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    Vanessa S.3 hours ago

    Obrigada por tudo harry

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    Vanessa S.3 hours ago

    É um absurdo só poder dar like uma vez, essa musica merece milhões de likes

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    Faith Watkins3 hours ago

    "What does harry mean to me?" "I mean what does AiR mean to my lungs???" My favorite part ever.

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    Vanessa S.3 hours ago


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    Elizabeth Zquad3 hours ago

    Se llega a poner algo así para cuando venga a Argentina y voy a tener que asistir con un pañal y un tanque de oxígeno

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    Hashlex Youtube3 hours ago

    I love listening to this song cause Harry basically wrote it for me. 😍

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    Corynn Robinsons3 hours ago

    I legit almost cried.

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    dani3 hours ago

    He's so cool looking.

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    Brooke Junior3 hours ago

    My teacher sees me just staring at my desk my teacher thinks I am just thinking really hard but I am just thinking about Harry Styles my teacher asked me what is 10 times 10 I said Harry Styles is the best singer

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    zunaira saleem3 hours ago

    what relaxing guitar and voice Harry

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    paula Santos3 hours ago

    you are my idol Harry I love you so much❤👑you are the only person in the world that when I hear your music I feel something new, something I can't explain.Thank you😘🎤❤❤❤ I hope you replay me please🙏🙏🙏

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    Yeraldyne Francisco Rojo3 hours ago

    Latino powerxdxd

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    AK47OG13 hours ago

    Watermelon sugar is a strain of Cannabis, but you knew that right ?.

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    libby blake4 hours ago

    3:45 bruh the lag between harry and the audience just shows how fucking ginormous that arena is

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    xplr knj4 hours ago

    our teacher played this song for us during class

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    Ankhee Ganguly4 hours ago

    I don't know if I will ever get to see him or go to any of his concerts. It breaks my heart. Those who got to see him are so beyond lucky. :') (an Indian here🇮🇳)

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    ClassicAp Pridgen4 hours ago

    I love my daddy

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    Angelica Rodriguez4 hours ago

    I loveeeee♥♥♥♥

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    Bianca Petelin4 hours ago

    Gente o início quem aparece é a Joalin de NU????aaaa

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    kleine_.L 0504 hours ago


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    Mohsen Haidari4 hours ago

    i love this music, it gives me a good feeling. from one of your fans.

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    If I Could Fly4 hours ago

    His best performance ever

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    Jenna Briggs4 hours ago

    12:26 i would have died

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    Wellington Alencar4 hours ago

    Bad music🎧❤️😎👏🏻

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    boba Ai4 hours ago

    He really upgraded his music, and this will be the only time I will say, I like a ex member from one direction

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    Jenna Briggs4 hours ago

    7:15, he needs to be famous

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    Jessica OCallaghan4 hours ago

    This was filmed at St Abbs, Eyemouth, Scotland

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    Miih _sther4 hours ago


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    lia michael4 hours ago

    this sounds like something they would sing in glee-

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    Natalie Chan5 hours ago

    Ouch this vdo creeps me so well

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    Niamh Boyle5 hours ago


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    rain mayday5 hours ago

    ive had a reoccurring dream like this only the fish dies the first time its out of water

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    John Holmes5 hours ago

    Who's here after watching Larry Stylinson's proof vids.

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    Stéphanie Schmitt5 hours ago

    Wonderful song and beautiful young man! thanks from France

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    Polar21nayy _5 hours ago

    Пздц сколько просмотров😱

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    Elisha Deniel Garcia5 hours ago

    Wooh... Speechless

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    Elena Anicete5 hours ago

    I wish she is flying when Kobe Bryant is in helicopter

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    Kat Grace5 hours ago

    Did anyone notice them black nails?

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    Foujia Islam5 hours ago

    1:21 why is she touching his lips ??? Why? Whyyyy???? Whhhhyyyyy???????

