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    BucketlistBinge5 months ago

    Excellent content! Let us know what you think of ours at Bucketlist Binge!

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    GIGGLRYear ago

    I didn't choose the comment, the comment chose me

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    Charlotte's StoryYear ago

    Why is Mike so red in the channel banner.....?

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    JaffaCakesAndCockMonkeys YTYear ago

    Do you appreciate Sorted Food? If so, Join our group!

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    Miss Cutie KittyYear ago

    Hi I'm Lauren I really love your channel I love to cook and bake I have been doing it for many years and I'm also from the uk and I hope one day I can join your channel

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    Dirham RaizalYear ago

    Just finished watching all of the videos in Fridgecam playlist... It took me 1 whole week... SORTH IT (read as worth it)

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    Melody PatrickYear ago

    I just found your channel and I love it! Berry, you need to look up Eddie Kaye Thomas, you could be his younger twin.

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    Pontus ForsmanYear ago

    Ultimate Christmas battle? since its almost christmas

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    JR DaveYear ago

    Being a student, thinking of what to eat on a daily basis starts to get a bit tedious. This channel has some perfect recipes and lots of great ideas for all students (and non-students) to attempt no matter what your cooking skill level. Keep up the great videos and I will be sure to recommend the channel to friends, family and peers. Cheers!!

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    Marc-Antoine Bourret2 years ago

    Congrats on your new trophy!

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    FlowingDown2 years ago

    I was wonder if you could try and mention whether recipes can be made the frozen to make at a later date. For example chicken marinading in a sauce. Love your videos, would just love the option of making big batches for when I am unable to cook but want to feed my family x

  12. author

    patricial12312 years ago

    Can you make some hot toddies?

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    Best Catering Services2 years ago

    I love the variety and creativity of this channel

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    A Bench McCallister2 years ago

    Can you guys do a behind the scenes show; Let the other colleagues cook a bit for us, and let Jamie, Barry and Mike muck up the camera work. It might just work...

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    Sharon Kopp2 years ago

    Hello From Canada : I love you guys. Question: Have you gentlemen ever tried a " miracle berry " I just heard of them and wondered if you were up for a " miracle berry challenge?" I searched on MReporter and thought it would be right up you're alley. Sharon

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    Dirham Raizal2 years ago

    I wonder if you guys are interested to try more Indonesian foods beside beef rendang... Thank you :-)

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    Kazoo2 years ago

    Hey, My GCSE cooking teacher said he taught Ben at A-Level, his names Mr Howell. Is this true?

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    log Ikz2 years ago

    It's Sunday morning... where's the new video? "It's wakey wakey"

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    Ashley Woolls2 years ago

    Okay so I just got married and now I'm struggling to cook every night instead of going out. But trying to cook a good meals for just TWO people aaaaaaand keep it in budget annnnndddd be healthy too is really a challenge. SO? Are there recipes or meal plans (you could suggest) where you can one night cook something good then use the leftovers for the next night for another meal ORRRR have meals that use the same ingredient so you don't waste things when your only cooking for two? I feel like I waste veg by not using it all or have crazy amounts of leftovers.HELP???

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    VampireGirl87722 years ago

    I am from New England and we eat ALOT ALOT of seafood. So I was wondering if you guys could do an ultimate battle of seafood? Love you <3

  21. author

    Beverley Nunes2 years ago

    what happened to the music videos?!

  22. author

    MäskinKätkijä2 years ago

    Do you have any Finnish recipes on this channel? I have a suggestion for a Finnish dish: Finnish meat pie "lihapiirakka".

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    haneenmv zxc2 years ago

    hey guys,have you ever visted india ?

  24. author

    Cvetan Velinov2 years ago

    Hey guys, I am amazed from your channel. Really need your help for preparing and finding (a way of buying) the amazing "soft shell crab". If you create a video that would be great. Thanks.

  25. author

    sailorliz0032 years ago

    I really love your videos! Especially the Alpaca Picnic one. I have a picnic date soon, so it really helped! I didn't want know what to make for the picnic until that video. You guys are the best. Thanks!

