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Facts are fun, but most are presented in a boring and badly edited videos. The Infographics Show focuses on making animated motion infographic videos, made in a fun and entertaining way. Some topics we cover are military comparisons, celebrity comparison, video game comparison a lot more.
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  1. author

    JesseDay ago

    I found that treasure years ago don't tell anyone though.

  2. author

    Kg nfnrb NdnnrndnDay ago

    I love how you guys make fun of people so bluntly it's hilarious way to go infographics

  3. author

    coco nutDay ago

    Fudging taxes

  4. author

    lucifuehrerDay ago

    *_Achoo Manflu_*

  5. author

    ArcameanDay ago

    I'm gonna take a guess and assume snake was used because calling it an infected chinese person would have Winnie knocking on your door.

  6. author

    Sebat HadahDay ago

    I just noticed that all the handguns in this video look like Soviet Tokarevs

  7. author

    Andy Ding SpiderDay ago

    Nobody: Infographics Show: To show how people get Coronavirus, don't do it on an infected person, do it on a snake!

  8. author

    Superish Star WarriahDay ago

    Whats next? "Man vs fly"

  9. author

    Wyatt ChristensonDay ago

    Renegade renegade renegade renegade THAT S ALL I HERE IN SCHOOL IT IS VERY VERY VERY ANNOYING

  10. author

    Michael WadeDay ago

    Well, this wasn't ridiculous or alarmist.

  11. author

    Joey’s WhoreDay ago

    who wrote this jesus christ

  12. author

    Valentine SiobhanDay ago

    my aunt was pronounced dead for 15min before her heart started beating again. she has no brain damage or anything. it’s crazy

  13. author

    Andy Ding SpiderDay ago

    "It's Christmas time..." This video was also posted in Febuary.

  14. author

    Augustine ThomasDay ago


  15. author

    Callum JohnsonDay ago

    Humans would have destroyed our planet by 10000 years a head if were lucky du to pollution ,mining resources , over population, nukes e.c it needs to change if we want this planet earth to survive . Earth dies we die it's not about us to day it's the generations ahead of us who will be left to try n fix the mess were causing today our kids then there kids so on so on change your ways be for it's two late

  16. author

    TgbTom2007Day ago

    First we had WW3, then the corona virus and now we’re all doomed because of some galaxy colliding

  17. author

    R CDay ago

    The American Military will never turn their weapons on their fellow citizens in Mass. This is especially true if the fight is over constitutional rights. The officer Corps knows they would be held accountable if they did. Very unlikely scenario that the military would go to war with its own citizens Even the Iranian military didn't do it when the people turned on the Shaw. In the Soviet Union other than a small last-ditch try in Moscow the Soviet military stood down.

  18. author

    Tsz Hang Ian CHEUNGDay ago

    I live in Hong Kong

  19. author

    Blink GalaxyDay ago

    I'm gonna guess the town name was a revenge for the narrator

  20. author

    itsdat1saiyanDay ago

    Nice! Im not the only one that licks stranger's plates!

  21. author

    Isaac Barron2 days ago

    the answer is no why because the United States prevents WW3 from happening

  22. author

    Maru Rios2 days ago

    ER stories too harsh that you wind be able to stomach what?

  23. author

    Breaux2 days ago

    u n a t e d s t a t e s

  24. author

    praval mishra2 days ago

    My phone shut down 3 times while watching exorcism of Emily rose but still I watched it full

  25. author

    Landen dodge2 days ago

    Ima say this in a nice manner WHO UNLIKED THiS VID

  26. author

    Jake Lemay2 days ago


  27. author

    saralynn5182 days ago

    Sounds like a bunch of bologna. No group of people have used ground penetrating radar within a four mile radius of the original bar? Buildings probably get in the way now, but still. Also not sure how many stampeding "buffalo" (bison) he would have encounter to write about. There were only a few hundred in the wild in the late 1800's. Maybe it was a metaphor. Regardless, I think it would've been figured out by now if it was real. I also say that because I want the money, but would rather believe it doesn't exist than chase my tail.

