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Shaed - ThunderShaed - Thunder

Shaed - Thunder

19 days ago

Marina - KarmaMarina - Karma

Marina - Karma

20 days ago

  1. author

    Jennifer RobinsonHour ago

    Wow, when Trevor was 12, it was 1997! I remember we had old school home computers here in the 80s. In another interview, I remember him saying they didn't have indoor plumbing for a long time. I like hearing his stories about growing up in South Africa. :)

  2. author

    michael faceyHour ago

    Too cute.

  3. author

    kedoh75Hour ago

    Queen of reality TV

  4. author

    Arindam PaulHour ago

    How can Americans be so bad at Geography? If my kid is so stupid even at age 8, I will tell him I am not putting a dollar for his college education even if he manages to get an admit.

  5. author

    Priscilla JimenezHour ago

    Paradise was funny but I kind of prefer the bachelor and bachelorette ones better. Hopefully next bachelorette is Bella. Jimmy do a new baby bachelor!

  6. author

    Priscilla JimenezHour ago

    I was happy Manny won the last show but kind of felt bad for Alex cuz of his brother.

  7. author

    xoMelodyoxHour ago

    The queen is back <3

  8. author

    El MayitoHour ago


  9. author

    Franco BarreraHour ago

    Julia Louis-Dryfus has aged like a fine wine. She's gorgeous.

  10. author

    Michelle Bennett2 hours ago

    Alive in America in 2019. Send help.

  11. author

    dart arkana2 hours ago

    It's a bit arrogant

  12. author

    Meryem Algérien2 hours ago

    She's one of my fav singers and all her songs are amazing 😍😍😍

  13. author

    Dayna Dayne2 hours ago

    M-E-T-H-O-D man

  14. author

    christianitus2 hours ago

    Get off of our website, Kimmel

  15. author

    Jay Dee2 hours ago

    She's way prettier than a barbie doll

  16. author

    Bell Iron Fist2 hours ago

    My greatest accomplishment was in 5th grade, my friends and I helped set up our own concert for a kid who sang a lady ga ga song. We handed out tickets, autograph papers, we hired back up dancers (other girls in our grade) and I was his security. The entire 5th grade came to watch and we got in trouble by the teachers because we ran out of autograph papers and so he started autographing people’s hands. I don’t regret anything.

  17. author

    Anthony Everhart2 hours ago


  18. author

    Patrick Jenkins2 hours ago

    🗿 No offense to the many honest, decent, 'SOLID' guys out there. But there's something SO SATISFYINGLY APPROPRIATE when some smug smart-ass gets his butt handed to him (ON-AIR) in a classy, cheerful way by a Woman who's clearly A LOT SHARPER. 🙄

  19. author

    Charles Dolan2 hours ago

    Producer: Almost puts auto-tune Her: WAIT WTH NO AUTO-TUNE MY GOD

  20. author

    kels matthews2 hours ago

    The little brother comforting the sister is too pure 😭

  21. author

    Moe Rey2 hours ago

    No,a laser pointer will distract the “commander in chief “😂😂🤣

  22. author

    Wyatt Bauman2 hours ago

    1:42 what XD

  23. author

    Cherry Rose Miñoza2 hours ago

    They have big age gap but they look have same age...btw portia is soooo pretty😍😍😍😍😍

  24. author

    Plant Maven2 hours ago

    Liar in chief and very DUMB.

  25. author

    RE49er172 hours ago

    I want a bear cat now

  26. author

    chip block2 hours ago

    This is true when people are shown a map of the United States. They often can't even point out their home state. So it makes me wonder what else kids are not taught in school? Who the President is? The importance of the Constitution? That this nation is made up of millions of immigrants except for the native Americans that we have raped, stolen from, and put on reservation for far too long. Its so sad!

  27. author

    Mirasa Shahabuddin Junejo2 hours ago

    Hmm I just wann ask if this world map is inverted side ways? Cause whenever I open google maps, it's the other way around. Can someone explain this? I am eager to learn, and I named some countries until I realised that the map was different from google maps. :) Thanks have a nice day.

  28. author

    Troy Kruse2 hours ago

    If you are wearing shirt and never heard the music it says nothing to artist. Poser

  29. author

    Roman Shestakov2 hours ago

    Why is this funny?

  30. author

    Chris Howerton2 hours ago


  31. author

    Zalani Kisner2 hours ago

    so much talent

  32. author

    Community Healing Project2 hours ago

    They are ALWAYS on Masonic Code. (White/Black/Red)

  33. author

    sid2 hours ago

    who’s here from twitter?!

