1. author

    Jus TinHour ago

    Only me or you all get the Roddy Ricch type flow? I love it 🔥should’ve been longer tho

  2. author

    dawg kinkHour ago

    polo g would've been fire with calboy

  3. author

    pol perianeHour ago

    The quality of the video tho

  4. author

    KingSpittuh 3502 hours ago

    “We stack up them benjis💸 let em pow pow💥💥(YEAAAA)”

  5. author

    Selvin Lims3 hours ago

    Cal didn’t even pass that blunt 🤣

  6. author

    Brandy Swain4 hours ago

    Love Calboy

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    Lucas Hayes5 hours ago

    I freaking love how Tjay switches up the flow at 2:48 . Its fire🤮🤮🤮

  8. author

    Kolby Steeves5 hours ago

    Song finally starts at 0:25

  9. author

    Danish Boy Tv5 hours ago

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    randyatama soba5 hours ago

    Everyone : Me in class : I'm wiTh the GaNg I'm wiTh thE Mob, whAt wAS you thInkiNg

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    MBenz reviews5 hours ago

    What I think you should have done is when the beat dropped at the end put the chorus there. Like if u agree

  12. author

    Miles Monett5 hours ago

    How he not have over a mil subs tf is wit y’all

  13. author

    D Cado6 hours ago

    This Bit Hit Different 2020

  14. author

    Travilss6 hours ago

    Damn this song is deep. Go over most peoples heads

  15. author

    Rebecca Hill7 hours ago

    I fell in love with the medicine, I'm sick in the head I need medicine"

  16. author

    Owee7 hours ago

    This shit hot bruh🔥🔥🔥

  17. author

    cooler1458 hours ago

    Lil tjay went berserk in this one ong

  18. author

    Robby Real8 hours ago

    Calboy sound just like durk but this shit🔥

  19. author

    lil abda9 hours ago

    Wow this guy dont need drugs or girls all he needs is homies.

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    🔥🔥 Like if you listen to this all the time This video fabulous 0:49 ❣💓 👇 👇 👇 👇💓

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    Steve Lemus9 hours ago

    This shit needs a milli

  22. author

    TheLand Worldwide9 hours ago

    Wild wild mid west

  23. author

    Defenuttly Uh rerun10 hours ago

    Finally: A few new artists and new music worth listening to. Fuckwitit CALLBOY. RIP KING NIP RIP POP SMOKE RIP KOBE/GIANNA

  24. author

    Elija Thato10 hours ago

    shautout to Calboy bright future ahead tap in , give me you're opinion

  25. author

    Santos Chan10 hours ago

    Keep at it bro, you're so underrated

  26. author

    Bape 810 hours ago

    For some reason i thought this was xxxtentacion when i heard it on the radio

  27. author

    Dustin Phillips11 hours ago

    I been waiting for this since i heard the snippet drop a couple months ago

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    Melanin Queen11 hours ago


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    ThatgirlChrissy11 hours ago

    Lil Tjay gonna make it 😩 RIP POP SMOKE 💫

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    Maddux Laurincik12 hours ago

    My brother gets unrealesed music so I knew this song for weeks before it came out

  31. author

    Damdam 9412 hours ago

    Same voice that Lil Durk 🙄

  32. author

    jmir il12 hours ago

    Can you back up please ?

  33. author

    n0va12 hours ago

    Too bad he was a one hit wonder

  34. author

    Criz -a-12 hours ago

    2:20 lil tjay part

  35. author

    Anvi Ahsan13 hours ago

    everyone saying tjay cant do a wack verse, but lil baby did a madness

  36. author

    Moshi O13 hours ago

    Niggas try to put me in the news💯❗️❌

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    Lor Ray13 hours ago

    I hear Roddy Ricch 🔎

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    G-beatsz14 hours ago

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    Roberta Adriana Santos do Nascimento14 hours ago

    Tik tok baby 😉😘

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    Jaclyn DeMarco15 hours ago

    Lil tjay went off🧨🧨

  41. author

    cashNout - Topic15 hours ago

    Calboy & tjay make hits

  42. author

    Mr nice guy *15 hours ago

    How come Chris Brown didn’t want credit in this ??

