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Killers and survivors, welcome!
This is the official Dead By Daylight channel. We're an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Subscribe for upcoming Dev diaries, in game footage, game play videos, and more!

  1. author

    WrathofBabushkaMinute ago

    All I know is it's not pinhead.

  2. author

    Melissa Bts6 minutes ago

    my sis said it was a person trapped bec when it stops its like they cant go any further and i liked the idea, still no idea who it is tho.

  3. author

    One Sensitive Artist16 minutes ago

    i really want to say this is the chain that jason is in but it's not underwater

  4. author

    Joshua Deleon25 minutes ago

    I think it’s ghost rider

  5. author

    pandait 4game26 minutes ago

    Haniball lecter

  6. author

    yep yep28 minutes ago

    The devs just confirmed on the new map every killer will be able to break certain walls . And eventually every map will have these breakable walls

  7. author

    slavSkull28 minutes ago

    Maybe Pinhead?

  8. author

    Joshua Van Zyl31 minute ago

    Watching this gives bad lukc i got hit through 7 pallets 3 walls and 17 windows after watching this and i was 5 meters away gimme a break boi atleast.give me those hits as killer

  9. author

    Boyzilla7831 minute ago

    Imagine if this was Jason

  10. author

    Nightmare32 minutes ago

    Ghost rider? Lol

  11. author

    GTA6 a43 minutes ago

    We need a killer that uses a scythe, the scythe is the perfect weapon of death

  12. author

    Knight Fordrinn43 minutes ago

    remove plague

  13. author

    Timothy Maisonet49 minutes ago

    Guys obviously it’s a dog 🙄 🥴🥴🥴

  14. author

    Einfach Nur Ben53 minutes ago

    Dear Dead By Daylight Team. Before you publish a new chapter, you might be able to fix an error message. me and a friend are big fans of this game. but for some months now we have not been able to invite each other in. no matter if we make a game private or we try to find a game together. it hasn't worked for months. To everyone who now thinks it was the NAT type 2 to blame that's nonsense. all the time we play with NAT type 2. in other games does the invite work, only with DBD not.

  15. author

    Jaywalkrrr57 minutes ago

    Jason? Cuz of the chains in the lake and stuff

  16. author

    MemozokHour ago

    werewolf ? An Animal killer could be are cool , demogorgon is an exemple !

  17. author

    Gasu GasuHour ago

    omg chain chomp guys confirmed guys!!

  18. author

    Zsombor MarsiHour ago

    I think it's pinhead. Just me? Oh..... Ok just me.....

  19. author

    Zenoark 101Hour ago

    New killer: Sylas New Survivors: Lux and Garen New Map: Demacia or Summoner's Rift Prove me wrong

  20. author

    ZyrexHour ago

    Oka so hear me out. Jason. It’s the chains he was kept under the lake with. BET.

  21. author

    That Bloo GuyHour ago


  22. author

    ZXglichboy123Hour ago

    New killer will be able to throw his chain at breakable walls

  23. author

    Sammy LawranceHour ago

    I think its Jason vorhees cause in part 7 he has a chain on his neck and he gets chained again

  24. author

    olibHour ago

    Anybody thought the killer is just a chained up dog?

  25. author

    big GirlHour ago


  26. author

    kirbysbestfan2 hours ago


  27. author

    Detrinomo2 hours ago

    Killer: The Gravel Weapon: Chains

  28. author

    Bruce HC2 hours ago

    Can you fix a glitch on console. Sometimes I will use an Ultra Rare offering that would change me onto another killer (i.e the smoking splinter turning me into Freddy) but it doesn't change me into the killer and still uses up my offering. So I end up being cheated out of my offering.

  29. author

    Bruce HC2 hours ago

    Will this chapter fix the console glitch were I lose my Ultra rare items and dont turn into the killers they are supposed to turn me into.

