Louie's Life
Louie's Life
Louie's Life

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    Lupe Mango5 minutes ago

    So is it better than maruchan

  2. author

    Robin Menzie19 minutes ago

    Dident he say his flight leave at four and he woke up at 4 22

  3. author

    Michelle Guerra28 minutes ago

    “Little bob esponja momentttt” 😭😭😭 Louie is meeee

  4. author

    Amy Guzman33 minutes ago

    come my house louie

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    gacha girl gacha girlies54 minutes ago


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    Camila Barazza08Hour ago

    Yo I literally ate a hole cup of chac chacs 😂

  7. author

    Ethel SanchezHour ago

    Mmmm creo que no.

  8. author

    Aline OrtizHour ago

    Y’all look so much better and cutest couple

  9. author

    Alfa_ Babies01Hour ago

    I miss his Intro🥺🤧😭

  10. author

    Marixa FloresHour ago

    That's looks good 😍and spicy 😱😤

  11. author

    Alfa_ Babies01Hour ago

    And that’s how Louie Became Gay💀

  12. author

    Hydrox FnHour ago

    That's for shitty iPhones

  13. author

    Alizon HernandezHour ago

    Why you didn't put Louis

  14. author

    Paulina Favela-PerezHour ago

    "daamn karla was ur number"💀

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    Yajaira CamargoHour ago

    Love your videos

  16. author

    Joaquin DelgadoHour ago

    I play Roblox stupida

  17. author

    Juli Viveros2 hours ago

    Raw noodles are the best 🤤🤪

  18. author

    Citlaly Rivera2 hours ago

    You should prank your family and say ur moving out

  19. author

    Paulina Favela-Perez2 hours ago

    still watching this in the middle of 2020✌🏼

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    {*Nove_TheDuMb*}2 hours ago

    Maybe you should try with takis

  21. author

    •Łeslie• Z2 hours ago

    My mom tried those and she loved them. She at the whole packet, and she said it wasn’t even spicy while I’m over here having chorro‼️

  22. author

    Esme Fuentes2 hours ago

    Taste of avocado with Takis 👍

  23. author

    Ariel Olivier3 hours ago

    I almost passed on my stealth

  24. author

    Carr John3 hours ago

    If you need something cheap but worthy, try myeasypaper.com. I used it few times, and I like the papers. My tutor liked them too.

  25. author

    Mireya Lira3 hours ago

    Now you have 2 M!❤️

  26. author

    It’s Just Angel3 hours ago

    yoatzi is meeee lmaoo she’s like “it’s alright” like when my mom makes food I’m like “I kinda didn’t like it” then my mom says “ah pero como quiera te lo comiste cabrona” 😂💀💀

  27. author

    Grant Faucett3 hours ago

    Yes do it

  28. author

    Ruby G3 hours ago

    You should um sing Porque no mames u sing mad good!😭😭

  29. author

    Haloway3 hours ago

    Ur funny asf 😂😂🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    america zepeda4 hours ago

    How are you so good at making punching sounds

  31. author

    Yolanda Espinoza4 hours ago


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    Dess Laverne edits4 hours ago

    Yo i live their 😭💞

  33. author

    MS Power4 hours ago

    Could you do a video with Wendy eating Show

  34. author

    Sponge SSS4 hours ago

    You are me having Cardi b nails😂😂 love you 😘

  35. author

    Britney4 hours ago

    “Para no desperdiciar” 😭 you know you a real Hispanic if you say that

  36. author

    Joanna Bautista4 hours ago

    My husband eats them with the sauce only an egg and hot Cheetos . Sounds gross to me but he likes it

  37. author

    Ximena A4 hours ago

    Omg I just love Louie😭❤️

  38. author

    Jocelyn Ruiz4 hours ago

    Did he even add cebolla 😂😂

  39. author

    Mesico Idk4 hours ago

    Just when i saw the intro im like "subcribed"✅✅ Y'all are fun to watch

  40. author

    Hannah Schoen4 hours ago

    “Put some more”

  41. author

    Zulma Peñaloza5 hours ago

    I love this video, always come back to it to make myself laugh 😂😭😂

  42. author

    Denisse Ruiz5 hours ago

    Lmfaoooooo “where is the chicken “ that was me too 😂😂😂😂🍗

  43. author

    grace lupita5 hours ago

    and also you colored your hAIR PURPLE

  44. author

    Mia Hernandez5 hours ago

    I was like let me go get hot Cheetos and then I did the same thing as Louie

  45. author

    Jessie Urbina5 hours ago

    Never fight this perra bro

  46. author

    Vanesa Ayala5 hours ago

    Omg they are all my fave songs and I was just waiting for u to start playing Shakira

  47. author

    Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes5 hours ago

    Omg funny

  48. author

    Eileen Lopez5 hours ago

    I love your vids Louie you are so funny and cool

  49. author

    Eileen Lopez5 hours ago

    Yoatzi looks like Kylie

  50. author

    Weird Girl6 hours ago

    When Louie said “How did u even get your license” and I am all like modeeeeeeeeee

  51. author

    Jeree Fragoso6 hours ago

    There is a guy part in it

  52. author

    MyStErY DaD PeRiYaT6 hours ago

    2:42 me trying to throw my negative energy out ( comes back😂😂

  53. author

    Amanda Valle6 hours ago

    Do you like BTS

  54. author

    salvador Hernandez6 hours ago

    6:58 me trying to run to in gym 0_0...uwu

  55. author

    Geanelly Gonzales7 hours ago

    𝙴𝚗 𝚕𝚊 𝚜𝚎𝚐𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚊 𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚎𝚜 𝚊𝚣𝚞𝚗𝚊 𝚢 𝚎𝚜𝚙𝚞𝚎𝚛𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚚𝚞𝚎𝚗𝚘 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚘 𝚢𝚘

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    Stephanie G7 hours ago

    Not woman MEN!

