to the government line. I could always count on the unbiased reporting of PBS. When did we lose our way. These days it seems PBS has just joined the CBS,NBC,ABC, USA government line. Like the others, you seem to have joined the major media censoring and sanitizing band wagon regarding the BLM military action in Nevada. These jack booted thugs shot a kid on his bike a week or 2 ago. No mention. They came in fully equipped and armed with automatic weapons, and began abusing peaceful protesters including a physical assault on a female 59 year old cancer patient. You also don't mention the Bundy family has ranched and grazed that land for 7 generations. They have had grazing rights for nearly 150 years, and it was their work and money that developed all the water and irrigation equipment out there. The BLM began by managing state land, and ran 5 other families out of the area by raising grazing fees to a point that ran them all out of business. Any fees BLM just arbitrarily began charging were illegal to begin with. These folks have surface rights to graze dated back before the State of Nevada or the BLM. You also neglected to mention it is public record that Harry Reid and his son have cooked up a deal with the Chinese that will make them a lot of money. It should be no surprise that the head of the BLM is a former chief of staff for Reid. This is simply a land grab pure and simple. You folks are really beginning to be just another governmental mouthpiece and a big disappointment.

  92. author

    kool joe4 years ago

    The documentary talk about genocide in china Genocide: Worse Than War | Full-length documentary | PBS but Jewish people is not any better with Lebanon and others they use chemical weapons cluster bombs and Americans did the same WHEN YOUR COUNTY DO IT'S NOT KILLING REALLY?

  93. author

    Oscar Gonzalez4 years ago

    Can u Air Jay Jay The Jet Plane on KPBS on PBS Kids please?

  94. author

    Cubius Blockus4 years ago

    Very much appreciated PBS, thank you for allowing Australia to veiw your documentaries.

  95. author

    Oscar Gonzalez4 years ago

    U haven't put on Jay Jay The Jet Plane for a long time!

  96. author

    aleksandar rajsic4 years ago

    pbs 80 procents of your videos doesnt work or is not alowed in my coutnry why is that

  97. author

    Brad Bourgeois4 years ago

    I guess I'll unsub to this channel :-( Most of the content is blocked... I thought our tax dollars funded PBS, so why can people from other countries watch these videos while the people that pay for it can't? Sad!!!

  98. author

    Chuck Pritzel4 years ago

    Are you guys ever going to put up the rest of Peg + Cat season 1 videos? I paid for season 1 and you guys haven't added anything for 2 months. There's a bunch of them missing.

  99. author

    ∆stral Projector4 years ago

    Thanks PBS. You're trippy.

  100. author

    Christopher Bloom4 years ago

    Go to the PBS website you can view many PBS programs free on their.