  26. author

    Daphne Ho2 years ago

    Saw your gang tonight in Coppa, I am such a fan of you guys but too shy to say hello. I was the Chinese girl sat right next to you guys :)

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    Lydia Par2 years ago

    Hi guys, my name is Lydia and I just wondering if you have ever been in Mexico? If not so , you all should come and try the real Mexican food. I am from Mexico City and I love cook and of curse I love your channel.... Greetings to you all from Mexico 😃👍

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    Sophtopus2 years ago

    I have a question: have you guys considered making a Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie?

  29. author

    Teacher inThailan2 years ago

    MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!!!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!!! P.S..... Love your channel!!!!! I get So many dinner ideas and inspirations from you! Keep up the good work! Cheers!

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    CrimsonAurora92 years ago

    Question for you guys: What do you think of Radiohead? (Pretty random question, but Ben does play classical guitar and Mike can sing...)

  31. author

    DragonSpirit YouTube2 years ago

    Try making fancy crab leg or something

  32. author

    Winkie Lee2 years ago

    Recently my friend gimmie a whole can of Milo and I kinda get bored of drinking it alone. Ben is such a talented chef and is very good in creating new recipes. I will appreciate a lot if you guys can make a video and teach us a few ways to use Milo for baking or maybe something like a milo bar haha? Thanks you :)

  33. author

    pwntmatch2 years ago

    i always thought that Ben is actually the actor "from men in tights "

  34. author

    Gus Johnnson2 years ago

    Challenge for Ben: make something kosher, gluten free, nut free, soy free, dairy free, and vegan. That way absolutely anyone can eat this food. Just a thought.

  35. author

    nikita pinnix2 years ago

    you guys should hold a contest where we send in our vids with our fav dish and a fan should come cook with you guys.

  36. author

    nikita pinnix2 years ago

    hello my name is nikita and i was hopping you could do creole shrimp gumbo or maybe a tenderloin entree im in the supermarket now if you cant tell

  37. author

    sjhlion2 years ago

    While I do enjoy the Ultimate Battle videos, I'm wondering when you'll be going back to showing some actual recipes?

  38. author

    Jeffrey Scott2 years ago

    Guys, Ben cooked breakfast and commented on your herbs. You may check out using a terrarium. I've read up on it. A ten gallon fish tank with a plexiglass top would probably do the trick. Set in in an area with indirect sun light or a fluorescent light and when you see condensation open the top until it's gone, then close it again. I've been using them for years with leafy plants. Very good option.

  39. author

    Marciel Silva2 years ago


  40. author

    ice4life2 years ago

    There was a fish dish which had ...braised? celery as a part of it on here a few years ago. I know it was supposed to be an easy meal with tomato and cream and I was hoping to make it again recently but I can't seem to find the recipe anymore. If anyone knows where I might be able to find it or if I just missed the video somewhere. Please let me know. It would be much appreciated.

  41. author

    MsCrabette2 years ago

    Hey guys ! Do you know Donal Skehan ? A video with him would be great ! Have a good day :)

  42. author

    Amy JTF2 years ago

    Where is the Pillow Talk parody? Can't find it anymore..

  43. author

    crazydoodler2 years ago

    I noticed through out a lot of your videos you use a lot of garlic. Is there a substitute for it in spices? I have an allergy to garlic so I cannot eat it. I know you can completely toss it out of moss dishes but there are a few where people who eat my cooking state that it's extremely needed *pizza, spaghetti, burgers, etc* and since it's one of the most universal spices in dishes or seasoning packets it's hard to figure out a good substitute that caters to my needs and those I sometimes cook for.

  44. author

    Madara Kleva2 years ago

    Hey guys you shud tray Latvian food

  45. author

    galih ayu setyorini2 years ago

    Come to indonesia!!

  46. author

    Rock N Roll 4 Ever2 years ago

    hey guys, where is your "3 things to do with ..." videos ? I cant seem to find them.

  47. author

    Alaunt20092 years ago

    On Bon Appetits channel they posted a video on how to make herb oil (with parsley). Can you do the same with various other things (like blood orange, garlic, etc) and then use them to see how well they work? Also what type of oil would be best. One paring that I love is to use blood orange oil when making french toast.

  48. author

    YX Lee2 years ago

    will you guys come to malaysia or singapore thailand etc..?? if you guys did that will be super awesome!!

  49. author

    Julia Tran2 years ago

    what happened to the lost and hungry thing?

