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  1. author

    Marie J51 minute ago

    Yes, I come in agreement, what no one can do but a Mightly God is bring her back. Jesus is coming back and those who harm children will be among those that God will .....

  2. author

    Jaime Uh51 minute ago

    Death is racist!!!

  3. author

    1shot 1kill52 minutes ago

    All she wanted was that thing broo, I would have invited her in

  4. author

    Brier-Rose HopeDiamond52 minutes ago

    Saudi Arabia ought not be allowed to purchase U.S. land.

  5. author

    David Ellis52 minutes ago

    Another new low for Trump , essentially bribing the Ukraine. You want cash ? Investigate Biden ! Pathetic.

  6. author

    Brier-Rose HopeDiamond53 minutes ago

    Cattle ought not to be feeding on corn; it makes them sick.

  7. author

    Drool Alot53 minutes ago

    Now they can violate right together... 😁

  8. author

    Not of myself Not of works54 minutes ago

    Hope he was saved. People need to take death seriously. Matthew7:21-23/John 6:39,40/Ephesians2:8,9/Titus3:5

  9. author

    Respect/Walk55 minutes ago

    Bit what about stormy and Russia and mueller

  10. author

    Buck Weyd55 minutes ago

    Bomb looks almost in good shape for something that goes boom!

  11. author

    Ox Alek55 minutes ago

    We’ll have to open an investigation into Joe Biden & his son’s questionable business ventures in the Ukraine.

  12. author

    Tequila D'killa56 minutes ago

    Big business makes it impossible for anyone to live there .... but themselves So they take everything for themselves The dairies should be required to share their deep wells water with the residents

  13. author

    The Credible Hulk56 minutes ago

    I've seen some stupid things in my life, but this takes the cake. What kind of man proposes to a woman thirty feet underwater, when he's never at least attempted to train to do so? A dead man. That's who. It's hard to feel sorry for somebody that stupid. Is it sad ? Yes, but exceedingly foolish.

  14. author

    too tall mccall56 minutes ago

    Abuse of power has been going on since the start of this country. Its only a problem now because whites are being rubbed the wrong way.

  15. author

    Marcus fuller57 minutes ago

    Great point: Why did they recv an additional $140 Million??? RED FLAGS HERE🚩 🚩

  16. author

    Ricky Fontaine57 minutes ago

    Not good dam

  17. author

    PsychoBabble57 minutes ago

    This crazy bi@#$! Props to this guy for keeping his cool. I know what I think I would do but sometimes less is.....What a cow!

  18. author

    Donna Swiniuch58 minutes ago

    So sad, but if you're dealing with water, you'd better know what you are doing at all times. Mother Nature always wins, and sometimes she rigs the game. I am so sorry for these two lovely people...God will bless you both...

  19. author

    7 758 minutes ago

    Trying to get to cute.

  20. author

    Random Person59 minutes ago

    He proposed and he died. It sure would've been nice to know how he passed away considering how young and healthy he looked.

  21. author

    Catherine Jones59 minutes ago

    I'm confused what did Manning do with Wikileaks?

  22. author

    David Ellis59 minutes ago

    The VA is pathetically inept and has been since the Vietnam war. 50 years of failure. A stain on the 🇺🇸.

  23. author

    Daniel CambrayHour ago

    I am sorry but he was asking for it.

  24. author

    Baron JamesHour ago

    Don’t wanna lose the MAYBE 3% of the vote the actual LGBTQ makes up. Crucial.

  25. author

    Faison HowardHour ago

    Lol liberals..gag on a nat and swallow a camel..pathetic

  26. author

    Robert SmithHour ago

    Trump is a Known Criminal and Liar. Trump is a Traitor and is using the office of POTUS to enrich himself. Trump Must Be Removed From Office.

  27. author

    Soo KimHour ago

    Who is more corrupt? Hunter or Donald?? Not comparably obvious..

  28. author

    American PaisaHour ago

    Well that sucks. Learn from his mistake.

  29. author

    Matt RenfroHour ago

    That’s not a new story ya know

  30. author

    David EllisHour ago

    " You Were Right Warden , Salvation Lies Within " 📖 🔨

  31. author

    Kara And emmaHour ago


  32. author

    D HarrisHour ago

    Shot in the foot and leg! sounds like they deserved it! Not all PPL are innocent!

  33. author

    D WHour ago

    He suffered a fate far *better* than marriage.