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    Ximena Garcia5 hours ago


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    Sc022005 –5 hours ago

    ill say it for everyone- im crying

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    Ada Heuvelmans5 hours ago

    In all the seas, in all the world, there has never been a land quite like the isle of Eroda. Shaped unmistakably like a frown, it is home to all but forgotten fishing village that has had perpetual cloud cover for as long as anyone can remember. An isle where some still believe that it’s bad luck to mention a pig in a fisherman’s pub. Where seeing a minster in the morning, meant you should go home immediately. Some fishermen still wore a single gold earring for luck, some say it’s to pay to have your body buried if you die in a strange port.It was also frowned upon to be caught whistling in the wind, in fear you might turn a gust into a gale. And if ever you leave Eroda, avoid doing so on odd numbered days…everyone was always frowning anyway. Which they referred to as Resting Fish Face. "But then…well something peculiar happened… or I mean… someone peculiar happened. The Boy was... peculiar... from the moment he entered the world. No one ever meant to be mean towards him, but in a town grown used to way things were, no one knew what to do with something... different. They did their very best to ignore it... hoping it would go away... and eventually so did The Boy. He had lost his smile and without it the world grew darker, the wind colder, and the ocean more violent "The Boy was not alone in his melancholy. He wondered what could bring despair to something so beautiful. He tried to ignore the fish, but loneliness is an ocean full of travellers trying to find their place in the world.But without friendship, we are all lost and left with no hope, no home, no harbour. He wondered what cruel twist of fate brought them together, and if fate was indeed involved, what did she have in store."

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    Monserrat Orellana5 hours ago


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    Yellow Ellø6 hours ago

    He’s comforting us, and that’s why we’re crying. He’s stating things that are true in our lives that trigger our tears. But he’s telling us it’ll be ok. And some people don’t have anyone to comfort them. So comment section, cry with me.

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    Lucy McMurray6 hours ago

    My name is Lucy McMurray and I like your songs and you are a very good singer and I like you so much because you have your nail panting. They are very nice from Lucy xx

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    HongKai6 hours ago

    I hope we get a concert movie from this show

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    Eli Nievas6 hours ago

    2020 y sigo escuchando este artee <3

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    Nzuria Hambrick6 hours ago

    She and women be hitting different

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    dani dani6 hours ago

    ésta canción me recuerda DEMASIADO a 1D

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    Camila Moron6 hours ago

    Adore you the best song

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    First Last6 hours ago

    It still amazes me that we are so many different individuals from all corners of the globe that manage to connect on such emotional level listening to this

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    Najla6 hours ago

    this is the best music video that I’ve seen in my life

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    Laura Silva6 hours ago

    Quem e uniters a joalin ta

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    True North7 hours ago

    Hei Harry, dont be sad , there are plenty of fish in the sea

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    Bhasker Micheals7 hours ago

    Such beautiful vision he has, to come up with this! Shine on Champion

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    유병재7 hours ago

    시훅페가 추천해준 노래 .

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    Basirah Abdullah kamany7 hours ago

    How come I didn't get a notification

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    Bored Cookie7 hours ago

    Enes Batur'un bu adamdan daha fazla abonesi var :]

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    sike ee7 hours ago

    I came here for the fish because I saw a clip on Facebook where it grew big and the clip ended

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    L E E N7 hours ago

    Tiktok absolutely ruined this song

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    Grace Varvera7 hours ago

    Andrew has my heart

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    Amanda Soares Gomes8 hours ago

    Foi o Noah Urrea que fez eu virar fã

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    One:1 Hit8 hours ago

    Its been 3 years, but i cant stop hearing this song, hs album, fine line, all i think is Harry Styles is the most favorite artist In this era

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    Out_There8 hours ago


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    mari noza8 hours ago

    I love you Harry!! Plz come back to Japan🇯🇵😭❤

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    Benedetta Schicchi8 hours ago


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    Just Bbb8 hours ago

    No more tears.

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    G K8 hours ago

    Is 1D comeing back?

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    Mllex Salomé8 hours ago

    Qui vient grâce à antonin de gloire et excès ? Mettez un like 💞

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    Suchi8 hours ago

    This one has more views than adore you mv

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    Urbano Black8 hours ago

    I really wish the video would had brighter colors and not that dark blue aesthetic

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    c c8 hours ago


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    Urbano Black8 hours ago

    Nobody: Harry: Gives a mini taco to his fish

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    دندن القشطة8 hours ago

    2:27 jjjjjjjjjjjjooooooooooaaaaaaaallllllllllllllliiiiiiinnnnnnnnn omg

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    Paola Oliveira8 hours ago

    Harry is my angel with this song, ❤🙏😍🥰

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    Ema Haq8 hours ago

    Harry styles is the only diva i love and that's on fine line.

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    Sophia Driver-Dickerson8 hours ago

    "I mean...what is air to my lungs." MOST RELATBLE THING EVER.