  28. author

    Daniel D2 days ago

    What you guys do is AWESOME! Love this channel

  29. author

    Ryan N2 days ago

    Please do Luka Magnotta for your next criminal episode

  30. author

    Name Withheld2 days ago

    Do a video on Crypto AG. The company found out to be owned by the CIA for about 50 years. ✓✓ upvote

  31. author

    Daniel Son2 days ago

    @2:52 did you just say 10 hundred 😂

  32. author

    Ryan N2 days ago

    Do a luka magnotta episode

  33. author

    Isak Jones2 days ago

    Why are we freaking out so much over this when the flu's death rate is 3 times as high? I've never seen this much fuss over the common flu...

  34. author

    Lily Chalumeau2 days ago

    I wonder if there'll ever be a trial for people who use mac or pc like one day in the future we'll be learning about "The Mac Users Trials" or pc idk

  35. author

    Kole Phelps2 days ago

    you vs jeepers creepers

  36. author

    Ryan N2 days ago


  37. author

    John Woodgate2 days ago

    Alcatraz prison should be destroyed and rebuilt as a SEAL habitat/interaction and watching tour. Covered sidewalks, Seal feeding, and Selfie w/ seals areas. Redesign and add 100 more feet of shoreline around island for max seal habitat with elevated platform overhang for fish feeding and selfies. Install 40ft tall masonry seal statue at the highest point. Glorify positivity and animal habitat instead of violence and degeneracy.

  38. author

    Andrew Dodds2 days ago

    America is the most unfree nation in history. We were built on slavery and it's never gone away. Just changed its clothes.

  39. author

    Hawk Eye LOWE2 days ago

    Great story!

  40. author

    Steve O Harrington2 days ago

    They forgot to put on survival mode

  41. author

    renderinggg2 days ago

    About 4360 people who watched this video are psychopaths

  42. author

    I am Heffy2 days ago

    Hints the "National Treasure" movie

  43. author

    kehcan2 days ago

    **immediatly thinks of summer wars**

  44. author

    Mark Meadows2 days ago

    Demons don’t exist.

  45. author

    giant taco god2 days ago

    I am very patriotic to my country: The Unated states of murica

  46. author

    Ava2 days ago

    J'en ai rien a foutre .. Its a trap. You solve it there's no money just government goons escorting you to a lab to study n remove your eyeballs n brain .. the cake is a lieeee .. plus the thumbnail looks like a bunch of ip addresses

  47. author

    Will Evans2 days ago

    3:55 at least the virus gave the cell a reach around

  48. author

    Justalazer2 days ago

    Eat your cereal

  49. author

    Rhawket s2 days ago

    5:30 "UNATED STATES"

  50. author

    krisjb12 days ago

    Ricky Berwick.... RICKY BERWICK!!!

  51. author

    Faze Minecraft2 days ago

    I live in nebraska

  52. author

    Lydia Suwela2 days ago

    If youre a CIA you’re identity will be deleted in the KGB you’re identity is moved to the leader!

  53. author

    Deuce Dog2 days ago

    Eat your cereal

  54. author

    Jeremy Lee2 days ago

    I bet that he doesn't eat fast food anyways. After the fast food for a month challenge, he hates it.

  55. author

    Killer Tune2 days ago

    You got the coronavirus because you tried to save a snake? Can I report you on spreading spreading false information? You do know some kids out there is going to believe that and causes them to hate snakes or worse animals more right?