  34. author

    Doc StrangeHour ago

    lol, should of stayed single.

  35. author

    WestSideLeo405Hour ago

    Wicked man RIP

  36. author

    SOVEREIGN \-_-/Hour ago

    Quit racism white supremacy maybe

  37. author

    Field FlowerHour ago

    I thought Trump was a joke in 2016. Now, I don't appreciate that he's the first President in a long time who has actually tried to get is out of military conflicts and not gotten is involved in more military conflicts. That means a lot to me.

  38. author

    Mike CaroneHour ago

    How can she get her own show when Lovell Stanton gets more views on MReporter for Chef Pepe

  39. author

    mangledHour ago

    I was bullied at school I was diangnosed with aspergers syndrome when I was eleven I was the only one in my class who fought that climate chage is real hmm maybe I am another greta

  40. author

    some bodyHour ago

    Darwin claims another.

  41. author

    Sir Melvin AvenueHour ago

    Kristen Welker looking like a Snack today. 😋😋😋

  42. author

    Rip VanDamHour ago

    As if his Helsinki episode was not enough to brand him as a traitor.

  43. author

    Sleeping BeautyHour ago

    The saudis bombed their own oil fields. They recovered missile s from 3rd party and set this up. Because they want U.S. military and U.S. military equipment .the saudis are sinister

  44. author

    Christian JensenHour ago

    What a bunch of boring crap. The news is so fake and formulaic. "our heroes", "save the children" "Trump Bad"

  45. author

    Great Iron FistHour ago

    Darwin award winner.

  46. author

    Lost For wordsHour ago

    Fake news

  47. author

    Alec MckeownHour ago

    What can you say ..... animal with a badge n a gun ...

  48. author

    Palos SebastianHour ago

    100% disgusting

  49. author

    Gold ClapHour ago

    If you deserve a claim, then the information will be in your records!!!

  50. author

    Richard GaultHour ago

    I’m curious as to why Harper didn’t use this in 2015! As an older white Canadian I’m wondering what he meant by privilege, is it because of his wealth or because he is white? I’ve never in my 58 years have been racist, homophobic or sexist against First Nation, Blacks, Asians, Muslim, LBTQ+, women etc. My wife and I have never had an inheritance, we have worked 2 or 3 jobs to put ourselves through post secondary education, we raised 2 great children and helped them in post secondary education, they both have families and great careers. We have never received welfare, EI insurance, child bonus, disability payments, we have saved for our retirement and don’t need CPP or OAS. We welcome immigrants and hope they get a good career and contribute to this great country. Trudeau has been the worst, most divisive, hypocritical PM ever elected to a political post in the history of the last 200 years.

  51. author

    Uriel SalasHour ago

    Oh ok.

  52. author

    BlixemHour ago

    Darwin award, posthumous. I feel empathy for his loved ones, but still...

  53. author

    M. R. Molenaar ElzingaHour ago

    It's time we started eating less meat and dairy products .

  54. author

    Sandra NapierHour ago


  55. author

    Alan Hirschenhofer IIHour ago

    Serious question, are all phone calls with foreign leaders recorded for historical, legal, and security context?

  56. author

    Wayne HamptonHour ago

    Too bad he was stupid.

  57. author

    mark norrisHour ago


  58. author

    RB5NetworkHour ago

    The incel energy is strong here.

  59. author

    Mac GyverHour ago

    well... he is not aquaman. I am sorry.

  60. author

    david forteHour ago

    Whoopsy! Ehh on to the next tinder date

  61. author

    David NavarroHour ago


  62. author

    Elle KrimowaHour ago

    PELOSI NEEDS TO STEP DOWN AS SPEAKER OR BEGIN IMPEACHMENT ASAP...Dems' have joined the Enablers in support of this corrupt presidency by their inaction!

  63. author

    JoePJack1Hour ago

    This comment section is filled with morons

  64. author

    david parsonsHour ago

    He looks stressed out. His sentences aren’t making sense (a sign of a lack of sleep) and he does seem irritated. This is not funny - he is nearing a breaking point.

  65. author

    Abe TheArtistHour ago


  66. author

    Chris CollinsHour ago

    All politicians should be required to use the VA and nothing else.

  67. author

    Swizard 101Hour ago


  68. author

    Eileen DemirarslanHour ago

    Is she nuts

  69. author

    Brandon AndersonHour ago

    This is some sort of hoax!! Free ur mind Not real!! Meant to distract

  70. author

    BruhHour ago


  71. author

    Lizbeth AveryHour ago

    Words have power. Always remember that.

