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    Ho Sen YanHour ago

    When ur singing roxxane using boombox but then an annoying dora keeps killing u for no reason Then u respawn on bed

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    Stefano PoggiaroniHour ago

    Qualcuno italiano?

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    50ShadesOfNguyenHour ago

    Hey, it's that Fornite compilation song.

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    Kyra LaetisyaHour ago

    12 August, it's my birthday!

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    paul polHour ago

    I love you the beat

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    Ernesto CorpuzHour ago

    This dude has to play Minecraft He keeps waking up in the bed 😂

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    Mustafa TaimoorHour ago

    Who is here before 100mill

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    Talan JermanHour ago

    I blasted this song in my front yard and my neighbors got pissed and called the cops. The cops arrested them....

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    Did I saw dwarf mamba🤨🤔

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    Sean McGuireHour ago

    Ground hog day, pulp fiction, trainspotting. What else did I miss?

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    Sean McGuireHour ago

    Dwarf mamba?

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    Acid GSHour ago

    Why are everyone surprised hes white tho?

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    JASEH ONFORYHour ago

    0:01 HUH ROXANNE SHOP ????

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    Ala Potato2 hours ago

    funny how this was filmed in the desert

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    2K SUBS WITHOUT ANY VIDEO2 hours ago


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    MiTuZu2 hours ago

    producer: how should the video be structured? arizona zerves: do you know the film happy deathday?

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    Kavindu Fernando2 hours ago

    Fuck roxanne 😂

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    shubham rawat2 hours ago

    seems like theme is from (7 days) by craig david

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    Ban Nsabin2 hours ago

    “ Met her at a party in the hills ” Crazy because he met Lydia at Logan Paul's party last year

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    M1SSION101 • 12 years ago2 hours ago

    PSA if you’re here from Logan Paul’s video please stop supporting him and/or his brother. They’re both terrible people and role models and there are many better youtubers.

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    Mioara Iorga2 hours ago


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    Remarkable daphoenix2 hours ago

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    Jakethekidninja2 hours ago

    Why is this in the dessert

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    Razors Max2 hours ago

    Ugly roxanne.. Juz dora the explorer

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    Bina Thapa2 hours ago

    FML is betttteeeerrrrr

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    Petros Proestos2 hours ago

    great track dude, just a great track. you make our life happier :)

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    Mizz Scorpiohhh2 hours ago

    this is didnt expect i thought was ummmm . hmm go on then

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    Josiah Yeo2 hours ago


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    mann goyal2 hours ago

    who all are here after logan paul's video

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    Didn’t expect the artist to look like that or Roxanne look like that or have a pulp fiction theme hahahahaha

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    Gohar Hassan Dar3 hours ago

    Dwarf Mamba from Logan Paul's vlogs being Arizona's friend is the best thing I came to know the whole month!

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    Soi Boi3 hours ago

    So this is the song I keep hearing at my job

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    ytbe3 hours ago


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    Steam_Punk27 Games3 hours ago

    Btw anyone wondering evan and alot of people from logan pauls crew helped make this video

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    Himal Sijali3 hours ago

    ROXANNE,,ROXANNE All I wanna do is hear this song all day night.

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    ye dhmis fan3 hours ago

    this seems like a movie about a girl looped dying ....

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    Aminah Ayob3 hours ago


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    Miami AD3 hours ago

    Swae lee killed it I'm impressed

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    Homeless Comedian3 hours ago

    The amount of times he respawns in this video is more than me when i play minecraft survival.

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    D4t1guy3 hours ago

    Why Did I Think This Was Going To Be a Cover Of Roxanne By The Police

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    chanm3 gamez3 hours ago


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    Chthonian1213 hours ago

    I also just found out Paul Wall is white

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    Jaxon Van buskirk3 hours ago

    Am I the only one that noticed Evan (Logan Paul’s friend AKA dwarf mamba) at 0:40

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    Evan Ghimire3 hours ago

    Who else is here before 100m?

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    Heikkilei LeinO3 hours ago

    roxanne, roxanne

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    Noyneyme3 hours ago

    Я один Брайна вспомнил?)

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    dadas ffdfs3 hours ago

    0:01 sound like Juice wrld

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    tatwamashi panda3 hours ago

    He is literally playing Minecraft.😂

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    Thanos3 hours ago

    Idk how everyone thought he was black lol. Anytime you searched up the song there was a picture of him standing there lol. And he was clearly a white dude.