  30. author

    Don'T hаPPy2 hours ago

    New man: HELLHOUND))) SURVIVOR: LUSY NEW MAP: Crime scene

  31. author

    lisab theboss2 hours ago

    they said breakable walls is going to be in this chapter, if its licensed the only 2 killers with chains is jason and pinhead but jason is the only killer that used and had chains wrapped around him and has the strength to break walls with ease. However im pretty sure this is their own made killer so its probably like a beast type killer.

  32. author

    Vintage52732 hours ago

    So I guess Jason WAS just a joke after all ... sad

  33. author

    Mat Isa2 hours ago

    Pinhead, the hellraiser.

  34. author

    AnimatronicClover2 hours ago

    Me personally...I'm waiting to be able to play as killer animals...werewolves or even the best dog there is: Cerberus.

  35. author

    XL THICC2 hours ago

    Woof, woof Is that Cujo?

  36. author

    Gorik2 hours ago

    It is bugging me seeing the chain move slightly to the left, and then to the right.

  37. author

    PlanetPop2 hours ago

    Dead By Daylight Vr Just Imagine

  38. author

    Zoopy Loop3 hours ago

    Kinda sucks that killers are so weak and irritating to play. Looking forward to the nerfs!

  39. author

    DIVINEMOTHMAN3 hours ago

    Can’t get into matches on PS4

  40. author

    Jade idiot3 hours ago

    Bet its jason voorhees

  41. author

    TheIrishjim3 hours ago

    So...Pinhead? I mean chains fit his MO, and could always go by the Engineer, or Hell Priest.

  42. author

    PIXelmaster3 hours ago

    Wtf I need more context here

  43. author

    Rhett Wiley3 hours ago

    The new killer is marriage! yay, you go marriage!

  44. author

    Mr. G3 hours ago

    its aim assist and should be removed in PC end of story,

  45. author

    SAMUEL LLAMAS SAENZ3 hours ago

    Killer :jason Survivor: girl gg Map:pacnac

  46. author

    SamuraiDragon273 hours ago

    It’s a werewolf. Calling it now

  47. author

    Meme Man3 hours ago

    It’s Jason in part 6 he is chained to a boulder and chopped up in a boat propeller

  48. author

    Voice of the Guns3 hours ago

    18:00 I'm pretty sure that's not dedicated servers. That's still P2P if the killer has the advantage of what they see on their screen.

  49. author

    Daishon Terrell3 hours ago

    Am I the only one here who thinks there is a 0.00000000001 percent chance it might be sir pentious from Hazbin Hotel? Either that or Pinhead.

  50. author

    Dre3 hours ago

    It’s Leonard from Silent Hill Revelation

  51. author

    Caleb Sanchez Flores3 hours ago

    Nah man Jason and tommy

  52. author

    LucasAndres HD4 hours ago

    Reveale other trailer please 😣😥

  53. author

    Claire4 hours ago

    Killer: Werewolf Survivor: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Map: Sunnydale High School

  54. author

    El phat cat4 hours ago

    any second now.....

  55. author

    Kubo Jakub4 hours ago

    New killer: Pinhead, Hellraiser New map: Labyrinth Hell

  56. author

    Brockbros4 hours ago

    might be krampus

  57. author

    Dark Konoha4 hours ago

    "Sound has an important role in Dead By Daylight" *Game breaking audio bugs persist for months on end*

  58. author

    Beela ;-;4 hours ago

    New killer: some chick who died attached to a chain New survivor: some chick who was kidnapped by some chick who died attached to a chain New map: something about chains

  59. author

    Taylor Kellam4 hours ago

    Uhh... i don't get it

  60. author

    Johnny_ Boy20054 hours ago


  61. author

    Darth Vader4 hours ago

    New killer: Pinhead

  62. author

    Mouhaha X4 hours ago

    New Killer : BloodyMary New Survivor : Natale New Map : Scared Fabric

  63. author

    Tia5 hours ago


  64. author

    Dundi5 hours ago

    So we're getting Kurapika?