  72. author

    18collisionHour ago

    SHE KILLED HIM! Look at the evidence. That video was dated a few hours/days before it was given to police. 5 feet to swim up from that proposal to the top of the boat dock (in flippers) he tolded made it... and he died that day? SHARKS?? dont think so. Shes got more information then she attends to give out.

  73. author

    Inez QtaishHour ago

    Inez Qtaish see lights flashing on the bedroom wall

  74. author

    Alex YangHour ago

    So was red

  75. author

    LiberallezHour ago

    You people still don't get it, do you!!! ALL these so called "journalists" are lying, opposition muckrakers!!! The only reason you believe their CRAP is because they have repeated the lies so often and loudly (as instructed by Lenin, Marx, Adolph, Alinsky, etc.) that your brains are numb!!! Read (if you remember how and if it's not already your bible) "Rules For Radicals" to learn exactly what their methods are.

  76. author

    Ox AlekHour ago

    Joe Biden on video bragging about extorting Ukrainian government officials, no problem? Type this into the MReporter search box: watch?v=UXA--dj2-CY

  77. author

    mark norrisHour ago

    pure greed pure evil

  78. author

    Anwar CrutchfieldHour ago

    Hands up don't mean nothing unfortunately.

  79. author

    John ReaperHour ago

    Msnbc loves when white guys die,just be honest..yeah you love a white guy dying proposing to a black chick be honest.

  80. author

    SimmondsHour ago

    lordt, why?

  81. author

    Dale WalkerHour ago

    Adam Sh..............T for brains has zero evidence just like the entire last 3 years. HERE'S WHAT I KNOW > Uncle Joe was so dumb he actually brags about it on tape... you can't make this stuff up.... @2-CY CNN Fake New King ! Trump 2020 !

  82. author

    Shilonious MonkHour ago


  83. author

    clowningHour ago

    Doing something like this is stupid, at least wear all the scuba gear dude YOU KNEW YOU COULDN'T HOLD YOUR BREATH LONG ENOUGH. Natural selection at it's finest

  84. author

    quest 77051Hour ago

    THIS BROKE MY HEART.....so sad!!! R.I.P.

  85. author

    MegaCaliHour ago

    Human - Land 🐟 - Water

  86. author

    Someone ElseHour ago

    Not Penny's boat

  87. author

    Cali SportsmanHour ago

    A proposal to die for.

  88. author

    Anabel SolisHour ago

    How sad!!! Beautiful place though

  89. author

    holdmebackbrahHour ago

    What a moron. You just destroyed your family just to commit suicide(no pun intended) or in other words get engaged

  90. author

    Pati PenaHour ago

    OMG.. poor family.. my heartfelt condolences go out to you all.. Young people sometimes do foolish things... This was a terrible accident...

  91. author

    Eric ClaeyHour ago

    Why can't the Democrats make sure Flint, Michigan has clean drinking water coming from the faucets? Some people just aren't doing their jobs.

  92. author

    maiHour ago

    Why doesn’t mainstream media and including MSNBC call it out for what it is? Global Warming. Koch Brothers’ & Exxon’s _deliberate scandal??_ But your donors and advertisers PAY you to write so-called “News” whenever it’s convenient to make buku $$$ on a DYING PLANET. And no one gives Dr. Guy McPherson credit for being the single most HONEST whistleblower scientist of our time!

  93. author

    Buster BeagleHour ago

    7:23. Om what is she wearing. Lol

  94. author

    D MeHour ago

    Don't forget Donnie Dickhead's dead pedo pal, Jefferey Epstein.

  95. author

    Elle KrimowaHour ago


  96. author

    Megan is a gamerHour ago

    ‘m confused.... weren’t they already underwater IN the room? If he just did it in there he’d be planning a wedding.

  97. author

    Aurelio FigueroaHour ago

    Trump loves coruption that means more money to his pocket 🐕

  98. author

    Billy PardewHour ago

    Right off the bat he f***** up and he said that the country is becoming more more pro-immigrant that's total b******* you better look at the numbers pal

  99. author

    james murphyHour ago

    Sexual Assault is so Common in the Military we now understand just like psychological issues

  100. author

    Miss Dor's daughterHour ago

    tragic. why go through hoops to propose?