  34. author

    Steven G2 hours ago

    M-E-T-H-O-D MAN!

  35. author

    joeljack12 hours ago

    God, he's so rugged and handsome.

  36. author

    Sergio Alcantara2 hours ago

    “Those claws I was talking aboot...” 😂

  37. author

    Julia Branca2 hours ago

    Poor Hugh B .what a sacrifice an actor has to do..to be at the sick evil Jimmy K show😜🤮👿💩

  38. author

    retrodog632 hours ago

    After learning more about her (her health history video), I find her so much more awesome. And that make me super happy that her and Wells are together. He seems like a good guy and I wish them the best. She deserves some good times in her life, for a change.

  39. author

    G. Coleman2 hours ago

    Dude doesn’t age. WTF

  40. author

    Corinne Judith2 hours ago

    Chelsea you look more relaxed!

  41. author

    Woah2 hours ago

    Isn’t Britney Spears the hoe?

  42. author

    smartgoo2 hours ago

    Wheres my norway gang

  43. author

    Erin Gray2 hours ago

    Bearface tho ❤❤😍😍

  44. author

    Grønne Hulk2 hours ago

    Why the guy from the hangover there at 1:02?

  45. author

    The Purple Croissant2 hours ago

    I’m glad to see Professor Trelawney finally found a husband.

  46. author

    BomChikyBowWow2 hours ago

    If you’d told any member of Wu Tang in 1994 that they’d be sitting talking to a white talk show host on a major network they’d call you crazy.

  47. author

    Ron Gagliano2 hours ago

    This reminds me of the animals Johnny Carson would have on his show. This is really good entertainment both scary and fun. You never know what to expect!

  48. author

    GabRonFlyRoe2 hours ago

    Delirious Would Love this

  49. author

    Dennis Carrier2 hours ago

    Shia hasn't learned yet that drunks shouldn't tell drunk tales. Because that's the drink calling again. Shia regularly makes an ass of himself with alcohol and there's nothing quaint, amusing, or glamorous about it. It's pathetic.

  50. author

    I know Trap ツ2 hours ago

    She’s fine asf 🤤🤤😍

  51. author

    Dj Death2 hours ago

    kimmel says aaah thats a good one like he read it before lol

  52. author

    Ana Paula Ferraz De Vasconcelos2 hours ago

    A bichinha é feia mas tem talento

  53. author

    boost junkie2 hours ago

    dimmmm summm

  54. author

    Maya Red2 hours ago

    “James harden always look like he’s just about to lead the Israelites through the Red Sea “😂😂😂😂

  55. author

    Maxine Segalowitz2 hours ago

    Bubbies know best is the next best thing!!!!

  56. author

    90210 Pig3 hours ago

    Jimmy kimmel sucks

  57. author

    Gucci Octo:33 hours ago

    * all the Denis in the comments has left the comment section *😂

  58. author

    Mashfi khan3 hours ago

    Spider man should be added now

  59. author

    Maya Red3 hours ago

    “Draymond green look like donkey from shrek “ 😂😂😂 that’s my favorite line😂

  60. author

    Dawny K3 hours ago

    I looooove Downton abbey but the movie was...just meh. Loved seeing the cast of course, some of it was great but overall lukewarm, no plot and forgettable. Love the show though.

  61. author

    Joshua Matthew M. Samarita3 hours ago

    What's interesting in the Democratic Party, especially New York City is they don't like De Blasio, but they still voted for him. Not once but twice.

  62. author

    Dominic Meza Wong3 hours ago

    I watch Ballers the HBO series of The Rock.... he kills its in it

  63. author

    Priscilla Jimenez3 hours ago

    Wow I'm about to comment. Most children clips from Kimmel (which I love) are disabled. I loved this and wanna see a new season!

  64. author

    Dhairya Solanki3 hours ago

    All these years and it's still cer-say. Not cer-see

  65. author

    Ruth I AM WHAT I AM !3 hours ago


  66. author

    Benson Maso3 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂.poor kids..😂😂😂😂

  67. author

    ally3 hours ago

    wait that's so weird to hear black panther with that accent

  68. author

    stacuu22223 hours ago

    I swear, if i hear one more lie from actors who defends the ending out of fear of not getting job in the future or not getting money for it, i will do everything i can to earn enough money to buy them and make them say what they realy think about it.

