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Stages of FOMOStages of FOMO

Stages of FOMO

5 months ago

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    SANTOSH SINHA7 months ago

    Your Channel is great ! I SUBSCRIBED it already ! please support me by subscribing my channel .Thank You.

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    Greeen Shoots ProductionsYear ago

    Your channel is great I have subscribed you :) I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

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    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me too.Thank you.

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    CCGtvYear ago

    I just checked out your video, nice content, stay blessed !!!

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    Megan TaylorYear ago

    "Liking your feed :)"

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    WatchMeFail2 years ago


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    O S V S L2 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh man this is just like the video I did last week on my channel.

  8. author

    Maleena Martin4 years ago

    what people really do at home alone

  9. author

    Cierra Shoulders4 years ago

    superwoman is awesome

  10. author

    CrazyStuffedKitties4 years ago

    Can you make a vid called Types of Sneezes?

  11. author

    Stevie productions4 years ago

    +niggasjit why do u hate her she did nothing to u bitch

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    lilsah134 years ago

    Hey Superwoman, my girlfriend also loves super heroes and things of that nature, so umm would you mind telling me where you shop so I can get some clothes for her? Please. Please up vote so she can see this.

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    Vineet4 years ago

    Hey Superwoman, ur like the funniest person I've ever seen/known!!! Why don't you go onto Britain's Got Talent as a really funny comedian? If u did, I'd DEFINITELY vote 4 u!!!!

  14. author

    Nur Lyana4 years ago

    For your next video make TYPES OF PUNISHMENTS FROM PARENTS

  15. author

    Avik Ganguly4 years ago

    TO ALL SUPERWOMAN FANS OUT THERE!!! *Or SUPERWOMAN IF SHE SEES THIS* How do i find events that Superwoman is doing in Canada? I am going on vacation to Canada this summer and want to bring back my superwoman her own picture/gift/autograph from the OG Superwoman. it will be our two year anniversary and we have watched this channel every dayon the bus ride to school for a long time now and it would mean a lot if anyone could help a boy turn into a superman. Any help is appreciated!!!! TROLL ME ALL YOU WANT! ONE LOVE <3

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    surfer gurl4 years ago

    video request : all about mean girls the movie

  17. author

    Vicky T4 years ago

    Hey Superwoman!!! Can you do a video of 'How to React if your relatives always have negative comments on you' Hahahaha

  18. author

    Riley Adams4 years ago

    types of babysitters!!!

  19. author

    Nici Y4 years ago

    omg superwoman ilysm! when are you next coming to London xx ily

  20. author

    Maya Benuzzi4 years ago

    do your parents looking at so you think you can dance!

  21. author

    Maya Benuzzi4 years ago

    plz do types of people at restaurants/ types of neighbours!!!

  22. author

    Alea Motwane4 years ago

    has she made a video today???

  23. author

    Abhishek Bilkan Aind4 years ago

    Share your opinions on "Trypophobia Challenge". :D

  24. author

    Alea Motwane4 years ago

    cud u pls do a vid on a day in the life of lilly singh AKA superwoman or a vid on types of.......

  25. author

    Pelachoupinette4 years ago

    Did you know you were a worldwide superstar? :D Because you have a fan here in Madagascar. Am I the one? hahaha I don't know. Peace ^^

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    Kalpesh Patel4 years ago


  27. author

    Sahara Mist4 years ago

    You are inspiring. Thank you for making videos that help me to smile and laugh.

  28. author

    Micah Berrios4 years ago

    Hai superwoman i just wanted to say that you are awesome and I admire you so much. You are my role model and I love you. :33

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    LianaRosado4 years ago


  30. author

    valentine v-daygirl4 years ago

    Could you do types of annoying teachers?

  31. author

    Alea Motwane4 years ago

    video request: a day in the life of lilly

  32. author

    Vincent Immanuel4 years ago

    video request: parent fight and your involvement as a child idea from : My Parents reacting to my instagram picture when the dad figure was with Madhuri Dixi part and your moms reaction by hitting herself ( which is the funniest part) Thanks :)

  33. author

    Darsh Jain4 years ago

    pls do a video on desi servants vs servants .superwoman pls

  34. author

    nada abdalla4 years ago

    PEOPLE on the last dAY OF SCHOOL!! (popular;geeks;nerds...TEACHERS!)

  35. author

    nada abdalla4 years ago

    how abt a vid abt shopping for a swimsuit (bikini) with black parents vs. shopping with a bikini with white parents??