  50. author

    Marc-Antoine Bourret2 years ago

    Just finished the Lost and hungry serie in the US! What a journey you've been through! So much fun to watch! Where's the next stop? Here let me help you, Canada! There is a lot of diversity in food all over!

  51. author

    Cvetan Velinov2 years ago

    and something in Brazilian mood (in tune with the Olympic games)...What about Pao de Queijo. Wow, I am looking forward for these amazing team to sorted. Good luck :))

  52. author

    Cvetan Velinov2 years ago

    It would be great to see Ackee and Saltfish. :))

  53. author

    Trevor Walls2 years ago

    How about some funnel cake, or something like that?

  54. author

    Luke Wilkins2 years ago

    Wheres your vegetables and healthy recipes? All you seem to produce is beige, cheese and fried dishes?

  55. author

    Wendhy Rodríguez Maldonado2 years ago

    Definitely subscribed! This is an awesome channel, I love every aspect that make it up.

  56. author

    Kristine Meihack2 years ago

    wat is the burfy resepy

  57. author

    Helen Elgie2 years ago

    Is there a video schedule? Or do the videos come out randomly?

  58. author

    D Good One2 years ago

    Are y'all going to be doing anymore battle videos? I really liked the competition between the guys.

  59. author

    Tiger11112 years ago

    they should get a chicken so they get free egg for life. (the chicken life)

  60. author

    patricial12312 years ago

    Can you make mini meat pie and sausage roll appetizers with HP sauce?

  61. author

    Bloodstar1232 years ago

    Your channel might be nice if someone wants entertainment, but for information the huge add in the vid is a no go. Do you really have to do this?

  62. author

    Eve2 years ago

    If there is a color for each of you guys... I think Ben is blue, Jamie is yellow, Mike is orange, Barry is green, and James is ^_^

  63. author

    Scott Norris2 years ago

    Have any if the Sorted staff checked out a cooking anime called "Food Wars" , Id love to see some of the recipes from it :)

  64. author

    ekin yavuz2 years ago

    hey guys why you have almost no vegan recipes ??? peaple are waiting. keep up the good work (:

  65. author

    Imran Sadarkhan2 years ago

    guys...i need more videos..i cant keep re-watching your old ones...Jamie looks wierd...:) love your work!

  66. author

    Peter Ahlers2 years ago

    Since I'm a broke college student without a dishwasher, you guys should do recipes with only using a skillet. Great vids!

  67. author

    Don Edward Dela Rosa2 years ago

    Hey Can you make bacon desserts? :D

  68. author

    Beth Broughton2 years ago

    Hello! Do you have 'The Best Eggless Cake Recipe'?? My poor friend (now fully grown) has never had a perfect cake due to an Egg AND Nut Allergy - when asked what where his Birthday cakes like growing up - he said he had Rice Crispy Cakes!! So I have taken the challenge on to make him a perfect Egg Free Cake - Only One Problem, I Can't Find any Appealing ones to Make!! The ones found are dense and flat. I can't let this poor guy down. Do you have a Recipe? B.B : )

  69. author

    Aankon 272 years ago

    Can you please make hokey pokey (honey comb stuff(stuff in a crunchie)) and white choc chip biscuits as I had a really good biscuit with those in it.

  70. author

    Rajeshwari Chakraborty2 years ago

    Hey guys!!! well I cannot find your chocolate brownie recipes.............would you mind helping me with it?? Thank you very much and just to let you know you guys are the BEST PEOPLE ALL OVER THE GLOBE :) LOVE YOU

  71. author

    haneenmv zxc2 years ago

    why dont you people try arabic desserts?

  72. author

    gulleplatten2 years ago

    Hello SORTEDfood and everyone else thats reading. I'm going away to a birthday party this weekend and everyone is supposed to bring something for the table. I'd love a video showcasing something fresh, summersuited that can serve quite a few people (preferably without being extremely difficult to make). Or any tips from the viewers what they would bring to such an occasion! Take care! -Arvid

  73. author

    Maria Baron2 years ago

    Is Big Night In over? I love that series.

  74. author

    Vidhi Patel2 years ago

    Namaste! I believe all you guys at SORTEDfood are really really busy making mouth-watering food and videos, but can you please please compile more of the blooper/ behind the scene videos? Please, please, please, please!!!