  56. author

    j lai2 days ago


  57. author

    DJ WORLD2 days ago

    *What on gods green earth os this? I hope that snake bites u for real now lol*

  58. author

    Dante Velez2 days ago

    I love your vids

  59. author

    Maui Dp2 days ago

    I have an easier solution just get a shovel and start digging near budfords tavern in the county of Budford How bout dat

  60. author

    Raeanna Lynne2 days ago

    The girlfriend “I love my idiot” lol 😂

  61. author

    expoodo2 days ago

    how the hella do you upload so fast

  62. author

    Shrieks Swamp2 days ago

    Are Raid siren or dive bombing siren

  63. author

    A N2 days ago

    Snake - what a bad logic. Doesn't make any sense at all 🙄

  64. author

    Jonathan Menzing2 days ago

    Stalin wasn't evil.

  65. author

    Black cat2 days ago

    I love this video it’s amazing But Your pronunciation of the Greek mythology underworld meant for punishing the guilty and those who disrespect the gods is not accurate It’s TAR-TU-RUS Not hating just a mythology buff correcting

  66. author

    Gabriel Paccasassi2 days ago

    That person might be my teacher

  67. author

    ScarfaceFranckRibery2 days ago

    The intro took three minutes

  68. author

    I comment Peoples vidoes2 days ago

    Do The Joker VS Thanos!

  69. author

    J B2 days ago

    He's my ancestor...Im a Borja. In fact I'm the first of my family line that doesn't have the initials RFB

  70. author

    Ray 812 days ago

    U.S. Army basic is 16 weeks if you're 11B Light Infantry

  71. author

    Drxpped2 days ago

    can this get *pinned*

  72. author

    James AHAYAH HAS REDEEMED.2 days ago

    Our captivity is ending AHAYAH has redeemed Jacob

  73. author

    Fake News Media2 days ago

    How much did you guys smoke before you guys wrote the script?????

  74. author

    Player Unknown2 days ago

    If supercomputers can't, that means it doesn't exist

  75. author

    Malachi Burns-Sharoff2 days ago

    Riddle? Multiple theorys!? Ight imma just wait for Game Theory to make a theory.

  76. author

    Nicholas Prevo2 days ago

    I had to unsubscribe because you are clogging my feed

  77. author

    glossyari2 days ago

    Why does the narrator sound dead inside-

  78. author

    PACreepercool Gaming2 days ago

    5:32 Unated States?

  79. author

    Michael Eward2 days ago

    Don't worry the coronavirus won't last long it was made in china

  80. author

    Ephraim iusitini2 days ago

    You seem to really despise nazis infographic

  81. author

    Lucky Thug2 days ago

    Love the show

  82. author

    {•???•} Hi2 days ago

    Roblox with lots of scammers and mean ppl Me:NOW THATS ALOTA DAMAGE

  83. author

    SupremeHoodie2 days ago

    This video should be named “The saddest day ever”

  84. author

    JayFishieBoi2 days ago

    I wish I had a girlfriend... :(

  85. author

    EZE 12312 days ago

    Better call Nicholas Cage, 😂

  86. author

    Amadeus Castillo2 days ago


  87. author

    Lilliana Keim2 days ago

    Let him go on vacation and document how much his stress went down hehehehehehe

  88. author

    Lucario Plusher2 days ago

    In California, There was or still is a law stating “You can’t ride your bike in a pool.”

  89. author

    Philly Leo2 days ago

    Let's all work together to break the code and split the money who down with me

  90. author

    Luke Scutchings2 days ago

    The last person to be executed in Canada’s head popped off. 😬

  91. author

    Bronwyn Hill2 days ago

    New idea don't kiss your girlfriend for a week. Would that be easy or hard?

  92. author

    n0b0dy2 days ago

    Why 7 minutes of mostly random filler just to get to the part that the title states thus video is about. I'm sooooo close to unsubscribing to this channel...

  93. author

    BaconNDCheese2 days ago

    Ofc its the bronx lol

  94. author

    Mario Alberto Torres De Los Lagos Medeiros De Jesus2 days ago

    Alexis Texas or Elsa Jean?

  95. author

    rosella-anna santos2 days ago

    The government 😂💯

  96. author

    Ice Yan2 days ago

    *one user unsubscribed to your channel because of this vid my brother died from covid :/