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    ibraheem called bob4 hours ago

    0:42 its evan

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    Yungnoodlesz4 hours ago

    sadly i lose my 👑 as top comment on the other video

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    Erika Castro4 hours ago

    Vbnbb. B.

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    Thomas Triconal4 hours ago

    ☺☺☺☺☺☺ j'adore

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    Baby dacka4 hours ago

    Dora need to leave

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    MAYA -CHAN-THE CAT مايا تشان القطه4 hours ago


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    King OB4 hours ago

    GTA 5 be like

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    Bruce Lee4 hours ago

    Frank Edgar 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Brandon Figueroa4 hours ago

    Your Roxanne video is lit

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    Vanesa Rodriguez4 hours ago

    Arizona all my freinds go cray cray about this

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    Owbot 7459864 hours ago


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    サッカー大好き4 hours ago


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    tyler de creator4 hours ago


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    DeVante Edwards4 hours ago

    Cole Bennett should’ve directed this shit. Lyrical lemonade manggggggg

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    Some kid4 hours ago

    2:28 Blink;)

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    Nick4 hours ago

    This video is banging

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    Yogurt man B4 hours ago

    this is my fav song

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    Bts for life5 hours ago


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    이주형5 hours ago

    It's Deja Vu

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    이주형5 hours ago

    It's like Laplace's demon

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    Aleksandr Kostyliev5 hours ago

    The clip was released on February 12 News shows August 12th omegalul

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    lizard girl5 hours ago

    excuse me... wHy HE's wHitE¿

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    Mahdi Medd5 hours ago

    The coronavirus I'm going to end the human race me please end it now

  73. author

    Walter Urrutia5 hours ago

    1:40 what happend to billy

  74. author

    Ryan Shanahan5 hours ago

    is that juice at beginning

  75. author

    Dare Devil5 hours ago

    Arizona: Roxannee Roxanneee Me: WHO the Hell is she? Arizona: I think I should stop singing Me: You're DAMNN right

  76. author

    _ AkheeeL5 hours ago

    Nobody: My brain: *ROcK sAnd*

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    maruschka bambuschka5 hours ago

    This video sums up bites za dusto

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    aLpha loCkeR5 hours ago

    Before Logan's shoutout 10M After Logan's shoutout 13M

  79. author

    Albert Mosely5 hours ago

    He sond like sweet lee

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    Izzy Lee’s5 hours ago

    Low key thought this guy was black

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    Carter Black5 hours ago

    Nygyjfrydmhgchftcnmgfxvmbcgfcjgvv5,n&tgfvhhgbghnhkuk6g Carter can be the first to get to see the kids in a while but he has a good job

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    Αλέξανδρος Παπαδάκης5 hours ago

    Happy death day

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    Melissa Patrick5 hours ago

    How's even

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    Ouahabi Samir5 hours ago

    J'adore ses chansons !!!

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    jjsupremeorta155 hours ago

    Everyone: Roxanne Nobody: 00:43 Logan Paul roommate

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    Daryl Agustin5 hours ago

    She looks like dora

  87. author

    Isaiah Powell5 hours ago

    This ugly as white nigga

  88. author

    Farrel Geraldo Christopher6 hours ago

    All she wanna do is party all night

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    Jonathan Compala6 hours ago Great song Arizona! watch our new video brother

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    MELON6 hours ago

    I thought he was black

  91. author

    Cloudy6 hours ago

    No one talkin boy the fact that Evan the dwarf in this

  92. author

    Incer Inc6 hours ago

    My internet fucking shitty rn.

  93. author

    Nobu Watts6 hours ago

    Dam Arizona Zervas his real name that’s dope

  94. author

    Syfolz6 hours ago

    Brother: Roxanne Sister: Roxannnnnne Mom: Who's rock sand?

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    Bhavee Rathod6 hours ago


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    Lil Ness6 hours ago

    if Lil Peep and Post Malone had a baby

  97. author

    Dibish Entertainment6 hours ago

    1 hit wonder 👌🏾😩

  98. author

    Leo Neil Tirol6 hours ago

    I thought the song was sung by a black rapper, what's even funnier is that he looks similar to deadmau5.

  99. author

    Zaccツ6 hours ago

    1:02 I really love this old woman reaction in slo mo

  100. author

    ZOOM PUBG6 hours ago

    Who else before 1B