Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let's player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live action and sketch comedy videos.



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    Tyler Hollinger3 months ago

    very very powerful

  2. author

    Takaya in Action4 months ago

    Great video

  3. author

    Anurag Music4 months ago

    hi nice song bhai

  4. author

    Sandax10 months ago

    play Disnep Hercules please

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    KSFgaming110 months ago


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    KSFgaming110 months ago

    i have the perfect game for jack to play

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    CyGuyJack10 months ago

    hey sean/Jack im writing a story and i would like to see what you think so far. i would like feedback on what you tink and maybe ill finish in about 26 years lol (9-22-17)

  8. author

    TheNewNoob10 months ago

    Please more oculus rift or vr games in general

  9. author

    Deik Reynolds10 months ago

    hey jack please play the joy of creation reborn please and thank you for making my day

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    MalisaKitten10 months ago

    Hey jack. I put a comment oh your tweet on utube on reading comments in different languages. Can you put it in a reading comments video please. My great grand father died not to long a go and i would love it if you could.

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    DL Productions10 months ago

    oculus rift robo recall

  12. author

    Syed Muneeb Asim10 months ago

    can someone take the liberty to add captions to jacks new vids

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    sweetShadow9310 months ago

    I just watched the stream of ff9, and since I can't comment there, I just wanted to say play more of it <3 it's a game I wanted to play when I was younger but couldn't (had no ps1), so I was so excited to see you play it! Maybe I'll get it for myself now as well :D

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    International Gameplays10 months ago

    play marvel vs capcom infinite

  15. author

    Derssy10 months ago

    hey Jackspecticeye, I am a 6th grader that in computers class we have this game called Nitrotype that you can create an account, buy cars, and you have to type as fast and accurate as you can to win in races, it's fun and i recommend it, to see how fast you can type. and also thank you for all the laughs and joy that you give me when I'm bored or upset, you help me out on sometimes that are harsh like if i have super horrible days. thank you, and have a good day, and also you are BEST BOSS OF ALL THE BOSSES THROUGH OUT ALL BOSS HISTORY. XD

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    mikalovelace10 months ago

    jack why havent you finished rime??

  17. author

    Dagger47k10 months ago

    hi jack

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    Lady Vix10 months ago

    I loved your stream of ff9, it is my favorite game of all time! I was super excited when they remastered it slightly for a graphics update. I would love to see more classical jrpgs on your channel like that, but you do you. Love your work.

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    cameron percy10 months ago

    and also you should pls play valley again

  20. author

    cameron percy10 months ago

    yo jack what happend to subnautica

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    gabrielvdw10 months ago

    pleas play brick ricks you are gone like it

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    NetherWare10 months ago

    I know you might not reply, but what recorder do you use to record games? I am curious. I want to make my own youtube channel about my games I work on.

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    Danielle Wakefield10 months ago

    play metal gear solid!!

  24. author

    Bung Lord10 months ago

    fucking, we need the hiveswap, we're dropping like flies without it Jack

  25. author

    tek8710 months ago

    Can you do Tokyo Dark next? It's a great indie game and its cheap.

  26. author

    IMDAAD POBON10 months ago

    The trails frontier challenge Game pls u haven't done any video of that game

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    Jeysankar Barujan11 months ago


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    xeaon26cz11 months ago

    I've been missing some horror games lately. like Observer...

  29. author

    Declan Hopper11 months ago

    Can you please play the other inFAMOUS games Jack?

  30. author

    Lord Xtheth11 months ago

    @jacksepticeye I had an amazing idea for a game that involves you as a character. I'm a very beginner game designer, and can't promise much, but I'd love to talk to you a bit about the idea. It involves HIGH FIVES and being TOTALLY AWESOME. Thank you.