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    CJFRM365816 hours ago

    $1000 Shoes Can't Kick It

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    ツ Dymnet16 hours ago

    Abandoned places r cool

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    Karivicious16 hours ago


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    Giselle Jimenez16 hours ago


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    zeke perez17 hours ago

    Plz like Are else u gay Jk don't like

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    Boondocks17 hours ago

    He need a remix w roddy rich but not the start wit me roddy rich the melodic roddy rich like he’s “gods eyes”

  51. author

    xKingKhalifa17 hours ago

    When you pull up your “real niggas” and they don't know how to sing your song🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  52. author

    TheShockBox18 hours ago

    They need to drop a collab mixtape!

  53. author

    TheShockBox18 hours ago

    40K haters disliked this song. How can you hate on this shit?

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    IBBI CREATOR18 hours ago

    Watch the Lifestyle of Calboy using this link

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    Luciid Bando18 hours ago


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    Trixelle18 hours ago

    Am i the only who thinks this sounds like lil uzi

  57. author

    David Quintero19 hours ago

    Man they need to make the song longer frfr it's like u get into it then it's over smh

  58. author

    Anthony Foster19 hours ago

    Damn I’ve been waiting for this

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    Finesse Wes21 hour ago

  60. author

    Finesse Wes21 hour ago

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    AbenDidThat21 hour ago

    Ryan linch is lit cuz he makes it so fast and the transition r just so good

  62. author

    Blake Zumwalt21 hour ago

    calboy is going off

  63. author

    Jekhi Macklin21 hour ago

    They look alike

  64. author

    mp rackz21 hour ago

    If you like this your dad left when you were little

  65. author

    muneer ali21 hour ago

    Wtf this should have 10 million views by now?!? Too underrated, this fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Colors FN21 hour ago

    really stole biggie lyrics, don’t believe me ? the song is notorious thugs

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    Bubo22 hours ago

    Hey.. I’m bout to have the #1 song so check my song it’s here on youtube. Dinero Cash - Ferever Gang

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    Wojciech rygielski22 hours ago

    This bangs ❌🧢

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    Will Maxwell23 hours ago

    Here befor a mil

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    PETER LAUTRUP69Day ago

    mega sej

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    Liam RistoffDay ago

    Snippet gang wya 🔥🔥🔥🔥😈

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    hadia eemanDay ago


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    Sunny SuperchargedDay ago

    Reminds me of kill bill bib whole vibe I can see Beatrice sliding to this 💯

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    Shane MurphyDay ago


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    シSatiDay ago

    Lookin for gf 17 yr old👍🏻💔

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    Jayz NewmanDay ago


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    Jayz NewmanDay ago


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    Andrew CruzDay ago

    We all know we cant go wrong with lil tjay he never made a song that i hated he killed the beat

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    Kenny DealzDay ago


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    Grizz YTDay ago

    I watch this like 10× bcs of the backround voice the (eh oh eh oh🎶

  81. author

    Eshaan Shaha ProductionsDay ago

    When Baby comes on, I bop my head so much, it is about to fall off...

  82. author

    TruescribebeatsDay ago

    In the clouds until the Face starts rappin Calboy's verse to me 😂😂😂

  83. author

    Jason Dixon Jr.Day ago

    Them vocals at the beginning though. That yeah yeeaahhh hit hard.

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    Pablo ZaddyDay ago

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    GoatNationDay ago

    Who make beats

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    Isaac GonzalezDay ago


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    Nick ReyesDay ago

    This vid on acid is fucking BUGGED.... Like 3D or sumn

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    Rudy SinnerDay ago

    Brand new .45 with the RIP 🤒

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    Do ItDay ago

    This man is lil mosey with bars

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    C-clipzDay ago

    Yeah we got tj on this shit

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    Rahmire moneyDay ago

    I am made of demons

  92. author

    Yesake TeshomeDay ago

    Watch this man he’s trying to take these rappers fans

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    CRAZY FAMDay ago


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    mr. Lord TVDay ago

    Who's here in March

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    (Y)oung(N)igga(T)ake(O)ver #9700Day ago

    This that shit🔥

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    TecnoPlayDay ago

    The same house of lil tjay's song, FN.

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    Finesse ThreetymesDay ago

    Boy be making hits that's 💯

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    SkillsForKills89Day ago


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    FelalingusDay ago

    Love the song!! ITS LITTT

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    Que recuerdos del año 2019 mes julio cuando me fui de viaje y escuchaba este tema, me hace acordar a esos tiempos, Grande cal boy