  65. author

    Steve Smith5 hours ago

    This game is very boring my friends told me this game is fun the only thing I can tell them is what's so fun about it it's more frustrating than anything else nobody works as a team they backstab each other and if u get hooked don't hold ur breath on them getting u off it takes five minutes to do a gen and ranking up in this game is a joke and people like to team up with killer which I think is bs

  66. author

    Dario Garcia5 hours ago

    Wow a chain such a good teaser

  67. author

    Mr Qua5 hours ago

    New killer: spawn Abilities: throws chain thats pull back survivors New survivor:idk

  68. author

    Vinnie Gaming5 hours ago

    New Killer: Chucky New Survivor: Andy New Map: Dark Toy Factory

  69. author

    animações aleatórias5 hours ago


  70. author

    Martin Sæther5 hours ago

    Im kinda shocked no one mentions Hellraiser ^^" ...

  71. author

    TheNoobThatHatedEverything5 hours ago

    The animation looks so good though, the detail to how the gravel moves especially

  72. author

    sarah adkins6 hours ago

    From the way the chain is being dragged and the blood at the end of it, I can tell that this is someone or something being dragged from a chain.

  73. author

    Natsu_Got _Skillz6 hours ago


  74. author

    Baby Yoda6 hours ago

    Why does the chain remind of the ghost rider lmao

  75. author

    Manuel Wagner6 hours ago

    Its that Chain dog from Mariokart.

  76. author

    Soraskey123 _6 hours ago

    Chain Chomp confirmed

  77. author

    Kyle Konze6 hours ago


  78. author

    barbarian apocalypse6 hours ago

    Jason Voorhees did wear chains for a bit so maybe he finally got added

  79. author

    Owendafox6 hours ago

    I don’t understand why everyone is upset. this looks amazing!

  80. author

    Dr Revolution6 hours ago

    Some Killer going on 4 legs like a Dog would be fking cool

  81. author

    TY7 hours ago

    It’s probably Dajjal or the Antichrist

  82. author

    TW9876 L7 hours ago

    I think I take this seriously, but I fell that it's pinhead

  83. author

    John Churnovic7 hours ago

    New killer: The Fisherman New survivor: Fried Fish New map: Eerie lake

  84. author

    quietboygonewild7 hours ago

    The killer is Frankenstein. Makes perfect sense. He was kept in chains and is able to break walls.

  85. author

    VNR Aspect7 hours ago

    New Killer: Ghost Rider Power: Chain Snatch New Map: Hell

  86. author

    Chris Yuquilima7 hours ago

    I really want to c Chucky added to the game (:

  87. author

    NAZI COCO7 hours ago

    Its Pudge from dota 😝

  88. author

    tiger streamer gg7 hours ago

    New killer pinhead so welcome to dead by daylight.

  89. author

    Jason Voorhees7 hours ago


  90. author

    Ricky Reyes7 hours ago


  91. author

    Jay Coolin7 hours ago

    Guys it's gonna be Kane from see no evil

  92. author

    swagg kidd8 hours ago

    Tons of possible things 😂😂😂😂

  93. author

    Cresitonia8 hours ago

    That auto aim description is bs lol. It don't give me hits but you best be sure it makes me miss. i won't move my mouse. yet my camera will freak the fuck out and stop the swing at times. I'm not the only person it does it to so i'm not just tweaking out. That's why we call it auto aim dev's. and that's why we hate it. please remove the camera bs.

  94. author

    Lucas Nicholson8 hours ago

    Guys what if it’s the Trapper’s Dad

  95. author

    Andrew der Loyd8 hours ago

    what's about my punishment

  96. author

    F0X ADRENALINE8 hours ago

    New killer:Krampus

  97. author

    Andrew der Loyd8 hours ago

    i want my money back

  98. author

    Andrew der Loyd8 hours ago

    I m lagging out and get the punishment , so I play something else , nice try ;)

  99. author

    gusi 518 hours ago

    New killer: phantom of the opera New survivor: Christine Daaé New map: Paris opéra With a dark and gothic music !

  100. author

    TheCierra19899 hours ago

    Please be the batman who laughs from the dark multiverse!