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    Mary Katherine denton11 months ago


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    Mary Katherine denton11 months ago


  33. author

    Mary Katherine denton11 months ago


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    Mary Katherine denton11 months ago


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    Mary Katherine denton11 months ago


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    Mukyman8911 months ago

    Jack you should play duck season

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    Trevor Manthei11 months ago


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    Oceanlife4977711 months ago

    Life is a pen, Jacksepticeye is a highlighter, Life drew the world, Jacksepticeye made it brighter

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    Super Plushie PalsTM11 months ago


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    InSpIeR -11 months ago

    hi jack!

  41. author

    Zach C11 months ago

    can you play hacknet Jack? its like welcome to the game, except there's no people trying to kidnap you :)

  42. author

    Nathan Bradd11 months ago

    what happen to observer

  43. author

    42Hyperspace ll11 months ago

    Play Monument valley 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  44. author

    XiNsAnEdJX11 months ago

    Jack can you please play warframe or do a full series on gta 5 online buisness or something

  45. author

    Von Fysche11 months ago

    you're a dick ..... a hilarious one.. good job dude, keep the vids coming :)

  46. author

    BOSSIPLIER 323211 months ago

    i love your videos never stop makeing them you make me smile evrytime i watch you please never stop makeing the best video's in the world

  47. author

    BOSSIPLIER 323211 months ago

    jacsepticeye please give me a shout out my channal name is lol67

  48. author

    twinlife11 months ago

    where's the rest of the observer......

  49. author

    Fusion Overload11 months ago

    What specs do you have for your pc?

  50. author

    I_AM_ VAHALA11 months ago

    do you think jack watches anima

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    Nefarox Gamez11 months ago

    jack you should play black desert online looks rly good would love to see a series on it!!!

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    anime cat11 months ago

    JAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK look at this !!!!!!!!! Eviebot: Hello, who are you? User: Greetings. I am chara. Eviebot: L? Nice.. User: I am chara. Eviebot: What is your best attack? User: With a knife! >:). Eviebot: When are you going to kill him, then? User: What?!? Eviebot: That is my name. User: ... Eviebot: Aha. You remembered. User: Ahggfghhhbzf.

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    solojaden11 months ago

    sean tell me your steam account so i can invite you i made you 2 perler bead sams and im going to make an atisepticeye for ya

  54. author

    Gnarbak Shin-taro11 months ago

    Are you planning on doing anything with Anti this Spooptober jack? :3

  55. author

    kitten_katy11 months ago

    damn it i missed the live

  56. author

    WolfGizzie11 months ago

    Slime Rancher is my FAvorite

  57. author

    potato f11 months ago

    JACK I started a channel could I have some advice

  58. author

    Megan McCormick11 months ago

    Sean, try Bad Ice Cream

  59. author

    Jordan Conn11 months ago

    Jack! Please continue your play through of Final Fantasy 9! i have been waiting for my more favorite Let's players to play these games.

  60. author

    Metalax11 months ago

    play ROBLOX OR COUNTER STRIKE OR DOTA2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Masrur-E-Elahi Ahmed Year 911 months ago

    are you going to do another ravenfield video

  62. author

    MegaRocker10111 months ago

    Play SAO: Lost Song!

  63. author

    Atull Manoj11 months ago

    play gotg ep 2,3 please

  64. author

    Prophet11 months ago

    Blank's a really *stone* faced liar. His performance is *rock solid.*

  65. author

    Ltu Rokas Gaming11 months ago

    JACK can yuo sent me a sam

  66. author

    BluuKiss11 months ago

    You have no idea how happy and excited I was when realised that you are streaming FFIX. It is also one of my most favourite games of all time. Thank you so much for streaming it! It's really cool to see you play it! :)

  67. author

    Dahry11 months ago

    Jack, can you please play a game called Spookys jumpscare mansion, either the Original or the HD renovation, I have been a fan of you for ages and have liked this game a while now, so I hope you see this and can play Spookys Jumpscare Mansion

  68. author

    Sneaksie Gamer11 months ago

    TFW Jack mentions playing Warframe, and you think it would be cool to run into him in game, but then you remember you would be on different servers. :(

  69. author

    MOBbeasty11 months ago

    Hi Shaun my DREAM is to meet you

  70. author

    Connor Kenward11 months ago

    play some titanfall 2 it is fun i watched ! of your videos on titanfall 1

  71. author

    bugalo4411 months ago

    LOVE your videos jack i watch them every day they are always amazing to watch. :) I have just seen this game (Fortnite Battle Royale) it look a bit like player unknown's battlegrounds thought you would like to play it really hope you see this :D ps carry on the great work.