  36. author

    Glam Beats4 years ago

    make my kids do this part 2 plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  37. author

    Stephanie Louise4 years ago

    You're finally in Australia!! Any chance you're coming to brisbane?! :D

  38. author

    simply ag chick4 years ago


  39. author

    Ana Beth4 years ago

    you should make a video about types of relatives!

  40. author

    Cynthia M4 years ago

    Hey superwoman, I need help on what games to play on MReporter. Can you give me ideas? Plz no romance.

  41. author

    moonlightqueen4 years ago

    Love ya superwoman ;) ur hilarious

  42. author

    andrew garcia4 years ago

    kids on the last day of school u shoul do tht one :) :) ;)

  43. author

    Ro is Me4 years ago

    iisuperwomanii you are my lovely princess <3 I love you , Lilly ^_^

  44. author

    Katrina T4 years ago

    Can i just say i love you! You are my favourite You tuber ever! Please never stop! you are amazing at this and should keep that talent alive! >.<

  45. author

    heyitsmeep_4 years ago


  46. author

    Jade Darby4 years ago

    Lily, I watched your speech live! YOU ARE AMAZING!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Me and my brother were screaming at the top of our lungs in our living room! You are awesome! One love superwoman always!

  47. author

    HUSKYGOAT1804 years ago

    what video makers do u suggest =/

  48. author

    Amna Mirza4 years ago

    Hey superwoman can u post a video on "questions relatives ask when u go back to home countries" and by home countries i mean middle eastern countries

  49. author

    Hawa Yawe4 years ago

    superwoman,could u sing blue eyes if ur the ultimate rapper rap in guj if i could u can let's rap together as one with yo yo honey singh

  50. author

    Naomi S4 years ago

    SO GLAD YOU'RE IN SYDNEY! I hope you have the greatest time, and stop by all the beaches! :)

  51. author

    Isabella Copper4 years ago

    Hilo i just wanted to say that I love u! Do a video about magcon plz!!!!!

  52. author

    Charissa. a_4 years ago

    superwoman i love your vids ..... keep up the great work and live life ... thats what im doing lol

  53. author

    Peace GuidedbyGod Ani4 years ago

    HI SUPERWOMAN!! can you do a video in which you react to KPOP? like: EXO - Growl or Overdose (korean version/exo-k)

  54. author

    Ahvayita Pillai4 years ago

    hi, this is a video request. I have long hair like till my butt and noticed you have long hair too - nw as much as we admire it when people og all gaga over our hair, there are those billion times when we just wanna take it all and just chop it all off. so here's a request to make a video on problems girls with long hair face/15 things not to say to girls with long hair or somethig on those lines. it'd be really cool. thanks. P.S. this is my first request ;)

  55. author

    Ryan Persuand4 years ago

    Hey superwoman can you please do my kids do thus part 2 like nemo said it would be greaty

  56. author

    Isabella Chavez4 years ago

    SHOUTOUT PLEASE!! my birthdays on Thursday I woud love an instgram shoutout my instagram is :Isabella.chavez my birthday is 5/29 thank you byyeee

  57. author

    robyn grievson4 years ago

    What disney movies really mean/what disney movies really teach us, think that would be so funny!!! Just a suggestion ;)

  58. author

    vi_vius4 years ago

    Hello Superwomen whenever i watch your parents reaction ( You ) videos they are hilarious i wonder if you could show they 2 girls one cup

  59. author

    Aneesha Maan4 years ago

    MAN!!!! HOW AWESOME ARE YOU!!!! so proud to be an indian \m/ xD

  60. author

    Charlize Smith4 years ago

    you are so lucky

  61. author

    Charlize Smith4 years ago

    you got to meat beathany mota if i spelt that right

  62. author

    Nia Laycy4 years ago

    Superwoman can you please do reality and expectations of being pregnant

  63. author

    Charlie Poensgen4 years ago

    video idea: my parents reacting to my twitter/facebook/etc. comments

  64. author

    Priya Rao4 years ago

    Am I going to get that awesome sauce final collab that you promised in March? Pretty please!!

  65. author

    Debra Watson-Holmes4 years ago

    okay, how about awkward things during an exam like uncontrollable hiccuping .... dont judge me

  66. author

    @$h!4 years ago


  67. author

    munira hassanali4 years ago

    umm hey , first of all let me tell how amazingly hilarious you are....i have shared your parents videos wid my dad n maa.....omg!!!! it was precious watching them laugh so hard....thank you for that....and secondly could u do a video on hw many problems a mixd teen faces ..... cuz my moms white and dads indian ...thanks love you

  68. author

    Chetanya Choudhary4 years ago

    Hi SuperWoman, this is Chetanya from Turner Fenton Secondary School. We have been showing great spirit for you to attend our school.

