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Change Is ComingChange Is Coming

Change Is Coming

6 months ago

Unsure about 2019?Unsure about 2019?

Unsure about 2019?

8 months ago

I had a bad dayI had a bad day

I had a bad day

9 months ago

Election Day 2018Election Day 2018

Election Day 2018

10 months ago

  1. author

    Robert Smith7 hours ago

    He's taking bites and not nibbles! 🤘🏿

  2. author

    Trash7 hours ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  3. author

    TRIPPPLE SUX7 hours ago

    Sheldon cooper of MReporter food reviews lol.

  4. author

    FWD SCOUT7 hours ago


  5. author

    roberto7 hours ago

    clip your nails dude

  6. author

    Chaz and Erica7 hours ago

    I would like him to have a feline companion in his home-reviews from now on. Love this addition! Love Reviewbruh! Brightens my life

  7. author

    ramari cover7 hours ago

    Sooo Pizza Hut made a beef patty with no beef

  8. author

    zDragon7 hours ago

    Is that you the professional?

  9. author

    Wiznips7 hours ago

    I have the same exact barometer dude!

  10. author

    prince mukbang7 hours ago

    Just eat the damn thing already geesh

  11. author

    jesse r7 hours ago

    This man childs reviews an videos plus recent remarks made by beto o'rourke have solidified a both heart and moral decision that i will NOT be having children in this life time.

  12. author

    Carter Moorehead7 hours ago

    Is this Elon musk after joe rogans podcast?

  13. author

    Estanislao Biertosz7 hours ago

    I would pay to be his neighbour

  14. author

    Love God8 hours ago

    This guy takes the smallest bites I've ever seen, it's actually triggering me

  15. author Love's the nets8 hours ago

    MReporter in the 50's 😂

  16. author

    22nlatitude l8 hours ago

    You’re not eating a piece of chicken. That’s why it’s so confusing. It’s highly processed that probably started out a liquid like hot dogs. Take a close look at it after you bite, you can see air pockets. If it were a real piece of chicken, the price would be higher.

  17. author

    Lorenzo Notarianni8 hours ago

    At 09.23 my friend and I here in Italy believe you were momentarly possessed by a cheese loving demon. It pronounced a very rapid verse in an obscure tongue and with a high pitch voice. We have been listening to it over and over.

  18. author

    some one8 hours ago

    Reviewbrah word of the day: copious😊👍

  19. author

    W Duane8 hours ago

    You have triumphed, brah. You are the biggest, best, most important, most popular, most powerful The Report of the Week there ever could be.

  20. author

    Kaitlyn !8 hours ago

    I loved this lol😂

  21. author

    Warren Douglas8 hours ago

    Pizza hut has the best marinara sauce tho

  22. author

    TheotherAkselGaming8 hours ago

    Are you scp 096?

  23. author

    t0XiC _NaMe8 hours ago

    The albino rat is tearing this sandwich up!

  24. author

    t0XiC _NaMe8 hours ago

    Fries and mcrib,only reason to go to McDonald's

  25. author

    Randy Lahey8 hours ago

    Why you look like Lorde?

  26. author

    Samira Ku9 hours ago

    Was the chicken coated?

  27. author

    Alfredo Larios9 hours ago

    I love coke. It brings a tear to my eye that I raise my blade against my King.

  28. author

    Melon Owl!9 hours ago

    While biting into the twinky he accidentally showed us 2% of his full power

  29. author

    Ryan Cobb9 hours ago

    I just want to see you eat shut up!!!!

  30. author

    Polina Znobina9 hours ago

    I really want to try this ngl. Its like a mini, extra cheesy calzone

  31. author

    Core Enthusiast9 hours ago

    6:48 Reviewbrah that was a bit aggressive you almost gave me a heart attack

  32. author

    Mobile Gaming USA9 hours ago

    So is it just a big mozzerella stick?

  33. author

    Anti 6669999 hours ago

    Suit is to baggy!!!

  34. author

    Charles Bolton9 hours ago

    He should do a review with Dave Portnoy.

  35. author

    Durn9 hours ago

    Dude, your ice is melting. Get it.

  36. author

    Charles Bolton9 hours ago

    Dude looks like he fell from the 50's.