  72. author

    Peggy Welty11 months ago

    Good evening from post-hurricane Tampa FL USA. I second what Sheri Skillman said. I can't tell you how much fun it is to watch your vids. It's always awesome to see a different point of view on things - you make the world a brighter, nicer place to be. I grew up in the "golden era" of gaming (Atari / Sega / etc.) and I've always loved it but people tell you that you have to grow up and be responsible (i.e., "get a job! quit playing video games!") Well I did that. For years I would sneak to lunch at work with my Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP / DS / 3DS, away from others, and always felt judged for being older and still playing. I am SO happy to find your channel because your enthusiasm is so infectious. Because of you I'm a gamer again - "adults" think it's a waste of time but I always enjoyed playing (even if I am a little older.) I even created a gamer YT channel (under a diff name). Thanks, Jack! ;) Much love and respect.

  73. author

    Kobe_Plays-Gamz11 months ago


  74. author

    gameing pink prezel11 months ago

    Hey Jack so i Have to Say Please Play robot unicorns or roblox or minecraft XD idk why i said that

  75. author

    Clayton Gardiner11 months ago

    why is his live stream not showing up just earlier i was watching it

  76. author

    noni_mus11 months ago

    Does anyone know where I can get the shirt for the charity?

  77. author

    Ella McGuffie11 months ago

    Why is it saying that Jack is live? Is he and I'm just not seeing it or is MReporter being weird again?

  78. author

    Nerd Side11 months ago

    Oh.. my... gaahhhd just 1 video today!!!!!!!!!

  79. author

    Slightly Talented11 months ago

    Dear Jacksepticeye can you please play City Quest a point and click adventure game. It is really fun and hilarious and ridiculous and I think you might like a lot.

  80. author

    Mangle the Queen11 months ago

    jack, got any suggestions on games to play that i don't have to pay for? I need new content or ima start losing subs... :C

  81. author

    Ethan Gaucher11 months ago

    play more Mr President

  82. author

    Yami Albanian Zelda Master11 months ago

    Having an Orgasm because there's no "PLAY LIFE IS STRANGE BEFORE THE STORM" Comments anymore :O

  83. author

    aaron jeffrey11 months ago

    just finish observour pls really like the series

  84. author

    UndergroundSanctum11 months ago

    I totally think Jack should do a let's play of Nier..

  85. author

    NineTailedFox11 months ago

    Fallout 4 plz

  86. author

    Bladen Folland11 months ago

    notifications not notications

  87. author

    Bladen Folland11 months ago

    hey jack can you please accept my friend request on steam please i just want to know when your doing something because im not on youtube all the time and i dont get notications even when i click the bell

  88. author

    GRIMM EaZy11 months ago

    play Tacoma you will love it.

  89. author

    Arnas GamingTM11 months ago

    why jack ended the observer series????

  90. author

    SlimySlimeball11 months ago


  91. author

    Neko Lavender198711 months ago

    SEAN! I love you :)

  92. author

    skull games11 months ago

    play happy wheels

  93. author

    G-wiz11 months ago

    play Yandere Simulator please! It's been updated so much and I'd love to see you play through most of the game. Thank you for your time!

  94. author

    Siobhan Murphy11 months ago

    Jack they are remaking shadow of the colossus though you probably already know this

  95. author

    ANDREW HARDIN11 months ago

    jack play more beam ng. drive plz

  96. author

    Akeef Playz11 months ago


  97. author

    *Shrek*11 months ago

    pc spectacales

  98. author

    Kim Lade11 months ago

    more raw data

  99. author

    Darrell Baird11 months ago

    More duck life pls!

  100. author

    brendan lopez11 months ago

    i can relate