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Little Lizard - Fortnite

Welcome to Little Lizard Fortnite!
We love building fun characters up and making stories around them, that's why we're making high quality, fully voice acted Fortnite short films for you all to enjoy.
With fun characters like Wick, Raptor, Omega, Leviathan and more always joining we're going to continue to deliver the best Fortnite films out there, all the while listening to our subscribers on what they want to see us do next!
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  1. author

    Abdulmaik Mohamed13 hours ago

    little lizard what happen to the noobs channel u could had shut down the bonus channel not the noobs. i love the noobs they cute. im un subscring it it doesnt get a vid by the end of the week

  2. author

    Kai MacMillanDay ago

    You should do the Vanishing Point set vs. the Burnout set

  3. author

    Pio EzeDay ago

    little lizzard, my good friend, your video is so sick, i super love it!!!!

  4. author

    JCashDay ago

    thx for making a vid for drift and sun strider it was GREATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! (did I add enough t's

  5. author

    DriftzDay ago

    Party! One million subs!!!!

  6. author

    Royalty LoveDay ago

    DRIFT IS THE BEST PLAYER EVER!!!!!!!! but raptor is the coolest and sweetest

  7. author

    Christopher Shaffer3 days ago

    can raptor or drift read this keep up the good work and pls read

  8. author

    WillTCM4 days ago

    i love your videos i feel like you should make a movie about it i would love it if you did please read my comment if you read it id ill scream soo loud and tell every single person i meet to subscribe to every single one of your channels you should also make a video with you in it in fortnite

  9. author

    JL250 R G6 days ago

    It will be cool a 1v1 of Omen and Omega to decide who is better

  10. author

    Ari Romero6 days ago

    omen is the best villian

  11. author

    loc Ta6 days ago

    hey LL how come you promise dragons but they're not there. Did you completely lie to our faces and get our hopes up and then crush them ( sorry it's just been so long since you have released a video and we have just been waiting for so long).

  12. author

    JCash6 days ago

    little lizard you should make more videos for drift and sun strider

  13. author

    Axz A6 days ago

    your youtube is disguting

  14. author

    Little Minecraft7 days ago


  15. author

    AlexJrTV7 days ago

    Drift NEEDS his own channel-He's so LIT best character ever right there

  16. author

    Ren_gaming1247 days ago

    will u be making a discord server?

  17. author

    Maggie Schillermann9 days ago

    Ok i am confused i watch your fortnite short films what order do they go in because i watch one then another and they are different is there any order because it is really confusing

  18. author

    General duck9 days ago

    if leviathan reads this i will explode!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps i the pee pee dance

  19. author

    LeoD007pro YT9 days ago

    hows it going peeps lol

  20. author

    Nick Weddle9 days ago

    i unsubed cause u soped mine craft

  21. author

    jane jones9 days ago

    CAN DRIFT GET A CHANNEL? plz plz pzl

  22. author

    jane jones9 days ago


  23. author

    Alfie Harrison10 days ago

    let kelly read comments she is the best

  24. author

    Alfie Harrison10 days ago

    let kelly read comments she is the best

  25. author

    jane jones10 days ago


  26. author

    LaNeisha Williams10 days ago

    omg why is raptor sooooooo cool

  27. author

    Evan Man11 days ago


  28. author

    Andrew Skinner13 days ago

    little lizard when is dragons coming back?

  29. author

    Bella Arona13 days ago

    DO MORE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGONNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz

  30. author

    The Burning Gamer13 days ago


  31. author

    Holly Harris13 days ago

    do a omaga vs noobanaitor

  32. author

    Ahmad Bahzad15 days ago

    haw do you git a comment hir

  33. author

    Lauren Hepker16 days ago

    I love ur vids Little Lizard! They keep me happy after a day of school! Keep up the good work!

  34. author

    Tyler Ally16 days ago

    little lizard start playing Minecraft I love mine craft dragons and the other series pls breen it back

  35. author

    Cusmic _16 days ago

    little lizard i just want you to know you are the best youtuber i have ever seen kepp posting and keep up the good work

  36. author

    Cusmic _16 days ago


  37. author

    Zeda Abdul Kareem - Sir Winston Churchill PS (1555)16 days ago

    This is all annoying can people stop making themselves type of videos like o ninja reacts to Fortnite creation o myth make s a new way to not take fall damage stop the bull

  38. author

    LittleBro Gaming16 days ago


  39. author

    LittleBro Gaming16 days ago

    when is ur next how to train your dragon

  40. author

    ILLUSIONS18 days ago

    i hope leviathan gets a girl

  41. author

    Lightning J18 days ago

    Put Funk Ops on the SSDT

  42. author

    General duck18 days ago

    i want leviathen to read this: when is ragnarok gona upgrade????!!!!

  43. author

    i cannot fly19 days ago


  44. author

    Michelle Levy19 days ago


  45. author

    Isaiah Pineda19 days ago


  46. author

    Neon Blood Hunter20 days ago

    By at some point in time if there is a new popular game and fortnite is abandon, what willl happen to the noobs of fortnite and Raptors Channel!