  57. author

    China corner Lewis lions1017 hours ago

    Pinche glow up

  58. author

    Giselle RODRIGUEZ8 hours ago

    So he’s in college??

  59. author

    Juan Pablo Quezada8 hours ago

    spicy tamales

  60. author

    Kmc9 hours ago

    1:15 awwww Louie already thinking bout his wedding 😂😂❤️❤️

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    Kimberly Fuentes10 hours ago


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    Heather Barton10 hours ago

    "Oye Mujer" Issa vibe

  63. author

    Kimberly Fuentes11 hours ago

    Little 3:00 moment

  64. author

    Andrea Quintero13 hours ago

    When you say your a perra or Latina but cant eat 12 hot cheetos without burning

  65. author

    Junior Enrique14 hours ago

    Except for loui he is a man 😂

  66. author

    J Alva14 hours ago

    Let me find out you guys selling mangos in the corner ! Lol

  67. author

    Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes14 hours ago


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    Celinette Francisco15 hours ago

    He's literally the male version of Cardi and I think thats why I relate to him soooo much. I love you Louie!!!

  69. author

    carol xoxoxo15 hours ago

    this was posted on my birthday ❤️🥺

  70. author

    Bryan Barajas15 hours ago

    I'm sorry that this happened

  71. author

    Heycil Cepeda15 hours ago

    Hi LouisI hope you have a wonderful day and it’s February

  72. author

    Jackie Salado15 hours ago

    so ur gonna make me hungry at 12am when i deadass have no mfk food in my household?!!! aight

  73. author

    Heather Barton16 hours ago

    Not to b rude by she needs to blend her concour more or go for a little more lighter shade. I FUCKING LOVE THEIR VIDEOS

  74. author

    Joelene Valiente16 hours ago

    Louie is meeeeeeee eating the raw noodles 🤤🤤

  75. author

    Byanka Salazar16 hours ago

    I really want to see you I’m really big fan when I wake up I wait for your video

  76. author

    Sherlyn and friends16 hours ago

    When he put his eyeliner made me diee😂

  77. author

    Cristyy Lizbeth16 hours ago

    You guys are so dumb it's called tico!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Sugar with a little Chile 😅😅😅😅😅

  78. author

    dark_666 darkness16 hours ago

    5:23 thats what she said

  79. author

    I0S B0T BTW16 hours ago


  80. author

    Cielo Ceballos17 hours ago

    I have those noodles in my house and when I say it’s spicy bitch it’s hot asf!! I couldn’t finish it

  81. author

    Makeupwithe17 hours ago

    Hey louieeee instead of using the skinny hot Cheetos and crushing , get the puffy hot Cheetos and crush them and it will be easier and faster , luv you 💋

  82. author

    Paola Paola17 hours ago

    Did anybody else go to the comments right after they heard the song Idol by BTS

  83. author

    Heather Barton17 hours ago

    I wish I had friends like this 😔

  84. author

    Elvia Gerardo17 hours ago

    He said spice things up a bit im guessing he dosen't know what he's messing with ! i fell bad for the toilet

  85. author

    Jessica Marie Hernandez18 hours ago

    What's his official Instagram?

  86. author

    Adabeliz Concepcion18 hours ago

    Louie is the new version of Dora LMAO "Pot" "olla" 😁😂

  87. author

    Keziah Ortiz18 hours ago

    You should make champurrado next Louie 😁💕

  88. author

    Diana Estrada18 hours ago

    uoy are the bade ist pada

  89. author

    Katie Chela18 hours ago

    A lil tik tok moment

  90. author

    Yuliana Pascual18 hours ago

    No one: Me:eating maruchan😋💖 watching louie say his bestie likes the others better then maruchan 💔😤

  91. author

    Gio_thx18 hours ago

    6:49 Louie drops the aguacate 😂🤣😭💀

  92. author

    M gomez18 hours ago

    I love the gay that took is shert of i love him

  93. author

    Dani vlogs18 hours ago


  94. author

    Edmy Guzman18 hours ago


  95. author

    Areli Velazco19 hours ago

    No one: Louie: pretending to have boobs 💀💀 23:22

  96. author

    Stephany Muñoz19 hours ago


  97. author

    Arsenia Garcia19 hours ago


  98. author

    Francisco Clemente duh19 hours ago

    3:34 😂😂💀💀

  99. author

    Areli Velazco19 hours ago

    It would not be a louie video if it didn't have hot Cheetos 😂

  100. author

    Jessica Marie Hernandez19 hours ago

    2020 EsTuPiDaSs