  69. author

    Ange Waters3 hours ago

    "As honest as I CAN be..." at least he was honest.

  70. author

    Cassius Richardson3 hours ago

    T pain fails to walk out lol

  71. author

    Samuraithegoat3 hours ago


  72. author

    Cesc VR3 hours ago

    I'm gonna blame Margaret for the stupid questions Jimmy did. She's so beautiful that every common man could get nervous

  73. author

    Moose3 hours ago

    Whats 8+8? 16 No it’s 14 Next day that kid goes to school and in his test is 8+8

  74. author

    m J3 hours ago

    He seems like an actual player in real life 😍😍 he’s so ducking hot I would easily fall for that handsome face

  75. author

    Ella Cortese3 hours ago

    Had no clue Eric’s real name was tofu

  76. author

    Michelle Chindamo3 hours ago

    Gabby should win

  77. author

    Chi_squared3 hours ago

    Another good one, similar to the last experiment, is taking a speaker cone (can cover it with a thin plastic bag) and facing it upwards, then put a Newtonian fluid in the cone, and play some music.

  78. author

    Ashton3 hours ago

    Ed Norton would have screwed up that question Mark!

  79. author

    Richard T3 hours ago

    This crap is hilarious...

  80. author

    MrSincerious3 hours ago

    "....Chim Chiminy Chim Chim Charry; Freak A Flow And Flow Fancy Free......"

  81. author

    Jill Morrow3 hours ago

    Bedroom face? More like Dungeon face. Be best Mistress Be best.

  82. author

    Gena Morales3 hours ago

    Love this. Love stars star struck

  83. author

    Brad Miller3 hours ago

    The straightest thing I've ever done is have sex with a girl. What? I was experimenting.

  84. author

    MightySatria3 hours ago

    Accent gone...

  85. author

    david tham3 hours ago

    Boring not a Banger

  86. author

    travis Bronson3 hours ago

    We need more of him in this world and it's sad that it took him this long to share his positivity with the world . A lotus flower blooms from the darkest Mudd.

  87. author

    Hong Cao3 hours ago

    unfair... please please please give Jimmy a chance~ hhhhh~

  88. author

    RealQueen TV3 hours ago

    I wonder is that actually whats in her purse

  89. author

    The Afghan3 hours ago

    The biggest terrorist in the world

  90. author

    Gael GG_ttv3 hours ago

    That is someone with a green shirt an pants

  91. author

    Gigi From God3 hours ago

    I lije Kimmel but, he keeps on disrespecting the President it's getting very disrespectful. I would like him to be President for 1 month and see how easy. It is! We have to give ideas not criticism and jokes about someone.

  92. author

    Dylan Morrow3 hours ago

    Jimmy your mom should have swallowed you

  93. author

    Cihangir Yılmaz3 hours ago

    Leonardo di caprio welcome turkey ❤

  94. author

    ҲҳƉƐⱮƠŊ ƖƠཞƉҳҲ3 hours ago

    *I wouldn’t make that pig angry if I were those kids who knows what it’s capable of*

  95. author

    SilentWraith3 hours ago

    I feel like he the type of guy to think that thinking different then other people is cool. That’s y he likes trump lmao. Not saying being different isn’t but he’s forcing it.

  96. author

    Muromec TV3 hours ago

    Remember the "Tusk"? This is fricking part 2. This is giving me nightmares

  97. author

    drugstoremarc3 hours ago

    Fuckin witch

  98. author

    Erin3 hours ago

    Donna brags of high IQ, yet inarticulate repeating herself. Males, as mel didnt have female barron, on HGH & fem hormones why so gangly, looks miserable 24/7. Donna didnt carry 'beautiful barron', either. where they get these kids is a mystery. Petri dish, surrogate or $? Entire fam, mates generational satanic inverts, and the pathetic innocent children. CRIMINAL! All presidents from start and 'wives' are inverts! They go way back, especially Ms Henry Lou Hoover didnt even change his name! We're ruled by trannies from inception. All celebs, musicians, athletes, Olympians, pageants, designers, models, world leaders, politicians, most CEOS, (boy named sue here), jobs, gates, Zuck, benzos, ellen mush (see scary 'mom') 'royals' etc etc etc! A pandemic!

  99. author

    holdenLs4dayz3 hours ago

    Thanks yt recommendations.

  100. author

    Irene G Bilducia BilduciaBilducia3 hours ago