  69. author

    Lilly Griffiths4 years ago

    niggasjit your just jealous that you don`t have so many fans

  70. author

    kit ling4 years ago


  71. author

    niggasjit4 years ago

    Who is this dumb bitch? Looked like she thought she was some superstar/rockstar at fanfest.. lmao!

  72. author

    Mz Aussie4 years ago

    Hey Superwoman, when you looking at coming to Australia again?! I missed you last year when you were in Sydney *sadface*

  73. author

    Bffsrule4life4 years ago

    SHOUTOUT FROM SINGAPORE <3 ILY :DDDDDDDDD btw did u grab that pad? XD

  74. author

    Queen Lance4 years ago

    new video:( :33

  75. author

    Nina23984 years ago


  76. author

    LenaThe Weirdo4 years ago

    superwoman u should do some kind of challenge :3 c:

  77. author

    Satya Mayan4 years ago

    Where r u? u haven't posted in two days, and that is almost unheard of for you! r u ok?

  78. author

    justloventheworld hi4 years ago

    Can u call my name in one of ur videos

  79. author

    PinkTurquoiseCrayon4 years ago

    Superwoman, can you make a video that shows how to stop teachers from comparing you to other students. Pretty please with sprinkles on the top.

  80. author

    Alea Motwane4 years ago

    video request: what teens secretly do at school

  81. author

    Alea Motwane4 years ago

    video request: types of teens at school

  82. author

    2665shinystar4 years ago

    where are u? im worried now that she hasn't posted a vid yet

  83. author

    P. R.4 years ago

    video pn thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. author

    Snuggle BEAR4 years ago

    Post your reaction to Gianna Plowman

  85. author

    Abby Jackson4 years ago

    Hey what up Superwoman, Could u please do a video under "The Most Ridiculous School Day Ever!" It could be a role play of the most horrifying, embarrassing story of all the hardships that students go through every day combined into one (mean girls, lame teachers, tests, exams, being last in the lunch line, you name it) Thanks for making me laugh and smile :D

  86. author

    Craig Campbell4 years ago

    Where is di Thursday vid???

  87. author

    Shayda Davis4 years ago

    Thursday's vid???

  88. author

    Ousha Maharaj4 years ago

    Superwoman, will u be willing to do a giveaway ??

  89. author

    Faith Alamy4 years ago

    When are you gonna upload thursdays video ? xxxxx

  90. author

    Francis Xavier Vicente4 years ago

    do you think pugs are cute?

  91. author

    Francis Xavier Vicente4 years ago

    btw i'm a GIRL not GUY!

  92. author

    Francis Xavier Vicente4 years ago

    2 Questions: 1. where did you get that ryan gosling shirt? 2. what would you do if you were bleeding and your but is numb?

  93. author

    Shania Justine4 years ago

    can anyone help??? what background songs do you use like that names of them?? i cant find theme and shazam doesnt work on it -.-

  94. author

    Vana Mts4 years ago

    Dear IISUPERWOMANII , I want to tell you how much i love you , and how you gave to me hope )when there wasnt) with your videos . I will be really excited if you read this so here it comes : If , lets say if you ever have a '' tour '' or something . Could you please ( I am beggin' you ) please( if you can) come to greece ; I know it sounds really crazy but I DISPERATE want to meet you , and it would be great if yuou could ansew to my quest ( I know that you will say NO , but am jjust trying ) . I LOVE YOU AND I WILL ADORE YOU FOREVER Love, Vana Mts

  95. author

    Katia Folman4 years ago

    hey superwoman :) i as thinking about starting my own youtube channel though i don't know how to get people to go on my profile.. i would really appreciate it if you ould maybe help me out a little.Btw, i think you are amazing! Thank you so much! :)

  96. author

    Nang Zhamhom4 years ago

    U r in singapore AND I M DYING TO SEE U :( Tix doesnt secure my wish to give u a big fat HUG and take a selfie :'( How to enter for your meet and greet ?? BIg love from singapore <3

  97. author

    minu surendran4 years ago

    hi dear lilly....just started watching superwoman.... me and hubby loving , totally addicted to it .... thank u for this pure entertainment.. god bless u

  98. author

    Nemo Bantawa4 years ago


  99. author

    Hind suliman4 years ago

    i would love to see you wearing girls clothes and no hat

  100. author

    JaneShini4 years ago

    You should do types of kids at parks, I think that would be a good idea ^_^