  47. author

    ENDER ETHAN20 days ago

    Can drift have a channel pls

  48. author

    XxScorpion m820 days ago

    I mean funny sorry

  49. author

    XxScorpion m820 days ago

    raptor is my fav becuse he is so funnty and cool and tall

  50. author

    John Ross Driggs21 day ago

    i will be here when you do a face reveal and when you hit 1 milloin subs

  51. author

    Randy Goff Jr21 day ago


  52. author

    The Gaming Doge!21 day ago

    u deleted a video, that was my favorite video!

  53. author

    stuart stilwell22 days ago

    Poe’s read my comment can drift read this he is my favorite and rapter

  54. author

    Rana23 days ago

    Dabbing on them Fortnoobs

  55. author

    Amos Du-pont23 days ago

    Your the best little Lizard

  56. author

    ubayd boss23 days ago

    plz say to drift when is he coming back and little lizard your the best

  57. author

    Abbasgamez24 days ago

    #BringJefferyBack also #IWantVenturianBack!

  58. author

    Meggy Squad24 days ago

    Wat do u play on ps4 pc or xbox

  59. author

    Cjfirefly !24 days ago

    omg love ur vids

  60. author

    A Person With a Name25 days ago

    ...Wasn't your channel based entirely around Minecraft before? And now it's entirely Fortnite... You also don't sound like you're having fun anymore...

  61. author

    starwarsgeek 6526 days ago

    Love your channel

  62. author

    omar king26 days ago

    is drift and ragnarock gonna fight when they get they're full power please let ragnarock read this

  63. author

    GiRaFFe-XD27 days ago


  64. author

    luke.28 days ago


  65. author

    Dylan Nastari28 days ago

    yes!yes i am

  66. author

    Christian Wurlitzer28 days ago

    from a old friend, just fucking stop dickheads ,trends dead along with minecraft . . .

  67. author

    B Sa28 days ago

    hey little lizard little Kelly thes pea[le plaed minecaraft

  68. author

    Hunter Padilla29 days ago

    can u read this comment maybe u sould put raptors picks one of the girls lil kelly and sun strider

  69. author

    Hunter Padilla29 days ago

    i am subscribed to all the channels by the way

  70. author

    Hunter Padilla29 days ago

    why would u remove a video everyone loves your videos man why

  71. author

    Killer29 days ago

    why u remove the video

  72. author

    T.W. JohnsonMonth ago

    drift channel

  73. author

    DriftドリフトMonth ago

    Wow I love your videos is it alright if I make Drift montage videos?

  74. author

    townofsalMonth ago

    how do you make these amazing videos

  75. author

    Hardware FamilyMonth ago

    it would be cool if you made a video where omega finds out that carbinde is his step brother

  76. author

    utopiazexalMonth ago

    how does this have double the amount of subscribers that lil lizard minecraft have

  77. author

    DirtyfrancisMonth ago

    please for the love if god allah abraham akatosh stop your the cancer that is killing youtube a may be a single man but you trash and so is fortnite.

  78. author

    Chief TWEAKMonth ago


  79. author

    ojdrendog ojdrendogMonth ago

    raptor said he wants a gaming channel

  80. author

    Israel SanchezMonth ago


  81. author

    Israel SanchezMonth ago


  82. author

    Zavier HernandezMonth ago

    I love you raptor i love keep you make those vidos good and all you guys😚😚😚😎😎😎

  83. author

    Renzo HernandezMonth ago

    i mean i play fortnite as well

  84. author

    Renzo HernandezMonth ago

    i Subscribed. i play as well :)

  85. author

    fnw39 GamerMonth ago

    yeah boi

  86. author

    Royalty LoveMonth ago

    Raptor,john wick, carbine, and omega ya'll R my favorite

  87. author

    dynamic solarMonth ago


  88. author

    dynamic solarMonth ago


  89. author

    AbbasgamezMonth ago


  90. author

    Mystic InstinctsMonth ago


  91. author

    John Ross DriggsMonth ago

    i want wingman to read the comments oh and can i please get a 100 subs on my chanell please

  92. author

    ABBS-MuRDruMzMonth ago

    You should enter the FortniteBlockbuster Contest!

  93. author

    RosabelaMonth ago

    can you plz tell us which song is from Noob saves the girls life from tilted towers moment plz i reall want to know i like it so much but i cant find it if u can respond soon and like ur videos there are soo funny and cool at the same time

  94. author

    Jayden RidgeMonth ago


  95. author

    Jennifer SturdivantMonth ago

    do Minecraft again plz I have been waiting a month now

  96. author

    Liam Is BackMonth ago

    you should make criterion carbides girlfriend and they both team up and destroy omega but then he comes back and falls in love with the girl omega

  97. author

    Danielle HorackMonth ago

    rapitor can you do your mom be in a video pless

  98. author

    TheemeraldwitherMonth ago

    how much easier is it to make videos with playgrounds mode?

  99. author

    Jacqueline PenaMonth ago

    I am a little boy and I am 8 years oldYou are the best

  100. author

    fanta toureMonth ago

    make another disscussion