  37. author

    CMJ9 hours ago

    Something about this dude is extremely entertaining to watch....

  38. author

    L2zu محمد9 hours ago

    Wow 😍🔥

  39. author

    Athenis9 hours ago

    I work at Pizza hut and the chezzit it pizza comes in pre made so I have no way of knowing what cheese is in. I hate the cheze it pizza though it's so bland

  40. author

    777Dubliner10 hours ago

    Ewww, the cheese in the stuffed crust pizza sucks, they use too much of it, its too strong, and i lose 60% of the crust to it

  41. author

    Kindness World10 hours ago

    Nobody : Literally nobody : God 9:23 : 👹

  42. author

    Brandon Lee Sanders10 hours ago

    Ah yes... My favorite mortician ⚰️

  43. author

    Kindness World10 hours ago

    5:50 I am dead 😂

  44. author

    Big ounce10 hours ago

    Love the tie you wore

  45. author

    Senkan10 hours ago

    I hope you got good plumbing

  46. author

    Kindness World10 hours ago

    Hey god please bless me 🙋 am bout to blast

  47. author

    Kindness World11 hours ago

    What's down there with boxing shorts 😂

  48. author

    michael sleeps11 hours ago

    Do you eat anything other than trash fast food ?

  49. author

    hardnewstakenharder11 hours ago

    Yep, white people gonna white people.

  50. author

    Geneva Doll11 hours ago

    I just tried this Friday and it was........ uh-may-ZING!! It really was delicious. It’s like, a crust of cheddar cheese on the outside of the chalupa. It had that yummy classic chalupa flavor and texture except the outside of it was much crispier! And FYI, if you order online through the app or inside on the kiosk/tablet thing then you can REALLY see all of the different options you can do for ANYTHING. You can literally make a burrito out of anything, put whatever you want in a Mexican pizza or fiesta salad or whatever you like lol. There were so many ingredients I didn’t even know they had! Realizing I can put black beans, rice, potatoes, cheese sauce, onions, etc in any item I want was awesome (among every other ingredient lol). And sauces omg! So many sauces, and I don’t mean their packaged “mild, hot, fire, etc.). I added the chipotle sauce to mine, which was like a creamy chipotle/sour cream mixture which was really good (and I hardly get anything spicy in anything). It was spicy, but tasty and didn’t have me like, going for drink every 2 seconds. So take advantage of all of their ingredients!

  51. author

    Saveeo Desooza11 hours ago

    This video gave me heartburn

  52. author

    Tom Stovall11 hours ago

    This collaboration seems interesting. Nice suit and tie combo Reviewbrah--those colors look good on you. It does seem ridiculous and gimmicky. The cheeze it squares seem a decent size. Pretty funny how Reviewbrah whipped the pizza out toward the camera. Very dramatic indeed. And the pepperoni one is nothing more than a cheez it hot pocket. Thanks Reviewbrah for helping us save $6.49.

  53. author

    Logan11 hours ago

    Navy looks good on you!

  54. author

    Yard Byrd11 hours ago

    Pizza Hut is reaching

  55. author

    wot #1fan11 hours ago

    Dude no offense but is money the reason your staying with friends?? Just wondering with a million sub channel I figured you made great money.

  56. author

    wingedguardian11 hours ago

    honestly it didnt taste very good to me, it had a weird aftertaste mixed with a slightly burnt taste. thankfully i bought a real whopper too so i could enjoy that.

  57. author

    Permaculture Ecuador11 hours ago

    Who the fuck am I watching?

  58. author

    dragonball slayer32612 hours ago

    Great review man

  59. author

    Tankaku's Playground12 hours ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought mayonnaise wasn't vegan...

  60. author

    Sean B.12 hours ago

    I want my naked chicken tacos back

  61. author

    CHANGE12 hours ago

    I had it, it’s tooo much cheeze

  62. author

    Justin Montagne12 hours ago


  63. author

    Lowkey2712 hours ago

    I'm watching Matt Stonie food challenges and the rabbithole lead me to this wtf

  64. author

    Kathleen Logan12 hours ago

    Worst taco ever

  65. author

    TiaaDaaniee P12 hours ago

    It would’ve been better with pepperoni 🍕 n sauce like a stuffed hot pocket 😍😍😍

  66. author

    BLYAT12 hours ago

    Coaborate lul xD

  67. author

    Beni Salah12 hours ago

    I go to MacDonald in my PJ,s

  68. author

    XANYkILLZ12 hours ago

    No crunch 😭

  69. author

    Yomama 865812 hours ago

    Taco bell in E... your sins will not be forgiven

  70. author

    User Zero12 hours ago

    Dude's family is in the dining room waiting for him to bring back dinner.