  75. author

    Red Chick692 years ago

    Have thoroughly enjoyed watching your videos. Edifying and fun... I have a query - do you have any microwave only healthy meal recipes that you can suggest?

  76. author

    Sanna Benba2 years ago


  77. author

    Denise Bloodsaw2 years ago

    Do more authentic Korean Dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. author

    MrNemernica2 years ago

    hello guys !!! I just wanted to tell you that I love all of you and asking you if you ever gonna make a trip to Romania? .... I would sure love to see you guys I am from Romania btw and why don't you try and make some Romanian food as well?

  79. author

    zzaaggaa2 years ago

    I can't remove your videos from feed. So do you have some kind of setup, or is this a youtube bug?

  80. author

    Olivia Siu2 years ago

    Hi, Love your channel so much :) How about making vanilla icepop stick coated chocolate crispy rice?

  81. author

    Adam Hill2 years ago

    Please bring back big night in and you will gain a subscriber, highlight of the channel.

  82. author

    jika jiko2 years ago

    hey , Can you show us pictures recipes ? i love all your recipes

  83. author

    Rhanah2 years ago

    So today I made spotted dick and custard and when I put it on the serving dish, I said, ''Thats how you make spotted dick... Sorted!'' Then everyone around me thought I was crazy and did not get the reference XD And thank you for the recipe! It was so good :D

  84. author

    Antonio Pineda2 years ago

    I love you guys

  85. author

    Madam Chocolate2 years ago

    Can you also do more things for vegetarians and vegans? That would be great thanks!

  86. author

    Madam Chocolate2 years ago

    I am a recent sub, this is my favourite food channel. Please do another food parody or/and some pastries please thanks! Keep up the good work!

  87. author

    Au Naturale2 years ago

    Make a raindrop cake!! Pleeeeeeez

  88. author

    RAVI TEJA KARUMURI2 years ago

    Hey Guys!! could you please share your version of Dosa ??

  89. author

    Cassie Robinson2 years ago

    you guys should battle with pies.

  90. author

    Nguyen Thanh Thao2 years ago

    Can you guys make another video about things you should never eat in the car, please? P.S: I subscribed your channel not long ago so I am a new comer

  91. author

    James Taylor2 years ago

    On the topic of Exotic Meats can I suggest Bear. Its even better when you can cook it in its own fat.

  92. author

    raphael beilharz2 years ago

    hey guys do you reckon you could make a recipe of the ultimate chicken parma

  93. author

    Dirham Raizal2 years ago

    I have a suggestion for the next Rennie Box Challenge.... I'd like you guys to try your hands on one of the favorite ingredients in my country... Tempeh Here's a picture:

  94. author

    Chilijuice2 years ago

    Can you guys make a chicken or lamb biryani? It is one of my mums favorite dishes and i wish to impress her on mothers day! P.S I love your channel so much that i watch them during Ramadan.

  95. author

    secretangel702 years ago

    I would love it if you would explain the different kinds of rice you use for different recipes. It seems I never have the rice that is called for in a recipe and then by the time I get it, I need a different rice for another recipe. Example: what would you use for fried rice? When do you use jasmine rice? Please help!!

  96. author

    Savinzra2 years ago

    I absolutely adore Ben, all of the guys together are awesome and hilarious but Ben's my favorite of them because of his personality. I think he is super adorable and cute.

  97. author

    Fr_Francis Hein2 years ago

    I am sorry to bother you, but we have a 95 year old living with us who came to the US from England 60 years ago and often talks about a jelly filled treat he ate as a child called 'baby legs' I have looked for the recipe but can't find in the states, do you know it and if you do could you share the recipe?

  98. author

    Blackwolf0082 years ago

    Would love to see you guys collab with "Cooking with Dog" though you might have to go to Japan since the Chef probably would have a hard time bringing Francis with her

  99. author

    David G2 years ago

    Gr8 work guys! I checked out the site and I have a request that may have been made by numerous others as well. Would it be possible to add a function to your site that converts the metric to imperial? For the areas that still hold out? ;-) Thanks, Keep up the great work!

  100. author

    Alisha Young2 years ago

    can you plz do some more food battles