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    liz joy9 hours ago


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    Neon Dynamite9 hours ago

    Still upset the Edora ads were just a promo for this

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    Paula Gerner9 hours ago

    Have you guys noticed that at the very beginning the word sunflower is played backwards??

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    SandyzSerious9 hours ago


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    Helen Schneider9 hours ago

    he hit the woah

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    Vian Crusius10 hours ago


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    Atei Hmar10 hours ago


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    A B10 hours ago

    This reminds me of FlapJack

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    AHAMAS NAHK123010 hours ago

    OMG Harry is so good at singing he has an amazing voice

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    all thing everything10 hours ago

    He's so talented

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    michaela 240210 hours ago

    i love this song

  89. author

    Steve Günthel10 hours ago

    See you in Berlin

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    Ricky Blitz 9611 hours ago

    You can really tell that he loves everything he’s wearing in this

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    Proud Gryffindor!11 hours ago

    Oh my god. I just realised something. This is about Zarry and their hiatus and everything. So first let me remind you of Harry's other songs from this album : Golden, Sunflower and she. We know they all have a connection or are written for Zayn. In golden, he's telling zayn that he's so golden. Now, the fish in the video represents Zayn. Wait, there's a lot more before you form any conclusions. So the video starts with the description of the Isle of Eroda, which by the way, is ' Adore' backwards. The girl describes how Harry and zayn both belonged to different world but didn't fit in. And it's important to note that she says it's about their friendship. She's referencing Harry and Zayn's friendship. As the video starts, we can see that Harry brings the fish home and takes care of it. Also, remember the girl says fate brought them together as in Harry and Zayn being put in the same band. Notice how Harry takes care of the fish, that is, Zayn. If you're a Zarry shipper you already know about their amazing friendship. The fish keeps on growing bigger and bigger everyday and this could mean Zayn's emotions and thoughts. But Harry somehow finds a way to still keep the fish with him. We all know that Harry knew Zayn would be leaving and tried everything he could to make him stay. Now the television news shows the news and we can see that the fish sees it and wants it. But Harry does not see it, when he finally does see it, he realises that the fish wants to be in the ocean where there are other fish like it. This is Zayn deciding to leave the band and meeting different music labels and producers. There is one moment I want to mention specifically, in which Harry's on the bike with the fish and the fish sees another fish being cut and breaks through the glass to try and escape. In an interview when Zayn had been asked what moment it was when he knew he wanted to leave the band, he said when he realized that he had to go back to home and immediately booked a flight. I feel this represents how the fish tried to escape. Zayn's emotions got the better of him, he was not in good place and tried to escape from everything as soon as he could by going home. Notice how Harry sees this. Then comes the part where Harry decides to finally let go of him and there are others who help him take the fish to the ocean. I believe these people are the other 1d members. I think the ocean here represents the world, I mean like, the outer world, the music industry in which the fish finally goes, which is Zayn deciding to go solo. In the end, Harry also decides to set sail in the ocean which is obviously him asking the band to go on a hiatus and him going solo. The bottle in which Harry first captured all his emotions in is also important. While going solo, that is on sail in the sea he decides to use these emotions to get him going. We all know that his music contains a lot of emotions and cryptic messages. I know this was long but I hope you understand what Harry was trying to tell us in the video. ❤❤

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    Nialler's Potato11 hours ago

    My ears are listening but My eyes are awestruck by the water drops from Harry's back

  93. author

    La Laura11 hours ago

    I love the fact that everyone‘s wearing 60s clothing and this guy at 2:27 is having piercings haha

  94. author

    Proud Gryffindor!11 hours ago

    Eroda is 'Adore' backwards. Damn.

  95. author

    DJAdrian Keet11 hours ago

    If he would do that much for a fish, you can imagine how he would treat a person.

  96. author

    Arijmand Arijmand12 hours ago

    2:38 Zayn's high note...❤️

  97. author

    alysaa Wade12 hours ago

    I just realized the recital is done by ROSALIA😲

  98. author

    Slay Thompson lll12 hours ago

    Is he wearing 2 collared shirts at the end ? It’s looks wild. And does anyone know what they are ? :]

  99. author

    Vyveanna Ruiz12 hours ago

    Harry is the only one who hasn't found his place yet because he belongs to louis...

  100. author

    브늪13 hours ago

    우 ㅓ터멜롱ㄴ 슈가 흐ㅏ~~~