  71. author

    ryan coke12 hours ago

    This is a preacher with some form of Tourettes.

  72. author

    Wasabi Boy12 hours ago

    Dit is gwn godverdomme een kaassouffle

  73. author

    iron milk13 hours ago

    Do you always wear a suit?

  74. author

    EUC Xing13 hours ago

    The comments here are hilarious! 😂 ReportoftheWeek has the best sense of humor! “Unfortunately Grandma will stop before he does.” 😂 and then proceeds to apologize for his comment. LOL 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. author

    Ee ee13 hours ago

    I feel like I am having a meeting with you regarding some non food related matter.

  76. author

    ryan coke13 hours ago

    Note to self: When apologizing - 1. Carefully review the situation 2. Decide if you aren't happy with your actions or words. 3. Isolate and understand what it was you might have done wrong. 4. Decide whether an apology is in order. 5. Apologize without making excuses and describe all steps you went through 1-5. 6. Expect nothing in return for apology except retaining a feeling of integrity and standing by your own conviction, taking full responsibility for your actions. Do not waver and do not grovel. God, do I even have this kind of strength and fortitude? Can't I just blame it on someone or make excuses why I HAD to do it? No. The reviewbrah inside me says, no.

  77. author

    Joseph Wallace13 hours ago

    13 minute food review on a cheez it. Damn you’re good!

  78. author

    Patrick Szostak13 hours ago

    In Germany you get backed Camembert, looks nearly the same but you get cranberry dip to it. It's the best

  79. author

    Braulio Cortes13 hours ago

    Kendall Gray Ft. The report of the week.

  80. author

    A1 youngod _13 hours ago

    All bets on Chick-fil-A since Popeyes wants to run outta chicken

  81. author

    Micheal Dunne13 hours ago

    Good value

  82. author

    TheLovliestTear13 hours ago

    Now, I want one.

  83. author

    Yakadoodledongywongy14 hours ago

    What the fuck is a 5.2 ? What is that ? Are we rating things out of 100 now ? What did I just even watch ? What planet is this ?

  84. author

    Chris Blalock14 hours ago

    Please someone..........tell me why I find this so entertaining.

  85. author

    Adrian Koh14 hours ago

    Bender from futurama: cheese it 🤖!

  86. author

    Project Amis14 hours ago

    As of Sept 22, do they still have them available?

  87. author

    jason born14 hours ago

    This guys a weirdo lmao

  88. author

    John Daki14 hours ago

    You need to cut them nails 🤢

  89. author

    Quran.Corleone14 hours ago

    Weird af

  90. author

    Aditya Wardhana14 hours ago

    Real life peter parker! So nerdy! No spider wanna bit him!

  91. author

    iera15 hours ago

    That ain't cheese dawg, that's plastic

  92. author

    Jim Halfpenny15 hours ago

    Forget it eat real food .A good feed of spuds bacon and cabbage

  93. author

    amber.15 hours ago

    "4.8 out of 10" i love how exact he is lmao

  94. author

    Kailee Driggers15 hours ago

    It was probably the location I went to but I tried this item and it was awful in everyway I couldnt even make it through the chalupa thank god I ordered a bunch of other stuff to wash the disappointment away Also I am so glad he described the shell as oily because mine was awful

  95. author

    Kailee Driggers15 hours ago

    That was a good chrönch

  96. author

    Rachel Vretas15 hours ago

    You’re the cutiest

  97. author

    Omegathehusky15 hours ago

    actually just a block of cheese inside lol

  98. author

    amber.15 hours ago

    "bisiget" i felt that

  99. author

    Kyle Rerekura15 hours ago

    When I ask her if she wants a bite and she starts leaning in for one. 06:54

  100. author

    Lawrence Rodriguez15 hours ago

    If you are looking for quality go to Del Taco in the west coast.